Afenifere berates Jonathan over insecurity in Nigeria



Afenifere, the Pan Yoruba Socio-political group yesterday berated President Goodluck Jonathan over his inability to curb the insecurity in the country. The Secretary-General of the group, Bashorun Seinde Arogbofa said the insecurity and the destruction of lives and prosperity by the Islamic sect called Boko Haram in the country had become worrisome and the menace had wrecked havoc to the nation’s economy Arogbofa frowned at the rate at which kidnappers abducted prominent Nigerians, saying the insurgencies if continued unchecked, could drive away foreign investors.

The Afenifere scribe urged the President to use his position, as Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces to tackle the various security challenges confronting the country The group warned that criminals might take over the country if the government who was in charge of force’s of coercion failed to act decisively. The group said it suspected criminal conspiracy among the criminals and some security agencies in the country.

“More than any time, President Jonathan must not only be seen to be barking but biting if criminality is to be brought under control in the country, especially by giving red card to the nation’s security agencies in particular the Police, the prisons officials while the Bar and the Bench must no longer toy with or rationalize obvious criminal cases.

“While it may be true as said by AIG Tsefe in Abeokuta on Tuesday that ransom paid to criminals to hasten the release of victims was mainly responsible for the rise in kidnapping, is that why the Police, believed to be aware of most criminals in the society have not always acted swiftly and decidedly when criminals strike?

“Who does not know that it is the same lackadaisical attitude that some security outfits like the Prison department demonstrated that led to a kidnapping victim in Onisha, Chief E.U Okeke to petition the Attorney-General of the Federation on the dramatic release from prison of the suspected criminal that abducted him? “And between the Police, the Prison, the AGF’s office and the court, is it not a common knowledge that reported disturbing criminal cases can take weeks before anything can be done?

“The point is that nobody is any longer safe in the country. Just a few days ago, it was the elderly Prof (Mrs) Okonjo that was kidnapped; only yesterday it was the wife of General Oluwole Rotimi, former governor of Western Region. In the Northern part of the country, the Boko Haram is in-charge and kills with reckless abandon.

“While it is true that when we talk of government, you and me are involved, but it is those who hold the power of governance and their agencies that really have the power to act. “The government must therefore act and fast for that matter before hoodlums completely take over,” he warned.

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    • ask them. they have come again, b/c it looks like there is a crack b/w GEJ and OBJ Afenifere has started talking. From AG to UPN to AD to AC not ACN, Afenifere is the common voice the Yoruba nation. GEJ watch it, but wake up. OUK (MON) once told you to use the enormous powers ar your disposal to bring this nation to order. IBB, Buhari, Atiku, Arewa – all put together can do nothing to the POTFRON, the Commander-in-Chief.

  1. @Raja chinedu, Do you smoke marijuana? Why should you call Yoruba WERE? Your comment did not make sense, you better face your hawking on the streets of Lagos and allow us some peace. You should learn how to respect Elders and the man made his opinion known about the insecurity that plagues the entire Nation, so why cant you comment on that instead of calling Yoruba WERE.

    • You forget that Umaru Dikko was hawked, but for God’s mercy. Hawkers are powerful forces. Dele don’t take a hawker for a cheap ride, for that is his route.

  2. A sleeping president.So lazy.Very soon,they will kidnap his own mother.Maybe then he would wake up from his deep snoring slumber.

  3. Security of any Nation is a collective responsibility and is not dependent on one man. I agree Dr Jonathan is the President but he can do nothing if we as Nigerians don’t cooperate. A football team with the best coach can’t win if there is no cooperation amongst the players. Nigerians have their role to play. Are these criminals not Nigerians and they have parents, homes, neighbours, friends, etc. Then if these criminals are Nigerians, why are they making things difficult for others. The President has appointed experts in various security departments who are supposed to do their work and these appointed officials need our support to succeed. Don’t call the President because he has done his beat. Is he the security official, law court officials who delay trials. Let us look further at the roles others play in ensuring our safety and that of the economy and leave Mr President alone. Will another President not use the same Militay, Police, SSS, LAW COURTS etc. Let us cooperate please.

    • Col Nwako, I totally agree with you that the security of any nation is a collective responsibility and shouldn’t be placed on the shoulder of one man. This ‘important’ cooperation must start with the law -makers and the law enforcement agents. They MUST live up to their responsibility and shun corruption in order to restore the confidence that the people have for ages lost on them. What kind of cooperation would one get working with a rogue policeman or a corrupt law-maker ? I wonder oh ! Remember trust is earned and not forced as most of our leaders think.
      Regarding Mr. president,What is worrisome about him is despite having all the laws,security agencies and other resources in place,the president seem to be too weak in exercising his powers as the Commander- in-Chief. He need to be talking tough.
      It’s unfortunate that he inherited a corrupt, understaffed and underpaid law enforcement agencies,he still has a role to play in challenging the corruption and other problems facing the law enforcement agencies in order to restore order in our system. Remember he appointed the head of most of our security agencies to work with him and since these men are not delivering to his expectation, I think it’s time for him to change his medicine or the doctor!

  4. I totally agree with this Yoruba group. Before the end of today, they should bring out all the agbekoyas 2 escort OBJ 2 Aso Rock, take over the presidency and so he can help us root out all the Boko Harams. I don’t know why Nigeria should be suffering insecurity while we have OBJ the messiah around. They should also remember 2 fish out those who kidnapped Oliwole Rotimi’s wife pronto

  5. Afenifere berates Jonathan over insecurity in Nigeria
    I totally agree with this Yoruba group. In fact they should immediately ask all the Agbekoyas to escort OBJ to Abuja, take over Aso Rock and the presidency so that he can help us root out all the Boko Harams people. I don’t know why it took them so long to do this when we have around their own son, OBJ the messiah who can solve all Nigeria’s problems with alacrity. Thank you Afenifere and please don’t forget to ask them to fish out the kidnappers of Oluwole Rotimi’s wife pronto as well. That is one man I respect. Do you people remember that apart from Mobolaji Johnson, he was the only other military governor Murtala Mohammed’s government found not to have stolen the people’s money? As a matter of fact, Mobolaji Johnson never had a private house of his own all the time he was governor of Lagos State. Compare that with one later day governor who is said to own a substantial part of Dubai in terms of property apart from the man who ran FCT who now wants to be president. Why all those who are in charge of national honours have not remembered a man like Mobolaji Johnson beats me especially when they have recommended many of those known to have stolen the people’s money.
    I know if one else can do it, OBJ can do it through the Yoruba’s Agbekoya of Afenifere. All we want is security in Nigeria so any end can justify the means

  6. mr prsdnt u see ur rspct has fall in d eye of all ngrn u dont act like rspnsbl man dat care about his ppl lk at d live an prpty lost eryday in our cntry mr prsdnt u ar wick act like a man gv d scrty ful frce an see if u didnt tk srous d nex is ur mum

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