Anambra hockey team turns begger


•Sends SOS to Gov Obi


It was, indeed, a different stroke for a different folk at the ongoing 18th  National Sports Festival, tagged: EKO 2012 as some states have enough facilites to boost their morale, while other are finding things tough. Daily Sunsports observed yesterday that some states are having a swell time, going into their events  with high spirit, while others are demoralised for lacking essential equipment.

The Anambra State female hockey team was literally turned to running from pillar to post in search of equipment to play its matches. The team which lost 1-0 to Kadunna State yesterday afternoon had to borrow and rent kits from Team Delta to enable it honour the game against Kaduna.

They rented goal keeper’s kit and 8 hockey sticks from Delta at the rate of N15,000 per day. Anambra State women hockey team’s Captain, Chizoba Obako , lamented that the state Commissioner for Sports, Dr. Aroh,  had shown apathy to their plight; a fact that has affected the entire team psycologically. Obako cried that it was a humiliating experience and  a big shame that athletes from Anambra had to resort to begging and renting eqiupment and kits  on their own to represent their state.

The captain pointed out that that the pathetic situation had adversely affected their abilty to win   matches as witnessed in the game against Kaduna. According to Obako, the players and the goal keeper could not train with the borrowed kits before they were called in for the game. The team collectively called on the Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi to wade into the matter and rescue them from their plight.

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  1. Silly news! Anambra and the entire southeast should not have been participating in that stupid Nigerian sport fest. They have no federal presence in their zone, they are poorly equiped and trained so why compete?

  2. You the Captain is Crazy, you left Anambra to Lagos without making proper arrengement for your Kits to go and disgrace yourself. I know Peter is stingy but he must have made provisions for you ppl. Let the commissioner tell us why he led the teams to Eko without proper arrengement.

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  4. What kind of result do you expet from a state like anambra state, when the state can not boost of international fifa standard stadium in awka state capital,yet we ve a rich and well to do Governor befor he came to power,i dont even know if anambara state has a football club like other state like enugu rangers,good stadium and better preparation produces better result,

  5. This is not a surprise. Mr. Peter Obi, the Anambra State Governor, is well know for not caring about the progress of the State. He is well know for being more interested in stealing the State dry. most of the Sectors of the State are suffering from lack of funds, while he and his cronies are regaling in Anambra State’s wealth.
    Only God will judge Mr. Peter Obi

    • Uzo or whatever you call yourself is obvious your not from Anambra or maybe your a politician. I dnt also believe you have been to Anambra state for you to make such statement about the best Governor Anambra has ever had. get your facts right or stop talking Rubbish

      • You are talking rubbish. I stay at Onitsha, the dirties town in the south east. Peter Obi is a disappointment. I have not seen any government presence in Anambra State. He should use the remaining time left for him to redeem his image. Nonsense

        • Ngozi if you talk about dirty in Onitsha wat will say of Aba and Abia state as a whole,so you people that never been to Onitsha and Anambra as a whole should know that Anambra despite its a commercial city combine all cities in Nigeria but still neat

    • In all honesty, you are not from Anambara. I am from Ihiala, despite the fact that My LGA is at the border with Imo, we have felt Peter Obi, particularly in terms of roads. Though there is still room for improvement, but I can tell you that Anambara has not had it this good.

  6. What kind of result do you expet from a state like anambra state, when the state can not boost of international fifa standard stadium in awka state capital,yet we ve a rich and well to do Governor befor he came to power,i dont even know if anambara state has a football club apart from hocky like other state,good stadium and better preparation produces better result,

    • Who said Mr. Obi was rich before he became Governor? Ask him how much he was owing Banks before he became the Governor of the State from his failed importation of Orange Juice business. He paid all the Bank loan from Anambra State.

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  8. All de money meant for sport equipment has been choped. Even if they are not chopped, they would prefer to procure second or low quality kits. How low can a state go,for disgracing herself openly. It’s high time de governor set up an independent body to investigate de matter. With de amount of money u nigerian jews proclaimed to have u stil sent a team for a cometition. Without adequately equiped them. U embarass nigeria.

  9. @uzo,it’s either u’re an enemy of progress or u’re just jealous of mr obi’s giant strides. Is he the sports commissioner?Coming to his financial status,he was richer than ur entire community put 2geda b4 he became the Gov.

  10. Rubbish, never count Anambra in anything called sports. They are useless. U can name Anambra in times of brother killing brother or wayo and fake products.

  11. @Ngozi..i think you re a yur tongue..may be you re one of those rascals that mr obi has block their illegal goast working means of livelihood and you resort in character not peter obis’ fans but i must tell you that d man has an excellent spirit..if you want to knw how dirty a state looks like visit ABA in ABIA state..they re gold medalist in dirtiology..the state looks like JUNGLE.

  12. Chyma is either your beginning to run mad or your already running mad,are you comparing Anambra now with Enugu state,wonders shall never seize.Upon Enugu state is an Estern region head quarter but still no good infrasture and development their.Go to remote areas in Enugu you will notice wat am talking about,no eletricites and roads but development just centred only on state capital nowhere else and if not becouse of Anambriarians who own hotels and big houses wat Enugu own is old and dilapidated old fashion and 1940 to 1960 ancient houses

  13. Emeka mercury with the way you talk it shows that your not an Igbo or even if your an Igbo then your just envious of the progress of average Anambriarians.Emeka mercury i want you to tell me the state your from in Nigeria then i will tell you the kind of person you and your entire kinsmens in your state are,fool and imbecile

  14. Mr Peter Obi is always and remember the best governor Anambra state has produced so far and he he made his money far way before he becomes the governor of Anambra state and if some uselss,sentimental and bias mind people dont like it they should go and commit sucide and also Anambra state is the most industrious state in the whole South East and Nigeria as a whole and without Anambra state South East would have been extermiated in Nigeria.So lets tell our the truth becouse without Anambra state South East and the entire Nigeria is nothing and they the pillar and force to reckon with.Imagine wat Anambra state does in Enugu by developing the state and now Asaba we can see wat Anambra people are doing in Asaba as am writing this comment,Asaba and Delta state will forever acknowledge the presence of Anambra peaple in their state

  15. it is wrong to start comparing states in the south east because they are all igboland, instead my words goes to Uzo, Ngozi and. Co, you all are unqualified propagandists championing a wicked crusade of lies against the person of peter obi. Obi is working wonders in anambra state and we the real Anambra people are witnesses to that, there is no part and sector of the state he has not given his magic touch, it is ngozi, uzo and co who live all their lives trying to mess up Anambra state, umunkpi.

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