Amaechi, Mbu  at war 


 Escort commander’s removal, an order from above -Police 
 It’s an afterthought, lame excuse-Govt

Barely 24 hours after the Rivers State government raised the alarm that the state police commissioner, Mbu Joseph Mbu was plotting harm against Governor Rotimi Aamechi following the sudden withdrawal of the latter’s security commanders, the police command has offered explanations for the move.The state police command said   the  redeployment  of  Governor Amaechi’s escort commander  was  a  directive from the Inspector General  of  Police, Mr Mohammed  Abubakar. Reacting to the alarm by  the  state Commissioner  for Information, Mrs.  Ibim Semenitari, that  the re-deployment  was targeted  at  Governor Amaechi, the  command’s  Public Relations Officer, Mrs.  Angela Agabe,  said  there was no iota of  truth  in the   commissioner’s claim.

She  explained  that  the IG’s  directive cuts  across  all  the Police commands in  the 36 states and Abuja,  insisting that it was neither peculiar to  Rivers State, nor targeted at any government official.  She regretted that every action  taken by the Nigeria Police is misinterpreted in Rivers State because of the political situation in the state.

She told  Saturday Sun  that  IG Abubakar  was  concerned about the bad image, positions like Escort Commander, Camp commandant, Officer In Charge of  Bomb(O/C Bomb), among  others, are giving  to the Nigeria Police, hence, the  decision to scrap them.

She  accused  the groups of operating outside the Commissioner of Police’s directives. Agabe  also denied the allegation that the  state police commissioner  was trying to extract information  from security men, attached to the Government House,  about  Amaechi’s  movements.

Besides  resting  such  positions, Agabe  disclosed  that  the IG  also directed  those  operating   in those  capacities,   at   various Government Houses in the country to  leave.

Governor Amaechi, however, described  as lame and unsatisfactory, the reasons  given by  the Police Commissioner for the redeployment of  the  Escort Commander.

The governor, who spoke to Saturday Sun  through  the  Commissioner  for Information,  Mrs., Ibim Semenitari, said: “The Rivers State Government is reluctant to accept what  it considers a lame and unsatisfactory argument  by the Rivers State Police Command.”

She  described  the   defence by the  police  as   an afterthought, saying the governor was concerned about the CP trying to get information about  his  movements, through security men attached to the Government House.

Ibim further said: “The excuse being proffered  by the Rivers Sate Police Command is clearly an afterthought, as this was not the reason given when both the Escort Commander and the Camp Commandant, were invited to the police headquarters. This excuse was also not proffered when the governor personally called  Mr. Mbu to complain about the removal of his escort commander.

“Matters of  personal security of government functionaries and especially, top officials like the governor of the state, are discussed and agreed with these officials.

“Even if, for the purposes of argument, it is indeed, factual that the Inspector General of police ordered the redeployment of Governor Amaechi’s Escort Commander, wouldn’t the courteous thing  be  for the Commissioner of  Police and the Police high command, to inform and explain this to Governor Amaechi?


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  3. Ejike, New York on

    It is a sad commentary that in nigeria politicians and civil servants act with impunity against the provisions of the law and get away with it because they are either serving or protecting the interest of their appointees, friends, family members or themselves. What a heck is going on in that country ? In the U S, no one dares go against the spirit and letters of the laws unless such a person is ready to pay a heavy fine if an organisation is involved, spend his or her life in jail for a certain number of period or even for life depending on the gravity of the offence as prescribed by law. Whether you are a policeman, soldier, Governor or president does not matter. what matters is that you have breached the law. If a President chooses his own security staff based on his confidence that he is safe in such hands, while would a Governor and other officials not choose their own security details too. It defies reasoning why an IG would give directive for the deployment of a Governors personal security with fiat if at all the claims by mbu is worth a pinch of salt . Matters of security are so delicate that no state official qualified to have personal security should be made to work with those he or she does not feel secure with. The reason provided by mbu about the order from the I G does not make sense because if they are professional security operatives they should know that it is the norm to offer a state official such as a Governor the discretion to pick his own security staff and I know that they know too well what should apply but are acting this for a purpose. Why is mbu monitoring the daily movement of a Governor that he does not have direct control of his day to day security and he is not his ADC ? You cant do this in the U S and if you do it, an investigation will be launched into it to determine the rational for your action and if it is found that you have a dubious motive for doing that other than for the safety of the official involved, you will be disciplined according to what the law says. These people called nigerian government officials should change their ways and expunge personal motives and alterior considerations from government business. nigeria is so unlucky to have these kind of people both the civil servants and politicians at all levels. I have to stop here cos i dont want to write a book about nigeria. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • Truly, aturu awusa if those politicians and civil servants in Rivers State do not obey Amechi rightly or wrongly , they will go the way of Obio/Akpor council chairman and councillors. Yes, Amechi cant do this in Canada, India and UK. Aturu awusa I do share your grief, but remember it is temporary, Amechi will soon go

      • Ejike, New York on

        okon dog de rapist, you dont make sense to me but I understand your grief. The inability of your co fools and idiots to impeach Amaechi. Amaechi will soon go has become your wedding day song rehearsal. I challenge you to make Amaechi go before the end of his tenure and get $20,000 ( 3.2 million naira) from me. Anybody who can do this should contact me via through forum. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • Watching the video of how that police details of Gov Amaechi brutalised a lawmaker, he should be in jail by now. America you are talking about will not condone such thing.

      • Ejike, New York on

        UAlloy, Neither will 5 people be sent by the wife of the U S president to impeach a State Assembly speaker to prepare the grounds for the impeachment of a governor.

  4. Honestly it seems to me the IG is enjoying this show of shame in River State. If not, why did he refused to redeploy CP Mbu to another state or to another function.
    It is a very clear to everyone that Mbu and Amaechi cannot work together and now they are suspecting each other, I think the wise thing to do is to remove him from that state or is IG telling us that Mbu is the only CP that can police River state or is IG part of the game plan to eliminate Amaechi before 2015 ?
    We are watching and heard his cry over the treat to his life, so no one will tell us when it happen that we are investigate the culprit..


  5. Amaechi is fond of crying wolf.Is he the only Governor in Nigeria?Why is he always suspicious of Mbu’s intentions?We saw the role played by his ADC in the RSHA crisis.@Ejike.Governors in America are mature,disciplined,humble,selfless and transparent.In Nigeria,most of the Governors think they operate in a typical Hobesian society.

    • Ejike, New York on

      Seriously, Hero, honestly I want to think that nobody loves nigeria. and if anybody does, it is the common people and not the civil servants and politicians who sing it as song everyday.

  6. Ejike, New York on

    Honestly, Hero, it is true as I have heard a lot of times that nobody loves nigeria and if by chance anybody does, it is the ordinary and common people and not the politicians and senior civil servants who keep bordering the rest of nigerians about their love for the country when in actual sense they want it dead. it’s a pity.

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  8. Amaechi should go closer to God and do a thorough cross examination about his motives in the current rivers state crisis and see whether he is at fault in any way and make the proper reconciliation with God’s grace.GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  9. Okon , I salute you immensely . Somebody has responded to you as aturu awusa. What a great man you are?
    CP Mbu must triumph over his enemies. Any governor that is not comfortable with his security details from IG should tender his resignation letter to the masses QED .

  10. Its height of absudity, playn God,irresponsibl -ity & delibrate invit-ation to ANARCHY that Alhaji Abubakar, the IG of Nigerian Police, still refused to remov -e Mr Joseph Mbu the State Comm.Of Police, after well meaning Nigerians has cald for the removal of Mr Mbu frm River State, due to serious proven acts of disrespect & cnmplicity against Governor Amaechi,the ceremonial Chief Security of River of the State.Again the same,Mr Mbu,his mast -ers & co-political traducers of Governor Amaechi & Rivers People,ve removed the Governors Security Commanders wt out the pre-knowledge of the a surposed Democratic dispensat-ion,aimed at arm twis -ting & to intimidate the Gov.from his avowed committment to insistense on compliance to rules of engagement as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution. Howeve, I only want to refer those who ve decided to use the State Power on others ,to the prophetic advise adominision by the late great Zik of Africa,to his equally late,Kinsman Chief Ukpabi,then Northern, led Millitary Junta of Nigeria,apointed Sole Administrator of then East Central State, at the end Naiga/Biafra civil war,of Son of an ex-school teacher who owned a rickety Popular 9II Bus that plied the fed. Govt.of Naiga owned,but abandoned/untared death trap,cald Enugu -Abakiliki Road.The great Zik,then ended his adomision to Chief Ukpabi Asika, wt another prophetic word,That No Conditi-on Is Permanent.and that Chief Ukpabi Asika,shall one day become,ex-this,ex-that.Furthermore,I wish to call on Gover-nor Amaechi to engage the services of the trained & trusted Vigilantee group for his protection & the people of River State in General.However to put God first & be guided by the fear of God,honesty & Love in all his activies.Hence,a watch man, watches in vain wtout God, who is the father to the fatherless,mother to the motherless,etc. Let all Nigerians be steadfast in condenm-ing evil whenever, where ever,or by whom it was perpatu -ated in the Society, irrespective of Tribe, religion,political affil-iation or other earthly mondane considerati-ons. I ADVICE ALL NIGERIANS TO BEWARE OF THE MISERINESS OF MOROW AND IDES OF HISTORY. ONYE MACHI.? NO ONE! !!

  11. Who is Amaechi to prevent the police from doing internal readjustements& postings.This should not warrant a sane person to be raising false &unnecessary alarm over threat to his life.His thoughts are anchored on the figment of his imagination.

    • Thank you Bonny. You have asked the question rational people are asking. I am so happy that the police authorities have remained resolute in retaining poor Mbu as the commissioner of police in Rivers state. Amaechi wants Mbu removed so that he can overun his perceived enemies in the state. Is he the only governor in Nigeria? Stupid!

  12. Ejike, New York. on

    Amaechi is that unshaken IROKO. The Chairman of NGF. Executive Governor of Rivers State and a Presidential material like no other.

  13. Ejike, New York. you are always my man 24/7. Dont mind all this idiots of miss placed others parading themselves as mr. presidents so called frinds. All i no is that sooner than lather the chicks will be down then we shall no who is who. As for Amechi i wish he borrowed a leaf from Dr. Ngige and do exactctilly what he did during his own saga! 4gon all this nigerian police whatsoever and make himself an indipendent police if not for anything but for the sake of his own personal life.

    • Ejike, New York on

      Nwabueze, thank you a lot. You see I live in the U S with all the features of modernity and freedom but that is not all story. The story is that I want to see a nigeria where citizens will live freely and feel that they have a govt in terms of infrastructure instead of stealing. But the sad story of nigeria is that some people do not want change. It is only a mad and demented fellow that does not bother to asses himself or herself to understand what he or she is doing rightly or wrongly with a view to adjusting lifestyle . Like you have seen on this forum some people argue that it is of no use comparing nigeria with U S when in actual fact they copied their system of govt with wharped variations. They want nigeria to be compared with chad, congo, niger and the rest of them. Its a shame. nigeria is an eye sore in all human indices yet there are people who should be working tirelessly to make human conditions better but are failing in their duty.

  14. It is because of the likes of Amaechi that Nigeria cannot have a State Police. If he can thump his nose at the Federal Police, then he would simply pocket the State Police. It is a no brainer comparing Nigeria with the United States of America when infact Nigeria is more than two hundred years behind even in human development. If Nigeria is comparable to the United States we wouldn’t be wasting our precious time debating on this forum. Amaechi needs to be reoriented on how to respect ones president and party leader.

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