Akwa Ibom gets first female deputy gov



Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly has cleared Mrs. Valerie Ebe, Akpabio’s former commissioner for environment, to occupy the vacated seat of the deputy governor. Akpabio had sent a letter to the House of Assembly Wednesday, immediately the former deputy governor, Mr. Nsima Ekere, resigned, not only to inform the members of Ekere’s resignation, but also to appeal to them to prepare to quickly clear any nominee for the vacant post he would send to them.

Indication that Akpabio’s request would be attended to with dispatch became obvious when the House adjourned, after accepting the letter on Thursday and promised to reconvene yesterday, a day they hardly meet. Upon receiving the governor’s letter conveying the nomination of Mrs. Ebe, a legal practitioner, and a widow of Chief Morris Ebe, a politician of note from Mkpat Enin Local Government Area, the House yesterday quickly cleared the politician, as the next deputy governor of the state, as earlier requested by the governor.

The lawmakers said they were satisfied with the nominee’s profile and political track record and simply ordered the 70-year-old widow to take a bow and go. However, the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Mr. Samuel Ikon, while addressing the nominee, said though they had no objection to her assumption of the new role, the House will not fail to wield the big stick if she falters.

According to Ikon, “by your resume, we have seen you to have been trained as a teacher, making you conversant with molding of character; we know you are also great mobiliser of women which have contributed to the emergence of this government. “ As you assume your new role as the deputy governor, we urge you to remain within the ambience of your responsibilities and if you don’t we will not fail to act otherwise.” Ebe, a former PDP women leader in the state, hails from Mkpat Enin in the same federal constituency as the immediate past deputy governor.

She was appointed a Commissioner in the Ethical and Attitudinal Re-orientation Commission, EARCOM, during Obong Victor Attah’s regime. Using her position as President and founder of her socio-political organisation, Akwa Ibom Women League, Ebe was active in mobilising women in the state to support the governorship ambition of Godswill Akpabio in 2007. She was rewarded with the position of a Commissioner for Culture and Tourism and was later deployed to Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources.

Ebe who holds a Bachelor of law from the University of Calabar has also served as the legal adviser to the state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Meanwhile, fresh facts have emerged on why the former deputy governor left office. Sources revealed that Ekere resigned to forestall his impeachment, which was on the card. Government sources revealed that the former governor had been having problem in government, to the extent that he was accused of disloyalty allegedly noticed shortly after the government’s inauguration.

Saturday Sun gathered that the former deputy deputy governor was preparing to contest the 2015 governorship election, which is expected to be zoned to his senatorial district. Sources said that afraid that he may not get the nod of Governor Akpabio to contest in 2015, the former deputy governor’s camp had started erecting structures across the state.

The camp also made effort to weaken the governor’s structure in his senatorial zone, which is expected to play a role in who eventually picks the PDP ticket, the source revealed. It was also gathered that the ex-deputy governor’s camp wanted to cause a friction between the House of Assembly and Governor Akpabio. Such disaffection, it was gathered, was expected to move the House to initiate impeachment move against Akpabio, so that the deputy governor would take over and contest 2015 governorship poll as a sitting governor.

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  1. De deputy gov resigned to averts impeachment due to disloyalty in his part. He did that to avoid shame nd further interogations. What a shame to de man. He has forgotten dat he was dealing with a highly wise man nd moreso he has dent his polical career in de state.

  2. We are heating the polity. We should be careful of power. I beckon on EFCC to assume his responsibilities because in Akwa Ibom, certain people wants to rule by force inorder to steal our resources. They are in the govt.

  3. Mrs Valarie Ebe shd b painstakingly in the new positn honour her by the state,she shd use her good office to drag rural infrastructures such as electricity,water roads etc to the pple of the state especialy mpk enin

  4. Mr governor should nt dent his gud name blcos of his 2015 ambition,let him knw dat a gud name is more than great possession,God is watching him and will pay him back more than he expects.


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  6. Abasiakan Paul on

    You ppl dnt really know what you are saying. Nsima Ekere is a man that values his name more than anything. He did that because he does not want to tarnish his name forever. All the cries of the poor Akwa Ibomite will be answered one day and you will see the Govornor you are praising now how he will be treated. God blessed Nsima Ekere and his Family.

  7. Congrates madam, it is just a pity dat the former deputy gov fail to lived upto the ethics of the job.(loyalty). All the same dis is a game of politics and nt dat of a pastor. The way it favours u as a politician is hw u play it(political structure and interest) it is a game of interest. No permenent friend but permenent interest. So, understand b4 u coment.

  8. Congratulations madam valerie, it is just a pity dat the former deputy gov fail to lived upto the ethics of the job.(loyalty). All the same dis is a game of politics and nt dat of a pastor. The way it favours u as a politician is hw u play it(political structure and interest) it is a game of interest. No permenent friend but permenent interest. So, understand b4 u coment.

  9. We hail u, madam valerie. it is just a pity dat the former deputy gov fail to lived upto the ethics of the job.(loyalty). All the same dis is a game of politics and nt dat of a pastor. The way it favours u as a politician is hw u play it(political structure and interest) it is a game of interest. No permenent friend but permenent interest. So, understand b4 u coment.

  10. Am not suprise by Nsimah resignation.
    He is a wise man to the core.
    Let use see what the outcome of 2015 be by the special grace of God.

  11. odigili ikechukwu on

    A seventy year old woman,i pray will have the strength to do the work of a deputy gorvernor.mama keep on jogging.

  12. Mama @ 70 , hmmmm, D rest is not 4 a 70 old woman Y cant dey give it out to some one dat is till strong and fit 4 D batel . Nigeria +Akwa Ibom polities Una try

  13. Nsima is d most wise man on earth, bt let be kcareful wit akpabio coz sumbody who ave 3 deputy at d space of 6yrs, hmmm dat mean his life is nt d best

  14. The say ,what man dö that womao cao do,even better, now i want to the mentality of mere woman compare to the man. Is good for a wöman to rule,but better when there is a chalenge were opposit sex in a political kingdom

  15. Akpabio is just a broad minded person even as a gov.Going by his track record so far as a leader,he deserves an encomium. No body folds his hands watching a snake he sees 2 bite him.


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  17. whether ekpotu, ekere , ebe etc. the important thing is to keep to tbe tennets of being a deputy.my only fear for ebe is her ability to be jumping to climb the height of her prado suv and keep in line and time duing fast moving convoy vehicles

  18. Desmond Ceaser on

    Hmmm 70yrs of age and she wanna assist de governor as a deputy governor.. Whats this country turning to.. Wen we have young vibrant and intellectual politicians around. Our nigeria system of leadership is really blindfolded..

  19. Uzoh from lagos on

    Akwa Ibom people are very troublesome and recalstrant in attitue.They always have ambitious and troublesome Deputy Governor because of their reckless ambition.During Attah Govt it was Ekpeyong now it is Nsima and they are from the same Senatorial Zone.Why will this Deputy Governor-Nsima not realise that Akpabio has tall ambition and very dangerously on the ground politically.Could not have been better to complete his tenure as Deputy Governor,receive his severance package than fight and loose everything.This Governor will midwife the next nomination as party leaders for his successor,his deputy should have considered all these before conspiring against the Governor.He has been played out in dog eat dog politics of PDP and Akwa Ibom.

  20. i wouldn’t know why our 2nd Deputy Governor has resigned,and worst still, cant imagine the perfect substitute our able Governor has fixed.when in heaven’s name will politicians have retirement age, and what will that age be? may be 71. this politics, leaves room 4 reservations. what indeed is Akwa Abasi Ibom State turning into?

  21. why 70yrs old grand ma.so educated young woman in d state again? d person dat marry old mama,go bury am.AKPABIO go order 4 cows 4rm north

  22. Dickson A. Let me tell you for Ekere to resign shows that he’s wiser than Akpabio, Politics is a game of interest and what goes around comes around. And when did disloyalty to the master or having interest in an elected position becomes constitutional grounds for impeachment?. Anyway those rubber stamp state house members that where appointed and not elected can do anything to please their master with the hope of retaining their seats. If Akpabio is wise let him fight his master GEJ to increase the resource control percent which Attah started and succeded and he’s enjoying today. Mrs Ebe is another Obong Uffot Ekaette as a sect. and as the first minister in Niger Delta ministry. Uzoh enquire before you comment, Chris Ekpeyong was from Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district and Nsima Ekere is from Eket Senatorial district.

  23. Well first tanx de governor is appointee tanx 4 dat but i want 2 request 2 our governor to remember is promise 2 de people of Ikono LGA he promise use dat he work de road dat lead 4rm Abiakpo Ikot Essies to senior scince college Ibakachi we people dat r livin dere we r sufferin b/c of lack of road as u fulfil ur promise de will still keep u on top in Jesus Amen i wish u a successful leadership through ur tenue Amen

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