Bisi names baby after Melaye


Ace actress, Bisi Ibidapo Obe, yesterday unveiled the identity of her baby’s father when she formally made his name public. In a christening ceremony at her Magodo residence, in Lagos, yesterday, which had family members and close friends in attendance, Bisi’s baby was named Precious Oluwajomiloju Abikeade Melaye.

The christening of the baby came on the heels of denial of paternity by former member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Dino Melaye. Bisi had named Melaye as being responsible for her pregnancy. The ceremony, which was done by clerics from Celestial Church of Christ, also featured a lavish reception party immediately at a nearby hall. Decked in all white iro and buba attire, Bisi was all smiles, as she cuddled her baby.

It will be recalled that the paternity of the child has been the subject of dispute between the actress and Melaye, who denied this. Months earlier, the actress had accused the former federal legislator of being responsible for her pregnancy, while Dino denied vehemently that he knew anything about the pregnancy. Both parties, according to sources, were introduced to each other by a mutual friend, Lola Alao.

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  1. This Dino or what, is irresponsible human being, though I do not blame him, it is their culture. If the other guy who is on the news some few days ago who also from same tribe with him could purred acid on a girl that had a baby for him simple because he hate to be responsible in life. I mean.

  2. Abayomi Adeleke on

    Is there any mutual agreement between them before she got pregnant?the guy is a married man and she knew that,she is just a gold digger who is trying to break other peoples home,most of the nollywood actresses are professional home breaker.

  3. Society ladies in Nigeria will go to any length with any man to bear a child – especially when they realise they’ve expired. NOLLYWOOD ACTRESSES! How many of them lead decent lives? Out of desperation, they marry anybody and bear children anyhow to anybody for as long as money is available inthere. NOLLYWOOD should sanitise itself so they stop being a disgrace. Nigerian men should be careful with free-lance women, seducers and destroyers of families.

  4. Judgement is for sure on

    A very ”good” example for our kids!! These people should bury their faces in shame, white iro and buba attire for a ………..wedded couple?!!! God help us

  5. Mr Dino melaye!!!, i think u should call on your supporters to gather and organize protest against your sex partner and ur innocent baby whom you have both denied, or are you no longer a hired political activist

  6. the woman and the baby should be guarded and protected against any attack before melaye will bounce on them, remember he is still the undisputed heavy weight champ of the national asembly, IRON IVANDER DINO MALAYE

  7. adeyemi sandra on

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  8. Nollywood girls and women are professional prostitutes who always chase men with heavy pockets, 99% of them can not marry a guy who is still struggling and working hard to make it in life, they always look for a well cooked soup to leak. Dino Melaye should just has mercy on the innocent baby girl by providing for her upkeep if it is proved that he was responsible for the pregnancy. Mama Precious should take heart and continue with her escapades with other men again or she goes for a marriage with someone who is ready to take her as second or third wife.

  9. @Adeleke Abayomi Yes there was a mutual agreement between them and the proof is the innocent baby that must be taken care of by somebody. The mother’s nine monthpregnancy and labour,is painful enough that this man needs to step up to his responsibility. I think it is time to enact laws to take care of children like this that cannot help themselves. If you make them,be a man and take care of them.It could have been worse if she had AIDS!

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