Boko Haram is Nigeria’s greatest nightmare – Jonathan


…Says it’s the worst form of violence suffered after civil war


The Federal Government yesterday, lamented that the acts of terrorism perpetrated by the Boko Haram are the worst form of violence suffered by the country after the civil war, indicating that the sect is the country’s greatest nightmare.

President Goodluck Jonathan, who lamented the havoc caused by the dreaded sect while declaring open the first regional conference on counter terrorism, facilitated by the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) for all countries in the West African sub-region in Abuja, however, restated government’s resolve to crush the sect and make the country safe for all.

In his address, President Jonathan told the conference that although the country had experienced some forms of ethnic, religious, political crisis, including the militant activities in the Niger Delta after the civil war, it had not witnessed the kind of terrorists acts unleashed by the sect, with indiscriminate use of violence to drive home its demands. Represented by Vice President Namadi Sambo, Jonathan said government had taken measures to contain the sect and its activities, expressing the optimism that terrorism would soon end in the country.

He pointed out that since assuming office, his administration had worked to build capacities required to contain the menace of the Boko Haram sect, which was prevalent in the northern part of the country. As part of the measures, he said on June 3, 2011, his administration signed into law, the Anti-Terrorism Bill, which criminalized terrorism and terrorist activities, as well as provided severe sanctions for terrorists, and created the counter terrorism department in the office of the national security adviser.

Besides, he said the experiences in the past one year had shown that a stronger law was needed in the country to tackle terrorism, which, he said, was in the offing, adding that a draft national anti-terrorism strategy had also been produced, which would soon be in circulation.

Vowing that, “the scourge of terrorism will be eradicated in our country,” the president said government would remain resolute in fighting terrorists to ensure the safety of the people in the country. “While we do this in Nigeria, there is need to strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation to tackle international terrorism.” That, he said, was the essence of the conference, seeing that the Boko Haram had been traced to have its operational base and activities elsewhere in the West African sub-region.

He urged participants to come up with a comprehensive regional counter terrorism strategy and proffer practical options that would assist the sub-region to overcome terrorism by eliminating it in all its forms throughout West Africa.

Earlier in his address, the National Security Adviser (NSA), Colonel Mohammed Sambo Dasuki (retd), expressed the need for unflinching cooperation by all the countries to end terrorism, warning that no country of the world was immune from its effect. “Terrorism which is usually associated with violence in various forms has been in existence for a long time. It has become a serious global phenomenon and has transcended every border such that no continent, region or country of the world is immune from its effect. Nigeria and the West Africa sub region unfortunately have not been left out on extremist activities.”

Nigeria has been grappling with the menace of the terrorist groups while affiliate groups have been carrying out campaigns of terror especially in the Sahel, North and East Africa sub-region. Game changing incidents and the sophistication of the emerging terrorist groups have thrown up greater challenges to security and intelligence agencies across our region,” Dasuki stated.

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  2. Personally i have the fear that President Jonathan does not have what it takes to correct the menace of boko haram in Nigeria .The Army of this Country will solve it because there are some elements of the force in the rank and file of the so call b o k o h a r a m,even among jonathans ministers.



  4. Boko haram’s nightmare by God’s grace will soon go to hell. All the sponsors of these killer groups will be cleared to where they belong. The blood of innocent people killed by Boko haram and co will forever pursue after them. They claim to serve and fight for God but truely they didn’t know God, had they know God, they ougt to have known that no human being can fight any form of battle for God.

  5. What would happen in Nigeria if we are to experience hurricane??? (GOD FORBID)

    Imagine say a Hurricane is heading for Naija in 3 weeks..

    First and foremost;

    1. Prophet T.B Joshua will prophesy the hurricane.

    2. The State Governors will hold a press conference advising the people of the states to remain calm as government is working hard to see how they can tackle the situation.

    3. National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) will grant an interview on Channels TV and AIT saying that they are well trained and prepared to handle the crisis. That they are on top of the Situation.

    4. The Federal Government will wait for the Hurricane to first land and wipe out States then;

    – Hold a day of National Mourning and Prayers and order the flag be flown at half mast.
    – Visit the disaster location for a first hand assessment of the damage.
    – Visit the survivors camp and share relief material (Mosquito nets, rice and Indomie)
    – Set up a committee to investigate the Hurricane and see how we can prevent future hurricanes from visiting Nigeria.
    – Release billions of Naira (on Paper) for disaster management.
    – Sack the Minister of Water Resources for failing to contain the water.
    – Commend the State Governors, NEMA, Red Cross and other emergency services unit for their quick response.

    5. The Senate will hold an emergency session and condemn the ‘Hurricane’.

    6. Churches around Nigeria will hold crusades and Programmes with Titles like ‘May Hurricane wipe out your enemies’.. ‘Calming the Hurricanes in your life’.. ‘Finding the Rainbow in your Hurricane’.. e.t.c..

    7. M.I will release a single about hurricanes.

    8. Femi Falana (SAN) will sue the Hurricane, F.G and State government for their poor handling of their handling of d Hurricane.

    9. CPC, ACN, ANPP, DPP, APGA and others will blame d PDP and Jonathan 4 d Hurricane.

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  6. Mr. president we all know Boko is a nightmare, the question is why are you dragging your feet. You have 3 politicians who are sponsors of the evil sect. Other countries fighting terror would have slammed them in detention pending thorough investigation. The country needs more action and less of the lip service.

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  8. Anyiam Ajomiwe on

    Boko haram have always mentioned names of their representatives. They always prefer negotiating abroad with FG and that shows it is affiliate of AlQeada. The president knows all these.


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  10. 3ooo life just waisted for nothing, waaa,ooo, thats a great number please GEJ wipe them out all carry on the good Lord in your front, rear, and beside you, and he will see you through thank you mr president.

  11. We call on Nigerian Government, to exercise great caution in negotiating with terrorists and their sponsors. The sovereignty, secularity, and constitution of Nigeria shouldn’t be compromised. Rotation of power among the six geo-polical zones, should be followed. Any form of dialogue with patrons of terrorists, that will concede the Presidency to the North, is unacceptable and won’t survive the test of time. North has dominated rulership of Nigeria since independence, both military and civilian, with little to show for it. To rule this country is not their birthright. Those who sponsored last post-election violence that mowed down multitude of Southerners, are neither feat to rule this country, nor dialogue with Government they are highly opposed to. They may feel they have escaped judgement of men. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of living God. The evils that men do live with them. Visit:

  12. I don’t need to tell Jonathan and his administration that if by error or omission they dole out money to boko-destruction-haram in any form,that the terrorist sect will acquire enough arms & ammunition to drive him out of aso rock.

  13. U people should not be here dragin. What u suppose to do is to pray to God and say God pls when u are takin ur people don’t live me. Can’t u see dat dis is de sain of end time have u not had about 666 all dis is de sain of end time. What u need now is prayin and fastin tellin God not to live u dis world may end any time from now so get ready.

  14. Leonardo carpiro on

    The enemy of a man is that of his own house. We nigeria we like to deceive ourselves too much, the president wat to tell that he don’t know that those of is cabinet have hand in this boko haram problem.the federal gov..should du sth bfore we will die in dis country, why du we forget so soon about the promise of the northern leaders to fustrate jonathan administration if de do not win the presidential seat. Mr president the members of your cabinet is behind dis.

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