Bizman kidnapped from mosque in Ogun


From ADE ADEYEMI, Ijebu-Ode

A popular businessman, Alhaji Safiriyu Araba, has been kidnapped in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

This is barely two months after another top businessman and hotelier in Ijebu-Ode, was kidnapped and later released.

Araba was kidnapped inside a mosque located opposite his house at Molipa area of Ijebu-Ode in the early hours of yesterday where he was observing the 6 o’clock morning prayers.

This came barely a month after the mother of the House of Representatives member; Abiodun Abudu Balogun, was kidnapped at her Ita-Otu residence in Ogun Waterside Local Government Area.

Speaking with Daily Sun, Alhaji Abdul Rasheed Kunle Onisesi, who was equally in the mosque when the incident occurred, expressed sadness over the desecration of the house of God by hoodlums.

Onisesi said: “We even thought he was a mad man when he entered the mosque with his shoes on until he brought out pistol and another of his colleague showed up.”

He added: “They ordered us to lie down and one of them went straight to Araba and said this is him.

“Another member of the gang entered, wielding AK 47 rifle, which he threatened to shoot if we behaved funny. We were all terrified and laid down flat on the floor as they took him away into their waiting vehicle. Another worshipper simply identified as Buraimoh said, the incident was not only shocking but also disgusting for a kidnapper to have entered the house of God to commit such a great sin.”

As at the time of filling the story, the kidnappers were yet to contact the family to demand for any ransom while the whereabouts of the businessman remained unknown.

A close family member told Daily Sun that the matter had been reported to the security agencies in Ijebu-Ode and the Police Headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta.

Sources close to the Area office of the Police in Ijebu-Ode confirmed the incident and added that the matter had been reported to the highest authorities in the state.

He said: “We are on top of the situation, but I can tell you that the matter has been reported to appropriate authorities.”

Effort made to confirm the development from the Ogun State Police Command was not successful as the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, could not been reached.

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  1. This is disturbing! But it is either the gov is involved or the state police commandis in collaboration with kidnappers. Nonetheless, nothing lasts forever. Their tap would soon run dry, Insha Allahu!

    • Please how is the “gov involved or the state commend in collaboration with kidnappers”- You dont sound intelligent at al!!

  2. One can not rule out the activities of his kings men for those rogues to mention thus ” this is him” so his problems re not far fetched. They might have being detailed on the kind of attire the man wore on that faithful morning, this is too ugly now in our society.

  3. Thank God is now happening in Yoruba land, who thought that kidnapping is only in Southeast, they are now feeling the heat. So I advice everybody let us walk together as a Nation and find out a common solution to our collective problems, that is destroying our country than to engage in useless attack to any tribe in this country. Tell me any tribe who doesn’t want money in this country. Rubbish Ethnic jingoism hav destroyed this country

  4. @benjamin,,it wos so funny why did they come into the mosque to strike person,beside it is now happening in the southwest, i suggest that those police men most have linke whit those guys,,,well may God help the man

  5. How can a reasonable person male or female link a state governor to this mess. I think this coment to news reports should be put off.ucheson.+2348094252257

  6. the ibos have exported their evil to yorubaland.the first ritual killing in ijesha land was carried out by an iboman-mr okoro.
    now they have spread their kidnapping dragnet to yorubaland

  7. Akinolu u are very stupid for that coment among the yorubas and igbos which of this two tribe is more wicked ofcause every bdy knws it is the yorubas in terms of ritual and asisination the yorubas are world best wicked agberos!

  8. Abu sadiq, kebbi on

    Igbo land – kidnapping, millitancy, daylight robbery, e.t.c. Yorubaland – OPC, rituals, vigilante e.t.c. Hausaland – bokoharam(original), bokoharam(crimal) and bokoharam(federal gov’t). So were r we heading 2.

  9. @ Sadiq, only God knows. @ Akinolu, the wicked exported, the fool accepted so add it to ur already inherited evil. Laughing hahahahaha. U will soon import from boko Haram and Afghanistan.

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