Big-time gunrunner nabbed with cache of arms, ammunitionn


•He supplied weapons to robbers who shook Lagos – Police
•Grenades, rocket launchers, machine guns, ammunition recovered 


The Lagos State Police Command has arrested the most wanted gunrunner in Nigeria. The suspect, Nweke, 31, was alleged to be the one who supplied arms and ammunition used by a robbery gang that recently attacked policemen and other civilians.

Nweke was alleged to have also supplied dangerous weapons such as hand grenades, rocket launchers, dynamite, AK 47 rifles, General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG), among others to bandits who attacked some banks in Ekiti, Kwara and Lagos states.

Nweke, who was paraded yesterday by Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Umar Manko, confessed that one Alhaji Zulo who was on the run imported the arms and supplied them to him in Republic of Benin. Nweke said he usually concealed the arms and ammunition inside bags of onions to beat security agents.

The suspect said he sold each weapon between C300, 000 and C 1000, 000 depending on the type, adding that General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) were on high demand, followed by AK 47 rifle which he was selling at the rate of C1, 000, 000.

The suspect, who hails from Aguleri in Anambra State, said he knew Alhaji Zulo at a motor park at Seme border. Nweke was alleged to have also confessed that he observed that AK 47 rifle could not penetrate Armoured Personnell Carrier (APC), so he decided to import dynamites, which bandits now used in attacking APC. On how he was arrested, Nweke told Daily Sun that he was going for a burial in Awka, capital of Anambra State and he decided to lodge in a hotel and while he was relaxing in a car at the hotel, the police accosted and arrested him. According to him, a search was conducted on the car and police discovered arms and ammunition he was using to guard himself.

He further told Daily Sun that he did not initially see anything wrong selling arms to those who needed them as he thought he was doing business, adding that he had realised his mistake and would not go back to the business, which, he said, had brought disgrace to him and his family. Some of the suspected criminals who bought large quantities of arms and ammunition from him who were earlier arrested by the police were said to have given the information that led to his arrest.

The police gave the names of some of the gang members who were patronising him as Ehianeta, 27, Akinyemi, 30, Runsewe, 39, and Lawal, 55. One of the suspects, Ehianeta confessed that he was among those who robbed a new generation bank in Ekiti State and another bank in Kwara State where they carted away N18.5 million. He said they also succeeded in dispossessing a bank in Ekiti of the sum of N15 million.

Ehianeta said his share in Ekiti bank robbery was N550, 000, while that of Kwara was N450, 000. The suspect, who claimed he regretted his action, said Nweke sold the arms and ammunition to his gang, begging that the police should forgive him, saying he would quit robbery. Another member of the gang, Akinyemi confessed to have also belonged to the same gang with Ehianeta.

Akinyemi said police, who pretended they were gang members, who had arranged for another operation arrested Ehianeta and himself at Berger area of Lagos. “We did not know that it was a set up and we fell into their trap.” Akinyemi, who resided in Cotonou, said bank robbery was a lucrative business, adding that he made over N1 million in the two operations he participated.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Umar Manko, said in the follow up to the robbery attack in Lagos on Sunday, September 9 and September 11 attack on a first generation bank at Share Town, Kwara State where several lives and police rifles were, the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) footage of the bank was used to analyse one Akinyemi, who had been on the wanted list of the police.

Akinyemi was later lured to Lagos from Republic of Benin where he was hibernating by the officer in charge of State Anti Robbery Squad (SRAS), SP Abba Kyari and he was arrested in company with his gang members.

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  1. EVeryday is for d thief bt only 1 fateful day is 4 d landlord. Kudos to Nigerian lagos police on dis one. Bt Oga Goodluck wat r u doin abt creation of jobs? Anyway dos of u armed robbers dt ve nt bin caught pls ntin dey my houz o, jst look 4 govt moni and dos our evil politicians dt r busy looting, ok? A word is enof 4 d wise armed robbers, FG and Police.

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  3. Can you hear what the foolish man is saying that he don’t see anything wrong in selling weapons because it is business.

  4. Can you hear what the foolish man is saying that he don’t see anything wrong in selling weapons because it is business.Believe it or not He was not going for any burial he might be going to supply those weapons to some of his gangs in Akwa or somewhere else, as it is business.

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  6. I dey Laugh oooo on

    Anyway though he sell the gun to the wrong hands which make he look criminal but come to think of it, he do business and never send these that buy the gun to use it and rob. For person to said that they got gun on his car, it complete lie, we all know Nigeria police and they way of doing things. but the guy should be ready to face the dance but i know that all this news is formalities i believe the guy must be free as am writing this

    • he is ur friend no doubt, u n ur friends ar ppl who want to make money by all cost, n damage d name of igbo pple. one d they will catch u lik him continue ur act n support evil ur tim is coming soon

  7. Amandi Obikwelu on

    As me, Nweke is purely a PUBLIC BENEFACTOR. And I am overjoyed that he did not condemn himself.
    After all, police will later collect a vry gud bribe and delete his case-file – just like Kabiru Sokoto, d mastermind of 25th Dec., 2011 Madalla bomb Saga Minna.

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  9. Igbos na wa o, Am doing my NYSC in their state. I just cant wait to leave. that was how I was robbed of my phone too. Na wa for anambra poeple. these guys love money sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. If i was not serving in the state herself, I would not have known their unending lust for money. I rest my case.

    • What is this canibal Dog -Nose talking about , you better live immediately before you lure our youths and use them as 404 peper soup.

    • Ibibio guy, if care is not taken, you will die there for cursing the entire igbo race for what some stupid persons are doing. You forgot that inspite of all the witchcraft and ritual killings which all started and is prevalent in your place, no one has said it is every body in your place that is involved. Thought you said you schooled. By this, you epitomize the half-baked we witness today in that country.

    • Though I am not Ibo, but I will say that you are a very irresponsible person. You curse the land you reside on, be careful or you may not complete your service

      • And where is the curse in his statement??? I can’t find it! Don’t crucify the guy please, as he is just sharing his experience as a corper; You guys should rather comment on the main issue and how we can help curb these bad gangs as we all know there are robbers everywhere irrespective of location, religion or tribe so please make we stop insulting each other jare. Jah Bless!

        • Here is part of the abusive words he used “…I would not have known their unending lust for money”, probably he was refering to you and your people.

          And I doubt if he is an ibibio man……idiot.

  10. These guys are agents of death and deserve no mercy at all.I don’t care how bad your situation,there are many businesses you can do legally besides terrorizing Nigerians.So police,make them sing till kingdom come.They have not heard of Jesus yet.God bless Nigeria.

  11. Armed robbers are agents of untimely deaths, hence, police should not waste tax payers’ money for prosecution after thorough investigations have been conducted and concluded on them, so they all must be given same treatments as they did to others. There is no justification for any one to go into robbery because he or she has no job. It is insatiable love to get rich quick that makes all of them go into robbery and the gun runner must be given same treatment like the armed robbers because he knows what the robbers use his deadly AK47 and other sophisticated arms for is to rob and kill people.

  12. very gud work 4 nigeria police this days….now every day is 4 d thief but one day is 4 d u guys must kill buy guns too devil armed robbers,

  13. Police is delighted in fraiming succes stories, did you listen to Oshiomole’s swearing-in speech on monday? I won’t clap for them it may turn out to be fake

  14. Which Way Nigeria on

    There is no need to waste time on these criminals. Since they’ve made confessional statements, they need to be blushed, else, the story will change and criminal act may worsen.

  15. This ppl should legalize gun as u.s did haaaahaaa . mumu police 4 the robbers am angry because u ppl took the life of inoccent ppl. U ppl can rob those high politician no wahala.

  16. Good work Nigerian police, I hope the tempo continues, pls keep it up God will protect and guide you guy as continue to expose these men of under world.

  17. i pity some of you who made derogatry comment of the good work police have done because you have not seen where this bastared operate or you have not fall victime of those notorous fellows that is why some of you run your mouth none stop instead of you to praise police for good job you are saying nonesense i believe they are your gang members you fools

  18. What is NWEKE’s surname and which village in Aguleri is he from? This new is incomplete and I wish to advise the SUN NEWS to try for once and get their reports right. It is easy to mention Aguleri because you are used to being paid to dent our image but I am convinced he does not hail from Aguleri. I am very much concerned that you guys are good at false reports and denting the image of Aguleri out of whatever benefit that I am yet to understand but God will judge us individually.



  19. I personally do not believe that the Gun Runner is an Aguleri man this is where I am concerned let the police get us his full Names and not just Nweke as name his Last name should be given and possibly his Village as I was the Past President of Aguleri Hare in Lagos and the face I see is not one of my members Besides he should be made to face the wrath for he know that he is selling the Guns to Criminals if not he should have sold it to the Government

    • Instead of you Aguleri indigenes to hide your faces in shame, you are here running your dirty mouth. Who in this country does not know the type of people Aguleri and Umuleri indigenes are. Is there any house in Aguleri and Umuleri that does not have rifle? non. Nweke’s business base is Benin republic, so why would you see his face in Lagos.

  20. Gud job, NPF, pls b4 eliminating the lives of dos idiots, interogate dem very well to have more accomplices such as dia agents, landlords, wivies, customs and immigration officers at d various borders, girlfriends, godfathers etc

  21. Kudos to the police for job well done.Infact Nigerian Customs and other security agencies at our borders should be serious with their work. The rate dangerous arms and amunitions find their way into our country,is alarming. For the armed robbers and the gun runner,they should be charged to the court without further delay.


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  24. This two reporters CHRISTOPHER OJI and MATTHEW DIKE,i hope that you people also as well see those weapons that the so called Nweke have with him,because Nigerian police were full of lies and we cannot believe in them,why they did not show the pictures of those weapons,not that i am supporting a thief but may be police could have got the the guy with pistol and guns and they claim many things,so let them show to Nigeria the pictures so that we may believe it,, but not as of the crime fighters style that normally show the same gun to 3 rubbers,,,, they will tell us they got some rubbers in lagos and some in Ph and some other places or ares and they still show that the same old pistol i usually see then,,,,,,, but nweke you deserve to serve at least 25yrs.

  25. these pple are dare-devils when in action, they have no mercy, kill and maim whosoever crosses their parts. now they are regretting everyting.

    those of us that are criticizing that the man is not ibo pls tell us how they look like, is there a mark for every tribe?

    just be careful cos these pple don’t need mercies at all

  26. The effort of the Police must be commended but it also shows that the approach adopted by the Police in apprehending these hoodlumds clearly shows that the Police are also experienced criminals.Because it is only a ninger that can arrest a ninger.

  27. ibos are always froud of armed robbery that is why they are agitating for biafra so that they can make arm robbery as there first source of revenue generation and terrorise northern nigeria bcs only north that has what ibos will rubb either on there roads or houses.bad guys and people of selfish of state creation.

  28. Hahaha Iam laughing at dis story, NPF caught gun dealer dat sold AK47 & machine gun with bear hand. Nawa all dis story is liar. Both police and the robbers are all thiefs. Let me ask is question, who give the robbers information?

  29. Why can’t the police allow suspects to make their confessions before a judiciary officer because i don’t want them to use emotions of the public to rope in the innocent in order to have a positive crime fighting statistics.I don’t support crime but don’t conduct trials on the pages of newspaper as we have a lot of poor people who can not have the means to challenge police allegations.Arrest should not be treated as guilt and conviction and look at the way they are linking them together.The face of the poor should not be taken as the face of crime.

  30. Ethelbert Opara on

    The Police have done a good job here. We can see that technology, intelligence report and commitment on the part of the Police are the tools required for effective policing and, not road block and mass arrest.


    The police has exhibited their proffesional efficiency again. I always continue to tell the public to imitate German security style. Without information, the effort of the police will remained sabbotadged. May Nweke and his family be thrown to confussion, they should not know any peace since they are hostile to peace. Her wife cannot tell me that she did not know the business her husband was into! Nweke, darkness has fallen on ur way and that of those who are supporting u and criticising our police, “birds of the same feathers” you guys will be exposed shamefully like ur leader Nweke. Devilis in the society, peace will be always far from u, you guys are of the abyss. One day ur songs will go this way “De profundis clamavi ad te Domini” then satan would answer u guys. Bravo our skilfull police may God protect you people from all these evil wings.

  32. Though i commend the police for a successful Sting operation but i believe that it is not in our general interest for them to give details of the sting operations namely the mention of the CCTV camera and the use of other baits to lure the criminals out from their hide outs as other criminals will take precaution and evade arrest in future.
    the criminals so arrested MUST be probed further to get to all in their supply chain and the bullshit about asking for a second chance must be told even before the execution “that the wages of sin is death” in this way they will experience the psychological trauma they make people feel just by the mere mention of their names.

  33. Chief David Obi on

    @ibibio Guy ,May u never meet generous and loving people like Anambra people in YR Life if all you have to say for the wonderful people is rubbish.We are not lazy but ambitious and ver y positive about Life .The most entreprising stock of igboland if not black race.
    Pls leave to bakassi ,or o YR dog eatters haven or human canibalous forest

  34. How are we sure he doesn’t supply the BOKO Boys for the weapons to be used to kill our igbo brothers in the north? My brothers and money sef………. Of all the bussines in the world my brother chose weapons selling… My lips are sealed. If justice was to be. Normal In nigeria i Would have been happy, but now am sad because this NWEKE would soon be free because of poor judicial system.

  35. Is he d only armunition dealer in this country? There are bigger ones than he who have say in Nigeria government. Let the police go and catch them for us to say bravo to them.
    They are in the Senate and Rep. Let the police dare touch them. Oil subsidy scam is more dangerous than these physical weapons. Police Pension Scam is equally dangerous weapons because it has killed more than the weapons. Syndrome of not getting work if you don’t have a Senator, Representative, Minister and Perm Sec is equally as dangerous as the weapons because many have gone because of frustration etc. The Igbo guy no gree settle d police well thats the cause.

  36. ayo okilo (iworo omuo ekit) on

    the God word will not fall on ground without been accomplish the purpose which it has been sand,who killed by the sword must also be killed by the sword

  37. Whatsoever a man sows he will reap. The police have done a very good job .We should commend them. The man is an accomplice of the robbery gang. He knows that he can’t sell arms without a license and so is guilty of the same offence.

  38. Igbokwenu, igbokwenu, keeeee kwenu. nothing do u. u can do anything as long as money can come no matter how dirty that biz could be.

  39. All of them should be sentence to 50 years each with hard labor,
    This Nweke is nothing but pure Criminal, because he supplied them whatever ammunition they want to kill and rob

  40. I weep for this country,some of these people chase shadow,instead of condeming the nefarious activities of this society outlaw,they are ethnicing the matter, is this how the country will move forward.

  41. I like Nigerian Police ,but hate them when they will they see all these Politicians after looting our mony nigerian police backs them where ever they go. @ joe an sam two of you are nothin but Goats.

  42. Ibibio Guy or whatever you call yourself just thank God you did not mention your real name and the community you are serving otherwise you would have seen what fire does to the ears of a rat. Ingrate like you.

  43. kudos to IGP,who removed his men from all the streets of nigeria,now they face their challenges.
    Nweke and co.there is time for everything,time to thief and time to capture.

  44. Well done SP Abba Kyari. I thought intelligent police officers as we used to know in the 70s and 80s when we were barrack boys had finished. That was good and intelligent police work. Keep it up, God will reward you and keep protecting you in the discharge of your duties. But please make sure you keep your hands clean for God to bestow you with these blessings.

  45. Ibibio or watever u call urself. Igbo area is one of d safest areas to serve as a corper. I served in Katsina nd I knw wat i saw dia.Even ur side is one of d worst places to serve ok.

  46. Becouse nweke refuse 2 settle overall oga police,dat s why thire arested brother,POLICE ND Armed robber are d same ooo

  47. All this people should be taking to their home town and kill in the front of their family me members , it create fears to others and each families will begin to warn their children in lagos or to know the business they engage on


    we have armed robbers in all the tribes of this nation not only in Igboland those of other tribes are deadlier than those of the igbos. you people should stop this madness of igbos love of Money. You Can’t leave without money. commentators should condemn whatever that evil without using tribes as case study. ”Odina be oke, di na be ngwere”. Simple evil is evil. What about the past and present leaders of this country are they not robbers??

  49. Someppl here are daft. They are busy castigating the Igbo tribe whereas 90% of ppl involved in this case where yorubas. I dont know why these ppl hated igbos so much. When we said that awolowo hated the igbos they became angry but now they have started manifesting their grand father xter. As for that calabar corper boy…well…i dont hv words for u but bear in mind that nobody that curse the igbo race goes scott free.
    Now to the news proper…That man called Nweke must face the law because he is an agent of death. He is a criminal and must be treated like one.
    God bless Igbos, God bless Nigeria, God bless Biafra.

  50. I think the reporters has something personal against Aguleri. Mr Nweke is only an arms dealer and there are many licensed arms dealer out there. And there are many legal business with some dirty sides.

    Why not mention where the armed robbers Ehianeta, 27, Akinyemi, 30, Runsewe, 39, and Lawal all hail from? The reporters CHRISTOPHER OJI and MATTHEW DIKE should try to balance this argument or be consider enemies of Aguleri and be treated as such.

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