Asari-Dokubo’s anti-Jonathan tantrums


By Kayode Ojo

What motives are propelling the Leader of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujahedeen Asari- Dokubo, in his new-found enterprise of bashing President Goodluck Jonathan and those supporting him? The motifs of his attacks have become predictably the same: put the president and his dependable associates on the spot and get them distracted from statecraft in a bid to stave off his tantrums.

Dokubo had in recent times taken on the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Elder Godsday Orubebe, claiming that the minister had failed and should have been dropped from the cabinet by Jonathan. He had also dismissed Chief Edwin Clark’s charge of complicity against Generals Ibrahim Babangida and Muhammadu Buhari in the Boko Haram crisis as unfounded. He was simply saying that Clark was becoming too flippant. But if Clark was and is still flippant, what of the taciturn former Minister of Works and Housing, Chief Tony Anenih, whom he recently described as “a liability to the Presidency” on the basis of Asari-Dokubo’s claimed “series of allegations against him.”

Interestingly, as if they all realized that the ex-militant leader has been exhibiting acts of frustration, they had simply ignored him. However, Asari-Dokubo should not be allowed to seize the bully pulpit to intimidate and blackmail the Federal Government under the able- leadership of President Jonathan and well-meaning Nigerians who have been privileged to offer services to the nation. In fact, the Okrika National Youth Movement reportedly issued a press statement in Abuja last week wherein it claimed that Asari-Dokubo was angry having failed to get a renewal of the contract for pipeline security granted to him and some former militants.

According to the group, in the statement signed by its president, Anthony Aimieyefori, and secretary, Ibiyoma Lloyd, “Asari-Dokubo owns a pipeline security outfit to stem the rising wave of piracy on the Niger Delta waters but failed to work for the objectives for which the contract was given after millions of dollars have been paid to him. In spite of the shameful failure above, he and those in his category have mounted series of pressure on the presidency, the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, as well as the Petroleum Minister for the renewal of the contracts. “This is most unfortunate and goes to show that unlike Government Ekpomupolo (Tompolo) whose Oil Facility Surveillance Company is working in the Delta axis to rid the state of oil thieves, Asari’s supposed struggle is about self and self alone.” The proposition of the Okrika National Youth Movement is quite illuminating.

Consider my proposition: If Asari-Dokubo, who, as a matter of arrogance, refused to accept the grant of amnesty by the Federal Government, has since realized his mistake, which he has not been able to mitigate, he should be courageous to eat the humble pie. He had said that the amnesty programme would fail, but today, the programme is a huge success to his chagrin. And when he discovered late that a vast majority of other militants and their leaders had jumped on the amnesty train, he had resorted to self-help, through which he got the poorly executed anti-piracy contract, by taking it upon himself to drum support for the Jonathan administration, in the hope and expectation that the administration would sustain the patronages to him. But because the patronages have been withdrawn, he has turned himself into loose cannon against the Federal Government.

This is how Asari-Dokubo turned the full circle: in an interview with Vanguard’s John Bulus published on March 3, 2012, Asari-Dokubo had declared that “Jonathan will occupy Aso Rock for 8 years.” Also in another interview with Vanguard’s Simon Ebegbulem on June 23, 2012, he had also declared that “It’s in the interest of North not to field a candidate against Jonathan in 2015.” Deductively, this was when the anti-piracy contract on the Niger Delta waters was on. But after the life of the contract terminated and was not renewed by the Federal Government because of “shoddy” execution, Asari-Dokbo, all of a sudden in August 2012, began to make a gradual volte-face. In an interview with journalists at the meeting with youths of the Niger Delta in Abuja, he had canvassed the dissolution of the President Jonathan’s government to pave the way for the convocation of a Sovereign National Conference (SNC), claiming that the conference was the only solution to the menace of the violent Islamist sect, Boko Haram. He had said: “Whether he likes it or not, Goodluck Jonathan must convoke an SNC.

There is a need for a national discourse and dialogue. It is only an SNC that will solve the problem. The solution to the Boko Haram crisis is to dissolve the government and convoke an SNC.” For those who understand the persona of Asari-Dokubo, the impatient ex-militant (?) leader has lent himself to usage by anti-Federal Government forces. The rationale is simple: if Jonathan was not ready to hugely patronize him, he should be able to seize the platform of the opposition elements to canvass their positions, which gullible Nigerians would take as Asari-Dokubo’s positions. But how misleading! He has unintelligently given himself away by some of the anti-government positions he has taken in recent times.

The first was peripheral. It was the briefs he received from the Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to threaten violence in the July 14, 2012 governorship election. He had moved in militants who succeeded in undermining the integrity of the electoral process in Edo such that the Action Congress of Nigeria was able to massively rig the election. Asari-Dokubo had taken refuge in the State Government House in the period before and after the election. He was the mercenary that Oshiomhole used to bully the godfathers in the other camp in Edo.

Having been successfully, even if shamelessly used in Edo, Asari-Dokubo is now expanding the frontiers of his despicable utility. He now talks glibly in the media about the re-election of President Jonathan in 2015 being in doubts (see page 5 report of National Mirror of Friday, December 28, 2012 entitled: “Jonathan’s re-election doubtful-Asari-Dokubo). He even proposed the ridiculous position when he partly hinged Jonathan’s re-election on former President Olusegun Obasanjo. Asari-Dokubo should remember that when Obasanjo was in the saddle, he used the instrumentality of the presidency to clinch his second term. Not even General Babangida and others who assisted him to office in 1999 could stop him. Perhaps the only reasonable suggestion Asari-Dokubo made in the report was his call on Jonathan to urgently deliver on his electioneering promises.

Jonathan does not need an irritant Asari-Dokubo, who is on an errand for forces of destabilization, to sharply focus on the pursuit of his transformation agenda. The president has been systematically executing his development plans for Nigeria. He has even promised a better outlook for the economy and the polity in 2013. So far, he has been able to emplace the administrative infrastructure that will drive the reforms in the power and transportation sectors. Reforms are also crystallizing in the other sectors of the economy, which Asari-Dokubo’s long years of militancy in the Niger Delta region destroyed.

Asari-Dokubo should be shame-faced and seek ways to meaningfully contribute to the rapid development of the nation instead of trying to turn the Nigeria project into a bazaar where he can use the platform of politics to blackmail and intimidate the Federal Government into according him huge patronages. Nigerians are not taken in by his anti-Jonathan tantrums; if anything at all, there is a thick pall of disgust for him and his antics. Ojo writes from Ketu, Lagos.

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  1. Who ever that wrote this piece seems to be blind,praise singer and hate truth.GEJ need Asiri Dukubo 100 time more than he need you if he can understand.learn how to respect other people’s opinion.we are in democracy not in the military govt.u want Assiri to praise GEJ when people are dieing daily in east west road,2nd Niger bridge,VP’s house costing 16-19 billion,fed govt borro- wing 9billion$.i am sure U never voted GEJ.U are at loss becos Adams,gov of Edo State is working,instead of Edo dieing like the way all fed govt institution is decaying. those that love GEJ and want him to succeed will always pray 4 him and tell him the truth not people like you that don’t want him to leave any good legacy.GEJ should listing to criticism and from there he will learn,correct and amend in order to become good leader to millions that voted 4 him not good leader to the few like you who never voted for him.

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  3. Ezebue onochie on

    Nigerian journalism is politicized,biasing the minds of nigerias towards those that mean well for the country.somebody like Asari Dokubo is too huge to be dragged in the mud,a respected,patriotic freedom fighter,he is one of those nigerians that will look at you eye to eye and tell you who you are,he is brave to be a coward or sycophant,he fought nigeria against injustice and deprivation,reporter mind what u write,you are meant to be a watchdog shun sycophancy.

    • Chris Gabriels on

      Asari Dokubo, Huge and respected? In what sense? Who can tell me the Academic or professional qualifications of Dokubo, What trade did he learn? Where did he work to raise capital for business? Who is his father and what estate did he leave for him? How did he acquire where he is leaving in Abuja? This write-up is clear; that he made a u-turn when GEJ refused to continue to corruptly enrich him. This should be our term of reference: Is it true? If not, what is the truth of the matter. To you, the reporter has become a sycophant for stating his own view. But it is in order for Asari to bash GEJ to appease his pay masters.

      • you are a big fool by using such to qualify a freedom fighter, to you it means that you cannot be wise or fight for your right , unless you mention the school you went, you are an idiot.

  4. This writer is a sycohpant in every ramification,just looking for cheap recognition,ur type is a monumental problem that this country has for u have allowed corruption to becloud ur sense of judgement and reasoning


  6. Asari Dokubo is a selfish person. He is protecting his interest. He should know that one person cannot be greater than a country. I believed that his days are numbered.
    Ayee from Delta state.

  7. The name is Ojo, but the original author of this article is Doyin Okupe, the President’s Special Adviser on Media. If Asari cannot gush out what is in his mind, the what is democracy all about. From what I deduced from the Asari’s narrative, he loves GEJ more than all these ‘come-to-chop’ writers.

  8. Ezebue onochie on

    @chris gabriel when did you come back from syria?since 1979 you travelled.dont argue on matters you dont know its inception.must Asari hav a solid family background b4 he portray his views in his own country?why did nig govt gave him customized plate no peace ambassador?fg lobbied him still he persisted portraying d go and sleep.

  9. Sum of dis boy ar lookin 4 recognitn so d go all out,buy space frm media an disgrace themself we naija we know is wht minister niger delta paid them 2 do, 2 me d gain notin 4 dis asari remain a voice d can’t stop. BIG FOOLS

  10. Asari said the simple truth and now they have turn it to another thing. Had it been he praised Jona all would have been well. By the way, those things he said about Edwin Clark is it lie ?? Clark is using his old sense to mislead Jonathan, else how can he said that IBB and Buhari were boko haram. Is he not trying to cause confusion to GEJ ??.
    Is the minister of Niger Delta performing ?? All he is interested in is owning every building in Abuja. Or do we need a soothsayer to tell us that Anine is a liability to PDD, and GEJ, after wasting over 30 billion Naira on Benin Ore road.
    All he learn as a police man was how to fix elections. I am not a great fan of Dukobu but for the fact that he always call a spade a spade, he has won my heart.
    Asari honestly you have a disciple here who will fight with you if the need be. PERIOD.

  11. I have no sympathy for asari but is it a crime for one to voice out his opinion ? is badluck jonathan GOD ? SOON AS YOU REALISE THAT JONATHAN IS NOT GOD, FROM THAT MOMENT OF TRUTH, YOU WILL ALL BE DOING YOURSELVES A GREAT GOOD. I know that asari must have fallen out of favor with bej…….badluck ebele jonathan but he has to say where it hurts him.

  12. Happy new year follow Nigetians. This year will be good in Jesus Name. Amen. Let me say just one thing here. Let us all be mindful of this issue because politians don’t want correction and truth. Think about it all and that will help us. I love you all. God bless Nigeria.

  13. Happy new year! When u starting condemning your blood brother or criticise him that means u ar calling outside rat to come in which is impossible. Note: one tree cannot make a forest.

  14. Elder Edwin, spoke the truth and it cannot be withdraw.

    Dokubo! Has failed for allowing himself to join politics I respected him, I know what matter most in nigeria is that when you praise IBB and Buhari your welcome but this is stupidity because this two persons committed allot of atrocity while in office and even killing people and no development recorded at the time.

    Some Nigerians cannot understand what President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR is doing till when he vacate office, bet me you all will surely remember him an even calling him back but there will be no time.

    This Northerners that claimed they love this country and Nigerians are the main people that put this country where we are today, they’re angry because every of their evil did is now open. They want to comeback so that they can lay another pipelines from Niger Delta to far north, God will not let them.

    A Northerner will never rule nigeria again just mark it somewhere, this 2015 is far. Anybody that want to slander President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR should first point me a president in the North that ever work anything in Nigeria (South East and South South) or any president in Nigeria that ever work.

    The Northerners have formed an open killing called boko haram the same thing that happened in 1966 that force Ojukwu to call all Easterners from North, and your there singing praise for those who sponsored this killing, I don’t blame anyone who praises them because your love one’s is yet cut.

    Last week a shameless two times governor of Borno State and now a serving Senator said Borno state was push to the wall over neglect, undeveloped and poverty, that the youth there were unemploy and untold hardship is what gave birth to daily killing called boko haram, these words came out from a governor who just handover power and now a Senator.

    The stupid idiot even said that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR should grant free Education to Nigerians so that his State (Borno State) can now start schooling, he himself cannot grant free education while in office as a governor for 8years, and I don’t know if he really recalled his senses the full meaning of the Terrorist group they formed (boko haram) and his asking for it. Sometime I wonder if this Northerners have common sense how a former governor and now a Senator said a president should free education to a country where on earth has it happen? This is real madness.

  15. mOko CRS congratulations GEJ has nominated u as the chairman national association of ogogoro dronker keep it up. this year wil be nice for as another award is coming soon for Igboo smokers no goingback.

  16. odumnaegbuagu on

    @MOKO,,, Thanks for reminding them ones again,The peace talk must start now, the power transition to a different TRIBE since all we practice is TRIBAL politics,until we get equal share to that power or ELSE!! ONLY GOD can decide our faith. Remember SYRIA, LIBERIA, IRAQ, ENOUGH OF THESE MADNESS !!!

  17. odumnaegbuagu on

    @mahmud hamzat,,,, ”it’s drinker not DRONKER” piece of ass garbage ILLITERATE LIKE YOU!! you calling him agogoro drinker and you a PIG that could go weeks without
    a bath or shower!! am i right or wrong fool??

  18. odumn or idiot mr lecturer dronker is an insult in latin meaning taking in through nusirl it not english word but latin as moro as u are u should know this.Bastered illitrate here comes the word s in english drink drank drone. mumu pocopine iyamiri who have lost sense of respect to their generations .mr funkest lecturer do not worry i personaly will nominate u as kpakpa chairman so that u start correcting the moral delapudated of the generation oF iyamiris nd why they lost leadership in their own society not even Nigeria.

  19. Chris Onyishi on

    Kayode Ojo Vs Asari –Dokubo
    Somewhere in 2005 I wrote an article with the caption “Reuben Abati Vs Asari-Dokubo” but which the Guardian Editorial had then, for whatever is their reason, re-titled “In Defense of Asari Dodubo”. I was actually doing a rejoinder to an earlier piece by Dr. Abati (The Guardian of 25th March, 2005)with the header that sounded like “Asari Dodubo Vs Awo”.
    I think my rejoinder was published in The Guardian of April 1st 2005. Interested parties can read up both Abati’s piece and my rejoinder..
    I can say with equanimity that Kayode Ojo is only playing another Reuben Abati in the opinion he wrote (The Sun on January 3rd 2012) with the title “Asari-Dokubo’s anti-Jonathan tantrums”.
    Kayode Ojo, I would say without fear of contraction or contradiction, is looking for job in President Jonathan’s administration if he does not have one already. His argument that Asari-Dokubo is against President Jonathan and the Federal Government because he lost out in the contract settlement does not ring any bell to any discernible length. It is easier to side the government anywhere in the world but I dare say that it is the laziest thing for any eventful mind to embark upon.
    It is like preaching Christ with the Bible in your hand or preaching Mohamed with the Qu’aran in your hand. You do not lose anything, in both cases, even if you are not making any sense. If anybody faults you, it is like faulting the Prophet you are preaching about. When you say to people: do not disrespect your leader, you sound like a good man but that is far from the truth. You should tell a leader or a ruler not to create scenarios that would attract disrespect to his stool. That is how to be a good adviser. I remember that Prof. Term David West has repeatedly said that it requires a wise man to understand a wise council.
    I have written not less than ten commentaries about President Jonathan’s administration alone. I know I have not commended his administration in any one of them and that is not because I lost out in any contract issue. No. It is not because I have ever been the leader of any militant group in the Niger Delta area or anywhere else for that matter. It is because, more than anything else, I have above average interest in my dear country becoming a role model for other African nations.
    There was nothing Asari-Dokubo has said which some of us have not highlighted severally in various forms and forum. That he was denied contract renewal is sheer sentiment from a very lazy mind that does not and will not understand what an organized nation state should mean for humanity and the modern people, not just in Nigeria, but the world over.
    “Jonathan does not need an irritant Asari-Dokubo, who is on an errand for forces of destabilization, to sharply focus on the pursuit of his transformation agenda. The president has been systematically executing his development plans for Nigeria. He has even promised a better outlook for the economy and the polity in 2013. So far, he has been able to emplace the administrative infrastructure that will drive the reforms in the power and transportation sectors. Reforms are also crystallizing in the other sectors of the economy, which Asari-Dokubo’s long years of militancy in the Niger Delta region destroyed.”
    The above excerpt is from Kayode Ojo’s creed on the aforementioned opinion of his on The Sun of 3rd January 2013.
    But every grown person in Nigeria knows that this is the greatest incoherent assessment of President Jonathan’s administration. The President of an administration, in whose watch, our country is being systematically reduced to nothingness by corruption cannot be said to be “systematically executing his development plans for Nigeria”. Calling Asari an “irritant Asari-Dokubo” is the cheapest thing anybody can write or say. Here again, it is pertinent to note that Dr. Abati used that same term in the 2005 March article to describe Asari. I can perceive Dr. Abati’s language here.
    Hear him again “In fact, the Okrika National Youth Movement reportedly issued a press statement in Abuja last week wherein it claimed that Asari-Dokubo was angry having failed to get a renewal of the contract for pipeline security granted to him and some former militants”.
    Needless to say that this is an incredible ingenuity in divisive tendencies on the side of Kayode Ojo who would want to initiate a brawl between Asari-Dokubo and the Okrika National Youth Movement and by so doing create a leeway for an already a confused administration to continue to wallow in senselessness. If Kayode reasons that the President cannot take criticism, then let him advice the President to resign. That is the most honorable thing to do by a civilized leader if he is one.
    Does kayode claim to be a friend of the Okrika National Youth Movement? Is he a friend of Chief Edwin Clark, does he approve of Elder Godsday Orubebe? Or is he a friend of the Diezeanis?
    If President Jonathan does what he should do as the President of Nigeria: and that is to weed off corruption from the Nigerian political space and steer the rudder of the state ship in the positive direction, Nigerians would ordinarily not bother about anybody who exercises his statutory democratic right (of open discussion) but wait for elections to make their statement. I do not understand why rulers in Nigeria are always scared of opposition and elaborate discussion that will tend to enrich our democracy.
    What is wrong in pointing out what President Jonathan is not doing right even if it is a mad man doing it not to talk of a consummate Asari-Dokubo. What is even wrong if an angered man, who lost out in a contract renewal in his country, point out what an administration is doing wrongly? If the only thing President Jonathan’s administration knows how to do well is to share out contracts to their cronies, why leave out Asari-Dokubo in th jamboree. Is he less intelligent than those who loot our national wealth on minute by minute basis?
    It is amusing when Kayode argues that Asari-Dokubo lost out because he did a shoddy job. Which contract in Nigeria has ever been excellently executed and why should Asari-Dokubo be singled out as the only man who does shoddy jobs. I am not his solicitor, but I imagine that Asari-Dokubo must have done the unthinkable thing – in Nigeria – of being in an administration and tried to caution on the excesses of the administration and that must have been the cause of the discord. Did we not see similar thing with the late former NSA? Is it not also a truism that part of Dr. Abati’s problem with this administration is that he was trying to be cautious with the way he goes about falsifying truths? Or what could have informed the recruitment of the attack lion?
    Asari-Dokubo must have advised that Ms Diezeani Madueke should be relieved of her job in view of the entire embarrassing expose in the oil sector, the report of which this administration has saddled like a dinosaur on an ant.
    I do not know this man Asari. I may not even want to know him but I identify with courageous people who highlight the ills of the society for it is from such exposure that governments all over the world are brought to their senses and are made to understand that leadership is not Akamu and Akara business or flying about in presidential jets alone and turn around to make bogus promises at electioneering campaigns.
    Kayode has only succeeded in singing a one dimensional song characteristic of very uncharitable and uncreative government agents who stand truth on the fore head just to retain their proximity to the corridors of power for very selfish purpose. But this happens when people refuse to wash away military psyche from their mentality and refuse to imbibe the true tenets of modern democracy which thrives on opposition and reasonable discussions.
    Asari-Dokubo may be an irritant as Kayode wants us to believe, but Kayode should look deeper into the people that parade the Jonathan administration. There are far more irritating beings in that motley confusion called an administration

    Chris Onyishi ([email protected])
    Lagos Nigeria.

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