Airbrushing: Artistry or distortion?



Have you recently picked a glossy magazine, flipping through or actually reading about a known celebrity or personality and then you suddenly, stop, have a long look at the picture again and then you realize, this person does not look like him/her especially if it so happens that you have seen this person physically.

What happened to her face? She looks different; you say to yourself, are my eyes deceiving me? You wonder, you are stunned. No, your eyes are not deceiving you; you have just witnessed the artistry called photo-shopping or airbrushing according to the fashion world. It is the magic wand that transforms a fat person to a super-slim model, gives a flat-chested lady a voluptuous décolletage, and transforms a round belly into a washboard stomach.

Skin blemishes can be removed, teeth whitened, lips made fuller and skins looking silk-like and digitally lightened with a few clicks of a computer mouse. This quick Photoshop fix is misleading and distorts a person overall look. These digitally enhancing photographs create an illusion of a flawless appearance. Real people are more beautiful than any manmade portrayal can ever be. Why? Because we’re human beings with our individual physical flaws and this is what makes us fascinating. Unfortunately, airbrushing and digital altering is now the trend.

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