Boko Haram, attention seeking group – SSS



Director-General, State Security Service, Ekpenyong Ita yesterday, said terrorists craved media attention for their dastardly actions to intimidate and instil fear in the people. He made the disclosure while declaring open a week-long security training programme for the media at the SSS-owned Institute for Security Studies, Bwari, Abuja.

Ita explained that the objective of terrorist groups was to maximize publicity for their attacks to have a larger than life reputation. He, therefore, urged journalists to avoid sensationalism in their reportage, while considering national security in their responsibilities of providing information to the public.

The DG said most terrorist groups pursued the interests of their sponsors, but noted that nobody knows the interests being pursued by the militant Islamic sect, Boko Haram “as they do not represent Muslims.” Ita observed that terrorists often got more attention from the media than security agencies that strove to protect the nation from the evil machinations of such violent groups as the Boko Haram sect.

He said: “Publicity is the oxygen craved by terrorists. When they carry out attacks, they want as much publicity as possible and when the media sensationalise such an attack, the terror groups have achieved their objectives of getting wide media publicity which is aimed at intimidating and instilling fear in people.” “Acts of terrorism are over-covered by the media while the activities of security agencies were under-covered.

Terrorists strive to project the interests of those they are acting for but we don’t know the interest Boko Haram is fighting because they don’t represent Muslims.” In a paper presented at the workshop, the Director-General, Nigerian Television Authority, Alhaji Musa Maiyaki, spoke on the need for a cordial relationship between the media and security agencies as it concerns threat against terrorism.

He noted that terrorists thrived on media exposure and flayed the government for treating Boko Haram like a ground troop. END

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    • BH is Hausa Fulani masterplan You are right ! northern Hausa Fulani muslims are behind BH ,other ethnic small groups with muslim populations joined in later out of Islamic fervour and this is not new.

  1. were did boko haram came from is that not from muslims is that from igbo land or china…… people can talk becos they want to talk but in all we know what is going on where is comeing from……. above all the north people knows what iam telling them is noting but the ture


  3. Mr Ita don’t be afred 2 die. Speak d truth and u shall live. Boko Haram is of Musliem. Why cant u be bold for once. God will certainly exposed all that are involved soon.

  4. Our leaders are supporting evil and afraid to speak the truth. Boko haram is an evil religion being supported by majority of Northern nigerian wealthy Musslim.

  5. Mr ita is hiding the truth to secue his job becouse if he speak the truth that boke haram are muslems, supported and sponsored by muslems, he will lose his job like Azizia.

  6. boko haram is jedhad, jedhad is mslem lerigion belive,why dnt u 4nce tell us d truth mr ita?ar u pat of mslem&jedhad dt is why u ar afred of deat wen d truth are mentiom 4rm u?our leades are fake,they are camerion.

  7. E woo! Chei!! O gini? Ndigbo ndi oma, ndi nwe m na ndi nwe, unu o n’ahukwa ihe m n’ahu ugbu a? Ihe na-esi m o na-esikwa unu? Ndigbo biko mepe anya unu k’unu hu na ike (anya nsi) unu dizi na-ezi. Ndi ndi-ozo juru aju, ha o g’ajuzi onwe ha? Ndigbo, anyi o g’ajuzi onwe anyi? Ike (anya nsi) Ndigbo na-esizi ndi agbata obi anyi, o joro njo! Ihe di njo di njo, ihe di asi di asi. Bikozienu, Ndi Chukwu tere mmanu, Ndigbo oma, ndi nke Chukwu, k’anyi hapu ite onwe anyi unyi n’iru. Ndi ozo jizi anyi mere ihe ochi. Ndi ozo a bu ndi achoghi oganiru anyi, ndi ekpere ha bu otu ha ga-esi hu Ndigbonile na-ime onunu. Eji m anya mmiri ebe a n’asi bikozienu k’anyi hapu igba onwe anyi n’anwu.

    Biko umu nne m (OUK na T.Orji), biko obi adighi m mma (o dighi kwa Chukwu) maka otu unu si agba Ndigbo n’anwu, nke kachasi ibe ya njo bu nsogbu ahu ekwesiri idozi na Abia, e wee buru ya ga na nke ndi iro anyi. Ihere o n’emekwa unu? Orji na Orji, kedu ka-unu ji eme onwe unu otu a. Unu gbahara onwe unu maka ndi pdp abughi ndi kwesiri idoziri unu okwu. Ka Chukwu gozie unu nke ukwuu dika unu na-eme otu a.

    A choro m iji ohere a (maka anya mmiri m ekweghizi ka m mara ihe m n’eme ugbu a) gwa ndi nile n’asi na OUK mere nke a mee nke a. Kedu ka-onye bu onye igbo g’abia n’ebe a na-ekwu ma obu na-ede ihe enweghi isi (n’asu ya na bekee) ekwugide onyi Igbo ibe ya. Gini ka nwanne gi nke n’agba nbo otu aga-esi chikota Ndigbo onu mere gi. Nkpagbu a nile ndi Naijiria n’akpagbu anyi bu Ndigbo o di unu mma? Anyi hapuru ngba anyi kwesiri igbawa wee gbawazie ozo. Onye obuna bu onye Igbo (ma ndi ochichi) nke amaghi na ndi iro anyi bu ndi Naijiria, onye ahu bu Ewu. Ndi ochichi anyi, unu bilie na-ura, unu dozie ala Igbo ka-odi ka-ebe obibi. Maka oburu na-unu ekweghi ekwe, Anyi bu ndi Ikorobia g’enyere unu aka ma-oge rue.

    Ndigbo, oburu na-unu achoghi OUK, biko k’anyi biakota onu jiri otu obi, mezie nghoro nime onweghi, ya buru na ndi Naijiria achoghi k’anyi chia n’afor Puku iri abuo na iri na ise, anyi azowazie Biafra. Ha nile di nfe ma oburu n’anyi abiakota onu ma hukwa onwe anyi n’anya. Onweghi ihe gbara Chineke ghari. Ka Chukwu gozie Ndigbo nile n’aha Jisos, amin.

    I g’enweta m na: zero asato zero ato itolu ano zero asato otu itolu abuo

  8. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    Boko haram sect are not muslims, if you dont know, know it now. The religion of Islam means “PEACE”. Those refered to as boko haram are unbelievers, devils and not muslims, so, Nigerians ! stop calling them muslims, because they are not.

    • BH is Hausa Fulani masterplan You are right ! northern Hausa Fulani muslims are behind BH ,other ethnic small groups with muslim populations joined in later out of Islamic fervour and this is not new.Hausa Fulani have been killing people and burning properties for decades .Go to Jos . Hausa Fulani

  9. Alhaji Dan Azumi ! All the leaders of Boko Haram and the arrested ones, Their names is muslim or christian? Show me how many mosques they have burn or kill their worshippers? Tell me notable muslims that have publicly condemn their action? The fact remain that nothern muslims supported their action, and known politician are sponsoring them.

  10. @Alhaji u are sleeping i think u should wake up and know wot is happin.if boko haram are not muslim who are the? Be for u post any thing u think, dont just wake up and support the killin which ur follow muslim are doin in dis pray is one day biafra will rise.

    • Fuck u oll,you must be idiots for linking all forms of terrorism to Islam,we are waiting for d results of d investigation on d terrorism carry out by your xtian brothers one in Bayelsa trying to detonate bomb in a church,one in miya barkate Bauchi state,three caught in plateua all trying d same act,or d one caught in Abuja wit xplosive devices during d minister’s briefing(labaran maku)e t c are they muslims? N what wil you call them?

  11. Hello, Alhaji Dan-azumi, you should wake up as matter of urgent because U have missed road to say the truth about your follow muslim broththers Boko Haram, it is the Northern personnel are the supporter and sponsor of Boko Haram , North said it open that if Jonathan win the election that they will make it ungovernable for him and that is what there are doing, but let tell U Northerners, that God is with Jonathan so u people are wasting your time and killing innocent people for nothing .

  12. John Nwa Okposi, ekelee m gi nke ukwu. Aha gi na-egosi m na i bu nwa Ebonyi ibe m. NdiIgbo si na a nagh aka eziokwu ome. Onye nwe nti ya nuru ihe muo nso na-agwa nzuko Kraist. A si na o ga-ekwe mee, ka Igbo bu Igbo jiri asusu anyi na-ede udi ihe a. Ndiocha na-eme ya. Igbo niile, biko bilienu n’ura. Ka anyi niile nye aka kwadoo OUK n’igba mbo ya ichikota NdiIgbo onu. Mana ihe na-enye nsogbu bu na otutu ndi okwe ndorondoro ochichi sitere AlaIgbo bu ndi fomfoju akpa na-acho naani nke onwe ha. Mana olileanya di. Ndi ntorobia AlaIgbo agaghi agbazi nkiti. Oge eruwo mgbe anyi ga-ekuli bue agha megide ndi mpu di n’AlaIgbo. Onye kwe chi ya ekwe.
    Nwanne m, John, mgbe ozo i choro ide onuogugu 0 n’asusu Igbo, dee ya ‘efu’, o bughi ‘zero’.
    Akara igwe okwu m bu: efu asaa efu ato ano asaa ise ano otu ano itolu.

  13. The issue of Boko Haram is a double-edged sword for the faithful muslims in Nigeria and only God in his infinite mercy will expose the truth. The muslims in Arab nations are forced to turned to terrorism because the Americans invaded their country and are stealing their oil. The have no any power but to resort to terrorism. Remember there is a grand plan by the US to take over all oil fields in the Middle East since 1975. Oil is a curse to the Arabs and not a blessing. The plan to destroy northern Nigeria is there for long. Why is it that we do not have Boko Haram in the west. The population of muslims in the West is more than that of christians. Muslims are not terrorist. If you remember very well Mohammed Yusuf was sponsored to create Boko haram and even before his pronounciation becomes public. He was almost convince by Mallam Jafar to denounce his BK intention. However, he feel that will bring his dignity far too low and that is what made him to continue his BK until he was captured and kill in 2009. If we can have peace by dividing the country so be it. It is better to stay poor with peace than rich with insecurity. Please let us hasten and organize how we can go our separate way in peace. I know that among my best friends are christians.

  14. Some of our security officers at times talk like a dumb ass. ”The DG said most terrorist groups pursued the interests of their sponsors, but noted that nobody knows the interests being pursued by the militant Islamic sect, Boko Haram “as they do not represent Muslims.” Mr DD, can you tell us how they are not muslems, when they are burning churches, bombing churches, killing people come back from curch, shouting Alahu kuba, KILLING PEOPLE DINKING ALKOCOL etc . Brothers and sisters it is A Jihadic war that is going on in Northern nigeria, which they want to use to bring back the nort to islam . and the aim of islam is to instill fear to the hearts of the people.

  15. Islam means violence and the world knows that. Look at the situation in afghanistan, Iraq, libya, egypt, iran(axis of evil) and currently syria…these are core muslim countries that never for one day like peace. Honestly the demon that possesed mohammed is demon of violence nd that is what we are witnessing today. Islam mean violence. It is the high time muslims come to terms with the truth and come out from that evil/demonised religion otherwise them and their 72 virgins will rot in hell.

  16. I will kill again. on

    Islam =murder.I hate ALL muslim irrespective of what they claim.To me,all of them are bloodthirsty murderers and should be hunted down and shot like the dogs they are.MALLAM MUSLIMS,GO KILL YOUR LEADERS WHO TURNED YOUR WIVES AND SISTERS TO PROSTITUTES AND BEGGARS IN THE LAND OF THE INFIDELS.(SOUTH).YOUR MEN ARE MOSTLY TOOTHLESS OR AMPUTATED OR BOTH.

  17. Boko go for killing spree ie the language that can filter very well to my people in order to leave that your arid land. Your treat can never border a true Igbo man.

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