Woman with horse baby childless



Fresh facts emerged yesterday that the woman who gave birth to a horse-like creature during a prayer session at the World Liberation Ministry, Evuoriaria Community, off Benin-Sapele Road, Benin City, Edo State on Tuesday, got married 11 years ago without a child.

The facts came to the fore as members of the ministry, who witnessed the delivery of the strange creature, gave details of who the woman was and how she gave birth inside the church’s auditorium on Tuesday.

An eyewitness, Mrs. Veronica Egiebor, a nurse, disclosed that the woman was a vegetable seller for more than 10 years, adding that she sponsored her boyfriend through his university education with the profits she made from the business.

But when it was time for her and the boyfriend to come together in marriage, the boy’s mother allegedly turned the table around.

So, the relationship broke up.

The man reportedly got married to another person and she also got married to another man some years later.

Egiebor said the General Overseer of the ministry, Evangelist Revd Silva Iyamu, walked up to the woman during the prayer session and asked if she was pregnant and her answer was in the affirmative.

The woman said sometimes she would feel that she was pregnant and at times, it would seem as if she was not carrying any pregnancy.

“The evangelist told her she was not carrying an ordinary baby. He said: ‘Do you want to go to a doctor to flush out what you are carrying because what you are carrying is not a baby?’ The pastor paused and asked her again: “Or do you want it to happen here?’ Everybody shouted ‘yes.’”

Egiebor stated that Iyamu asked the woman if she wanted to go to hospital for evacuation and she said no. This, she said, made the general overseer to begin the spiritual exercise.

She added: “Then, the evangelist asked four women to donate their wrappers to form a fence around her. He asked the men to move to the back of the auditorium. He told the congregation that the matter was a women’s affair.”

Egiebor stated that Iyamu poured anointing oil on the woman, sprinkled her with sachet water and directed the congregation to pray fervently.

Before long, she said, the woman felt uncomfortable and went into labour.

Egiebor said: “She held somebody’s leg with the clothes as she pushed harder for the baby to come out. Then, something dropped and she fell. The thing fell, some people called it a goat but it looked like a horse. It has a long neck and the ears were long. It was exactly like a horse, although it was in a baby form.”

The turn of event, according to her, made Iyamu to issue a strong warning to the congregants to steer from the demonic object.

She maintained that many of the congregants took to their heels as soon as Iyamu gave the warning.

Personal Assistant to the General Overseer, Prince John Ogbovoh, who said the branch of the ministry where the incident occurred was established about five months ago, described the incident as spectacular.

He disclosed that the woman got married about 11 years ago and has not had any issue since then.

He explained that the woman had come to the ministry for prayer of deliverance from her barrenness, adding that his boss prayed with her and told her that she carried a funny creature in her womb.

Fielding question on why the woman was at large, he responded: “I am sure the woman is ashamed. God has done a good job in her life and she is ashamed. But I am sure she will come back. The dead creature was left for a while for people to see.

“This morning (Wednesday), the people ordered that they should throw the creature away because it was becoming an embarrassment. Evangelist Iyamu has launched a manhunt for her.”

A member of the ministry, Ivie Imhanluobe, who said he attended the prayer session, also recalled that the woman sat on the front row.

According Imhanluobe: :The pastor prayed for her and she fell under the anointing. She delivered a horse.

“We have seen ritual money turned to tortoise in this church.”

Another member of the ministry, Maria Osawaye, said the woman was covered in her own blood and was weak after the delivery.

Evangelist Iyamu insisted that the woman actually gave birth to the mysterious creature in his church, saying whoever was in doubt should verify the news.

Iyamu maintained: “This is not strange to us.

“We have been seeing miracles in this ministry. When we were praying yesterday (Tuesday), a word of knowledge came about somebody who had an issue with pregnancy. The vision was clear that whenever she went for ultra-sound, the doctors would confirm that she was pregnant on some occasions and sometimes said she was not pregnant.

“As the deliverance was going on, I noticed that a woman was bleeding and I asked her to come to the front. Some minutes later, we heard people screaming.

“I am not a medical doctor and I may not know the appropriate word to use.

“When she came out, everybody was weeping. It was something we have not seen for a long time. Later she collapsed. So, we had to order everybody to go outside the auditorium for ventilation before she was revived. Some women who were around cleaned her up.”

Answering question on the speculation that the incident was not true and that it was a ploy to increase members of his ministry, Iyamu responded: “Every story has two sides. To find out about any ministry, go to that ministry. Signs and wonders are normal things in this ministry.

“So, nobody can predict what God can do. Whoever is in doubt should come with a request.”

Meanwhile, a Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr. Jerry Uwaifo, has described as a blatant lie the news of the birth of the horse-like creature.

Uwaifo, who is the Medical Director of Central Hospital, Benin City, maintained that it was not medically possible for a woman to be delivered of an animal.

He explained that there has always been a genetic basis for giving birth.

His words: “A woman can give birth to a deformed child but not animal.

“How come they didn’t bring her to a reputable hospital so that it can be verified? God does not perform a miracle in that way. He will not allow a woman to deliver a horse.”

Uwaifo stated that the medical association could not launch an independent investigation into the bizarre incident unless there was an invitation to do so, adding that it must also be done with the consent of the woman’s husband.

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  1. This’s end time event & de hand work of de devil. NIGERIANS true conversion nt religion is de only pathway 2 eternal habitation wit God. “DE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH” – watch

    • Mama, in a case like this the pastor had get it wrong for not taking the picture of the horse, that is why i like T.B Joshua he had document of many many years ago.

  2. abi she sleep with horse,, women can do any thing to satisfy her self… maybe horse don fuck am and give am bele.. the woman should confess who fuck her.. nothing is hidden under the sun

  3. This is nt funny but God allowd ha delivered wat she thought was a baby.pls my peopl som tins r mystery dats beyond human comprehensn.ask d wman wher she had gon in d course of lukn 4 a child.afteral it was reportd recently dat a child was borne wit mini koran n anoday with islamic chaplet….

  4. There is miracle and there is magic. Both of them have come so close in Nigeria that they are difficult to differentiate. I want to encourage the reporter of this event to dig deeper. The husband of the woman should be reached; the medical records of her ante-natal and ultra-sound tests should be verified. This incident is rather mysterious

  5. Evil things happens today,enemies can invoke such thing in her womb to torment her.it not a new story 2 me.i belive it 2 be truth doc.

  6. Oguegbunam Checcas on

    How can they say the woman ran away? I suspect the story is fake. They should have kept her for post delivery tests.

  7. Well,…since miracle is real according to the scripture we can not debunk miracle. Miracle and medicine can never be inter-related in what so ever manner. We should try and believe with both since we can’t survived without them.

  8. Dis uwaifo of a dec must be a fool, bcos U̶̲̥̅̊ are a medical doc dats why U̶̲̥̅̊ said its not posible abi, have it in mind dat evil abound dis days, S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ there nothing imposible under d sun again

  9. Believe this, you will believe anything! Why all this kind of thing happen only in Nigeria? They cure cancer, cure AIDS, make cripple walk,blind see, yet all this ailment instead of decreasing continue to increase. It happen only with pastors, Muslim cleric and traditional priests.As always the woman identity will be mystery. Another pastor want to buy a jet.

  10. Such a thing hapnd in a church of thousand worshippers & there is no trace 2 d woman or even d husband, d women dat used their rappers to form a fence couldnt give a clue to what hapnd after delivery, ystday we were made to believe dat she was recuperating in an undisclosed hospital, today she is at large…its practically impossible 4 a woman 2 deliever of a horse! Miracle doesnt happen dat way, its high time we started distancing ourselselves 4rm d activities of fake pastors who want to turn God into a MAGICIAN!

  11. This type of delivery always happens in churches. I have never heard of any such delivery in a general hospital, which serves a better part of the population. Bizarre things happen, but when it happens in a particular fashion all the time in one Nigerian church or the other, we become suspicious. We’ve been held hostage by our belief in superstition and our ‘men of god’ prey on that to purchase fleets of private jets e.t.c. they should be ashamed that they ‘steal’ from the poor to make themselves super rich: the exact opposite of Jesus Christ that they claim to be serving. dumb!!

    • Sont talk about what you do not know. I personally know Dr Uwaifo,he is a good Gynaecologist and a Born Again Christian. I support his argument. What most people do not know is that some drugs especially herbs can cause deformation of the Foetus. Read about Teratogenic effects of drugs and you will understand what Dr Uwaifo was talking about

  12. Gerald Ikah,you are the Man.i dont know u before,but what you said makes lots of sense.Yesterday,i read this news and i knew it was a fiction.Today,it came up again.So can anyone tell me,how on earth a woman who delivered with loss of pints of blood be able to run away so soon?FAKE pastors desist from these evil prophetic acts becuase,if you want your church to full with congragates,this is not the right way.stop fooling people.Moreso,why dont you call press men and doctors to conduct DNA of the woman to the horse?This is a total farce.

  13. okafor christian azubike on

    Well,is mystrious but GOD allowed tins to happen so dat pples wil kw dat GOD exist…..for d pastor,he shud nt b boasting abt dat cos is nt by his grace but GOD,since d woman is life praise be his NAME……….AMEN

  14. thats is devilish chuch, she dont believe in God going from baba lawo to another na snake she for born, good woman born her child with holy book in hand you born devil alive, anything good is from God, anything bad is from devil turn to islam and be bless since the bible didnt have any law to follow,only for a criminal minded people to creat law for you to follow as if you are following the God rules marons

  15. thats is devilish chuch, she dont believe in God going from baba lawo to another na snake she for born, good woman born her child with holy book in hand you born devil alive, anything good is from God, anything bad is from devil turn to islam and be bless since the bible didnt have any law to follow,only for a criminal minded people to creat law for you to follow as if you are following the God rules americans worship 666 and 999 religion and they know they have the support of cristians coz cristians like anythings that is not from God thats why they are devil themself only desperate to get islam to be like cristains to follow devils and support their way, but they can never succed in God name ameen.

  16. Gerald,i believe with u,anything can happen to boom the church,once the pastor confirmed that it’s a horse that the wowan was carried in the stomach,he would allow her to go hospital for delivery not in the church.pls my pple open and shine ur eyes.

  17. A Man in Abuja vomitted lizard in hospital…A woman in Benin delivered a horse in the church…. Tourmentons, boko haram,kidnappers, arm robbers, take note. FG, just go to the church and sneeze, or shite out THE nonsense chikina.

  18. This world is a wicked place. D evil ones programmed the horse into her womb inorder to stop her from having a child. But thank GOD, for delivering her.

  19. pple should not ague what they did not nor. what of some months ago dat a woman born a baby dat was carring koran. Doctor ‘re u not aware of dat, why r u agueing. One tin u need 2 understand is dat devil is wicked man. he can do on do, is just bcos God is greater than him. If not so he whould have turn everybody as his slave.

  20. Yes, let d public hear frm the horses’ mouths, i.e. d woman, her husband, d rapper-fence owners, etc. Let a medical practitioner confirm dat d woman just had a delivery.

  21. NONSENSE! I don’t expect the Sun to engage in this type of gutter journalism. Just a little while ago, it was one roguish, Precious Ogbonna who purportedly gave birth to about eight kids in eight months. The Sun and other media houses abandoned it half way and now it is this piece of rubbish. These mushroom churches and their abracadabra pastors should stop manipulating the gullible Nigerian press for publicity. I have since learned never to believe most Nigerian pastors and their sensational claim to miracles.

  22. Childlessness of the woman and being married for 11 years are new twists in the publicity game of the church to further authenticate the incredible miracle.

  23. Have you been able to diagnose the spiritual background of the Dr.Uwaifo??? Medical Director of Central Hospital, Benin City…Who knows where he belongs….I fear u people..

  24. its high time sun newspapers pay more attention to more reasonable and responsible journalism,not these cork and bull stories.its more embarrassing when they appear on your front page.

  25. we nid 2 get sth right here. plz dat a woman gave birth 2 an animal insteat of human being is nt a miracle bt an evil which is a privation of the good. i beliv in miracle wic is sth positive nt negative. so 2 giv birth 2 an animal by human is evil nt miracle. plz dnt cal dat miracle bcos miracle does nt happen in evil way

  26. Pastor Dennis Agho on

    Dr Uwaifo needs deliverance also in that very church.
    You need Jesus now Dr. Uwaifo. Repent from your try an error

  27. Well 4 all I care, this story is 50/50. Mysterious things happen, I’ve heard of a woman who gave birth 2 a waterproof. However, as the case maybe, some ministers are turning God to a Magician. EVERYTHING HERE IS POSSIBLE.

  28. I think the woman is hiding bcos of shame. Definitely so many mysteriuos things are happening these days. The Bible says “when mysterious things begins to happen, & there is wars & rumours of wars everywhere, earthquakes, strifes,disunity,unrests etc we should know the coming of CHRIST is@ hand” So, I implore all to REPENT of your sins & turn to CHRIST JESUS.If Dr Uwaifo dont beleive the miracle thats his own cup of tea.

  29. Is unbelievable, satan stil have power but them that knws there God wil nt fail. God can do all things thru our faith. Doctor becos u did not eat d hospital charges thats why argued. May God help us, woman go u r healed in Jesus name Amen

  30. Nothing is impossible before God and under the sun, since the Almighty God have not dispossessed satan of it’s powers principalities and demonic powers abound tormenting the hopeless and unfaithful mankind. The incidence no doubt is a lesson that we shall allow Gods time to previal, because those desparate and under undue pressure to seek favour where it hardly exist will receive that which will be unrighteous and unGodly from their donnors. What is expected of us is percieverance and prayers not doubts.

  31. The foolish pastors in these commercial outfits called churches don’t even know what miracles are . For a start , a miracle is an event that does not follow the laws of nature and is believed to be caused by God . OR a LUCKY thing that happens that one did not expect or think was possible . Something completely unexpected and VERY LUCKY . A person can be said to have miraculously survived a ghastly accident . Indeed The Sun newspaper should avoid being used for cheap publicity stunts like this ” horse baby ” rubbish . How possible is it that a scan investigation could not detect the abnormal content of the woman’s womb ? The pastor is a 419er !!

  32. Whether this happened or not should be easy to verify! Haba, what is wrong with Nigerians? Please bring the so-called horse to a panel of one gynaecologist, one pathologist and one veterinarian to confirm instead of all the hearsay!

  33. Our Lord is God of miracle but not in dis kind of unbelivable story wich sun fake an money maker pastors tells. I hav seen dat sum pstr does dis 2 incrse de pplation of de wrshiprs an makes much mony 4rm dem so we shuld be carful abut dis prayers we attend

  34. Only God can determine whether it is a ploy to attract publicity to the church or a miraculous event dat has free the woman from bondage.

  35. @gerald a u sayng its nt possible 4 such miracles?den ur blind too.jesus wil say…. d enemy has don dis.refering 2 d farm which was supposd 2 b filld with corn rather smtn else.u shuld kn dat principalities and powers filld d earth,pls i advc u chnge dat comment.why nt go and find out?rather dan flimsing words lik a child.

  36. Hussaini Aliyu Bar on

    This is an unbelievable story, how could such a big creature stay in a woman’s womb.Please pastor and members of your church tell the truth.

  37. God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise, the Doctor is speaking out of ignorant of the word of God. The bible said greater works shall you do in my Name. lf Jesus raised the dead and delivered them that were oppressed and afflicted with all manner of evil spirits and diseases, he’s still in the business of performing great miracles.

  38. Yeah, i agree with u Omoibile. Already, an atmosphere of doubt has been created by the Pastor by saying that d woman is at large. Who now told them that the woman was childless for 11yrs and dat she had a boyfriend who disappointed her… and d rest of d story. Very soon the said creature wil b no where to b found. May God help us

  39. miracles abound as was of old and even now.God is supreme regardless of scientific breakthrough.what a person holds as a belief determines the horizon of thinking.God is still @ work for the discerning minds.

  40. it is incredible..!!!!.. with all these churches and evils in our society, we don’t know when God performs miracle or not…but I personally believed that God who sees in secret knows the truth behind this story. may God help us all.

  41. My Brothers and my Sisters the conclusion of everything is that we are in end time.God says that wen things that doesnt happened begging to happened then we should know that the coming of the Son of God(Jesus)is near so my Brethren let us exermine our life please

  42. my bible says “thou shall not judge”, so if it is true or not or even though he wants to use it to get members, it is left for him and the ominiscience God who knows the truth.

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  44. Na wao 4 dis story o. Dis pastor i no beleive u o including those women that donated to cover her labour time cos the complicated creature may have brought to the church then later acted the miracle of a horse. Guys everybody na pastor nw o . If u sabi read bible e do finish b dat!

  45. The medical officer, is a scientist he cannot beliefs that way because this is spiritual issued wthin the african content and beliefs.

  46. so where is the delivered horse? if she was delivered of such a creature,i bet she will be in the hospital by now..but why do Nigerians like lying? why is it that its only in Nigeria these things happen?is it that Nigeria is the only country in the world? this is absolute BS and i bet if it were to happen in other places,the pastor would be investigated along with his so called witnesses.Horse my foot!

  47. Doc, you are not a believer so you may not understand the things that are in spirit. The woman in question may not have known God before she was bewitched. Now that she has come to seek God, old things are past away and now she is new.
    Things of the spirit is spirit and things of the flesh is flesh.
    The demon manifested his spiritual power by turning a living human into a horse. But the Almighty God has pulled off the evil seed in her to a breath again. This was made possible because she gave her life to God.
    What about you? Have you giving your life to JESUS CHRIST?
    Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith. In Him their is life, freedom, prosperity, strength, wisdom, knowledge.
    God bless you Doc as you make up your mind to be with Jesus Christ now.

  48. Enough of this silliness already! Is God only alive in Nigeria or are these contrived fantasies the handiwork of the “Nigerian god”?

  49. All i knw is dat God doesnt work controvacial miracle, i bliv in miracles but not dis one. d woman should b d one propagating d miracle nd not being at large. May God help dis country!

  50. i think ppl should be careful when they make comments on public issues like this. we all know God work wonders, but the Doc is entitle to his opinion, hence ppl should not be quick to say trash about his submission on this matter. this story needs verification. we cant just swallow this hook n sinker. GOD SHOW YOUR FACE ON THIS MATTER.

  51. Blessed Be The Holy Name Of Our God. God Known Everything Bcos He Never Sleep Nor Slumber. Do Not Judge So dat U May Not Be Judge.

  52. Interesting..thank God for her life,she has been delivered but the story has just began..what happend to her after she regained her self?

  53. The so call man of god said that d lady give bet to a hors. Dat is miracul to him nest time another will giv bet to an !Elephant. Dat is Boko Haram pastor. Rubish.

  54. Well I just hope d woman d not go screwing a horse for some few dolls from thoes yankee men ,cos we have heard of countless women who have slept with animals..she should go seek Gods mercy

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  56. The woman in question should com out nd tel us what happen b/4 i can believe this cox nd bull story,saying that she is at large is funy after delivering a horse,may God help us.

  57. If God truely delivered this woman, she will definately come out to give him glory. The waman with the issue of blood could not hide her feelings when she was healed. Her case is nothing to compare. The church wants to take the glory but all glory must be to the lord.

  58. What is this Dic talking about? For God to turn sperm in a liquid form into a full human being is it not a miracle in itself. The problem with people who rely soley on science and technology is that whatever science fails to explain is impossible to them. What they don’t realize is that the physical world is a child’s play compare to the spirit world. I am very sure that even those who are very knowledgible in the things of the spirit (evil and good) will be laughing at the Doc because he is just spiritually blind though he may be an expert in the medical field. When many Docs don’t understand a sickness, they usually tell the patient to go sick spiritual solution. With God nothing is impossible. Take it or leave it. The Doc should read the book of revelation may be he might see how demons (evil spirits) are described. They are partly human and beast. Some like grasshoppers and so on. This is real. To the man of God, I say may God continue to strengthen you in your work with Him.

  59. The bottom line is END TIME. Because, the woman giving birth to a Horse-like baby is a sign of end. And, if it’s not true that she delivered such creature, then the Pastor’s act has just comfirmed the scripture that many fake men of God will abound as one of d signs of END TIME.

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  61. Doctor, it seems you dont no the extent of how far God can go because if do,you will not be doubting Him. As for me i believed everything but the bottom line is that may the Almighty God deliver us from all evil (AMEN). To the General overseer, please we need to see the woman in question or the husband to speak on this issue so that people will believe in the power of God.

  62. Doc can u explain a situation were 2 medically comfirmed healthy husband n wife can not have children. But all u see as a gynacologist is dat they are normal but u can not explain more than that. That is to say there is more to it that the eye or medicine can see. This is purely spiritual issue. The said woman that people are clamouring to see is rejoicing at one corner over the deliverance she got. But the doughting Thomases want her to come to d public to satisfy their own curiosity to d dentriment of her public image so that people starts giving her names. As far as I’m concerned God has done his work and it is foolishness to want to farthom how God that works in mysterious way did the miracle. Please let the pastor and woman be. How many of you have doughted T.B Joshua? Is it bcos he has d finance to put his miacle on air and this pastor does not?

  63. Hmmm Naija guys how can a person give birth to a horse though anything can happen its all God’s grace but we have to be thinking lyk human beings

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