Buhari can’t scuttle our peace plans –Presidency



The decision by former Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to reject the proposed mediatory role for him by the islamist sect, Boko Haram, in the group’s dialogue plans with the federal government will have no effect on the commitment of both sides to the peace effort, presidency and security officials have declared.

Speaking to journalists after the Board of Trustees (BoT) meeting of the Congress for Progress Change (CPC) in Abuja on Wednesday, the former presidential standard-bearer of the party hinged his decision to reject any mediatory role in the proposed talks between government and the sect on his ignorance of the main intention of the group, stressing that he could not represent a faceless group. His words: “I think my party has done an excellent job on that. Unless some people don’t want to believe, I don’t know any member of Boko Haram.

Secondly, I don’t believe in their cause ordinarily. “If at a stage, I made mention of anything about the sect, it was when I said that there are three Boko Haram. One was led by Muhammadu Yusuf, whom we knew of in the military. He was a very fine soldier we all knew of but they arrested him and handed him over to the Police. He was a healthy and hearty young man, but they killed him. Again, his in-law was murdered, their houses were razed and the Borno State government compensated them. “All these, we criticised.

The second Boko Haram was a criminal who used to blow up banks and steal money and issue statements as Boko Haram. Then I said that the biggest Boko Haram was the Federal Government itself. This is because it has all the powers to stop those killings. This has paralysed activities in that part of the country. So, how can I represent the people I do not know? “I don’t believe in whatever they are seeking. I cannot work for either Boko Haram or government. I do not believe in what they are doing especially, the destruction of lives and property, and the government does not want to intervene to stop all that. With all the military and security, the Federal Government could not stop that.”

A top official of the presidency has however described Buhari’s decision not to get involved in the peace plan as an indication that “he is not only a bad leader but a selfish one who is not ready to make the crucial sacrifice the nation requires of statesmen at this critical time in the nation’s history.”

The official further accused Buhari of not being patriotic in this instance. “Let me emphasise that what he has done by turning down the offer to get involved in the peace plan is purely and simply a disservice to this nation and it should be condemned”, he added.

When Saturday Sun contacted the office of the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, who is coordinating the peace talks with the sect, his media aide, Kunle Karounwi, said he could not comment on Buhari’s decision but however stressed that “so much effort has been put in to achieve peace, enduring security and national stability to an extent that an individual’s action at this point cant be of any effect on the peace process or scuttle it.” One of the sect’s commanders, Abu Mohammed Ibn Abdulaziz had in a telephone chat with journalists in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital over a week ago expressed the sect’s preparedness to cease fire and stop its campaign of violence on two conditions. He also claimed that the sect leader; Imam Shekau had appointed five members of the sect (himself inclusive) to handle the peace talks.

“Myself, Sheik Ibrahim Yusuf, Sheik Sani Kontagora, Abu Abbass and Mamman Nur have been appointed by our great brother and leader to handle the dialogue with the Federal Government,” he disclosed, adding that the sect would prefer the former military leader, Gen Muhammadu Buhari, ex-Yobe governor and now senator, Bukar Abba Ibrahim, first Nigerian minister of petroleum, octogenarian Shettima Ali Monguno, chairman of the presidential committee on insecurity in the northeast, Amb Gaji Gatimari and other prominent members of the Borno Emirate.

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  1. Buhari’s refusal 2 mediate in d proposed dialogue is obviously a way of trying 2 divert attention. He probably thinks he is smart, posterity shall surely judge him.

    • You must be very foolish to condemn buhari and insane.What has the fed govt done to ringim who let the christmas day bomber escape?what has fg done to the senators with clear link with boko haram?you guys don’t think one bit.The fed govt are the boko haram and the former NSA said so and even jonathan.So stop accusing buhari cos all they are after is to ridicule him.niger wise up.

      • Buhari has the right to reject the mediator y role.This govt need not negotiate with these faceless criminals.If the fed govt impose sole administrators(emergency rule) on one or two states,other state govnrs will sit up.These people are not spirits i’m convinced that we’re at the very end of this stucture called Nigeria.

  2. I support buhari on this one, these people killed thousands of innocent souls,they deserve worst than what they did to people,no peace talks,they all deserve to die horribly,the govt of jonathan is not proactive,we need high security tactical handedness to wipe out all of them,criminals,killers,abductors,death to all boko haram members,God bless. Nigeria

    • U benjamin u called urslf u‘re d most idiot snc u‘re animal remain thr insulting ppl cos of religious diffrncs a cow!

      • Uzoh from lagos on

        All Moslems support boko haram but are merely pretending.They hate the churches and Igbos for refusing to embrace their evil religion that killed our people over the years.We are God’s people and it doesn’t matter the amount of money or intimidation we will never embrace Islam.

    • May b u ar a christian, i want u to consult ur bible and see the amount of sins you accumulate 4 ursef incase buhari have no hand in boko haram.

    • Why did you hate this man so much. He is one of our trusted leaders. Please go beyond religion and let us move forward. Masses are in pains.

      • I have personal reservations about Buhari. One, he did not come to campaign in my home state in the last presidential election campaigns. Two, he demonstrated morbid hatred against the Igbo when he was the PTF chairman. Tnree, several corps members serving in the north were killed in post-election loss crises instigated by buhari. Although he was well punished humiliated for instigating such violence by PDP as five of his strong holds (Gombe, Bauchi, Kano, Katsina and Kebbi were taken away from him. That is not enough punishment for a recklessly violent man as buhari. He should be banned from contesting in future elections.

        • Bros.. Buhari don’t have the money to go round naija .. He only campaign in few places excepting acn to deliver the remain state.. But co-op broke down. Sorry if you feel offended that he did go your state

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  4. Judgement is for sure on

    Buhari is wise not to take up this job as the federal government is looking for ways to rope him into the whole mess. Nuhu Ribadu just submitted a sincere report but what did the Jonathan regime do? The FG gave 2 of the panel members high managerial jobs in the same NNPC the panel was to investigate (Oresanya and Orti) so where is the sincerity in Jonathan administration?
    Any attempt by Buhari to accept the offer will means a doom to the precious integrity the government has been looking for ways to bring to mud. Let anyone call him names, he is still the only man standing among all our past presidents!

    • I must confess that I personally do not like Buhari for personal reassons, but I agree with your submissions 100%. What do Nigerians want from Buhari? He accepts to mediate now…oh! we said it, he is Boko Haram, he refuses…ah! he is playing smart and not being a patrotic statesman! Na wao for this country. The day the man returns to his maker now, we will start praising him to the high heavens, falling over ourselves to be recognized with our flowery tributes and our thieving leaders will be bugeting billions for a man they loved to hate! IRONICAL!

    • I will not be surprised that the Federal Government are the men behind the mask that asked Buhari to dialogue on behalf of BH. Any attempt to implicate Buhari by the FG will boomerang. We are watching!

  5. Buhari u are rite not to accept d offer,they are going to rubbish u in d end.d fedral governmnt is looking for a way to rope u in

  6. Gen Buhari, you have done noble, buy not accepting such an offer! B/cos they are looking for ways to mess you up. Look at how they mess NUHU RIBADU Up.

  7. I’m surprised Goodluck Jonathan is hell bent on furging ahead with this peace talk with murderers. Prof. Wole Soyinka & other right thinking Nigerians have earlier advised d government not to negotiate with BH coz they are terrorist but rather fight them but Jonathan won’t listen not until when the BH kill his wife or a prominent member of his family or maim Jonathan himself, then he will see reason. Jonathan is d worst President Nigeria ever had. He should resign now!

  8. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is right when he said that the sects are in three categories and federal government is inclusive. The greatest threat to lives of Nigerian citizens is MAL ADMINISTRATION which the governments at all arms and tiers must be blamed for that. If the government refuses to accept this blame, the situation becomes worse because if a sick persons doesn’t want to accept his condition of health,his life is at risk. That is the situation of Nigeria and those governing it. “WICKED LEADERSHIP , BLIND FOLLOWERS”. What a bitter truth!

  9. If USA was Nigeria, today’s headlines will read:

    · Don’t celebrate yet, Romney tells Obama (TELL magazine)

    · Concede defeat, Obama urges Romney (Punch newspaper)

    · 20 opposition cadres riot (The Sun newspaper)

    · Romney Demands Vote Recount (Vanguard newspaper)

    · Elections rigged (Guardian newspaper)

    · No evidence of manipulation (NTA news)

    · The Church declares elections free and fair (News Line)

    · There will be violence if we lose; Romney declares (LTV 8 news)

    · Election results for Arizona awaited (Channels news)

    · Trucks with suspected ballot papers crosses into USA from Mexico (Tribune newspaper)

    · Romney is an opportunist – Go back to your farm (AIT news)

    · I will not accept results, Romney tells Obama (STV news)

    · McCain heads to Election Petition Tribunal (MITV)

    · White Majority rejects results (PM News)

    · Kenyan Big Boy Senator Obama Throws Lavish Party to celebrate Election Victory (City People)

    · Free for all fight at Obama rally in Grant Park (Channels TV)

    · Northern elders, Arewa and Sultan rejects results (ThisDay)

    · Republicans and Democrats supporters clash in Ketu and Ajangbadi, 14 dead, Romney threatens more heads will roll

    · The people behind Obama’s victory: True story uncovered… Newswatch.

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  10. i don’t know why some people could be so stupid. can’t u be objective for once. The man (Buhari) refused to partake in the so called peace talk, you are blaming him. if he had done so, u’ll do the same. Are u mad! How can u just hate somebody that way

  11. Let’s put aside dis issue of buhari. If d sect members r honesty to demselves dey shud tell us wat d underpinnings are.

  12. Goodwill Oleka on

    Anybody who criticize Buhari on his decision not to be involved in the peace talk between Boko Haram and FG is not current with the unguided attitude of the presidency/their aids. In the first place why should Buhari accept the offer as an opposition? look at what is happening on the Ribadu’s reports on oil sector, there is no names that Okupe and other PDD has not given him, of course he deserved whatever names they called him for he ignorantly accepted the offer to head that team, this is a big lesson for others who are in opposition party to reject and distance themselves from any offer from the sitting Government for they are not sincere. When the late Yara dua granted Amnesty to Niger delta terrorist, how many committee did he set up to achieve that success? He knows what to do that is the answer but the present leadership is very dull and do not have any political will to handle the Boko Haram, if not who are these people called Boko Haram to hold the whole country to ransome. Let us shift all the blame to unprepared leadership, who does nothing with his ministers than siphoning our money unjustly. Like I always said, God is watching and his anger will know no bounds in the mist of these people who is causing hardship to the majority of Nigerians.

  13. There’s no way any body will compare Buhari’s case with dat of Ribadu. U guys shld read better & understand d reality on ground b4 commenting. Ribadu’s case was a direct offer 4rm d Federal Government, he had an option 2 turn down d offer but he wldn’t, but dat of Buhari came directly 4rm Boko Haram bcos they believe he has their ears & he is now turning down bcos ppl hv criticised. Dis is a cover up, I wonder who is fooling who.

    • Stop looking at the issue from a TOILET PAPER ROLL in order to broaden your understanding of the issue at stake. Historical antecedents has shown the the Federal Govt under GEJ and PDP are very good at trashing people of integrity. Did you not know how they have been trying to rope Buhari on the issues of Boko Haram and corruption? Secondly, the fact Boko Haram want the highly esteemed General Buhari to mediate on their behalf does not mean he has their ears rather he was looked upon as a thorough, sincere, honest and trust worthy man. We as Christians are constantly been reminded in the Bible how a demonically possessed man saw Jesus Christ and immediately acknowledged him as the son of God. Boko Haram is another bad creation by PDP, let them figure how to clean their mess and leave Buhari out of it.

    • if it came from boko haram who is sponsoring boko haram?PDP.who chooses target for boko haram to bonm?PDP.so julius grow up cos you sound like an adult with the mind of a minor.PDPis openly linked with boko haram and key members were caught in their houses.In other to create more confusion and divert public attention they brought their ace which is name buhari as mediator cos they know he won’t accept so little minds like you can keep on blaming him.Even if he accepts,they will turn around to blame him and boming continue.Don’t be a fool forever wise up.

    • Julius na wa 4u. Ribadu had an option bcs his is ‘directly’ 4rm d FG nd Buhari doesn’t bcs his is ‘directly’ 4rm BH. Ar u being funny or u ar jst stupid?


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  15. Fucking peace talk with terroris,t killed thousand of igbo Biafrans citizens..northerns should go to hell with there peace talk..Mr Buhari fuck u and ur Boko haram members.

  16. aliu abdullahi on

    Gen. Buhari is right and if they are really sincere in the negotiation should come on desk in Nigeria not foreighn because I see no reasons why saudia have hand on this and they must be exclusive and anyway, they do not know the details of their agenda.

  17. Now wait a minute, Si it that the Presidency is behind all the previous peace initiatives with Boko Haram or what? This is really seruios because that was how the venrable Mllam Dahiru Bauchi was rubbished on the same issue, Buhari is absolutely right, the executive cannot be trusted on this issue.

  18. That is a wise decision not to participate in the talk. How would one you do not know nor understand hismotives appoint you to represent him in his cause ?
    Niger Delta militants had a course that was clear to all and sundry, but BH what is your cause that some one will accept to mediate in your course.
    Couple with BH consistent bombing of churches and killing of innocent children and women

    • I am some how encouraged by the comments. It means many Nigerians are becoming wise and seeing the atrocities of the governments and politicians. Even many have ignorantly accused Buhari of being behind BH, the recent events are proving them wrong. PDP, GEJ himself and many of his praise singers are behind BH. Many people are being killed daily in the North East zone and GEJ is incapable of handing the situation. Rather his praise singers like Okupe and others are saying they will die for him before 2015. May Allah expose the murderers and their supporters.

  19. Peace should be the watch word for all.If Buhari does nt think dialogue will be effective he should suggest other means.The problem we are having in this country is we play politics with every thing.He should emulate the likes of Kofi Anan,Thabo Mbeki,Olusegun Obasanjo that have accepted such offers even though they did believe in the cause of the warring parties

    • Well sd dear, they wanted the Presido to change his religion to theirs nd since nobody gave them attention they are demanding for sth else. They say western education is sin, yet their weapons nd bombs are products of western education. I pity their people in the north cos these pple will continue to drag them backwards farther than they were.

  20. Ayodele Oluwakayode. on

    Head, Buhari losses; tail he losses too. I had never been an admirer of the gangling general but on this one, no rational person can rightly fault his resolve to stay out. Boko Haram is evil true and true.

  21. Honestly am rıly suprısed at GEJ, hw can u on earth want 2 dıalogue murders? So u r afraıd of dem? R u sayıng dat govt cannot handle dem? Goodluck r we safe ın dıs Nıgerıa?

  22. Buhira and I.I.B were d foundal of Boko Haram sect,becos shelk Haliru sani has make a comfessional statement.Buhire is a devil and evil he wil not see 2015 election by God Grace.by

  23. Gen. M. B. has no reason to accept the useless offer from BH that fine pleasure in killing innocent people, bombing churches, breaking banks etc. Assuming the BH condition that every person in the north must be a Muslim, release our members, compensate us for killing Nigerians. How will the Gen. present these request to the FG., will the presidency accept such request?. I think Gen. is right this time.

  24. We can not be wiser than American who understood the language of terrorists and have not given room for any dialoque because it never works and will not work here either.We are living witnesses to fatricidal war between Indonesia and its Tamil Tigers rebel for many years which ended last year after defeat of their rebel leader who was killed by the government forces in a battle.Here in Nigeria,our case is very simple to deal with.We have been told that head of these Boko Haram Shakau is resident in Mali.Like the America would do,all that Mr.President requires is to give Mali 7 days ultimatum to extra dict him to Nigeria or face war.America made it clear to the whole world that they would go to war against any nation that supports,protects or sponsor terrorism against America.I believe Nigeria should come out clear on this to all African Nations that we are prepared to face any of them that protects terrorists in its territory.Nigeria should go after shakau in Mali or Algeria anywhere he is.That would be the end of Dialoque .

  25. Everything that has beginning must have an end. You see God knows everything secrete of man. Whatever, you do or say, remember your conscience is there to judge you. Nigerians are aware that Buhari and some of the Northern Politician are sponsors of Boko Haram and that is why the members are inviting Buhari because some of the member have started realizing the important of peace but the sponsors are still claiming to be hart-hardened but they forgot that God is above every and surely they have lost their political integrity within and outside the country whether they accept the call or not.

  26. Everything that has beginning must have an end. You see God knows everything and every secrete of man. Whatever, you do or say, remember your conscience is there to judge you. Nigerians are aware that Buhari and some of the Northern Politicians are sponsors of Boko Haram and that is why the members are inviting Buhari because some of the members have started realizing the importance of peace but the sponsors are still claiming to be hart-hardened as they have wasted so much money in funding this bad act without spending for the poor citizens around them and forgot that God is above every man. Surely, they have lost their political integrity within and outside the country whether they accept the call or not and shall certainly be judged by God or Allah.

  27. Buhari is the leader, sponsors of Boko Haram, its unfortunate the BH boys has exposed him this way. they were not smart enough to have named him as the man to talk on their behalf. they want him to meet with the FG and tell them what he has spend so far and recoup his expenses for destroying lives and properties via BH boys.

    Congratulations Nigerians, smart politicians we have. semi illiterate populace

  28. I’m of the opinion that Buhari is right by turning down the request as it were. However, I wish he utilized the occassion of his press release to remain the leadership of the Boko haram that :(1) all their activities( killing innocent people young and Old at their places of worship etc) are unislamic. That is if they think they are doing so for the sake of Islam.(2) No matter how long it takes, they will one day die and be judged by the Almighty God Himself.(3) they should therefore repent and imbibe the TRUE teachings of Islam in all their activities.

  29. Let leave Buhari alone and face the faceless enemies squarely. Northern economy is in zero level, it could be that some of them are happy with what is happening, but that not withstanding Niaja must forge ahead no matter the matter.

  30. The DPD members that are connected to HB are Hausa/fulani stock. simply put, HB are the making of Huasa/fulani politicians irrespective of their party affiliation to
    get power back by all means. they throw all caution to the wind, destroying their people, economy, northern christians, of course their perceived enemies southerns IGBOS in particular. and been blinded by unfounded hate, anger & envy have equally destroy their political career forever in this country.

  31. dialogue , with who and for what ?? i think it ‘s time for Gej to step down immediately . how many innocent souls have been wasted , what about properties?? If he can not do any thing any more , please split this country let ‘s know who are the faceless murderers ..

  32. Yes.! Very excellent decision for not accepting one amoung the three classes of Boko Haram request. Watch for ur political enermies to avoid assasanition just like Gen Muhammadu Shehu. May God guide, protect you, with long life and prosperity.

  33. Read the headind (BUHARI CAN’T SCUTTLE OUR PEACE). The peace of country nigeria is with F.G not buhari, title of the report indicate wht f.g nd it’s media are after to mak nigerians blv that buhari is denyin thm peace restoration. Hahhhahahhha shame on yu f.g nd media. Grow country men

  34. Read the headin (BUHARI CAN’T SCUTTLE OUR PEACE). The peace of country nigeria is with F.G not buhari, title of the report indicate wht f.g nd it’s media are after to mak nigerians blv that buhari is denyin thm peace restoration. Hahhhahahhha shame on yu f.g nd media. Grow country men

  35. At times some people comments irrationally, without recourse to sense of reasoning. That’s why we are all carried away by senseless emotions, in picking bad leaders based on sentiments, who ended up brutalising all of us!

  36. Buhari is a fool. he should not deny that he is not the mediator of boko haram .he can not tell me dat he don’t no any member of boko haram. The fact remains that buhari is against dis admistration .all dis kilin is happn in the north. if he should swear dat he has no hand on diis sect boko haram he will die.u ppl should use ur brain and ur eye 4 get ethenic. I said it again buhari is d perpetrator of dis kilin.

  37. Why do people love chasing shadow? For anyone to believe thsat Boko Haram would have discussion with anyone they do not choose is like saying any lion will make a feast of an animal he did not kill. Any mature Nigerian abroad or at home knows that terrorism has become a profession. To disuade anyone in it from carrying on is to find him a gainful employment. And moreover, the type we face in Nigeria can be curbed by transparent governance, justice and fair play. Let us pray that all these will be enthroned in Nigeria by the Lord. Amen!

  38. Ifeanyi chukwu, you the most stupid and bastard person in world. You should die because you are relevant in society as you cannot respect stateman like Gen. Buhari

  39. Pingback: Buhari can’t scuttle our peace plans –Presidency | Newsfeed Nigeria

  40. I think this forum is not serving its purpose.Here rationality has been thrown overboard while sentiment,tribalism,insults and comments filled with religious,political and sectional biasness,has become order of the day.Fellow Nigerians,this is and can never be the way forward.If you have nothing worthy of note to contribute,please stay clear.That´s by the way.

    I do not hate Buhari,but can’t vote for a continuos recycled politician like him.But I strongly support his refusal to mediate for Boko Haram.Why should he? Why should anybody do so?.Why should FG think about dialoging with this sect in the firs place.With this development,it is now clear that this sect is no longer faceless as we were made to understand.Naija! wetin de happen sef? My concerns are:
    why did Boko Haram pick Buhari as their mediator? Has he any link wth them? Or is the FG trying to tarnish his image? If FG can discuss with Boko Haram,why didn’t she discuss with Egbesu and Odii people in 2000,or Massob? The president you have a lot of questions to answer.You are really failing us! We are watching,God is also.

  41. Hello General Buhari, i think you made a good decision by not agreeing to such appointment as it will be a disservice to people who believe in you how ever it will not be complete if you don’t come out and condemn them as well for appointing you in the first place only then will many good people of Nigeria see you as not supporting or have anything to do with Boko-Haram.

    Boko-Haram is evil and represent evil and should not in any way be negotiated with as there have never been success in any part of the world where Islamic terrorist were negotiated with and success recorded as they have something they believe everyone must abide to, not even in Saudi Arabia will such intentions be welcomed nor in Pakistan, so there objective of not having western education and women not going to school is something no one in their right senses will want to associate with.

    Islam may not be a violent religion as they will always say but i need to be convinced that where ever they deep their sword if that place has ever remained the same, blood shed is a hallmark they are trying to carve for themselves as it has been bloody, with people being blown up every day, from Pakistan to Afghanistan Nigeria to Kenya they need more action to prove that they’re not a religion of violence other than pay lip service.

    Okwy writes from London.

    • OKWY u need to be educated that not Islam and not even Muslims instigate violence in all the places u cited. Rather, it is those new world order specifically America and its cohort that cause trouble in Muslim land. America accused Sadam of WMD but they find none yet they destroyed the country. If you want to know the Real Terrorist,
      wonder when Nigerians will ever do justice! Hitla is believed to have killed about six million jews, is he a muslim? How about the 8 christian people cought at BAUCHI trying to bomb a church here in Nigeria, are they not part of terrorism? What’s wrong with you guys? Who started the first world war? Muslims? Who started the second world war? Muslims? Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia? Muslims? Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Muslims? Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America? Muslims? Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean? Muslims? No, They weren’t Muslims! First of all, You have to define terrorism properly… If a non-Muslim does something bad..it is crime. But if a Muslim does d same..he is terrorist… So first remove this double standard…then come to the point!,….. DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN.

  42. “I don’t know any member of Boko Haram”.” I do not believe in what they are doing especially, the destruction of lives and property”

    what other condemnation of BH do people want. He has disowned them and condemned their actions.

    They tried to blackmail him by accusing him of being a patron/sponsor/member of BH because of his continuous opposition to election rigging and corruptions in the ruling party. If he had agreed to BH’s offer, they would say it has confirmed their accusation. Now that he declined, they accuse him of unpatriotism. What elso do you want from Buhari.Note that he is against the killings and destruction even though he agreed that one of the BH faction were wronged at the beginning. The second faction of BH is in PDP and GEJ’s government.

    Please leave alone and perform your constitutional obligation of security of lives and property. Since they’ve been accusing Buhari of BH membership, they have not gotten any evidence or the slightest link to him.Rather, it is their PDP senators and other members they have gotten some links with. Yet they will not allow Buhari to rest. GEJ has failed in the first and most important responsibility of federal govt that he took oath for. He now wants to negotiate with terrorists.I hope he carries out the negotiation and gets ready to face the wrath of the bereaved and other victim of BH’s attacks. He deserves to be impeached immediately.

  43. peace and security we need now and nothing else.if you ask me Mr.Buhari if he truly want the progress of this country as he always portrays in his speeches, then he should accept this call from the federal govt and boko haram.

  44. its all a scam. they want to robe him in into cases that can nail him.they have always been full of plots and vices to set illusion in motion to destabilise some cases that need obvious answers. many pending criminal cases involving the top Nigerian politicians, needs time and they need to divert attention to be able to present themselves as the innocent and good pple. the worst administration is the GEJ administration, points fingers than to get to work and showcase the expertise for which he was elected. weak and mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I admire buhari he has carved a niche for himself.u have lived a life worthy of emulation. I wish I can have integrity be honest incruptible and contented like buhari.

  46. Anyikwa felix ifeanyi on

    Weathe buhari a sponsor of bokoharam or nt that is nt the issue at stake the issue is that f.g is nt sincere and does not hv the political idiosycrasy to fight this sect

  47. ohikhuare omogbai on

    Buhari’s refusal is a wise one. it could be a ploy by the ruling party to tarnish his political image and dampen his chance of contesting the next general election. PDP has seen that their chances of retaining the federal seats is slim especially now that an accord between ACN and CPC is imminent. Jonathan and Co. should find a solution to this problem rather beat around the bush.

  48. I think People re being emotional in this issue otherwise how can u condemn a man bcos he refuses to solicit for an evil Group..lets be clear politics is a dangerous Game Even if buhari is suspected of being a BH does mean we should critise him when he Played Smart..As its now federal govt.has all the Blame,in governance there is nö excuse or shifting of Blame..Jonathan has all the resources in his disposal to Clap Down on terrorist including buhari if found wanted..The Way things re going in this Country all our Leaders has blood on their Hand directly or indirectly..What we Need a leader that can Fight for the deserved change and not these Ethnic chauvanists masqurading in the name national Leaders..

  49. Has he mallam shekue bh’s leader accepted FG’s condition of dialogue? Sometimes, i wonder why Nigerian politicians still play politice with bitterness despite their visit to other part of the world. Why is it that our past and present leaders hate themselives? What a mess”for an ordinary aid to the present presidency described the past Army general head of state as a selfish man, why are we not having regard for our past leaders? And that is why you see abandomed govt projects all over Nigeria because immediately you step down from ur office, you and ur project is gone. What is different from the decision of general buhari and the reaction of some reliable countrymen and women? The presidency should stop this archaic system of governance and do as instructed by rtd general buhari.

  50. What a failure even the federal gvmnt can nt fish out the terorist or are they trying to deceive us i am a christian but i disagree with dis peace talk issue with boko of a thing let fed gvmnt get dis people aprehended nd bring them to justice 4 murder if nt it will be true what they said dat if u kil 1 person in Nigeria u are a murder but if u kill many then u are a heroe is only in Nigeria dat i have seen a murder having a hand shake with the president

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  52. The facts: (1) Buhari must not accept BH’s offer. (2) BH members have shown us that they love Buhari. (3) Buhari on the other hand has shown BH members that he doesn’t want their relationship (love). (4) BH members have now realized that no reasonable muslim northerner would want to associate himself with them publicly. (5) Negotiation with BH will likely not hold. (6) BH members don’t need to hide their requests if they are genuine. (6) Selective killing of innocent people has no relationship with championing a genuine course. (7) …

  53. I may agree with Buhari that we have three kinds of Boko Haram,and disagree with for excluding himself from the sect.They are all thesame.We cant nogeotiate with BH,they are evial and all of them should be killed.

  54. Nze Kanayo Chukwumezie on

    What is wrong with this country? Gen Buhari has said that he will not accept the request of the Boko Haram Sect. He wants to vindicate himself of not being part of the charade. Yes, his stand and pronouncements after the elections may have encourged the bloodbath or he may remotely have a hand in it. These are conjectures and never premises and as such cannot lead to a valid conclusion except proven otherwise. If the Federal government wants him to be part of the mediation, they should simply tell him that point blank so that he takes his decision based on that. Let us not play politics with everything.

  55. Leave buhari alone. Look at what they have done to ribadu.okupe is such a hungry and desparate fool.coMe 2015 buhari wil win the presidential elections.jonathan’s poverty background is killing nigeria.so corrupt,not intelligent,no charisma,and he knows bh so leave buhari alone.

  56. All this accusations and counter accusations regarding who is and who is not a sponsor of BH means nothing.It is axiomatic that the north cannot go far as a country without the south.A landlocked people that should be grateful to the south south geopolitical zone are talking of separation.As moslems, it is a waste of time and precious resources thinking that something worthwhile would come out of such a waste of time.People should not compare BH insurgency with that of the Niger Delta.One is a faith/religion based action while the other is economic. Solving BH problem entails meeting their demands which is a well nigh impossibility unless Nigeria breaks as a nation. Let all sensible southerners relocate to the south and leave BH to waste the lives of their northern kinsmen. By the time they realise their folly it would be too late. Those who think that they are fighjting GEJ should have a rethink.GEJ “dey kamkpe”.”NA THEM GO TIRE”.


  58. Is it the same Buhari that pleaded for our votes a year ago that now turn out to say that he can’t mediate for us…thank God he did not win.

  59. dis is an opportunity to prove his innocent about the allegation of instigating boko haram against the govt of presido jonathan,if he is clean,why did he nt demostrate by taking up the challenge of dialogue with the sect so that this killings will stop.he is nt as patriotic as we thought.by also saying that federal govt is the biggest boko haram is most pejorative.

  60. Abdullateef you have said it all! May Allah continue to shower his wisdom, knoledge and strength to always say the truth and nothing but the truth, Ameen.

  61. Mai gaskiya is right. let those who started this issue end it. how can one mediate with arguments you dont believe in?

  62. Austine Arinze Ufondu on

    Pls those going for this peace talk should be carefull and also not to use one flight to the meeting location am sure this peace talk will be a setup wipe out top officials I warn them not to go buhari and ibb maybe tricky there names was just on the list to confuse the masses he knows them pls I say no need meeting with them those boko haram are ready to die what if they blast the venue and die also

  63. That Govt spokesperson is not sincere about Gen Buhari who is true patriot. The General can only participate in the peace process if the Govt chooses to nominate him, being a presidential hopeful and nothing less. What do people want Buhari to say at the meeting between the nation he wants to govern and criminals who chooses to kill all his compatriots? That he agree with their grievances for killing innocent worshipers? If the govt want credible people that the Boko Haram sect will respect to discuss with, then, they should beg Gen Buhari or Gen Babaginda for that job on behalf of government.

    • Ezekiel good one from. Let men reason objectively to see in between the lines. Emma c. Or whtver you cld your name i am a full blue blood igbo son.

  64. My ppl. Pls leave Buhari alone, alow our leader GEJ to daside on wat to do, cos he is representing the wills of nija. (abi nobe we voted For him?)

  65. wow frm all d coments so far it shws that nigerians ar becoming fuly aware of who the real enemy is pdp has failed this country so they should leave power 4 another party Buhari is a man of honour that is why they ar after him to tanish his enviable image. I am frm the south south but i surport buhari because he is among the only people who can realy change this country so Mr buhari do not sucom to their cheap blackmail God wil c u thrugh in Jesus name AMEN

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