Arrested Osun goat dies in custody



The five goats arrested by the Osun State Waste Management Agency (OWMA) in Osogbo last week were on Tuesday dragged before an Osogbo Magistrate Court along side their owners. Three owners of the goats including Mrs. Aduke Adetona, Mrs. Esther Ibikunle and Adedoyin Adetayo were docked, while the goats were not allowed into the court hall but kept in the premises of the court.

The court presided over by Mrs. A. O. Ajanaku discharged Mrs. Adetayo, who had already lost her goat in the custody of OWMA and ordered other accused persons to pay N2, 500 fine to the coffers of the state government. The court pardoned one of the owners, Mrs. Adedoyin Adetayo whose goat had died, but warned her to comply strictly with the provisions of the state environmental laws and the rules of OWMA.

The court ruled that the accused persons violated article 101, cap 11 of the laws of Osun State, which prohibited birds and other animals from straying into residential areas. The prosecutor, Mr. Femi Ogunbamiwo who is also the Director of Environmental Management and Sanitation in OWMA told the court that the accused persons committed an offence contrary to and punishable under the environmental laws of the state. Mr. Ogunbamiwo told the court that the accused persons committed the offence on January 5, 2013 by allowing animals under their control to stray into public domain in a manner that was injurious to the health of the public.

Counsel to the accused persons, Mr. Jimoh Daramola pleaded with the court to be lenient with his clients and temper justice with mercy, adding that the accused persons would henceforth obey the laws of the state. Article 101, cap 2 of the 2002 Laws of Osun State, which was passed by the state House of Assembly states that: “No bird or animal shall be allowed to stray to any road or public place or urinate or defecate in any public place in the state.”

The Special Adviser to the governor on Environment, Mr. Bola Ilori who spoke with reporters after the court session urged residents to keep their pets in a cage to prevent violation of the state environmental laws and guide against transmission of diseases from animal to man.

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  1. Your agency can only arrest harmless animals, what about the DOGS, SNAKES like VIPERS, COBRA, and PHYTHONS, they also strays along Osogbo city, the law exempted these ones because they are more powerful than your agency ie why immunity was accorded to them,

    • Owerri, try and understand the law. It says “All animals within your custody”. So if you let your pets (Such as Vipers, Pythons and cobra) stray in residential or public places, we will arrest you and them n charge u to court for contravening the new environmental law. So, take note.


    • My brother this is traversity of justice.There are so many dangerous motor park gangs every where posing security risk.These people have not considered it reasonable to sanitize them.Instead they are hungry for goat meat.may,be they are looking for sacrificial lambs for Ifa idol which the Governor is promoting.

    • what could have caused the demise of those detainees this is a case of police brutality.the I.G.P should be hinted on this, the demise should undergo a post motem to determine the real cause of death. justice should be done.

  2. @ Which way Nigeria, reptiles are under snake family, maybe the gov knows if crocodiles, hippopotamus, sea lions etc can be handled by OWMA because they too strays along with other harmless animals.

  3. dat woman should as well sue them 4 allowing her goat to die , she can even claim dat they killed d goat dat is
    under dere custody n claim damages.

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  5. ThankGod Ifeduba on

    this is a clear demostration of the level of injustice in our society. The killers of this goat must be brought to justice

  6. Those goats that died in custody their owners should be compensated and thorough investigation should be made by the state government (since they don’t have any work to do) if they were not killed by malicious individuals.

  7. The woman whose goat died should refuse the pardon, pay the N2,500 fine and sue for her dead goat which, I am sure, costs not less than N10,000.

  8. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    Board of inquiry should be set up to investigate the circumstances that led to the death of the goat. I have the believe that the goat was used for suya, useless, jobless and idle government of osun state.

  9. I dealt with this issue extensively in my book though unpublished. Strange ailments and never-seen sicknesses now abound everywhere because of the very unhealthy attitude of man living with animals – both at homes and in the public. This is a very much welcome legislation from Osun government.
    The worst culprits in this matter are the transporters. They convey animals and human passengers in the same vehicles and FRSC, VIO, the Police and ministry of Agric personnel would not do anything. In the end public health risk is heightened.
    Go to any motor park of your choice and see the dangerous things for yourself – goats, dogs, turkey, chicken sharing the same commuter vehicle with passengers and in most cases, without proper ventilation. I congratulate the Osun Government.

  10. Hmmmm!!!!. Nice Law. pple who criticize this law do not understand the importance.
    Stray animals cause a lot of problems and inconvenience to humans.

    For Example, I had to re-spray my 2012 Toyota camry 2times last year becos of some stray goats that have resorted to using the hood of the car as their bed becos of d warmth. sometimes, they even play n run on top of all the cars parked in the Estate. Attempts at locating the owners have proven futile.

    Moreso, stray animals can inflict injuries on humans and crops and can also be a vector of diseases like swine flu, foot and mouth disease, lasa fever, just to mention a few.

  11. No punishment of anybodys baba except it starts with your own papa ok. Osun Govt should be sued for not taking the goat to vet hospital.

  12. So many fools here making comment. Go and get a copy of the Nigerian Criminal Code. You will know that CRUELITY TO ANIMALS is a big offence. If you will have to rare a domestic animal, then cage them to avoid being detrimental to others. Simple

  13. @ AIKAY and Paulinzee, strays animals indeed, how many times have OWMA arrested Fulani cows that strays in procession? Can they try to arrest a single cattle owned by Fulani herds men? I better allow your reasoning to presume the consequences thereafter or let say they lost one of their cattle as a result of similar faith that befell one of the goat in the custody of their captors/OWMA. This law should be extended to Dick and Harry. Those that lived in the jungle also strays along major roads, causing similar things those at residential homes commits that now put them at the receiving end. While other world are yawning for animals protection laws, ours is to fine tune a way of total elimination.

  14. TAKING GOAT& OWNERS TO COURT,while people who STOLE millions,billions of Nigeria money are walking,FREE what a wasted time,manpower,resources by machinaey of Govt.

  15. It is an abuse to Law as a noble profession. So, maybe we now have Veterinary Lawyers as we have in Veterinary Madicine. Thanks to God, this is a new innovation in Yoruba Land. Let it be to them according to their wish.

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