APGA: We’ll sack Imo gov in 2015


From Iheanacho Nwosu, Abuja

The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) yesterday dismissed claims  by Governor Rochas Okorocha,  that the party is dead in Imo State, declaring that APGA will chase  the governor out of the Government House in 2015.

Speaking in Abuja yesterday during the inauguration of the party’s caretaker committee,  National Chairman, Chief Victor Umeh, said Okorocha’s days are numbered.

Okorocha, who was elected on APGA platform in 2011, is now a member of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC). He failed in his bid to take APGA to the newly-registered party. On Tuesday, he declared that APGA was dead in Imo.

But Umeh dismissed the claim as baseless and unfounded, saying that APGA is entrenched in the state and cannot be uprooted by the APC.

The APGA chairman recalled that it was on APGA ticket that Okorocha won his first election as a politician. He expressed sadness that the same man who enjoyed such rare privilege, turned around to despise it.

On the controversial signing of the abortion law by Okorocha, the APGA Chairman said it was regrettable that such legislation that insults the sensibility of many residents of the state was signed by him. He apologised to the electorate that APGA gave them a person like Okorocha as governor, describing him as a disappointment .

The APGA boss insisted that Okorocha’s APC cannot win Imo, reiterating that APGA will reclaim the state in the next election.

Urging the new executive of the party to go the extra mile to take APGA to all the nooks and crannies, Umeh said that APGA remained a party to beat in Imo and other South-East states.

He promised the executive of support, saying the party must work together to sack Okorocha from office.

Umeh who praised Senator Chris Anyanwu and Chief Martins Agbaso for their commitments to the growth of the party, assured that APGA would always stand with the people.

The caretaker committee is chaired by  Chidi Onuzo . Other members include David Iwuagwu( deputy Charman) Ndubuisi Okoroikpa(Secretary),Obinna Ibe, Joh Iwuala,Chibuzor Nwaeme, Diaa Nwakanma,Ben Ogbuehi,Eugene Obi,Emeka Nwankwo,Okeke Ebere and cecilia Ugochi Chibueze( Women Leader).

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  2. Okorocha is a betrayer. He will surely regret his pitching tent wt APC,the enermies party. The next party he will run to after apc’s dissapointment is Labour or Accord Party bcos of his political prostitution.

  3. Okorocha bethayer you and your apc is dead on arrival,your jihadist apc have no base in SE SS so you have fail,useless judas.

  4. @Chief Okafor and Tina take it easy with Okorocha. There was a pact that he will only govern Imo State for one term and he is keeping that pact by pitching his tent with another party so he can remain relevant. When Chief Martins Agbaso becomes the APGA representative in Imo State, what do you want Rochas to do? He is only looking out for himself, even though he is doing it the wrong way out of pride. Let’s not crucify him, it is better he vacates for Chief Martins Agbaso, rather than stay and fight him as that will violate the gentleman agreement he made.

  5. APGA is gone. It has no political muscle to snatch Imo from Okorocha. Ojukwu who was the face of APGA is no more, and APGA died with him. Peter Obi does not have the political acumen to lead APGA. Victor Umeh, a Chairman without brain cannot do it either. Abeg make I hear word.

    • Okorocha said in 2012 that he is a northner and he remains so. He should be told the late C.C Ono and Alex Ekweme could not take the Igbo,s to a northern party the NPN then how could Okorocha, even with the present Boko-haram Buhari. he has finished himself allaying with Igbo killers. And his abortion law

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  7. Unseating Rochas in next election is as difficult as unseating Jonathan in 2015..we cant’ rule the power of INCUMBENCY out of politics.

    • Uchebest , how did the state unseat Ohakim even with federal might to his credit? To unseat a state governor in Imo state is as simple as ABCD. But Aso Rock , you are 100% right.

  8. Almighty God will bless APGA Chieftain Chief Victor Umeh. Chief Okafor, our Lady in the house Tina, Boney London (our Ambassador plenipotentiary USA) both of you have said it all. To sack Alhaji El Idris Usmani Okorocha is a task that must be done.
    It is a task to remove the all time Igbo betrayer of the moment. For him to align with those that have killed our people in millions, deported them in the mid-night without compensations after assisting that area to achieve great number of population drive to garner maximum federal allocations , enthroning a head leader in their business area without holding election to pick an acceptable leader to govern our people , sealing-off residential apartments belonging to both low and influential people of Igbo origin only in their home states, raping Igbo ladies in far London to make jest of our land by one Kayode Fani a former minister working with Alhaji Okorocha as I am writing to you now and finally introducing outrageous tuition fees against all Igbo business vicinity in their various states.
    I hereby advice all MASSOB members within nooks and crannies in Igboland to deal ruthlessly with any individual pasting political leaflets bearing a word started with capital letter “A” and a sign adored with broom similar to that of village native doctors. They should continue monitoring these elements in our land until the situation in the country returns to normalcy . We must continue to recognize all platforms that have the interest of our people at heart but that one with broom is satanic including all her adherent. To sack Alhaji Okorocha out from power is a task that must be done.

  9. Any political watcher or analyst will agree with me that Okorocha has made his first&final journey to imo state government house.The electrote are seeing him as treacherous& betrayer.Those who preceded that path b4 him lost.Come 2015 the language will change to there was a governor called Okorocha.

  10. All of u guys that is abusing Rochars, I want to ask u one question can ÂPGA win presidenshal election in this country, Okorocha is a true Ibo man and he is doing the wrigt thing . U guys Don’t undastand politics.

    • My people will pick up Aso Rock coveted seat at its appointed time. Don’t harass my people with Aso Rock position because no human being is promising you that in this country for now and never allow yourself to be used by a born betrayer like Alhaji Okorocha concerning who becomes presidential flag bearer of his adopted opposition party comes 2015. Buhari will slog it out with our consensus candidate GEJ period.

  11. IMO state house is not aso rock, aso rock is were all true Ibo politician should aim and APGA can not take us to aso rock.

  12. Okorocha we have endured you enough.Henceforth,you are meant to be seen and not heard until your tenure elapses in 2015.Can you imagine this ingrate called Rochas Okorocha making a disgusting statement about APGA.A man who only loves a tailored house,a fair weather ingrate.Suddenly APGA has become nothing to you after using it as a political scaffold.You have however killed your political career ignorantly.Come 2015,you would be shown the way out of Imo government house and in APC,you will continue to remain politically irrelevant .This is my sincere prayer for you,because he who does not know when the rain started beaten him will never know when it stops.You should never bite a finger that fed you.

  13. We are comfortable with Okorocha administration whether he is in APC or any other party,we still love him. Political jobbers has no place in Imo again, they cannot deceive us with the governors romance with APC

    • You and who are comfortable with Alhaji? Please don’t pluralise that opinion of yours. I can’t admire emergency politician like Alhaji Okorocha that romances every political platform in the country before APGA made him what he is today but he paid us back with ungratefulness . He is heading to oblivion.

  14. Rochas is not doing bad for now and the Imolites are just happy with him. so, we dont care which party he belongs. Anambra just killed APGA the party my hero built. Rochas carry go anywhere we are behind you.

  15. Owerri or whatever name u chose to answer, my dear u do not exit even in the spiritual realm so how come u are say it to be as simple as abc to unseat imo state governor, the governor’s ppl. abeg go and have a seat. come 2015 Rochas will stil be for imo ppl not minding whichever party he may be.

  16. Am very sure wharever rochas goes people will vote for him becouse of his sterling quality and so whether in APGA or APC he will stil have a landslide victory.it could be recalled that with al the incumbency factor and presidency might, he stil dislodged ohakim

  17. Rochars has wat it takes to occupy the highest site of power in dis country, he is the only Igbo man that is loved by all Nigerians. He will not just end as governor but he will surely become president of dis country.

  18. Pls my pple,let’s nt kill ourselves over politics. Dats by d way. Am a UNN Alumni and hve finished ma NYSC since Feb. Studied Urban and Regional Planning with professional certs in Executive Masters in project management and proficiency in Management.hve been jobless since Feb. Pls if u hve any job or connction that will help me,will be delighted pls. Ma e-mail is [email protected] and ma number is +2348071495271. Tnx alot



  21. @ Owerri, I can understand how you feel regarding the betrayal of Governor Okorocha to Apga, but you should also remember that in politics, there is no permanent enemy, rather they all have common interest. Politics is a game of number, calculation, negotiation, permutation and surprises. Looking at the chances of the other political parties to winning the presidency, you will agree with me that it will take more than a miracle for any other party beside PDP or the newly formed APC to win the presidency. If this is true, then we need more than a regional umbrella to market whoever we trust to be presidential material and who will represent the interest of Igbos well. So my argument is this, you beat a child who have misbehaved with the left hand, but you also console him with the right hand.. What this means is this, as the crises in PDP deepens, what becomes the fate of South- East and South- South if the president fails to pick PDP’s ticket?. So we must not put all our eggs in one basket, or are you telling me that if GEJ fails to pick PDP ticket and Rochas got his from APC you will not support his candidature ?.Therefore since they say that if eneke bird has learnt to fly without peaching, the hunter will be shooting without aiming. Remember, the vulture was told of a supposedly bad news that his wife has delivered a still baby, he kept mute and within minutes he was informed of the death of his wife. When people had expected him to wet himself with cry, he started jubilating. When asked why, he said that all is good news to him. Because as you will know, the vulture feeds on carcass .The point I am making is that as far as Nigeria’s political platform is still centrifugal, we in the south mustn’t relax under one nomenclature in the name of party. If you don’t know, the confusion in PDP today is to either stop GEJ from getting the PDP ticket or pushing the party in disarray so that a northerner wins the presidency. So while they devise this plan, we will also fortify our chances that is, either GEJ of PDP in Aso Rock or Rochas of APC. But above all, we must do something about cross-carpeting, so that anyone who decamps looses his seat and INEC declares such seat vacant. Moreover, we also need ideological parties so that cross carpeting becomes difficult because the parties will be structured through common ideology.

    • Thanks my good brother Okolie Emeka . I appreciate your points but the one interested my person most was that of cross-carpeting in this country called Nigeria. Let me take you back a little bit to what I know in this our present day 4th Republic politicians.
      Okorocha Rochas as a taste case. Before one can align his or her self in a political party I do hope it was based on simple ideology . If such is a case , Rochas knew it all that our people are looking for a political base before that of national structure which we all know that it can not take us to Aso Rock.
      Believe me , I am an ardent supporter of APGA party. We also agreed to have GEJ as our flag bearer not minding he is from opposition party to ours.
      I will never forgot in a hurry the effort of Chief Victor Umeh to ensure that APGA scaled through during supplementary election in my zone Owerri . Let me be frank with you , it is not easy to dismantle Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu in Owerri zone. But using brilliant young men like myself and other good number of us because we do not like what his party was doing in that state of Imo it was easy for us to form a strong front to overcome them. This is where I praised Chief Umeh so much. His pressence in polling boots and collation centers makes it difficult to arm-twist any record. This small enclave had all the big-wigs in PDP. I don’t need to mention their names. So in less than 15 months of this big struggle someone we laboured for his political ascension in this country now see his platform as a no affiliation even without recourse to consult extensively with those that made him to know the way forward.
      Okolie , I only follow someone with open heart and interest of achieving a common goal in life not by monetary gain .
      What this guy did politically to his party faithfuls and big-wigs remains unpardonable .
      Someone was telling me overleaf that Okorocha is popular . Is Okorocha a household name in Owerriland compared Chief Iwuanyanwu and Ohakim ? In every state in Nigeria there are those that makes things happen. It is not by money or by shouting too much. No state governor in Imo state can boast before me including those I know with the so-called power of incumbency. There are many ways to win election in Nigeria. My brother , Aso Rock is not by one being over ambitious . Ask Atiku Abubakar if I am dialoguing negatively or Buhari himself though that one is too violent to underscore real democracy. Thanks , while waiting for your reply.

      • @Owerri,

        Your usually see Imo state as being constituted by only Owerri. Why? So if Okorocha is not a household name in Owerri, what happens? Do you know that in politics there is no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent interests?

        Pray., Okorocha completes all the projects he promised and started in all of Imo state, not just only those he promised to Owerri. If he does that and decides to go for second term, he shall win, whether you (Owerri), voted for him or not. Some body advised you above that it is not necessarily party that people vote these days, candidate’s records wins him/her votes.

        • My friend don’t ever misquote me . Where do you see my person playing politics only on the side of Owerri ? I was using a particular place where an event happened that gave rise to the party’s success which of course you know. Will you expect me to cite a case I can not expatiate ? Why deploring such sectionalised reasoning ? If you know something non tangible can come from you why distracting our attention ? No human being is too important to me other than God and anything I believe upon .
          Okolie Emeka , pls don’t be offended because one praise singer wants to distract my attention. All your points within our discussions are in other but using the present electoral Laws the nation will continue to have so many hiccups in our democratic process and that also gave room to some chieftains working out in a party convention even when the nation’s president were on sit.
          Is it not better the electoral body INEC took a firm stand in some certain issues else this our democracy could easily be eroded by disgruntled politicians. When some of them partake in a dangerous act you see many of our people applauding them giving flimsy reasons that everyone has right to aspire to any political strata in the land.
          Same people jubilate a lot when military juntas always set in their style of incursion to the nations politics not minding the danger Kirki Boys are coming with.
          Chief Okolie , I always enjoy your in-depth knowledge and teaching concerning Nigeria and world politics in general. Thanks so much my dear brother. I should have posted this via your block but for that an intruder whom wanted to have someone else as godfather . Pls, never mind reading through it from his block. Thanks for coming on board once again until then bye with a cheerful good night serenade .

  22. Let APGA start by wining Anambra state. At least in Anambra there will be a level playing ground and APGA even have the upper hand because they are in control of Anambra state.
    The truth is that APGA cannot win any state in south east because the party have been sold to PDP. How can a party disqualify there best candidate. They disqualify Soludo because the man that bought the party from Abuja knew that Soludo is the only person who can make an impact the party.
    APGA is dead, don’t blame Rochas , the party died the day Ikemba died. Even if prayers are answered and a miracle occurs APGA will still be dead.
    @ Owerri, I keep telling you that your hatred toward your Governor who is loved by every Imo citizen for being the first governor to give them free Education to University level. The most performed Governor in the history of Imo state. You will die of heart attack when Rochas return to the Imo state government house in 2015 to complete good work he started.

  23. @Owerri, I appreciate your understanding and also my point of argument. But what you should realize is that our democracy has not gotten out of the hands of cabals and so wholesome decency maybe asking too much for now. Rochas is not the first to dump the party under whose platform he got elected. It is a pity that the crafters of our constitution could not do much as regards cross carpeting. In the political evolution of every country, mistakes are made, but committed leaders must follow the part of correction when new discoveries of better options are discovered. The big question is do Nigerians vote base on party or individual. The readily answer is that they vote according to either party or individual. But the truth is that in as much as there is no difference between PDP and all other political parties except that PDP is the ruling party, you cannot convince me that Rochas has betrayed Imolites. For example, take a look at the manifestoes of all the registered political parties and show me the major difference in them. So until we begin the real process of institutionalizing our democracy and re-focusing our parties, the politicians will continue to jump from one party to another. For example, if the door for registration of new parties were not opened by the court, if the constitution had stipulated that once cross carpeting is dictated, the person must vacate the seat and stand for fresh election, if the constitution had said that someone must be a financial and card carrying member of a political party in the last 12 months before he can stand for an election in that party, all this formation of new parties, cross carpeting and other cesspool wouldn’t have risen. So my conclusion is that South East and South- South must make sure that the presidency is retained . For example, in 1999, the Yorubas wanted Falea to be president but the powers that be preferred OBJ, but during the 2003 election, they turned back to support OBJ simply because they don’t want to loose the presidential seat.

  24. Its a sad development that most contributo-rs in this forum have decided to throw decorum into the winds & turned Natio-nal discuss to an Ugba joint,where all maner of miscreants held sway wt absurdity & all manner of folk lore tales,without the knowledge or the ablity to proffer any meaningful solution to subject matters under discussion.In as Im strongly against in all its ramification,the practise of Nigerian corrupt politicial system,It must not be an excuse to single out some of our leaders for call of uncomplimentary names,to those who ve decided to be part of the on going political realignments in Naiga,To me as a political Strategist,I found nothing wrong with the excercise, provided it was carried out in cosanan -ce wtin the establish -ed norms & the Const -itution of Naiga. Which has granted every Nigerian freed-om of association, choice,speech, movement,to leave & practice ones vocation wtout intimidation, due to tribe,religion, hetread or other earth -ly considerations in any part of Naiga. Therefore,I wish to call on mostly,NDI-IMO contributors,who have vowed not to acknowledge the big Developmental stride Governor Okorocha led Government have recorded in the entire State,wtin the short period of his Govt. compared with what ex- Gov.Ikedi Ohakim, the man who betrayd the good people of Imo State & decamped frm his party, PPA to the PDP,could not achieve in 8 yrs & Gov. Amaefula Orji, who also betrayed Nde-Abia,dumped PPA for the PDP,drove away all Ndi-Igbo who were non-indegenes of Abia State frm the Services of the State wtout due process & correspond- ing pay offs.Conseque-ntly,I advice my Bros Owerri & co.to,please emulate frm the high respect our co-contrib -utors frm the North & South West exhibit whenever they comm -ent about the activiti-es of their political leaders.We must learn nt to exhibit Ndi-Igbo Republicanness to Absymal level.For who ever that contibutes, overtly or covertly to the murder of his Towns Warrior by the enemies in the battle field, shall live to regret his acts of betrayal with all his Generations.As polical Animals,I wish who-ever that is ready to play active partisan Politics to declare openly,and desist frm hiding under this forum to castigate emminent sons and leaders of Ibo Land. NDI-IGBO ONYE EGBUNA ONYE NGAYA MAKA EGO.UNU ANUNA ?

  25. No gud politician who wish to aim high wll remain in a party dat doesnt grow. @Owerri, apga didnt win electn 4 rochas but rochas won electn 4 apga. Wthout d support of churches, bcos of ohakim mess, apga wld hv continue their fastng nd prayer like agboso. Apc is nt in anyway a northern party, we shld stop confusng pple. D party is only party dat give an igboman hope of getn nearer to aso rock. Lets luk at project at hand to judge d leaders nd nt party. Apga we must knw is spiritually cursed by sme of founders bcos of way umeh nd group tuk ova office nd turn d party to agulu peoples grand alliance.

  26. thanks for your observation Eze, but what do you think the churches will do against Rochas for abortion law he signed? with time he will legalize gay married and many evil things in our land. I’m not a partisan politician but Rochas has failed, development without sense of morality is a failure, thats why there are many evils called “socialization”. you cant serve two masters at a time, being a muslim and christian a the same time is not possible.

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