APGA crisis: I’ll expose Bianca Ojukwu, Gov Obi -Umeh


From PETRUS OBI, Enugu

The last may not have been heard about the death of late Ezeigbo Gburugburu, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, as the National Chairman of APGA and close confidant of the departed leader, Chief Victor Umeh, has vowed to tell the world all he knows about his death.

Umeh, who was visibly angry while briefing newsmen yesterday in Enugu over a recent claim that himself and Governor Rochas Okorocha shunned a peace meeting held recently in Awka, blamed both Governor Obi and Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu for the problem in APGA.

The APGA chairman, who saw the claims as an attempt to portray himself and the Imo State governor to the public as those who do not want peace in the party, said the time was ripe to expose the activities of those involved to the public.

Umeh, who claimed that the late Igbo leader suffered heart attack as a result of pressure from some quarters, vowed to expose everything he knows about Ojukwu’s illness and death once the one year remembrance of Ojukwu was done with on November 26.

Umeh said: “Let November 26 come and go and I will expose all of their activities as they claim to be upholding the ideals of Ojukwu.

“The way things are going, very soon I will start granting interviews again to put things in proper perspective both for Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu, Governor Peter Obi, Dr. Tim Menakaya; all of them that are destroying this party now.

“I will come back to the public with their activities, with details one after the other so that people will know what they are doing.

“It’s time for me to expose everybody. Now, that time has come.

“I take no blame for what is happening. If there is any reconciliatory meeting, any meeting where the progress of APGA will be discussed, that meeting should be properly convened, people should be properly invited and notified, I will be the first person to be there.

“Because one after the other, I will look into their faces and tell them what they have been doing, which I have refused to tell the public. On the meeting, which he was reported to have shunned, the APGA boss said he was surprised to read that a text message was sent notifying him of the meeting:

“I wish to state unequivocally that nobody sent me any text inviting me to any meeting at Awka for the purpose of pursuing reconciliation in APGA. Umeh who said he travelled to London on the November 2 to attend the convention of the United Kingdom’s chapter of APGA and for the celebration of Ojukwu’s birthday in Oxford said there was no indication of such a meeting anywhere before he travelled. “I was therefore shocked when I returned to read that I shunned an invitation for reconciliation; nothing can be further from the truth.

“I investigated into this and was told that when I traveled, Governor Peter Obi on November 3 sent text messages inviting people to a stakeholders meeting at Awka on Tuesday November 6; I was also shown a text message sent to Governor Obi by Chief Chris Ejike Uche the APGA Deputy National Chairman, South, informing him that he should shift the meeting to Tuesday November 13, 2012 because, both myself and Governor Okorocha had travelled to London and would come back on the 8th of November; he went further to say that the meeting was sudden and there was need for both myself and the Imo State governor to be in attendance.”

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    • Why must we Igbos behaviour like this, insulting ourselves in the public, insulting our elders. Let Umeh and his gangsters, should not insult EZE IGBO GBURUGBURU, or Bianca else, they will receive instant judgement from God.

    • Ume stabbed Okorie in the back in a conspiracy with Shinkafi. Ume also prevenying Okorie from founding another party. Nobody condemned Ume for that atrocity against Ndigbo. The fruits are now ripe. Ume has nothing to expose about anybodythat would be worse than stabbing your own brother. That is not igbo culture and we obviously do not need these garbage at this time. Our only concern should be to find a way to allow us have a referendum on our collective destiny as opposed to the current no man’s land in Nigeria.

  1. Bia Umeh , bianca, obi . . The whole world is watching . .don’t let the only core igbo party . . .the legacy of Ojukwu crumble because of lack of foresight and gross stupidity. Solve your personal issues but don’t destroy APGA.

  2. apga is d only igbo party pls obi,umeh,bianca, menakaya etc dont destroy what ojukwu had laboured much to build because of ur selfish enterests…it is very unfortunate that wen other regions or tribes are working hard to put their house in order igbo leaders are trying to destroy their own house…ndi igbo,ugboro ole ka ihe ga eme unu tupu unu amuta ihe???

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  4. Ume, something is wrong somewhere, if the matter is investigated very well, you might not be innocent. Why have you waited so long voicing out. Please keep Imo State Governor out of all these. Who is perfect??????


  6. mr umeh u disgust me with ur unclamoured utterances.wat on earth are talking about wen u said dat u will expose all u kno about ojukwu&bianca!make sure ur senses has nt left u bkos if it has,then i am afraid we ve to count u as anti igbo,just like ur broda ararume.if u are having any problem which is prevalent in other parties too,go and solve it as d national chairman of a.p.g.a if u truely kno d meaning of chairman…..ekenekwee m gi!

  7. Umeh is back to his tuff,blackmail.The same way he blackmailled Chekwas out of APGA and cornered the party fir his personal pecunary gain.Umeh pls be bold to expose to the public these issues 1How much u got from jonathan when u signed away APGA presidency to PDP in 2011 without any terms of engagement for Igbo benefit 2How Peter Obi bought u the APGA Chairmanship from the pisition of treasurer to Chaiman unprecedented in the anals of our political history.3 Was there any convention that rlected u chairman of APGA.4 WHY u felt so confortable having yourself ojukwu and Menakaya all from Anambr Dtate as Chaiman, BOT Chaiman and Deputy chairman

    • Ndi-igbo please let us hide ourselve from other international community because they are looking at us as stupid people. Eziokwu igbo enwe eze ma oli

    • Ekwunife seems to be the only person in that place that has balls – that’s real Igbo woman. The men – i refuse to be insulting to be men in NSS but we should consider sending the women into politics. They appear to understand our problem. I am from Ohafia for any one that is wandering and do not know this woman but i have read about the Aba women. Please help Ndigbo from extinction. We cannot bring back Okpara, Mbanefo, Ezera.Eni.Njoku,Ojukwu, Osadebe, Mathew Mbu, Effiong, Achibong, Ogbogo etc but left with characters llikeUme, Obi, Rochas. Oji Uzo, Hakim, chukwumerije, Maduekwe – too many to list. It is tragic.

  8. Which Way Nigeria on

    Menn! It’s very unfortunate for we igbos. Our leaders has forgoten that other tribes and parties never want the igbo race to elevate. These are some of the rubish that is dinnying Biafra to maturalize, greed and untrustworthiness among the leaders.

  9. Which Way Nigeria on

    The Messiah of ndi igbo is yet to be born. All these ones we’re seeing are fake leaders, money concious, rubish.

      • Bola Tinubu told the world that he bought Olusegun Mimiko with money and now the man has become stuborn. Otodola said that he gave bribe to lawal to remove his name from the list of people who exploited Federal Government on fuel subsidy.

        Several times Tinubu and Fashola has several misunderstanding on the issue regarding to Money.

        Why is is that when the Igbos and their brothers have little misunderstanding some of from other tribes behave as if all is well in your place.

        Till today OBJ and Daniel is still quarreling in Ogun State

        • Dayo you are a responsible fellow, God will richly bless. even husband and wife quarrel its natural to fight, it is a non issue to hear people like umeh rant on pages of news paper, we are used to his style of politics blackmail, even in north, sw ,ss or south east, its natural to have misunderstanding, it takes a foolish mind to accept all issues with out asking questions, after some issues are meant to be contested in other to agree and move on peacefully.

      • Victor , You dont have to display your bais and foolish hatred for Igbos on the web. People like are worst off in every area of negative life styles. I am sure your tiny insignificant tribe is not better than the Igbo tribe. i dont blame you. You seem to me like none entity any way.

  10. may jehova God bless dikedioramma,ezeigbo,dim chukwuemeka odumegwu ojukwu.umeh,yes apga is not for sale but pls watch ur tongue bcos ojukwus case is umunna’s case it may hurt u too.Dont play polítics wit mouth,but senses.

  11. it is a show of shame,b/w the both men.i wonder what their personal interest are,i thought that they have learn there lesson over what happen in United State of America ,instead of them to think of how the party and ibo land a better place to be,than to fight their self and tear -apart the only party we the ibos can say we have ,think and think wise and fast .God bless igbo land,

  12. My IGBO Brothers and Sisters, it is high time you called your greedy leaders to order because their uncompromising attitude on issues would cost the South East to achieve its shot at Presidency in 2015.
    APGA should be nurtured to become a big and vibrant political party for the South East that would be producing performing and action Governors like Obi and Rochas of Anambra and Imo respectively throughout the South East States.
    Such an arrangement as being anchored in the South West and Edo on the platform of ACN would make Nigeria avoids being a one party state as planned by Obasanjo and PDP.

  13. I think someone should call this Umeh to order. He was never part of the founding members of APGA. He blackmailed Chekwas Okorie to become Chairman. His tenure has since expired. Why can’t he go in peace than to destroy what the late Ikemba and Chief Chekwas Okorie laboured to build. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. It is only Umeh who will sink and not APGA, the jewel of the Igbos.

    • Chekwas Okorie, who saw tomorrow and founded a party for Ndigbo should be called upon to rebuild the house he built. Ndigbo should not allow self-serving politicians to detroy apga as they did ACB; PROGRESS BANKS,while other regional banks still operate in Nigeria.

  14. If umeh can recommend ifeanyi uba for governorship election,it ,it means he has been deceiving everyone for long.The death of ojukwu has exposed his wickedness and weakness to be a chairman of a party.

  15. Comr. Victoriousnoble Asika on

    …but rmbr,history wl stil b told abt u,ur words(d deceits n d truth) either in life or in death.Use ur brain,4 posterity is watchin.U can’t b APGA chairman 4ever. Let Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu’s intention 4 APGA be adhered-to cum achieved.

  16. Am highly disappointed in the so called Igbo political heavy weights of APGA. You are all bunch of disappointment to Igbo race. Not too long Ikemba departed you have all started displaying your stupendous selfish interest.

  17. This umeh again? He chased away chekwas okorie from APGA and became national chairman. Now you are in disagreement with governor obi instead of looking for a solution you are treathening with defamation. Ndigbo is watching.

    • See guys letz not be sentimental on this issue,letz talk on the way forward of d Igbo’s,@Austine it seems u dnt understand English very clear,why do u prefer taking it against ur brothers 4rm Anambra ,it is not fair ,this is a general issue,umeh and other stakeholders should call 4 peace talk they are our leaders and we are looking up2 them,or else ojukwu will never be happy anywhere he is ,IGBO KWENU,,EKWUCHALAM,,,,UDO DIRI UNU..

  18. I supported the person who said Biafran leader has nt born. Umeh nd co. are just making noise. Non of hav ever think how to built Biafra up niether hw to destroy pple ar it.

  19. UMEH you must be one of the first class IDIOT in Nigeria political house.Hear yourself out, you must expose your party clap for yourself OLD FOOL.Who even dash you chairman of that party?the person has question to answer in the first place.If you cant handle that post kindly give it to somebody who can lead them to there destination.It seems they want to stop you stealing of money as you have been doing since.Go back to your house you greedy fellow

  20. I cant understand why people have put all the blame on IBEH. why do we think the other side of the party is blameless.

  21. Dr Darlington Egbu on

    If the Party, APGA feels that it’s time to rebuild, and that you, Mr Umeh, are the obstacle towards this intention, why not step aside, and let others who are better educated, trained and equipped to redirect the Party do that.
    Is it not a shame that APGA should retain and admonish Mr Umeh as their Chairman? Don’t the members of the Party, and indeed the Party has a term-limit for the position of the Chairmanship of the Party?
    Why hasn’t Mr Umeh been dismissed from the Party for planning an “act of defamation” of the Party?
    Is this not the same Umeh who thought of “returning the certificate of registration of the Party after the death of Mr Ojukwu?
    Mr Umeh is not moving the Party forward, and should be dismissed.

    Dr Darlington Egbu writes from the USA

  22. I strongly believe that you all(Obi,Umeh,Omekanya,and Bianca) still have political destiny in Nigeria at large and in the up coming 2014 election. Is shameful that strategically you all are creating banana peels for yourselves come 2014 and agenda through which other party will use to campaign against you, put your personal headache aside for we are watching…

  23. Why do stories have to be so long
    when told by a woman?

    Man telling the story: “Hey you
    remember that fat guy who was
    dancing at the party? He died.”

    Woman telling the same story: “Honey Do you remember my friend Jackie from work? The one who invited us to her party! She just told me that Mike’s wife from the party, heard from James’ wife Cathy, that Philip told her that his brother Max, the fat guy from the party, choked on a piece of meat, or it could have been bread,I don’t remember, but anyway, she said that Max was rushed to the hospital late last night, after he suffocated from being choked by the bread. They did all they could do to save him, but he didn’t make it. I can’t believe it, that fat guy from the party died.”

    Is it coz they have 2 sets of lips or what??

    CLICK HERE https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=302084179842197&refid=5

  24. Umu okoro ibe mu jikerekwenu na hemehe, umu okoro ibe mu jikerekwanu na hemehe,olee ebe unu si? BIAFRAAAA, olee ebe unu si BIAFRA anyi agaghi ahapu biafra ga nigeria gabiri, biafra ga adi ndu, ojukwu no na commando

  25. With no apologies, I keep saying that the problem the Ibo man has been the “Anambra people”. I can only tell them not to involve Rochas, instead, we join ACN. Very greedy, selfish and arrogant set of people. Umeh the problem you are now having is as a result of what you did to Chekwas Okorie.

    • Austin, you are blank. Talk about Umeh and APGA, and the future of Igbos. Your talk about “Anambra people” upsets my stomach. I think you should be from Benue State. You are not Igbo.

    • Austine, thank God i’m from Anambra state. U know what ur problem is? U have inferiority complex & low self esteem. All of u that have phobia for Anambra people should go dumb founded to shoel. Next time try & stick to the issue being discussed if u have the intelect to do so rather than castigating Anambrarians

    • Again Austin or whatever u call urself, it is obvious that Rochas wanted to kill APGA so that he can go back to PDP. He nver belonged to APGA in the first place. He is like a man that woke up in the morning & found food in the dinning, he never patispated in the cooking. Peter Obi has been sponsoring APGA financialy with a few others. It is only fair that he is accorded the rightful place due to him.

    • Anthony I Efobi on

      Austin Uche, I think u are insane. Why not u and urself join CAN today? Don’t even think of joining any other Imo citizen on it, even ur own relative, bcos no one will follow u to that All Cult Nigerian (CAN) party. Foolish man

  26. We dont have a leader after Ikemba.Al we hav now are Gladitors.They travel to Abuja an come back with bomb to kill us when given ten thousand brib. Only God’s mercy can save us.All these people were after there familes.

  27. IN THE YEAR 2003, when BENUE STATE COMPANY PLC was pravitize. To DANGOTE GROUPS, ONLY 18% of our intitlement was paid 2 us, and the remaining 82% Of our intitlement was eaten by Dangote and the former governor of benue state Sen. Dr. GEORGE AKUME, IN Nov. 2003 we took Dangote and Akume to Fedral high court makurdi, in march. 2005, we won our case in fedral High court makurdi. 2006, The former Benue state Governor & Dangote took us to apple court in Jos, this is the 6th year now, the case is still in apple court in Jos, they keep on adjoining the case in court of appel for no reason, we are dying of hungry, we cant pay our house rent, hospital bill & phcn bill anymore, our children cant go to school anymore, We have lost about 59 of our members(the former staff of B.c.c plc) due to high blood presure, we work for the money & is our money..6yrs in Appel court now, nothing have been done about it.


    we dont have anybody 2 help us. Please somebody should Help..

    • Why don’t you ask Senator David Mark to help you guys out after all he is supposed to be representing the people of Benue in the senate.

  28. If truly APGA is a party belonging to Igbo. The leaders are not honest especially the chairman and his officers all from one state. Except Imo state were dividends of democracy can be noticed, all other states in the south east is in shamble especially Abia state. Go to Aba you will weep for Ndi Igbos brother against brother,state tribalism, local government tribalism, village tribalism all is been played out in Abia state. Mark my word by the time the governor finish his tenure the state will be no 1 failed state in Nigeria in terms of basic amenities. The governor started destroying the state by planting state tribalism among the Igbos by sacking non indigenes in the state. God help the Igbos. We don’t have leaders yet. All of them are Ghana must go politicians without conscience particularly the leaders of the party.

  29. Victor Umeh is just a noise maker, when Obasanjo was using him against Mr Okolie he feel on top of world then just to make sure Gov. Ngige is being removed n he think he can go free? He never see anything yet lets watch n see


  31. Negligence of duty by Umeh,u n Obi who is at d right place to convene a Party meetings especially a peace movement,as Father of d Party u are d one to Unite erring parties,base on ur statement is better u resign ur position so dat Apga wll have focus against 2015 election,because we want Apga to win all South East.

  32. Mr Chief Umeh,leave Gov Rochas out of this.You people that are killing Anambra want to come to Imo.Because no space any longer for embezzling Anambra fund.Imo will never give you guys space for that.

  33. Ejikwam Offr na Ogu, Biko My good people , Ndi Igbo Unu emebikwala Ala Nna anyi alaigbo , We must not destry ourselves be wise you are.

  34. To u Mr Umeh, pls i expect u to handle APGA party issues With all sense of humility as a party leader together as an illustrious son of Igbo leader. Never admonish anything that will tarnish the efforts of our former leader that has just passed on. U re a party chieftain pls approach every matter bordering on ur party now as a family affair. This is the only party every Igbo man can pride with. Gov Obi or mrs Bianca might have wronged u on some issues but remember they re humans as well,they re bound to err. I sincerely began to admiring u after all ur personal effort to ensure that Gov Rochas Okoroacha wasn,t denied his mandate at last years governorship polls. Remember our arch rivals not to make jest of our tribe towards this impass. Tolerance should be ur watch words now than before.

    • Anthony I Efobi on

      James Odoemene going with ur A. Uche makes u foolish follow follow. A foolish man leads u. Come on, there u go! Follow him.

  35. Too bad for a man to gossip like a woman, may be Umeh wwill tell us that Peter and Bianca purposely. Killed our loved Ikemba so that Peter will inherit Ikemba’s estate. Who told U that we are interested to hear how lkemba died. He’s dead and all lgbos are happy that he died and buried a hero, all we are saying now is for you Umeh to propagate his idea of a true Igbo As interim chairman of Apga for close to six years how has the party fairing. Please face the crisis in Apga and stop chasing shadow Total reconciliation is what we are asking for so that the entire Igbo nation will speak in one voice

  36. Getting into a frenzy because a POLITICIAN threaten to “expose” certain people is not necessary.
    If he has anything to say, let him say it. I have a feeling that this is just a politician’s show.

  37. It appears that the Igbo man is inherently short-sighted, parochial, arrogant and self-centred. It is these set of traits that make it impossible for any kind of cohesion to occur in Igbo political life.

    Look at the other major tribes – the yoruba and the hausa. They always present cohesiveness in their national and regional politics which is why they continue to dominate Nigerian politics. The igbo remain on the sidelines.

    My take is, until our Igbo leaders learn to value our common interest above personal interest we shall continue to be unimportant and sidelined in Nigerian socio-political life.

    2015 for igbo presidency? Forget it. We are not yet ready.

  38. Ume could be right with his news which he had wanted to reveal to the world even though it may be coming late-but one thing is that you can not keep the truth for so long. Everyone knows too well that there is more to the relationship of Mr.Obi and Bianca and the causation of what led to the death of Ikemba Nnewi could not be far from the same heart attack which could be as a result of the amorous attitude of the Governor and his wife. We should not preempt Ume even when we knows truth is bitter but let it always be told because you can not kip it for so long.


    • Anthony I Efobi on

      If OBJ expelled Rochas from PDP, that means Rochas is a saint that cannot be allowed in devil owned PDP. OBJ himself is a demon, the richest Nigerian and the most corrupt and looted President Nigeria has regreted to have. He is a civilian dictator that corrupted power more and longer than every president. Spare us the killer, tribalist, genocidist, empty creature, monkey, ape, sadist, tyrant, oil/cement/rice thief. How can a devil sack saint like Rochas?

  40. On Umes case, I really sympertize with his present predicaments because “whatever you sow -that’s what you will reap” sow discord and reap discord.. Ume is a drownin man and you should kindly not allow him to get drown for the sake of Christ as we can not throw away a child with birth water even though he is a betrayal of the fisrt order. Ume should forget about Apga leader as his tenure has expired. His services are nolonger needed in the party. Further to this, i will urge the Igbo to stop creating problem for themself if we really nids to be part of the systeem called Nigeria. If you call APGA an Igbo party with only 2 state -then how do we integrate into the center?

  41. mr.Ibmo, I think you are not normal, for you to call Ojukwo ( Biafran Murderer) means that you are mad and maybe an Indian, if you call Ikemba Biafran Murderer, what will you call Gowon, I B B and Buhari, keep your mouth shot, you fucking fool.

  42. If you are still wondering why there may never be an Ibo president for Nigeria here is your reason. They just cant get their act together even in disagreement to rally around one person and unite even in the face of adversity. What a party and what a race !

  43. Ethelbert Opara on

    Chief Victor Umeh. You and Owelle Rochas Okorocha must not allow enemies of Igbo progress destroy APGA. If you allow it, late Ikemba may react negatively from his grave!

  44. Nwa Onyia Mbelede on

    Pls, pls, pls, some of these comments are out of ignorants pls. Listen, atypical Igbo man can never quarrel when nothing is involved ok. If U pass a manufacturing company and there’s no noise, that factory hav stopped production. ALL THE NOISE IN APGA IS BECAUSE IT’s still valuable. As long as an IGBO MAN is concerned we all hav strong passion for APGA. mark my word today, all these katakata is over who takes 2014, cos APGA is still the party to beat in A ANAMBRA 2014. Lets not worry so much, all these Katakata will end over night. If not, why not the once with excess CASH move to another party and leave APGA alone for we common man that hv APGA BLOOD. Onye Igbo anazu affia ulo adiro? Mbakwa, welu I nwayo, Ife di oku gaju odi.

  45. hmmmmmmmm why is he giving date to expose who ever he want to expose means is giving a time for any who want come to calm him dawn not to expose them and fix him with cash igbo man say your mind now if u hav anything in ur skeleton

  46. What is the point exposing Obi and Bianca when it is already late? It is very obvious that Umeh dinned and winned with them only to now cry when the going is tough. Why did you not expose them then if you are a sincere fellow? The evil you committed against Chekwas Okorie is now haunting you and will follow you to your grave if you didnt confess your own evil deeds against Chekwas and APGA.

  47. Nwa Onyia Mbelede on

    Don’t forget, their was a time in this Nigeria we thought that the fight of OBJ AND ATIKU will kill PDP. that the fight of FASHOLA AND TINUBU will kill ACN. that fight of BUHARI AND UMEZOKE will kill ANPP. listen pls the vision and fight for the survival of IGBO NATION, is bigger than BIANCA. OBI, UMEH, OKOROCHA, MENEKAYA ETC. after we hv come and gone our children will never sleep till they actualize it……..AMEN. therefore, LET BROTHERLY CONTINUE, onye aghazina nwanne yaa Biko nu Umu nnem.

  48. Gov Peter Obi. A word is enough for the wise. Chief Umeh is a full blooded Nigerian politician. Release money or contract to him then go and lay down any where in the world and you will return to meet your governorship seat waiting for you to seat on it. Better now than when late.


  50. My dear readers, pls why are we castigating Umeh . Have we looked at the success of APGA since he took over as the National Chairman. What you people are writing is what that is killing APGA. Tinubu funded ACN so why is it too hard for APGA govs to fund the party. Those praising Chekwas Okorie should tell m why Ojukwu denounced him as traitor .Time shall tell.

  51. general onowu mbanugo on

    Why is it that all the devastative problems in Igbo land always come from Anambra state who claims to be the pillar of Igbo land and upon that they can’t even boast of a common local airport, but they want to kill, destroy and lie fighting for political positions for their selfish interests and personal aggrandizement in order to squander tax payers hard earned money. They should all face their trading businesses and if they want to venture into politics they should learn from the likes of Sam mbakwe, Michael opara and the upcoming Rochas. Please ponder over this my brothers and sisters of Anambra state

    • Anthony I Efobi on

      General Onowu Mbanugo, u are a brother that hates brother. Anambra residents don’t even notice the difference in any Igbo man. Come to Onitsha and Nnewi and see good work that comes from the philosophy of Anambra residence. In 70s and 80s, the people of Anambra residents helped to build Igbos economically through apprenticeship, boy-boy servants, etc. Go to Anambra today and see the progress of an Igbo man. We still acknowledge the good work of Aba residents in commerce and security rescue to Anambra in late 90s or early 2000s. We appreciate developmental fecial look of Enugu town and Nsukka, Abakaliki and Afikpo, Owerri, Umuahia, Asaba. With the relocation and home settlement of Igbos lived in the insecure Northern Nig, we are appreciating the fast dev. going on in Asaba, 3-3 Nkwelle-Ezunaka, Ituku Ozala, etc. Good Job to Uwazulike.
      In all, APGA shall survive this divide and rule politics Umeh is introducing. Igbo shall overcome stay put ideas and principles in the mind of their leaders, even in village politics, town politics, market politics etc known as I MUST NOT COME DOWN even when the contitution allow fort 2 or 4 years, they will fight and kill to stay more than 12 yrs. Bros why greed. Remember Nelson Mandella.

  52. Umeh and Rochas should be watched closely before they destroy the igbo race. We are not going to let them kill our dreams. We are suppose to be talking about how to make the party stronger like ACN and other. Umeh should grow up and stop acting like a child.

  53. Chikwes the true founder of APGA was chased out just because some People believed Apga is an igbo party and as an igbo party it Wouldnt be right for a non Anambrarians to Head it..The Problems igbo has is this some section of us believe they re the true sons of the Land while others Out of their pronouciation re Fakes and should be disregarded.The same thing is happening in igbo leadership since Uwazurzike assumed power as the eze gburugbururu many who re questioning rejecting him re just doing that based on it must be we and not you mentality,forgeting that ojukwu whom all of admire was not discriminatory in any shape or form.Unless this stupid omata mentality is changed we will Not make any head Way as a political Force in Nigeria.

  54. Hi, my name is mr apga sec. For one good reason, why all this issues are coming up now that Ikemba is no more? Secondly, why won’t gov. Obi live Umeh alone to perform his duty as a party chairman & Concentrate on the development of anambra state. in any way am not trying to insult or embarrass both of them,but atleast face your office so that peace will reign. i heard in interview that the gov. have stop funding the party,now why all this insult are they planning to frustrate the image of Igbo people. is high time the south-east masses will react.enough is enough.thanks.

  55. My brothers, APGA under Binca and Obi is PDP. So dont deceive yourselves. Beware of antibiafra.Bianca is an ambassador under PDP led govt.

  56. Igbo kwenu! they are back on familiar turf where greed and blackmail reign. Please fight to the finish so that your dream of biafra will become a reality.

  57. oga umeh i think u should pls keep covering them up since u have benn doing that. becos i think that the problem u people are having there is that of who will role (not lead) anambra come 2014

  58. Biko Umunne m, ka anyi hapu isa our pants na ezi. mara idika ihe i ga ede ebea, maka na ihe obula i kwuru, ozogbo mmadu ga agu ya. anyi ncha bu otu. ndi ukwu na ndi ofe mmanu anaghi akoto onwe ha na akwokwu newspaper. ka anyi na ekwu okwo oma gbasara onwe anyi. Igbos are good pple and the best so far. Biko MR Umeh, gaa ka gi na ndi umunna gi mezie, ka udo chia na ala igbo. Udo diri unu.

  59. Pls this is for clearity…APGA is NEVER and can NEVER be for the igbos. Apga is for peter obi and ‘his’ guys. The last time i checked orji uzo kalu is not in Apga, Rochas carpet-crossed because of some people’s mentality and believe u me that after his tenure, he will be going back to PDP. So u see why APGA is not for igbos…igbo kwenu!!!

  60. Don’t worry my people, the PEOPLE’S oriented REVOLUTION is on the way

    ……..Just watch out what our unemployed youths will soon do
    REASON……..systematic decimation of Nigerians.

  61. Where is owerri? Areu ashame of ur brothers in-house fighting?. U see i don’t have to compare tinubu with them. I hope they keep on fighting one another. That is why we are different.

  62. pls can somebody tell me what umeh want from apga bcos am sure he’ll nt like what comes after this fight,if apga go on extintion cos of his myopic & non pragmatic ideas which he never sold while in d party. Let him be conscious of what sustainable development has bcos of this action.

  63. Victor Umeh, nemesis is gradually catching up with you.You are merely sitting on a keg of gun powder which will certainly explode. You had the guts of forcing out the man ( Chief Chekwas Okorie) who initiated the formation of APGA and even nurtured it, only for you as an intruder to start enjoying another man’s sweat. Your days are numbered.You will certainly be disgraced out of the party. Certainly,what goes around comes around.You sowed a seed of hatred and you must certainly reap same.

  64. Umeh, stop all these noise and face the fact that you are betraying your master, our father Ojukwu too soon. Which nonsense do you want to expose that is not known to Ojukwu’s immediate family. We are sure that you have been paid to destabilize the only flourishing Igbo party. Rochas should not spoil his good record.

  65. Why waiting for 26th November to tell us what you know. If you really have anything to save the Igbo race said it now or never. I don’t trust you politician again. You all said one thing, after you have being settle you say something else. Please tell us all you know now. Enough is Enough….

  66. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    Umeh, too much of everything is bad, i remember you had problem with Chekwas, now Obi and Bianca, the wife of our late hero, Eze igbo gburugburu of the blessed memory
    Do not bring Rochas Okorocha into this stupid mess as not to tarnish his good image. Your likes in Igbo land are very good commudity during the slave trade era since you don’t feel shame of yourselves. What do you have to tell the world about the activities of Obi, Bianca and others that has never been heard b/4 or has never happened b/4 even in the BIble days if at all you are not gossiping? The Igbos expected you to reconcile with one another and move APGA FORWARD as the only solviving party in southeast zone, therefore all hands must be on desk to make sure is not death only if you brainless leaders of APGA can understand that all eyes of other tribes are now on us. Imagine this time we are looking forward for many things from the, Federal govt, may i ask you if this is the right time for you to raise such urgly story tell on whose interest?can’t you fools emulate from our Yoruba brothers? So many times,Tinubu and Fashola had misuderstanding within the ACN, but hadly you see any of them going to press. I will also caution Governor Obi as well to be careful and be reasonable in all their dealings with the running of the affairs of APGA as to uphold the vision in which the founder exihibited in his life time. Onye Igbo obuna were echiche ga ma na akporo anyi ugwo na obodo Nigeria, Ndigbo hunu owenu na anya. Onye ndi iro gbaragburugburu adighi arahura mancha.

  67. Okwa huru ebe ana abo okuku were dabu n’ochi si, ihukwara otu esi chilie okuku ukwu abuo elu. Okuku were si okwa, akaa eji abo okuku, otu akaa ka eji abo okwa. (Biafran Adage)

    Umeh and Peter Obi must retrace their steps, look for Chekwas Okorie, apologize to him before they can experience any form of peace in APGA. It was Chekwas last time, now Umeh its your turn. That same insult you melted to Okorie is coming back at you. It was very unfortunate that Dim while he was alive supported what Umeh and Obi did to the founder of the party, Chief Chekwas Okorie and until they apologize to him, the party will continue this way. For your information, both Umeh, Obi, Tim, Bianca, and Dora must not drag the name of Owelle Rochas into this your silly mud-sliding. This is Anambra APGA crisis so you guys must settle it without involving others. SHAME

  68. Umeh has nothing to say,his treat is nothing but the ranting of a frustrated man with dwindling political fortune. He can not be a party Chairman forever, the same thing he was accusing Okorie of using party machinery for personal gains he is now doing. He was the greatest beneficiary of Peter Obi’s magnanimity and he can not come now to bit the fingers that fed him. If he believes he has influence let him come out and contest.

  69. future biafran president on

    first of all mr.so called him self ibmo, your are an eskimo,celebrated idiot,compund fool, ur fulani bororo , we dont even need to read your txt,cos its of no use, dont ever post comments here whenever igbos are discussing thier personal affiars, mr umeh is not a trusted someone to lead a party not to talk of AGPA, he is a betrail, anway we will soon come back to the country to manage our APGA party, thank you all for your great ideas, GOD BLESS

  70. It is what it is, cynicism from the core head. Which way Igbo’s? Can we move forward? I really doubt the honesty and sincerity of these so called leaders. They have a lot of baggage in their loots, that’s why they are always covering up and at the same time trying to expose the cover up. None of them is free from guilt if everything is properly investigated. Warning, never let the Nigerian Presidency slip away from the Igbo’s come 2015 because of these your idiotic misunderstandings.

  71. What is it he has to say that he cannot say now? Why is he threatening other people? He has nothing to say, he’s just saying rubbish to gain attention. When you are pushed around, you don’t threaten to push back. You either push or beg. I keep telling people that after GEJ spends 8 years in Aso rock, we should all support an Igbo man to rule for 8 years then break up the country but what is the plan of the Igbos themselves? Is it to rule Nigeria or to create biafra? Until the Igbos speak with one voice, NDIGBO WILL REMAIN MARGINALIZED.

  72. Chief Umeh why waiting till 26 november for u to tell us what we need to know or hear are u sure that what u want to tell us is the truth? Because u people can not deceive ndi-igbo again with all ur liars

  73. Don’t we have elders again? cann’t someone advise these adults to stop polluting the air in the presence of little children. Even the children of these adults, cann’t you call your parents to order and save your own face. This is not about Ndi-Igbo, its about their own family and children who will live to carry on with the stigma of this public show.

  74. Kalu J. Okafor on

    Why did Umeh not expose the things when he was at the helm of APGA? Okorie had to be squeezed out because he is Abian. Now Anambra house of APGA are spoiling for war. Ndigbo! This is the party that is supposed to control all south eastern states and make massive impacts beyond. It has produced two state governors that are impacting on their states and all other states in the zone should follow soon. Selfish leaders in the party are bent on selling out and spoiling the party for Ndigbo. Tufiakwa!

  75. look at the history of igbos,a disjopinted race who claim they are jews .igbos have never formed a political party.
    1 herbert macauly formed nndp which later became ncnc.igbos and zik took it over.
    2 waziri ibrahin formed npp,nwobodo and mbakwe snatched it from waziri and turned it over to zik.in annoyance waziri formed gnpp.
    3 they were in pdp and left to form apga and are now tearing themselves apart.umeh drove away okorie
    igbos lack identity and are never long distance runners
    best of luck to them

  76. umeh should nt be blamed at all cos if dere s anybody dat has de interest of apga at heart dat s umeh.i cant 4get hw he was runing around campgning 4 obi and i know dat he contributed to obi’s second term in office.he should’nt be treated like dat.

  77. Umeh got to go. Umeh did not pass thru any congress to become apga national chair, he chairman thru blackmail and will go thru blackmail. Ibos should push for his removal immediately bf he destroys our party. Stupid greedy idiot

  78. Igbo 4 president coming 2015? I just they laugh igbo politicians. They too get focus oo,just look at them….UMUNNEM KAANYI SI GODU NU NA UNO MARA GODU MMA TUPU APUO NA AMA!

  79. If umeh has any problem with Obi, he shld go and settle it with the gov. This nonsense he’s talking will not work. What’s he insinuating by the way? That Bianca contributed to Ojukwu’s death by giving him stress and pressure ? Why is he just saying it now? Cos they are having problems now? He’s a big fool. Blackmail has always been his stock in. Trade

  80. igbos my people, d only race dat feasts on his brothers pain, d only race dat drives joy in taking d advantage of his brothers tears, d only race dat dos nt believe in kingship igbos we are d enemies of our selfes kai! my people!!

  81. I think Anambra Politics is taking anoda dimension. I think it is high time we Anambrarians open our eyes n stop being deceived by these Political Animals. All these politicians,nobody should put mouth for them,when they will settle their differences none of us will b there.

  82. Mr Umeh, what goes around comes around. You used your relationship with Ojukwu to push the founder of APGA (Chekwas) out of the Party.You’ve been reaping where you did not sow and now people know you for what you are, a cheat, a hustler and a traitor, the time has come for you to give up what is not and has never been yours and appologise to Chekwas Okorie for enjoying the fruit of his labour.

  83. All about the naira, he who controls APGA controls the money. Never mind about the Kidnappings, even Alhaji who oversees the DONKEY and DOG market at Ezamgbo in Ebonyi was kidnapped by local boys. The Alhaji makes sure their is enough DONKEY meat for Ndigbo to eat over scanty dog meat. There are other important things in the polity that these greedy people could help improve than fighting over who runs APGA. South Easterners who reside in the area not those who live outside should demand for a better life from these thieving governors. Why feed people Donkey and Dog meat? What are the Igbo politicians doing for the average perswon in the region? Rather they blame others dead and buried as the source of their problems and refuse to bring any real projects into the area. In this day and age, eating Donkey and dog meat is horrible. Why have the GOVERNORS neglected the people? Go check it out on bbc where I saw the article.

  84. Mazi Umeh, odim nnwute na imaghi ihe ina eme, ijigoro aka gi mebie olile anya anyi nwere Na aga edozi okwua, ibughi ezigbo onye igbo, nke mere iji ree ihere nahia ga zuru nzuzu. Mgbe na adighi anya aga achiputa gi ukwu na iro.

  85. If it is possible, pls. let us separate tea-cup Igbo politics from state governance. Again let those directly concerned in this APGA “bickering” do it within close doors as mature politicians. APGA should do us a favour in removing our governors names in this their public-misdemeanour. Wise politicians talk about Jobs, new industries, and things that will improve the lot of their people not rubbish.

  86. Bikonu na ede nu na igbo. Oburugodi na ina ide na oyibo, gba mbo detu na igbo. A huru’m okwu igbo na anya. Ogbala aho ise mbatara na ala nigeria site na mba america bu ebe amuru’m. Akusituru anyi igbo mgbe anyi bi na Dallas tupu nna’m akwapu gaba virginia. Igbo mma mma nuoooh. APGA gadi


  88. Those of you that are berating Igbos becuase of Umeh’s statement are very stupid, and it show the low level of your education and understanding.Let me force it to your block heads that any where two people exist, there band to be conflict

  89. Right from my childhold, Bianca union with Ojukwu remind me of Samson union with Delila if am not wrong with the spelling.

    From my statistics, her presence in the Ojukwu’s had never ensure peace, now APGA which symbolises the entire IGBO nation.

    My question, is Bianca the only married-IGBO wise woman? Why should it be Bianca always? Why should she be interfering into men matters or seen where men issues are been discuss, instead of minding things of women?

    In typical IGBO setting, this kind of matter not what women play with. Bianca is not a core IGBO woman pls. Let us not allow her to be used against the IGBO nation.

    She might care what comes out her actions provided she achieve her aim. She a beaulty peagent mind you. And ready to do anything to pave her way as she succeeded with Ikemba. And now we talk Ojukwu died of heart attack. What a shame? A hero who could not run BP at the sound shelling and ogbunigwe, just died surrendered to heart attack resulting from ill attitude of so called Bianca.

    Ojukwu is late and everyone is now hussle to get a fare share of Bianca. That woman is a viper with dangerous venom. All beware.

  90. @ Kola Amodu, have u graduated from the adult education u were told to obtain before joining issues concerning Nigeria political matters? Why re u on this forum? Ur likes re not here pls desist.

  91. Chief Ojukwu , the great has passed. He was old enough to die. Let this man rest in peace. Leave Bianca alone. She fell in love when nobody knew she could be in love. She even stood by Ojukwu till the end. If this woman offend any one of you guys, this should not be resolved on the pages of newspaper. she is a humanbeing like anybody.Chief Ojukwu deserve better than this. A word is enough for the wise.

  92. Egaritarianism is the major problem the IGBO NATION has and untill they repent of it or have a re-orientation they can’t make it any where to the top even if they are given opportunity to produce president come 2015 as they are craving because all of them want to be there at the same time.IGBOS P – L – E – A- S – E learn lesson to actualise the dreams of our founding fathers.

  93. Having read all comments, in think i only pick one from mr. Dayo. A Yoruba man for that matter. He made it clear for all of Igbo people to know that even in Yoruba land they also do have misunderstanding. Obj and Daniel is still on themselves till today. In Adamawa, Atiku and the governor (Nyako) are not in good terms as well. Why make the issue so heavy by even saying or abusing elders of our land. If we, the youth will learn how to respect our elders now by being benign in our utterances then in time to come we shall live to see Igbo have KING.

  94. This is all politics of selfishness. When you fall out of power or favour you begin to speak or expose people. Why didn’t you speak out before now.After ejoying the dividend of corruption and secrecy,it’s now you want to talk because the flow of corrupt money is not coming like before. God will expose all the corrupt politicians in this country. It’s either they repent or the anger of bokoharam will fall on them


  96. I still stand to say that the earlier all igbo stop quareling the beter, andin national issues igbos should stop insulting their leaders no mater their weekness, obi and rochas should reconcile every one including okori and umeh +menakaya , orji and orji , and stop this party politics so we can have a common front, plssssss

  97. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    Akinlolu, you are not a true Yoruba son, rather imported aclaimed yoruba from Sierra lone, a bastard for that matter who can not trace his origin abusing Igbos. You can’t hide bicus i know you very well. You need not to talk when Nigerians are talking or even core yorubas are talking. A refined yoruba son do not open mouth any how against Igbos, is only your bastard likes in the name of yoruba can speak and write nonse against Igbos. imagine uncivilized and uncircumsed idiot like you talking when freeborn Nigerians are discussing their affairs.if you dont know your history, ask your father or your uncle who is bastard also.Thanks

  98. APGA’s problems started the day Umeh usurped Okorie’s position. It is a pity Ojukwu and Obi could not see through the pretender Umeh. By now Chekwas Okorie would have taken APGA to the moon.

  99. united we stand, and divided we fall. ndi igbo we must know that in any family, there must be problem. but what matters is how this problems are solved.because were there is no problem there will be no solution for progress.


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