ACN raises alarm over kidnap of S’East chairman


…Inaugurates new executive in Ebonyi


The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has raised the alarm over what it described as the politically motivated kidnap of the Chairman of the party in South-East, Chief Chudi Nwike.

This was even as the party inaugurated new executive members in Ebonyi State. The National Chairman of ACN, Chief Bisi Akande represented by the National Welfare Officer of the party, Chief Uche Onyeaguocha said ACN was not happy that a group of detractors had gone to the extent of kidnapping members of the party.

He said the party had already commenced grassroots mobilization in Ebonyi State with the hope of winning the 2015 elections. Onyeaguocha said Ebonyi State was yawning for change which ACN was poised to effect and deliver.

He said the calibre of personnel he saw in Ebonyi gave him confidence that the state would become an ACN-controlled state by the next general elections and charged the elected executive not to disappoint the people. Onyeaguocha alleged that it was the ACN rivals that kidnapped Nwike, and called for his immediate release.

The national welfare officer said ACN had positioned itself to win the Anambra governorship election scheduled for November, adding that the party was transiting from a leading opposition party to a ruling political party, “and that is why we tend to form the All Progressives Congress (APC).”

Responding on behalf of the state working committee, Dr. Sylvester Nwambe promised to unite the members of the party as well as run an open door policy to accommodate strayed and new members.

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  1. ACN people kidnap there chairman because of power ok ……………………so let some body tell me how this group of people can be able to lead us to the promise land

  2. Emeka Emefesi on

    Pls, Mr Bisi of Yoruba land, so u people thought dat My people (Igbos) are fools. Imagine u having d gut by saying dat u people have already captured Eboyi n next is Anambra as if we Igbos are ur slaves. Now listen we are not ur slaves rather we are d pilar of this nation Nig, believe me ACN can never never win any sit here in southeast again, it was then dat Dr Chris Ngige won senate sit not now even if dat Ngige won’t win even a coucillor at his ward with any outside party unless APGA. So please Mr man u better mind ur own zone with ur own party whether Acn or Apc but for us Igbos we are APGA’S ZONE. Mind u!

  3. Ebuka Amaechi on

    I wish to appeal to all Naiga Politicians and followers to shawn politics of Hatred,dece it,Character assasinati -on and devilish acts of going to the extent of KINAPPING political opponents,kids,parent s,and relations in an uncivilized way of settling an unsubstant -iated,selfish and ill-concieved political scores.Naiga youths, should shawn every temptations’ from the evil peoples in the society to be used as thugs or kidnappers, rather the youths should be courageous enough to ask the bad,wicked’nd highly corrupt politicians to recall their Children or relations from foreign Schools to be used as thugs and Kidnappers, especially as the 2OI5, General Elections draws near.May God almighty grant Naigas spirit of Agape love so that we shall all apply and act LOVE towards one another,irrespecti -ve of Tribe,Religion or political affiliations

  4. Emeka Emefesi,pls u should stop talking like a fool becos if u know what election is all about it is not tribal sentiments rather it is can u talk about politics in ibos without ngige becos he belong to it pdp that is performing in ibo land? pls stop deceiving urself or making senseless talk

    pls i am a ibo man,what we need not party name rather performing party that is what ibos and niegrians need at this point time if u like continue to preach party.

  5. Chief David Obi on

    Ngige, Obi and Akunyili are from thé same sénatorial zone.Ngige defeated them even in their Apga Igbo party.The truth is that NGIGE would have won everybody by landslide if he had come from another party not Yoruba party ,just because of rivalry of this two great ethnic groups.No Yoruba would ever win under an Igbo party like Apga but NGIGE won under Acn.this is good for Nigeria

  6. I wish the Igbo should understand the dynamics of Nigerian politics. PDP is not an Igbo party. It only rigged itself into power in some southeast states. By the way what has Igbo support of the PDP since almost thirteen years now brought to the Igbo apart from humiliation (Deputy Senate President), the worst in the history of civil rule in Nigeria. The Igbo should borrow a cue from the Yorubu nation which always tries to carve an identity for her people, and that’s what makes them relevant, rather than following the so- called majority party. If you are surrounded by enemies, as the Igbo are in Nigeria, the best way to be relevant is always to be on the offensive, rather than joining the crowd, only to be swallowed as the Igbo have been in PDP. For us to regain our relevance as was the case in the 1st and 2nd republics, we must carve out an identity that is uniquely ours and use it as a bargaining chip. This way we attract the awe and respect of others. This was the strategy the great Zik used all through, and that made the Igbo relevant in both 1st and second republics. But unfortunately today, Igbo leaders are peopled by fawning curs who only seek relevance by riding on the backs of Yoruba or Hausa/Fulani godfathers. And this approach will continue to make us appendages and willing pawns on the chessboard of Nigerian politics

  7. This ACN people are mad, they should be warned not to bring their madness down to the east because will stripe them naked. Ngige their foot soldier here has never legitimately won any election, all he knows how to do is still peoples votes, he had a narrow escape to be in the senate todaY with a little over 400 stolen votes and somebody is talking about popularity. Obi pls give us APGA again.

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