Abia PDP circus show


It must have been a disdainful display of an ill-rehearsed comedy by the bunch of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stalwarts from Abia State who had gone to the party’s headquarters in Abuja to disclaim the anticipatory return to the PDP of the former governor of the state, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu.

The entire charade typified a great circus show. In the first place, Kalu has not formally indicated his interest to return to the party. So, on what straw did the Abia PDP bohemians anchor their wild-cat march to Abuja to foreclose the possible return of Kalu? What is fundamentally wrong with any such move by Kalu or indeed any other individual for that matter?

Are there no precedents and recourse to PDP’s rules and regulations and the country’s constitution? Section 40 of the country’s constitution declares that: “Every person shall be entitled to assemble freely and associate with other persons, and in particular he may form or belong to any political party, trade union or any other association for the protection of his interests….” This prescription is lucid enough for even a dullard to interpret and not indulge in incivility as the Abuja horrendous protesters sadly demonstrated.

It is startling that Kalu has become so domineering that some rascally fellows who claim to represent Abia State dread his presence to the extent that they are ready to criminalise his political career and platform as the only way to halt him in his tracks. Otherwise, there is no other rationalisation for the noxious and tardy tactics employed to calumniate Kalu before the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) all in a bid to clownishly forestall his return.

We do not understand how Kalu’s comeback would undermine the ‘peace and camaraderie’ in Abia PDP as tactlessly claimed by the ‘stakeholders.’ Were the Abia PDP chieftains merely raising dust ahead of 2015 permutations and the likely critical role of Kalu? If that was the thinking, then there was stupefaction on the part of Kalu’s detractors and a concomitant lack of political refinement. If the disgruntled Abuja politicians from Abia were circumspect, there were lawful ways to vitiate the Kalu towering mystique which we shall not dignify them with here except to ram it into their numskulls that there are reasonable processes to pursue their obvious misadventure informed by crass selfishness.

This resort to chameleonic tendencies hallmarks descent to savagery and diminishes these Kalu haters. It is apposite to point out the irony in the Abia PDP outlandish effrontery. All the gang members of this comical wing of the PDP that boyishly invaded Abuja because of Kalu are all rustic returnees to the PDP having left at one point or another! Therefore, the gangsters who went to Abuja to embarrass themselves and ridicule Abia State deserve our sympathy over their monstrosity. They really went off the deep end of associational liberty.

The ludicrousness of that thoughtless and despicable trip to Abuja was such that the Abia PDP war-lords shamelessly enjoined the party’s reconciliatory team that is going round nationwide with the olive branch to estranged members not to visit Abia State as there was no cause for any trouble-shooting in the state! This is degeneration into gradual fatality of mischief-makers that will leave a permanent spat on the country’s democratic ethos.

We advise Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State and his co-travellers to show maturity by behaving responsibly henceforth—instead of trying to evolve a scatological political dynasty. There is no doubt that when the time comes, the PDP will inevitably readmit Kalu and other aggrieved members. Our noble conviction on this potentiality is unflinching.

We fully appreciate the group’s trepidation in view of Kalu’s messianic zeal, intimidating clout and global tentacles. Indeed, the fear of Kalu is the beginning of political wisdom not just in Abia State, but in Nigeria!

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  1. Ugochukwu Ugwuanyi on

    Indeed, owning a medium is a sure way of advancing one’s political interest. But why do it in such a brazen manner. All the same, the trip by Abia PDP faithfuls to Abuja is infantile.

  2. Actually i ve been wondering why these so call pdp in abia state is afraid of ouk,gov.orji must tell us y he dont want ouk back.but the only thing i know is that ouk is coming back to pdp n gov.orji be rest assured that u are returning back to prison

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