Attack on Jonathan: Bode George blasts OBJ



Former deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olabode George has lampooned former presidents in the country who were in the habit of criticizing the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan. He said it was wrong for the former leaders to criticize the President especially when they could reach him privatly to offer whatever suggestion they have for the development of the country.

In a veiled reference to former president Olusegun Obasanjo, who is currently having a stand off with Jonathan, George called for better conduct from past presidents. But he did not mention name George, who spoke during the African Leadership Award ceremony, where he received an award for his contribution to the youth empowerment in Nigeria said those who had held the highest office in the land should not be in the habit of pulling down others.

The award was organised by the All African Students Union (AASU). The PDP leader said, “past presidents don’t abuse people publicly. More so, to go to a foreign land to be denigrating your country.  Don’t let us pull ourselves down.” He recalled that recently when former American President, George Bush was asked to comment on the Obama administration, he responded that all the occupants of the office were good men.

While urging former Nigerian leaders to emulate their American counterparts, George, who is also the leader of the PDP in Lagos State said “there is indeed significant wisdom in the American tradition, wherein preceding leadership abstains in deferent latitude from criticizing a succeeding power. And what is more, it is virtually a taboo to criticize the leadership of the American nation upon a foreign soil.”

Recall that in recent time, former President Olusegun Obasanjo had repeatedly criticized the Jonathan’s administration over the handling of nagging national issues, especially the Federal Government approach to the fight against the Boko Haram menace and security challenges in the country. However, the PDP chieftain stated that there was nothing wrong in criticizing the government of the day by the citizens, but that such criticism must be with the best of intentions and not to pull down the president, adding that “as patriots, we should help our President to succeed.

He cannot do it alone. Surely, we are not going to cuddle him. That itself will be disservice to the nation. We must point the ills of the society with all decency and sincerity.” He said leaders could be subjected to critical appraisals with a view to helping those in authority and assisting the pace of development without “ being petty or nasty.”

Furthermore, George said “ we can advice him (Jonathan). We can recommend to him because he is not perfect neither are we. But we cannot assume the arrant posture of curative omniscience. We cannot condemn with deliberate mischief and chest beating sense of infallibility.”

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  1. OBJ did it to abiola-and IBB that is his modus operandi-he should be more worried about sleeping with his sons wive than anything else-as a matter of fact he is the cause of many of our national problems

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  2. A convicted criminal like Olabode George should not mention what is happening in America. They Americans have conscience but what we have in Nigeria are political thugs and thiefs like him ” Olabode George”.

  3. Bode no get shame! Who cares for an ex-convicts views on national issues! Its unfortunate but revealing that such shoddy characters will rise to GEJ’s defence- tell me your friends and I will tell you whom you are!How can lagos of all states have a confirmed fraudster as PDP leader? nigerians ngwanu!

  4. I think those students do not have good sense of reasoning. Who is Olabode George d guy that nearly cripple our NPA they should better reverse that award or face a law suit nonsense!

      • You must be highly awful to have compared Bode George with Iweala. You must be out of your mind and highly/grossly unintelligible. No allegation of fraud has ever been substantiated against Okonjo-Iweala. So keep shut

  5. You people don,t understand d girmics of playing fast….George wants to be relevant despite beign a hyped he induced this small nd meaningless award by paying a token for the guys to eat lunch.

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  7. Say you, Say me on

    Firs of all, thanks Bitter Truth, there is a game plan somewhere. Secondly, it is very shameful and beggars belief that these students decided to give an award to bode george of all people. Have we all lost it? How did he empower the youths – lessons on defrauding the nation 101. These students should find something better to do with their time. How about community service? Bode George. Please, don’t let me puke.

  8. Bode Gorge,s award on youths empowerment in Nigeria is to induce fraudulent spirit in the minds of future generation. A criminal to bag an award in Nigeria, it,s a pitty, are we matching forward / backward? He still has the gut to appear in the public forum, shameless man.

  9. Olabode George should be ashamed of getting award when he knows in his mind that he doesn’t deserve it, the student are telling us what they will do to the country in future. Shameless George, shameless students.

  10. Those students are the people he Bode, used or is using to facilitate his fraudulent activities, if our security systems are serious, they should arrest those students and question them, about the basis they are giving him award. As for Obj, we already know his tactics, I’m not moved by whatever his saying.

  11. kelechi clement on

    I am surprised that some kind of faceless student group could carton themselves together to smear the image of student bodies in the country. If that award had been given to late Gen Sani Abacha posthumously, it could have served better rather than stinking corrupt Bode George. I hope the student should have made some inquiries before doing this shameful exercise. This is a shame.

  12. Bode is simply an ex-convict and as such does not deserve any positive publicity.These students must be completely out of touch with the events of the day and should be jettisoned with Bode George.


    I don’t think he sees himself as one of the criminals in this nation because other thieves are moving around freely and causing more problems. Who is to be blamed in such evil act, past leaders, Bode G or Gej?

    We need God’s intervention in this country and that is the only solution. As for OBJ and GEJ, I think they are playing games to know what people will think or say about them before the next election, so its not an attack. Father and Son(s)

  14. Comr Austine Obi Osorgu on

    What is this country turning into an ex convit like Bode George got an award a notorious thief, no wonder u ar blasting ObJ cos, Gej was the first person that visited ur prison after ur release2 cheer u, up, idiot PDP criminal, u better return dat award

  15. Who will take the advice of an exconvict? not me. Jail bird how much did you pay for the award? I wonder why they didnt throw away the key to Ikoyi prison why your there.

  16. Too bad indeed for BODE G children, grandchildren and other members of his family to see this insult and disgrace to this supposedly responsible and respected general. However he now turned to be V.I.P. beggars club member. BODE many Nigerians will regret to be of the same faith or tribe with you, or same national, state,local Govt or even ward. Muslims or christians and North or South Nigerians are ready to voice out their anger on hardship. Good leadership is the only answer BODE , Nigerians are aware of the atrocities you committed on our beloved land. Pls shut your evil mouth from today and repent.

  17. Only in Nigeria can such happen. an ex con receiving awards and a president surrounding himself with ex cons. Shame on them all

  18. This country can never be develop if we allow our pass history to be dwelling in us. Is there anything wrong for the award given to Chief Bode George? I want all of you to checkmate yourself stop unreasonable criticizing.

  19. Country pple. Where have you seen Nigerian giving awards to the right person. Nans awarded our late president Umar Yaradua when the whole Nigeria universities were on strike for 6 months over non payment of allowance. Even if he is good for the award, the timing is very wrong. Adams of Edo, Akpabio, Fashola, Mimiko and the rest who are helping pple are there to be giving awards of any kind. Shame on those wrong thinking Students.

  20. Do not mind this ex-criminal.He is only seeking for relevance up in the presidency.That award is bought,or the group of students who nominated BODE for youth empowerment award are group of students surffering from collective ignorance of even the country they are living in.they deserve pity and re-orientation as students.

  21. OBJ is the architect of Boko Haram. He knew that YarAdua was terminally sick, yet he imposed him on the nation because they are family friends for his selfish reasons. Yaradua only showed him a manipulated doctors report. Now he is trying to challenge GEJ midway because of what he caused. Why did he not give up power in 2003 if he wants Jonathan to surrender power by 2015.

  22. Good news for those of us who has already lost hope in the evil called Nigeria. please more of this shameful story about The British enterprise. RIP Nijia.

  23. I think the students got it morally wrong by giving an award to Chief Bode George. But the Chief is entitled to freely express himself on any issue. I don’t think his CV as an ex-convict deny him that right. I agree with him that our past leaders should respect the office of the president of Nigeria. Criticizing the president the way some of them are doing, even outside Nigeria, is really not to our best interest. The national ethics in US is very much absent in Nigeria.

  24. It is a shame that in this country we keep on going back wards, Tell me how on earth should Bode George be listend to in Nigeria? Talk less of giving him an AWARD?, Oh, the elders has eaten sour grape and the children`s teeth are set on edge. Nigeria is finished, i thpught the GEJ would have given Nigeria a better face by apointment but it is otherwise, I think some NGO should go to court to reverse that Award and the student body investigated , It is fruadllent and visionless, Can anything Good come from B/G?

  25. Which way Nigerian which way we go I love my father land. That is aim of people that struggle for getting ours Independent to acquire our rightful status, and I feel sure that history will show that the building of our nation proceeded at the wisest pace: it has been thorough, and Nigeria now stands well-built upon firm foundations. But today aim is not love Nigeria anymore let me be part of corruption for world to know, i can be honor in Presidency, State, Local Government even is School.
    But one day is one day way day ppl we wake up and stand for their rights.

  26. so these students still went ahead and give ex-convict award? those students are not worthy to be a leader of tomorrow, which means they will worst than Bode George if they hold public office in future? Nigeria where money speaks for everything, Ibori should be warming up for his award too after his jail term.

  27. This man is really deranged. By de way who asked for both ur advise ano opinon. Only in Nigeria can people like u will be given interveiw by press. U better shut ur stinking mouth up cos u’re embarrassing urself. Baba elewon.

  28. omotayo oyeyipo on

    Bode George is no doubt a criminal by all standards, but what did he do that Obasanjo, Babangida, Abdusalami etc did not do in multiples? including almost all those that have received Nigerian national awards over the years. Definitely giving Bode any kind of award is unthinking but that does not make his observations a non-issue. It is share irresponsibility and a desperate attempt to safe face for Obasanjo to criticize Jonathan openly especially because he was the sole architect of the misfortune called Jonathan administration. Discerning Nigerians know Obasanjo’s problems as those of ego, holier-than-thou attitude, selfishness, wickedness, the only Solomon of our time etc etc etc. That Obasanjo, who alone ruled this country for a total of 12 years out of 52 years of existence, would open his mouth now to condemn any government over the current mass unemployment is immoral, not to talk of even doing it in a foreign country. I believe this advice from Bode George to those ex-rulers is reasonable, let us detach the message from the messenger.

    • Say you, Say me on

      @Omotayo. We are all in consensus about OBJ being the wrong person to criticize Jonathan, but coming from bode george of all people is what we are all going on about.. Some people should be seen and not heard. And even when seen should bow their heads in shame. Its like an ex leader whom I admire – warts and all – talking about a corrupt govt.

    • @Omotayo, have you ever heard a convicted Yoruba man still talking in public. Bode George has no moral value and he is a disgrace to Yoruba race, and should keep his mouth shut. After all, OBJ was there to welcome him back from Jail. Whatever issue he has with OBJ is a PDP family affairs and he should keep it as such. OBJ, GEJ, BG, PDP is the main cause of Nigeria woes.

  29. Those people that gave Bode George award must be fools, some one that juts came out from jail for corruption is receiving award, what a shame… can these student tell us how this evil mas has helped the youths?

  30. The award is as fake as those who awarded it. It is a shame that a faceless Student Group can come out with a very frivolous award for an EX-CONVICT like Bode George!
    We need the Military (if not yet compromised) to come and address the ugly situation in this country.
    The Country needs total sanitation.

  31. olabode george may not have been a good man or even worst than some who walk freely on d street and are still recycling and reuse in governance,,but surely he has spoken well in dis context and angor his point wt suitable illustration…as for his award well the student deserve explanation of such critiria resulting to such honour…it may have been possible that there back may have been rob and award finally exchange hand after money

  32. Going to prison is one thing. Coming out of prison as a reformed person is a different ball game entirely. Criminals will always support their own. Bode George is simply unrepentant and those flirting with him for whatever reason should be ashamed of themselves, including those in Aso rock and this hungry All African Students Union (AASU). Those in leadership positions in this student union body, that decided that Bode George is their role model, I wish them goodluck. They have just mortgage their future and posterity would question them at the appropriate time.

  33. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    I am sorry for our youths that we expect to be tomorrow”s leaders are acting like people with visionless, especially those students association that gave Bode George an award for youths empowerment: which empowerment and to whom? shame, shame. Do the students knows what it means to discribed somebody as an ex-convict? A big thief for that matter and not for minor civil case. For the fact that they have commercialised stealing of government money and properties as non offence in Nigeria that made the thieves like Olabode Gearge to speak boldly in public and at the same time being given an award as one of the biggest criminals in Nigeria, shameless idiots. It is only here you can hear all sorts of urgly stories that a serving governor’s son of Jigawa State intend to travel outside the country with over N7milion only to declear less than the money in his possesion without any specific reason for his travelling, while some people from the state are suffering on daily bases asking for a day meal. Olabode George wants GEJ to notice him for PDP contract divide and rule system or for a political appointment, Let them go ahead, both the past and present evil rulers of this Nation that only know nothing but how to loot government money to their private use will live to vomit the last kobo soon. Nigerians are now wiser than before, 2015 is at hand,wait and get the money from them and diappoint them at the last minute to unknown names.

  34. This is exactly the problem we’re having today; chasing after shadow instead of the substance. I think the ex-jail bird just pointed out a crucial issue that boarders on our sovereignty as a nation. GEJ isn’t so hard for the ex-heads to reach, rather than washing THEIR stinking linen on foreign soils for selfish reasons. After’all, THEY ALL contributed in laying the foundation for our struggles as a nation today. NO MAN IS FALLIBLE!

  35. Only God knows how much the shameless Bode George must have given to those useless “students”. Am really sorry for this country

  36. Bode George blasts obj.What a cruel irony.This is a man who ought to be languishing in jail for stealing 100 billion naira when he was the chairman of ports authority.Because of our corrupt judiciary he was convicted and sentence to only 2 years imprisonment which he served.This same man is the leader of PDP lagos state the party that produced the president and several other governors senators etc,this very important thief is now the one given prescription on how not to attack Jonathan.It is so because in Nigeria nothing works

  37. Why do we throw away the baby and the bathe water. Agreed that Oga George doesn’t deserve the award. But the report is chiefly abt his comment abt former presidents publicly criticizin the curren.t don’t we think that he has a point? Let’s comment on that. For the award? “all na wash”

  38. Bode George is among those crooks in nigeria that contributing in downfall of our economy.The students nerver think very well before given him the award.

  39. Thank you Elder Bode George.You said the right thing which many booth lickers have failed to say.Elders like you who see the truth and say it will line long.

  40. Bode George shut your mouth forever. Are you saying that Jonathan is doing well and do you how many times he might have been warned privately. The more you look at Jonathan’s Nigeria what do you see? Do I blame you when every iota of conscience in you is dead.


    Oh Nigeria! i keep wetting my bed with the tears that comes out of my eyes for this entity “NIGERIA” who is good. critics and corruption everywhere. May God punish anyone responsible for this retrogression.

  42. Ogbeni Bode, u have no say on this matter, cos u are one of the problem we have in nigeria, can u remember when you came back from prison, i mean PRISON YARD where u served?, Obasanjo came from Aso rock to congratulate u and he also went to church with u to thank ur GOD for coming back alive,Ogbeni Bode let me tell u something, u are not better than OLUSEGUN OBABOJOJE AMUMU (OBJ)…………….. Bode the aword is not for u. ok? Ole bruku ni e.

  43. Things fall apart, the bond of friendship can not longer hold. Prison sentence has put a knife on the thing that hold an Obasanjo and Bode George friendship together and they are fallen apart.

  44. That award in the first place is suspicious, I think the whole thing was an arrangeee thing. if one may ask, when in this country have you ever heard of this phantomed assiciation ” All AFRICAN STUDENTS UNION ” (AASU) ? If he likes, let him get an award from transparency international, it does not mather, the man is Corrupt and an Ex-convict; so no amount of award can restore that credibility.he better keep his counsels to the Iboris, Alams, Dariyes, Ehindaros etc.

  45. It is only in Nigeria that useless things happens. Given an award to ex convict, paying compensation to terrorist. As for obj, whatever critics he gave in foreign land against nigeria, he shld remember he caused it and jona inherit it. I mourn for my country!!!

  46. OGA BODE, I have few question(s) for you – which youth did you empowered, or which Community did you use the NPA stoling money to improve, or which Nigeian road did you use the looted Nigerian tax payers money to construct or re-reconstruct or did you refunded the money to Obasanjo or to Ibrahim Babagida, those boys in the Afircan Student Union where do there come from (i mean their University), how many people knows that such organisation exists, which org. registered it and when was it registered, how much contract award are you expecting to recieve fron Jonathan this year – 2015?

    I would advice that you ot use some part of the money if it is still remaining to reconstruct one road in your community and other community of your choice in Nigeria.

    But Oga Bode, you and Obasanjo and some others you know yourselves brought this Country this manace, be it kidnapping, Boko-Haram, stealing in the high places, non-payment of pension arrears, poor remunaration to workers in all facet, just name it.

    Oga Bode, allow God to award you and stop deceiving youths, please.

  47. Comrade Peter Ufuoma Ibeh on


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