Bisi Ibidapo-Obe gives birth



Actress Bisi Ibidapo-Obe has given birth to a baby girl. The popular Yoruba actress was delivered of the baby at Reddingthon Hospital, Lagos, on Friday. The baby’s birth adds a new twist to the controversy surrounding Bisi’s pregnancy and an alleged love affair between her and Honourable Dino Melaye.

It would be recalled that news blogs and papers were awash with stories of how a married ex-member of the House of Representatives, Hon Dino Melaye, impregnated Bisi allegedly under the pretext of a promised marriage, and allegedly asked Bisi to abort the pregnancy. But when she refused, Melaye allegedly denied responsibility. That is Bisi’s version of the story. Dino Melaye, however, denied in two separate interviews of ever having anything to do with Bisi’s pregnancy. He said he never dated Bisi talk less of promising to marry her.

“This is Africa Magic story. This is fiction,” he said while dismissing Bisi’s story. Lola Alao, who introduced the two, also took a swipe at Bisi for not being ‘old enough’ to know the man responsible for her pregnancy. Now that the baby is born, there has been talk that Bisi might put pressure on Dino to subject himself to DNA test in order to determine paternity of the child and put an end to the ‘embarrassment’ once and for all.

Bisi, who gave birth at the GRA branch of Reddington Hospital, chose the place as a last resort since she couldn’t come up with money to travel to Canada to have the baby. Her financial condition had gone bad to the extent she could not start ante-natal care until she was eight months into the pregnancy. During this time, she shut herself in and was reaching out to lots of people who could help since Dino refused to take responsibility for the pregnancy. It was some friends that rallied to register her at Reddington Hospital and footed the bill.

During this period, however, rumour was rife of her travelling to Ghana and selling her cars. The reports were later found to be false. Immediately after her delivery, Lola Alao was reported to have congratulated her in a telephone chat as published in a newspaper. Bisi is reported to be keeping a lot of her colleagues at arm’s length as she’s suspicious of them coming around to ridicule her. All efforts to speak with Bisi and Dino proved abortive.

While Bisi’s number didn’t go through, reply to SMS sent to Dino was, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

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  1. This is baby Dino. This baby girl resembles her papa, Honourable Dino Melaye. It’s time for him to accept his responsiblities by providing for this little girl. I wish the baby the best of luck in this mean world.

  2. Omoesther Adegoke on

    In the first instance, why should a beautiful young lady like Bisi Ibidapo-Obe had affairs with a married man of this status? And, why Dino Melaye involved in extra marrital affairs? In Yoruba land, man are expected to be responsible if he pregnates someone. It is believed that pregancy is a blessing to everyone involved. Hence, Mr., do not back your blessings; take care of this innocent girl, damn it. Best wishes.

    • Now that the baby is here the next thing is to go for the DNA, that help every one concern, this little welfare should the concern of the mother. And if DNA prove that Dino is the father , he must take total responsibility as a father, both financial and mora.

  3. Shocking that she waited eight months before seeing a doctor.Please Ladies don’t risk your life by avoiding ante natal treatment even if you don’t have money. If there are complications with the pregnancy,lives may be at risk.Government can help by passing a patient’s bill of rights to stop hospitals from refusing patients,if they have the capacity to see those patients.

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  5. Opening legs 2a man who hv not rightfully married u? Its risky &many ladies has suffered 4rm similar cases! What abt havin an afair wt a married man? Ladies NAWO! U girls beta b WISE!

  6. Abayomi Adeleke on

    stupid gold digger,why are you trying to hook up a married man with your unwanted pregnancy?as old as you are,you are a disgrace to other yoruba girls,you are a professional home breaker like other Nigerian artistes like Funke Akindele,Mercy Aigbe,Iyabo Ojo and others.This will teach you and other girls lesson that not all glitter is are being left to carry your burden alone.

  7. this niger people self what special in dating married man what abt if a married man confident a girl that he will married her so wht special about marry a married man love as no stage less asume she date one of nigeria billionier you same people will also said she married him coss of money i beg make una stop am no1 of u is saint is jst that with all her sociality she dont need to get her self into this mess simple nothing bad in dating married man what abt if the wife of that same married man is bad 2 her husband not all man got woman that make him happy in the house but keep her 4 her childs sake

  8. The eye look like fighter ex law looter Dino, the head resemble pasuma (fuji artist), the nose was the same with Dimeji Bankole, i belief the legs will be like k1. bastard child.

  9. @Easy, u’re not serious &also u contradicted urself by haven called it (mess) so u aprove it & at dsame time u condenmed it,so wich 1 u dey? If u’re 1of such uncultured men who can’t stick 2deir wife, u beta repent cus u wil neva hv enuf reasons b4 God on d last day y u sh’ldn’t b faithful 2ur legaly married wife!

  10. @Easy mUst be one of all this nig big time harlot, why shud anything wrong in dating a married man? What is wrong with nig women? This Easy woman is a home breaker, ur going about looking for husband and wife that is having problem’s so that u can switch on, God will setle u with HIV AIDS if u never goten it, prostitude remember Cynthia who died in the course of looking for where to satisfy her sexual aurge, prostition is neva a bad thing in ur land, continue to suport evil so that evil shal locat u and ur generation Fool.

  11. awwwwwwww. cute baby, May God bless Mother and Child , BIO take care of this little princess, for you pains God will give you double blessings dearie!

  12. Honourable or (disgraceful) Dino, 1of ur own shames has come out. Well,I’m not suprised cus 1of d primary ways our so called leaders spends our oil money is on womanizin; gov’nors bebes,senators bebes &honourables bebes etc special prostitutes parckaged 4highly placed men who suposed 2b livin by examples,what does it mean 4an usual name 2hv apeared among d children of d late Ojukwu; while he was alife,he did not even confess 2his family dat he has a daughter elsewere; mayb dey w’ld hv 4given him for dat b4 he died. Shame on our leaders; fathers who don’t hv testimony. Dey don’t kno God! I pity women who’re married 2our richmen cus 95% of dem’re not faithful 2deir wife.

  13. @Saka. C, these as nothing to do with movies nigeria girls or ladies are watching. This type of thing has been in our nigeria system right from time immemorial. We thank God for DNA. DNA will prove who the father of the child is.

  14. Love of money has brought shame and disgrace to the girl…… she was dating a married man because he’s a politician and has the government money in his pocket and the girl want to force herself into married by thinking of breaking another woman home…. she have getting what she ask for, so let her carry the cross of shame and disgrace …. let her come out and face the world and her friends

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