Attack on Emir of Kano, a wake-up call –IBB


Former Military president, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida has said the attack on the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, which reportedly left four people dead is a wake-up call to all. Babangida said the reported cases of terrorist attacks are becoming frightening, as he calls for serious security alert by all and sundry. General Babangida said it was not in doubt that our dear country was undergoing serious security threats on a regular and unbroken basis.

According to him: “The reported cases of terrorist attacks are becoming frightening and serious call for security alert by all and sundry. Despite spirited efforts by government, it is disturbing that this ugly trend has refused to depart from us, reason why government must change tactics and methods in handling this security challenge.” The former military president queried: “What could be the motive behind the attack? What does anyone stand to gain by attempting to kill an emir that is nearing 80?” He added that, “the Emir of Kano stands out as one traditional ruler who does not seek favour from those in governments and outside it and who, over the years had been able to live an exemplary life to the admiration of all.

His record of achievements, the stability and candour he has brought to bear on the throne are virtues that will live for posterity.” The General who prayed Allah to continue to grant the emir good health for today and the future, said it was against this backdrop that he found it condemnable for anyone to attempt the emir’s life, advising the Federal Government to exploit the option of dialogue with members of the insurgent groups to arrest this prevailing drift in our national security.

“The use of force has proven to be inadequate and ineffective to checkmate this ugly trend. We must, therefore, put hands together to find a more rewarding and meaningful end to this security concern. Dialogue is my number one preference in this regard. Government must also encourage positive discourses among its political appointees delivered with respect and rendered in temperate language to soothe the mood of the nation.

Language of force will not help us in our strong determination to address this insecurity problem. We must engage ourselves constructively and in a manner that puts the interest of the country far and above other partisan consideration.” “I wish to use this opportunity to condole with the emir and the people and government of Kano State over the sad loss of palace aides. May Allah, in His mercy and grace, reward them with Aljanah Firdaus. Amin.

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    • Evil genius Ibrahim babangida have spoken because Emir of kano is attacked by same bandits named boko haram which northern elites including him (IBB) sponsored to destabilize the present government. The souls of innocent christians murdered in their worshing places will not rest until you all are consumed by the same fire you looters and blood suckers set for others.May you be the next victim in Christ name Amen.


    • ibb man, na mallam sanusi’s arm of boko wan kill im papa because the man clocki 80 & still fefuse to die so the sanusi man go become nexti emir. im com provide jet to ofasea for the oldi manu so pple no go suspekti say na im handi work. Mallam you no foolu me jare

    • IBB said the truth because the like of Emir of Kano is greater than thousand of your kindred after all we have had the militancy which equally claimed thousands innocent soul in the Niger delta with it attendant colossal damaged to our economy . We have had the OPC mayhem in the west and continued kidnapping phenomenon the east .

    • it a very sad development dat an elderly man in d mold of d emir is so viciously attacked by dis evil blood suckers who had left sorrow ,grief and agony among many nigerian families but why dis wake up call by ibb is very hypocritical and very annoying is dat ibb seems to have just woke up from a deep slumber and from a trip to abyss .if ibb had made this call by may 2011 when dis monsters snuffed of d life of d nysc members of southern origin sent to serve their fatherland in ibb s north one would have said that ibb is a states man but ibb went into coma then and became dumb and deaf to such a national calamity when characters not contemplated in human race but was breed ed by d northern leaders in their failed leadership of nigeria and indoctrinated , reared ,subjugated,and dehumanized to become a veritable dynamite to destroy d perceived enemies of d north went haywire .unless northern leaders and youths evn women and children rise up now and say enough is enough to dis bokko madness ,i think misguided ,corrupt,and irresponsible leaders like ibb and his co travelers will soon fall prey to their mad dog bcs its brain don scatter and it cant distinguish its target again good morning ibb d destroyer of nigeria.

  2. adeyemi sandra on

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    • adeyemi sandra. tht is not your real name i know. you are a shamelees thief looking for victims. anyone do buzzness wth you @ their own peril.

    • Sandra or whatever your name is.You are a bloody Nuisance,when discussing serious national issue you will be embarrassing everybody with your 419 business!!Only fools like you will patronize you

  3. Boko Haram has wasted the lives of innocent Nigerian Christians,that did not concern IBB,but the life of Emir of kano an individual ordinary Nigerian has now become “A WAKE UP CALL” So the killing of the scores of Nigerians killed by your Northern trained BK is ‘A SLEEPING CALL” TO IBB.SWINE.All is your Northern Emirs,Politicians,Security(serving & retd)men,Snr Civil Servants (serving & retd),Islamic Scholars etc.Your weapons are now been turned against you people.IBB,YOU MAY BE THE NEXT.

  4. IBB so now you are afraid of the unknown? You people should step up your effort to make Nigeria ungovernable for uncle Jona. The bombings and unnecessary killings have come to stay in northern Nigeria so live with that.

  5. Mallam Sanusi Lamido the Governor of Central Bank is the the brain behind Emir of Kanu attempted assasination,he wants to emerged the throne as the emir.

  6. A wake up call! A wake up call for security by ibb’s rubish many innocent souls were killed by the evil sect called bokoharam yet because of one single person called emir there’s now wake up call for security this’s just the beginning the emir was fortnate he was not killed let him thank his God.

  7. Ibb! Ibb ! Ibb !!! How many times did I call u, just get back to your shells, Nigerians especially we from the south have decided to allow GOD to probe u,abacha & ur administration, u have turned urself demi god but I tell u BABA GOD in Heaven,The Maker of Heaven & the Earth whom I Emmanuel serve pass U

  8. IBB I am not disputing with you as an elder statesman but you should have come in earlier than now, and for your suggestion for a dialoque i think we have have gone beyond that border now. The only lannguage this terrorist don’t understand is the use of force on them dialoque is an act of cowardise and that is their langauge because they remain faceless and how can you dialoque with the faceless?

  9. At this stage it is stupid to negotiate with the boko pple as they have wasted enough blood,so the govt should fight them like the Algerians who do not tolerate any negotiation with the terrorist.What do you negotiate with them?Can Ibb during his regime negotiate with any terrorist group?

  10. Shame on you IBB, a “General” that wants to negotiate with terorists..enemies of Nigerian state. Shame on you!!!!

  11. IBB should tell us which country of the world did dialogue solve the security problems of Islamic terrorism. Is it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Russia or in Algeria? The language these special terrorists understand is force. Since bombing and killing by these faceless Muslims has come to stay in Northern Nigeria, we are now learning how to live with it. Babangida should not wake up now because they almost kill an Emir. how about countless Christians and other Muslims that had been killed before now by these criminals? The life of an Emir is not worth more than the life of others. Life is life, whether that of Emir or any other person. If the likes of Babangida cannot call their boys to order, then there is very little the government can do other than to use force. It is not unknown that they are shielding and supporting these criminals, but what is yet to be seen is how this drama will end. Let it be known that monsters almost always kill their makers.

  12. IBB so you think that you will destroy Nigeria and live freely in Nigerian ? you will be the next in line for the BKH attack.

  13. When south-south governors, the likes of Peter Odilli, Attah, Jonathan, Donald,IBORI and Igbinedion were busy forming millitant groups to fight Fed govt, I told Nigerian not to worry that ‘the dog will soon bite the owner’. Today they are thanking late president Yar’ Adua for coming to their rescue. These stupid northen elites: IBB, ATIKU, BUHARI, SANUSI etc, still went ahead to formed Boko Haram. ‘The dog will still bite the owner’. My dear IBB, don’t cry yet. My advice to you is for you to dig your grave on time.

  14. IBB, please if you do not know what to say it is better you remain silent,this government can not dialogue with a faceless group,the earlier you get this into your brain and heart the better this problem is solve,i am bigining to suspect you for this usless talk.are you part of the BOKO HARAM?, i rest my case.

  15. IBB should go and dialogue with his Boko Haram. He is a shameless human being, why is he now regreting and calling for dialogue, he will be the next target by his own BH

  16. I wish this call could have come at first but it seems to be too late for too many lives that are so important has gone, and because the deadly group do not hear any language except force, so let be it and see who will run.

  17. All the norther Governors and leaders are members of boko halam ,except few . Ibb is one of them , because if they want to stop the bh today they will .

  18. Well all of us should pray and condemn the activites of these terrorists (Boko Haram) because if we are not careful it may spread to the South afterall many in the south west are muslims and true muslims must fight jihad in order to win the reward and commendation of their god. The people we call terrorists today are the true muslims whereas others among them are cowards.

    • NOTE: SOUTH west Muslim are not cannibal like the Muslim in the north. For your information, Muslim in the west are well educated and they practice all encompassing Muslim style. So be careful with your unguided view and do more research before you Air your view. In south west, if you invite Muslim to the church, they will follow you, but Northern Muslim would not do so. During my wedding ceremony, many Muslim visited my church to grace the occasion, but this is Haram in the north. PLEASE leave west alone with this issue of boko haram caused by northern leader and few individual form the South East that want money and power at all cost. HAVE YOU SEEN AMERICAN MUSLIM BEING TERRORIST? NO

      • & who told u nortthern muslims dont enter church?? U shld also do ur research b4 u air ur view. Jst so u knw there r educated muslims in d north too. FOOL wit a sentiment.

  19. hahahaha this is just the beginning .when they all gathered and plan all there evil art in their mind no body see then, even if boko haram stop today i tell u the whole north which have encourage boko haram will never have peace so shall their son whom they have equip with guns be killing them and there children

  20. IBB, or whtever u call yourself,One ibo proverb says ANY ANT THAT CAN BITE PEINS CAN ALSO BITE VIRGINA,whom did u plan boko haram for?,wht of other nigeriains that have lost life and properties from it,better shutup big fool

  21. When Jesus was about to be arrested for crucifixion,Peter in anger drew his sword and cut off one of the idiots ears.Jesus in reply told Peter to send back his swordto its sheath for who that fights with a sword dies by the sword.God has been quiet watching for repentance but they acted like Pharoah.This is time for God to react.He who fights with Gun must dies by the same means.

  22. though i don’t like to comment about the land of Egypt called Nigeria.however We should all be sorry 4 the emir and wish him well because i think he is a good king and never supported violence.he was a great friend of great Ikemba beside Igbos living in Kano have not being talking bad of him the emir.
    4 IBB i don’t have much to say,he is Igbo’s in law. beside he restore relationship with Israel and some how made it a bit easy 4 Igbos in business by abolishing import licence.4 that his 2 good acts, God of Israel,who also is the God of Igbo Jews saw him through throughout his time in the saddle.Only him and God may know those who are involve in Bokoharam.for the dialogue U can’t dialogue with faceless persons hiding under religion killing thousand s of souls.i think IBB with his relation ship with the influential Northerners and Military at least may be able to bring some solution if the fed govt look 4 his assistance without suspicion.
    Nigeria have failed and will continue to fail bcos of its atrocity committed against the Igbos and other easterne
    rs b4,during and after the war. to the Igbos living in the north our people have since stopped crying 4 you only we are torched when we hear bad news becos blood is
    thicker than water.U people should pls come back home.the northerners including christian middle belt and other tribes in the land of Egypt(NIGERIA) who slaughtered the Igbos have started to reap what they and their fathers sowed starting from the will still continue to go round.Bakassi,a land with 250000people have gone to Cameroon .who knows the next one to receive their compensation.God of Israel said he will bring judgment to those who killed his people the Jews.the judgment is over due for the land of Egypt called Nigeria.

  23. Ibb seem to say that the lives of Christians murdered by Boko haram is less important to him to have deserved his condemnation .But,now that the frankinsmonster created by them is out of control he is now fearing his own live.Those who dig pit will fall into it..

  24. Raphael Edhere on

    IBB had been rumored to have links with these insurgent groups such as Boko Haram. However from the way and manner he has spoken now, it may not be true after all. IBB should have a rethink on how government will dialogue with a group of dissidents who have no clear leadership other than a strong urge to kill people who are going about their legitimate businesses. IBB is beginning to fear Boko Haram.

  25. There was a rich in one community,whenever a fellow richman dies,he would head to hospital the follow morning 4 check up to avert death.ibb are u afraid? Things fall apart,mere anarchy is loose upon the world,the falcon can no longer hear the falconers.

  26. This evil man should not be granted any opportunity to comment on Nigeria, he destroyed this nation and wrecked the psychic of our people. Hear him saying security should be tightened as if that would solve the problem of Nigeria. The culture of blood letting which you instituted is now haunting Nigeria. You killed many Nigerians and looted our treasury. You killed Abiola in collaboration with your evil friend Abacha. Now you think we want to hear or see your wowo evil face? Babangida should be in prison for life in any decent society but since they have decimated Nigeria, he can afford to rub it in our faces and grandstand as he is doing here. This man is evil!

  27. He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it, and he that breaketh a hedge a serpent will bite him. ibb and the northern elites vowed to make the entire country ungovernable; you shouldn’t call for a sleep call. Don’t be frightened; you will reap what you had

  28. You’ll definitelly reap what you sown shortly. The blood of the christians that was spilled by your bokoharam was more precious than the emir’s.

  29. When all the children from two years old and below were butchered by Herod, nothing happpened. But when Jesus died, salvation came. It was good that the high and mighty was mindlessly attacked so that the sophisticated people like IBB who know what to do about it should come up. Let us not scare him back to his hole. Let us encourage him and Buhari to rise to the challenge. They know the Genesis of this monster.

  30. The premises posited by IBB on Emir’s Attack were suggestive of having a first hand information on the attackers. If not, what is the link between the attackers and Boko Haram members. Above all, if IBB should propose negotiation with the terrorist group as only panacea to peace, it depicts by extension the financiers of this dreaded cum faceless group. May God save us!

  31. All the comments here shows that you guys have too much hatred for IBB. I love IBB because he is not a fan to press, he do no talk much or bark . Obasanjo have been barking all round through media. In other to correct one impression in this page. IBB comments is indirectly advising the Nigeria government to wake up fast in finding a major solution or end of Boko Haram.

  32. pepple abdulazeez on

    the general is right. if yaradua could bring peace to the niger delta, jonathan should also try to bring peace to the north. if not he has failed us as our president. diplomacy the only way out, not force.

  33. @abdulazeez,it appears that u have not been following history accuratly.yaradua negotiated peace with the help of elders of niger delta.where are the elders of the north?u must understand that the two problems are unidentical.The niger deltans were contactable&were agitating for fair share in the crude oil that is excavetted from their land,where is the contact point of bh,what is boko haram agitating/fighting 4.Is it total islamisation of nigeria?This is just like trying to make a bow with pestle.If u can tell urself the truth the outcome of their actions have stagnated &asphyxiated the economy of the north.bientot

  34. Whatever anyone sows that will he reap,the northerners has swore war and it will not depart from their land. The blood of the innocent one killed are fight back.

  35. The Blood of innocent Christians and the souls of innocent Biafrans killed will NEVER allow this Northern BLOOD SUCKERS to rest until they come out to confess and seek forgiveness and reconciliation. They have killed and manned millions of innocent Nigerians in the name of their allah, even before the recent boko haram nonsense. They will continue to REAP WHAT THEY SOWED.


  37. lbo people,though not all but most are not moral.They as if speaking in intoxication.They only see others fault.Howmany times does IBB talking agaisnt BH.Look you fools of the social media the northern youth have alots to say on you but they did not bcos of the respect of the tradition of the hadith”say what is good or keep silence”And we know the white man says “speech is a silver but silence is goldel”.continue with Ur evil utterances do not stop.The north knows the masters kidnappers,1st coup plotters,armed robbers,homosexualist,.Almost all indecent act start from you.

  38. IBB is the founder of high level corruption in Nigeria and one of the end results is boko haram, so he should iniate the dialogue by bringing out all the stolen billions of dollars to help the poorest people in the North

  39. IBB and Ado Bayero are all part of boko haram. IBB’s media hoax is just a diversionary tactics to shift focus away from himself. We understand that trick. who else has the clout to take out the Emir except IBB? but for what purpose? Boko Haram has fractionate recently, Bayero belong to the faction that is advocating an end to violence campaign, so IBB want to silence him, so that the violent campaign and jihadism can continue.

  40. IBB, In a country where there is fairness we must know wht happend to Abiola, Dele giwa ,Is only in nigeria where such rot happens and people go away with it,some ministers & DGS have been there since they are born without archeving anything meaningful,most of Govt officials get treated abroad,my Question is NIGERIAN HOSPITALS IS FOR WHO? Nelson mandela is being treated in his fatherland, THAT IS WAKE UP CALL IBB

  41. Chief David Obi on

    @oduduwa,YR type is always claiming that SW are saints or more civilized as you put it.That BH is by the north and east that wants money by all means.Mohammed that masterminded the jaji bombing is from Osun state, he confessed ,another of YR balderdash is “have u seen an American as a terrorist before”Yes ,Al-Maliki the Yemenite that converted our own Abdu-Murtalaab was a full American.Born and breed in the US and many others,Let me lecture you also that western Muslim converts are more radicalized that born Muslims,it’s on record.YOU BREAK MY RIBS AFTER SEEING YR COMPARISON OF MATUERD MINDS OF AMERICANS AND YORUBAS.THIS IS AN ILLUSSION!

  42. Look who is talking!. The first ever terrorism was organized and perfected by IBB in which Dele was blown away by a percel bomb. Did we all just forget that?

  43. It appears the best possible option left for the north is to disintegrate and be bombed by it people am sure with time the bomb will be exhausted and we will come back as one united people graced by God with farming ,cattle rearing ,solid mineral and perhaps OIL.

  44. daniel fidelis on

    May God almighty punish u all violent blood sucking muslims, it shall nva b well wt ur generations bcs u all violent muslims shall die lik fowls, d hell fire d likes of IBB, AbachaN Atiku, ciroma, kaita, sultan of sokoto, buhari, and all dia associates in dis act wl perish wl b ignited by gas n fuel-woods. Bcs dre re all vampires. Anythng north is a bad name, nothern mali is in conflict, northern nig, northern sudan, northen libya, northern irag same, God 4bid all of u consumers who contribute nthng 2 nig economy. I promise u onr thng 4 sure let 2015 come let’s see hw a muslim or northner wl rule dis country again if u like bomb all d north. GEJ must go 4 second term so pls get more bomb, by 2015 u wl see d dff btw suicide bombing n co-ordinative bombing Adamu’s.

  45. daniel fidelis on

    May God almighty punish u all violent blood sucking muslims, it shall nva b well wt ur generations bcs u all violent muslims shall die lik fowls, d hell fire d likes of IBB, AbachaN Atiku, ciroma, kaita, sultan of sokoto, buhari, and all dia associates in dis act wl perish wl b ignited by gas n nt fuel-woods. Bcs dre re all vampires. Anythng north is a bad name, nothern mali is in conflict, northern nig, northern sudan, northen libya, northern irag same, God 4bid all of u consumers who contribute nthng 2 nig economy. I promise u one thng 4 sure let 2015 come let’s see hw a muslim or northner wl rule dis country again if u like bomb all d north. GEJ must go 4 second term so pls get more bomb, by 2015 u wl see d dff btw suicide bombing n co-ordinative bombing Adamu’s, mumus, vampires, religious fanatics,almejeri’s, d begining of nig downfall started 4rm northerners n dis forceful marriage must break come 2015.

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