Aba: A failed city


By HENRY UMAHI ([email protected])

The commercial city of Aba in Abia State used to be famous for the ingenuity of the locals.  They copied and produced all manners of products.  In fact, any product that was not made abroad was popularly referred to as Made in Aba or Aba made.  Those were the days when the city was groovy.

Today, Aba, which used to be the economic capital of the South-East, is a failed city.  Or so it seems.  All the indices are manifest in the content and character of the city.

The moment you step into Aba, you will notice that the city is sick, terribly sick.  The vibrancy and zest have been replaced by gloom and frustration because the city has fallen apart.

According to Chief Charles Eduzor, Chairman, Nigeria Bar Assoociation (NBA), Aba Branch: “The economy of Aba has collapsed because of the neglect of the town.  People are merely living here now by the grace of God.  They live from day to day, praying that God sees them through the next day.”

That is how deep Aba has sunken, sliding into oblivion. Aba is paradise lost.  The once vibrant, bubbly city is lying prostrate, like a criminal in chains.  Aba ia s a shadow of itself.  It is like a lady raped and abandoned in the sun, dressed in tattered robe, hair unkempt, no make-up, without shoes.

You would not like to be in Aba when it rains.  When the heavens open, the tears, pains and anguish of Aba residents flow like a river.  When it rains, Aba becomes a floating city because their drainages are blocked where they exist.

Living in Aba is, indeed, a nightmare.  To be condemned to reside there is living in bondage, it is living in a state of perpetual suffering. It presents a pathetic picture that can melt even a stony heart.  It is a portrait of a city criminally neglected.

You begin to feel the situation of Aba even before you come to town.  To start with, it is often difficult to find a cab that will take you from Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, Owerri, Imo State. The reason is not far fetched.  A trip to Aba can take anything from five hours for a distance of far less than 100 kilometres.  So, only the brave driver can embark on such a trip and the passenger must be ready to cough out about half of the air fair from Lagos to Owerri.

Coming to Aba from Owerri, you will begin to understand why airport taxi drivers avoid Aba like a flea when you get to KM 7 Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway.  There, vehicles are easily buried in the gullies on both sides.  When a trailer is trapped in there, commuters can be stuck there for several hours.  On such occasions, some passengers alight from their vehicles and cross over to the other side and board another vehicle.  But it is not usually as easy as that.  The depth of the mud on the road is such that if you step out of the vehicle, it will swallow your shoes.  So, before stepping out to trek, you must remove your shoes and fold your trousers to knee length.

And after navigating to the other side, you buy water to wash up before wearing your shoes again.  Another tragedy could strike while you are trying to clean up. Your money and other valuable things could be snatched by criminals, prowling the area.  Although soldiers mount a checkpoint nearby, investigations revealed that travellers are sometimes attacked there by armed robbers.

Inside Enyimba City

Aba, popularly known as Enyimba City, is in a shambolic state.  Divided into two local government areas, – Aba South and Aba North, it is characterised by infrastructural collapse, particularly dilapidated roads.  In fact, the roads can be likened to valleys in the shadow of death.

To underscore the harrowing experience of commuters in Aba, lawyers in the city embarked on peaceful demonstration recently.  Carrying placards with inscriptions such as “Weep for Aba,” “This is Aba, the location of hell on earth,”  “The worst roads in the world are in Aba,” and “Live in Aba, live in hell,” the lawyers added a touch of drama as they marched on the streets wearing rain boots.  The unique combination was to show how the deplorable condition of roads in the city had compelled residents to dress like people living in the jungle.  To booth, they sang songs portraying Gov. T. A Orji as a non-performer.

Also, during the lying in state of former Biafran leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, at the Enyimba Stadium in February, Orji was booed and pelted with satchets of water by angry residents.

Perhaps, it could be said that Aba has become a jungle of sorts. Virtually all the roads in the city have failed portions.  Indeed, looking for a good road in Aba is akin to searching for a virgin in a maternity ward.  The situation in Aba is such that potholes have degenerated into craters and gullies, making parts of the city impassable.  In some parts, whenever it rains, flood will take over the roads and sack some homes.

One of the worst is Ohanku Road.  Part of the road is permanently flooded and residents derogatorily refer to it as River Ohanku.  Beside the ‘river’ is a manhole, which sources said had claimed some lives.  Indeed, the condition of the area is so terrible that you wonder how human beings reside and survive there.

The adjoining streets are also piteous spectacles. Ironically, Ohanku Road leads to the home of the Minister for Labour and Productivity, Chief Emeka Wogu, at Iheorji.  Perhaps, a canoe will come to the rescue anytime the minister visits home.

Ngwa Road, an arterial road, is nothing to write home about.  The road is broken and flooded in some areas, making it a Herculean task to get to Ngwa Road market.  Worse still, the area is littered with garbage.

Just as Ngwa, Omuma Road is in a highly deplorable condition.  Perhaps, Omuma is worse.  The long stretch is defined by flooded craters that tend to swallow vehicles. Indeed, the portion of Omuma, connecting Ariaria, is just not motorable.  It has been overtaken by bush right in the middle.

Going to Ariaria Market through Faulks Road is a horrifying experience.  The traffic is horrendous as craters dot the road.  In some parts, large stones are used to fill the holes, making movement clumsy as motorists labour to avoid their tyres being torn.

Your heart bleeds when you get to Ukwumango at Ariaria.  There, you behold the failure of government.  The water-logged crater there is knee deep.  Only extraordinarily brave drivers and tricyclists (Keke riders) dare to drive through and most of the time they get trapped in there.  Some youths have found the ugly development a source of survival as they stay in the dirty water, pushing out trapped vehicles and Keke for a fee.

Eziukwu Road is also in terrible condition just as Osusu Road, which has remained impassable for two years according to sources.  Only big vehicles venture into that axis.

Gallery of decay

It is the same story all over the city.  From the “town part” to Umungasi, Over Rail, Ama Ogbonna, Amamong, Umule and elsewhere, it is the same story of neglect and/or abandonment.  Residents of these areas are united in grief and agony as their surroundings are in decrepit state.

For Aba residents, the bubble has burst.  Driving or riding in cars is no longer a pleasurable experience.  Many of them have packed their cars, preferring to trek because there are no roads to drive on.  Mr. Augustine Chekwas, a businessman, told the reporter: “I no longer drive my car around because when you do, it ends up at the mechanic workshop because of the bad roads.  So, now, I only drive my car to church on Sundays or special occasions.  Living in Aba is a punishment.”

Checks revealed that the area known as the “town part,” which is the heart of the city, has lost its charm.  For instance, St. Michael’s Road is potholes-ridden just as Yorke Street is dreadful and serves as rendezvous for drug users.  Milverton Avenue,  which is the home of transport companies, travelling all over the country, has fallen into disrepair.  One cannot arrive from the beginning of the road to the end because it has been cut into two.

Nigeria’s first president, the late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, must be turning in his grave in anger because of the state of the road named after him in Aba.  Azikiwe Road is littered with bad spots from one end to the other.

As it is in Azikiwe Road, so it is in East Street, Ulasi Street, Eche Road, Ndoki Street, Dike Street, Emelogu Street, Ehere Road, Azuka Extension, Ogbor Hill, Urakpa Road, Owuala Street, Onuoha Street, Broad Street, Uzoigwe Street, Ehime Street and Hospital Road, among many others. Perhaps, Okigwe Road is the only road in Aba without problems but it s a short stretch. Aba – Owerri Road is also good but the absence of drainage makes it a nightmare when it rains.

To travel on the Aba-Ikot Ekpene Road is akin to embarking on a suicide mission.  A federal facility, connecting Aba with Akwa Ibom and Cross River States, it is a no-go area because it has remained derelict for long.

As Chief Francis Ene, an Aba businessman, summed up in terms of roads, the city is dead. “I don’t know what we have done to deserve this but we are appealing to government to come to our aid by giving Aba roads facelift. The condition of roads puts the city in precarious economic situation,’ Ene said.

Environmental pollution

Apart from the ugly state of roads in Aba, other areas suffer corresponding neglect. Take this: Epidemic looms in the city because of overflowing refuse dumpsites everywhere.  For example, East Street has been overtaken by refuse. Emelogu Street is home to a mountain of refuse.  Heaps of decaying, smelly refuse also constitute eye sore at such places as Ngwa Road, Asa Road, Aba-Owerri Road, Omuma Road and Aba-Ikot Ekpene Road, among many others.  Aba is dirty, very dirty indeed.  And it is nobody’s business to evacuate the filth.

Pools of stagnant water on the streets, especially residential areas could have dire consequences for Aba residents.  Among other places, Ehere Road at Ogbor Hill, Ohanku Road, Ngwa and Omuma are cases in point.  In these areas, pools of dirty, smelly water stagnate all year long because of blocked drainages.  In some cases, residents wade through the pool daily to access their homes.

The abbatoir at Waterside is another potential source of health hazard to Aba people.  When the reporter visited the facility recently, it was in a distasteful state.  An acrid odour hung in the air like a fog.  Worse still, a decomposing corpse was abandoned on the bridge, close to the slaughter point, with flies feasting on it.  Indeed, it was an ugly spectacle.  Instructively, soldiers, who had maintained a checkpoint at the spot beside the abandoned Enyima Hotel building since kidnappers held the city by the jugular, moved a few inches away because of the stench emanating from the corpse.

It was also gathered that cows at the abbatoir are sometimes allowed to run riot on the road causing accidents.  Mr. Andrew Z. Esiaba, a banker, lamented: “We escaped death by the whiskers the other day when a cow ran onto the road and started destroying everything in sight.  It took sometime before the handlers were able to bring it under control.  That was not the first time such a thing was happening.  In fact, it happens all the time and sometimes people lose their lives.  Unfortunately, the authorities are not doing anything to arrest the menace of the cattle and their rearers.”

Trading in tears

Ariaria market used to be the pride of Aba.  Then buyers and sellers were happy going to the market for the Made in Aba products.

Nowadays, those who do business at Ariaria and their customers tell a tale of woes.  In fact, traders, who can afford to satisfy their needs elsewhere do so with gladness.  The reason is not far fetched.  Ariaria, like the rest of the city, is in dire straits.  Whichever way you access the market, you are bound to be confronted with the challenge of traffic snarl caused by the bad roads.  And when you get into the market, the sight that greets you makes you weep.  “A Line,” which used to be the flagship of the market is worse than shit. It is squalid, like a piggery.

According to one of the leaders in the market, who did not want his name in print, when it rains, many of the shops are flooded because there is no place of escape for the water.

He said: “The gutter is filled so when it rains everywhere is flooded, destroying goods in the shops.  People wear rain booth in the market whenever it rains.  Yet, we are made to pay all sorts of levies, including infrastructure and sanitation levies.  We have paid N6,500 each shop this year as well as two-year-rent in advance.  If you fail to comply, your shop will be locked up and no businessman can afford that.”

He presented many receipts to prove his case, regretting that the condition of the market and surrounding is discouraging customers from coming to patronise them.

Again, there is no electricity supply from PHCN in the market.  Traders provide electricity for themselves in the market through generating sets.  Some people have turned the situation to their advantage by buying generating sets and supply power to interested traders at N150 per day.

It was gathered that there are 110 sub unions that make up the market.  Each snub union has not less than 300 members or traders.  However, the traders are in chains, so to say.  They cannot speak freely or openly about the deplorable state of affairs in the market because if you do, “they will send Bakassi people to deal with you.”  In fact, the fear of Bakassi is the beginning of wisdom.  According to a source, Bakassi, a vigilance group, is used to terrorise people in the city.

Like Ariaria, like keke

Investigations revealed that keke riders are made to pay for four different tickets daily and they are issued with receipts after making such payments.  They include ASPIMS Daily Road Safety ticket, Daily Road Income Tax ticket, Daily Infrastructural Development Levy ticket and Amalgamated Tricycle Operators Association ticket. There are also weekly levies.

Residents too

Residents of Aba also complain of being compelled to pay all manners of levies with nothing to show for it. According to St. Moses Ogbonna, an activist, “the only thing that thrives in Abia and Aba in particular is levy.  There is infrastructural levy, ASEPA levy, gutter levy, keke levy and so on.  As I am talking to you, Keke people have been asked to pay N1,000 into the bank.  Nobody knows what the levy is all about. Bus drivers are asked to pay N2,000 each. All they do is to collect levy, no work.    That is the situation we found ourselves.”

Efforts to speak with the council chairmen proved abortive. However, the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Ugochukwu Emezue, said in view of the nature of the city, the government could not afford to abandon it. In a telephone chat, he volunteered that as soon as the rains were over, comprehensive rehabilitation work would commence in the city. He added that government had repaired some roads and opened up blocked drainages before the rains interrupted the effort. “The governor has promised to give Aba the attention it deserves,” he asserted.


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    • God will judge the Aba people and all the governors that have been rulling them, Orji Uzo came and did nothing T.A. Orji is there doing nothing, only to enrich his bank account, owing state workers many months salary without paying, has he taught at all to know that these people have children in schools, and to take care of, how will they take care of their homes, look at the roads, T.A. Orji you are a disgrace to all the governors in the Eastern State, God will judge you.

  1. Orji is too bussy stuffing his pockets while his people are living in a hovel. The people of Aba should open their eyes next time and vote for somebody who loves his people and not their wealth.

  2. Anyiam Ajomiwe on

    The decay of Aba started from the period Orji Uzor Kalu was Governor of Abia state.Former governor did fake jobs to decieve the people.The only work he did was Enyimba Football stadium.Former and present Governor are responsible for the bad condition of Aba.

  3. i cant even proudly tell my friends that Aba is my hometown because of the ugly state of our roads………..govtless state of Abia……….a shame!!!

  4. even if orji uzor Kalu didn’t do so much, this new administration has glorified him. now that the devil we no is better than the angle we don’t know,lets see what the future holds….

  5. Mr Henry, you are on point. Whenever i pass that city, i often wonder whether the people of Aba offended any god. There is no government presence at all yet the governor is busy traveling to collect awards he did not merit.

    • Yes, the people of the city probably offended God. Call the intellectuals among you, who have left for other parts of Nigeria to come back home and re-develop their lands. After all, charity begins at home!

    • Aba people need to repent in sackcloth and ashes. Ariaria market and other markets have swindled and duped so many people in the name of busy. Do you know how many people placed curses on the traders in Aba over being duped for many years. There is always pay back period . Many were killed after being duped. There is nothing physical that has no base in the spiritual. They must carry out A RESTITUTION TO SEE RESTORATION

      • I was born an brot up in Aba, the so ‘called enyimba city’. Am a native of Ndiegoro vilage in Aba south l.g.a..
        U all have all said somthing or d oda abt the roads in Aba, and u all mensioned roads dat u tink that u knw dat r bad. Bt nobody mentioned, Obohia road. Ohanku, if compared 2 obohia is a paradise. In Obohia is a road that linked Aba c many local govt, lyk Ugwunagbo, ukwa east and west. The worst part of d road is dat,
        1. Its nt even trakable,jus 4rm Nkwo ngwa market 2 Umuagbai, is lyk traveling 2 hell, d road has been devided in 4 big bush, in d sence dat while standing at nkwo ngwa market u wil nt be seeing sombody at d oda sid of d road. Pls i dnt knw d problem, is it dat ‘okpu is amaghi akpu ma obu aguba adighi nko.’ pls d govt shud wake up 4rm dis dr ‘sleep’…..


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  7. Na wao o. Governor Elechi of Ebonyi State and Orji are birds of thesame feather. Cos presently there is no governor in Ebonyi State and Abia State. These men should be kicked out from that seat. Thank you

  8. You are wicked! on

    i thought when people study in school they learnt how to make things better? but the situation in Aba shows that everything is backward instead of forward and progress

    • How could they make things better, when the education they receive in that schools are fake anyway. Fake school produces fake products. It is that simple!

  9. Emeka, Achor, Enyinnaya and Nkechi you have all lost your glory. No reasonable Ngwa man has regard to any of you again. The Ngwas are convinced you have sold your people and your father’s land “Aba” to Orji Kanu and Theo Orji.
    Show us your conscience!The Ngwas have seen all your secret plans to carry out more illegal/harmful act on us and therefore, non of you will smell the seat of a governor come 2015.

  10. i will kill again on

    I wonder why Ibo people are so dirty. I used to think that Yoruba and mallam people are the filthiest in the world but today,Ibo people have made mark on a new level of filthiness and dirt.The whole Abia state is a cesspool.

    • Maybe by running to Yoruba land and Hausa land, they caught the vapor. Tell those Igbos in the midst of Yorubas and Hausas to come back home to re-develop your land. You are losing your intellectuals to the Yorubas and the Hausas. After all, charity begins at home!

    • When you don’t know your back from your face , so you cannot hold conversation with people of good intellectual and sensible humor.
      You do not know who the IBO people are. You do not know where they are. Answering to your comments would not make sense but to get to let some of your type of empty heads know that we are not, and not what you think that we are. We are not short sighted and turnelled vision like you who is half Educated and don’t know what denger you pose to yourself and the society. You may think that you have facts to a problem when in the real sense youre empty and confused because you are not well informed .Just like a village idiot.

  11. I cry for the residents of Aba, this shows how insensitive our Leaders could be. Aba is the commercial nerve center of the country , one begins to wonder what will happen to the economy of this country if the commercial of Aba is destroyed. Please save Aba Enyinba city.

  12. Saying that aba have slidden into oblivion is an understatement, saying it squalid is very wrong, we seriously need 2 call on linguistics students 4rm Oxford 2 come 2 Aba, after which they will go back, then do a serious research 2 get a name suitable 4 d state of Aba. What makes this situation unbearable is that this is a part of d state that the Government can’t do without, over 60% of d states IGR comes 4rm there, yet d city is neglected like as if its unproductive. D people of Aba have suffered high level of marginalization & Neglect, especially when it comes 2 good roads, sanitation & town planning. Talk of Ekeakppara road that leads 2 Owerri, Okpu umuobo road, nd Soooooooo many others, instead of lookingout 4 a wat 2 solve d problem of Aba, they are busy chasing after bus drivers 4 daily tickets nd harassing other transport operators. Those that could b remembered her are the core towns, what abt the villages? I knw of a part of ABIA STATE’Umuoyoro-Ngwa’ that have been taken over by Rivers state nd d people are very proud & happy coz Rivers state have provided them with the required social amenities like: good roads, free basic education, electricity, pipborne water, 2 mention but a few. And d state in turn harness into its natural resources like heavily endowed palm plantation nd others. He has always promised us after the rainy season, that was how he promised that he was going 2 repair Ekeakppara roads when he came 4 his 2nd term campaign nd till date nothing has been done, if not 4 d reopening of Osisioma depot, dat stones were thrown on d roads 2 at least reduce the rate of falling of heavy lorries carrying oil, dat road wud av been a total mess, but yet beyond Osisioma depot nd d tail end of the road is not motorable, but yet at Osisioma junction , u see a mighty sign post saying ‘a federal road now been reconstructed by Gov. T.A Orji’. Before Abia state can b improved many things have 2 b done. Our lawmakers must rise up 2 ask the governor some questions, but u find this lacking because over 60% of the house members are 4rm PDP nd whatever they agree on stands. The moment you are travelling out of Abia state 2 d other state it shares boundaries with like: Rivers, Akwa-Ibom,Enugu, Imo, Ebonyi, u wud knw coz of d fresh air nd good roads u car threads on. Abia state needs somethin more powerful than deliverance. Serious prayers. Thanks 2 Mr. Umahi Henry & the sun 4 publishing this.

  13. The people of Abia state should vote these so called agent of corruption-called governors or what level of government,out through their franchise. The state of Abia state is a shame,mostly to the present governor of Abia state!

  14. ifeanyi victor on

    I think,next time u pple elect younger men as governors bc T.A and Elechi have been disgracing SE region,though dr are exceptions bc,orji a young governor was a failure.
    T.A orji is a study in failure,having sacked non-indigenes in d state wrk force,wt 13% derivation,NNDC added to state allocations I wonder y aba shld be like this.
    U can only feel ashamed as ibo person once u pass river state into aba.
    Dt cretin of a guvnr T.A orji is only gud causing disunity among igbo folks,we have more abians in anambra civil service dn anambra ppple in abia’s but we don’t sack our brothers n sisters frm service,I thought he saved enuf money. Frm dt n had serious plan for dt.
    Even looking at d man u can see he’s out of his depth,lost,clueless for an oil state.
    Abia has fallen frm frying pan into fire.

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  16. Billions of naira paid to receive undeserved awards could be used to develop Aba roads & infrastructure. Big shame to Ukwa/ Ngwa & their useless Ezes for always selling their conscious . Let’s wait & see how they will govern Abia State.

  17. Am frm Owerri anytime I think of Aba I shed tears and wonder if Aba pple committed any mortal Evil to go through such dehumanising experience.

  18. Believe me by 2015, this same T.A Orji will come to vie for a senetorial position and Emeka Wogu will want to be governor,but he couldn’t fix or influence fixing of the major road that leads to his family house.
    The writer understated the state of roads/infastructure in Aba,the condition of the town is worst than that of a nation that just finished fighting a war.
    Everything is unfunctional apart from levy,levy and more levies everyday and nothing is visible to show for it.

  19. Aba Enyimba city hv turn to igbo woes,because of total neglect from both militry and civilian administration.charity they said begins at home .OUK AND TA ORJI HV AQUAIRED THE WHOLE WORLD BUT LOST THEIR HOMELAND; HISTORY WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM ,we expect the president and efcc to beam their sarch light towards Abia State.Power they said belongs to the people ,i dont see how very few people will just pocket abia, its high time we ll come out in millions to claim our homeland from all these traitors,chase them away from igboland to exile.OUR NEW SLOGAN SHOULD BE WHAT CAN WE DO FOR NDIGBO ;LIKE JFK SAID IT ALL IN US-our leaders hv loot us dry,we hv no running water; no good roads; no security;;.no schools.we deserve pity.what are we going to tell the future generation,ÖBÜRÜ NA ABGANYEGHIRI ÜZÖ OWERI MGBA ODIGHI ECHI.

  20. The governors(present and past) of abia state and local govt chairmen in abia are monsters without conscience.They know what to do as concerns the deplorable condition of aba but they don`t want to.

  21. my broda na so we dey see t.a orji and his governance in abia state…just imagine abia state is it not aba and umuahia yet this idiot gov.can not do anything and some people still believe in him chei…i remember the good old days in aba ,a city of elephants hearts people…but now everything is crippled by t.a.orji..God will surely judge him

  22. i weep for Aba, i weep for my once beloved ENYIMBA CITY, It is sad indeed. I am from Aba and the writer capured exactly what tha area has turned to. The goverbor should bury his head in shame. What has he done with state resources for over five years in power? TA Orji has no conscience at all. Look at what Akpabio is doing in Uyo, even in Ikot Ekpene a nearby town, all roads well tarred, in Uyo fly overs welcome you to a magnificient town with a God fearing governor that has the interest of the people at heart. Since we cant have roads in Aba, maybe Jesus Christ would have made his second coming before fly overs would be built in Umuahia or Aba. Even if th people cant do anything, Ta Orji will surely face God to account for his deeds.

  23. God please help our people of Abia and they Governor including the law maker.Give us a savior not a body represent but absent minded in leadership. Am not from Abia, but through what this picture show, it means nothing is well in that state. God let your well be done so that your people will have faith and rejoice again in your best leadership in heaven.Give us a grace please oh lord. How can a governor and they member left they duties as a leader, something is definitely wrong somewhere.It might not be they willing to punished people but might be devil manipulation in them to suffer people of Abia. Honestly things are definitely falling apart in Nigerian. Then they still believe that they are right when they are in wrong side.Please God only you can factors out the root of this bad leadership. Money is there but they don’t know how to use it. Onye wem gbatara anyi oso eyemaka biko chineke wen Nmadu. Ndu anyi di gi na aka.

  24. The governor is a totally uncompassionate man and he lacks charisma as a leader. Sometimes i wonder if truly he was once a civil servernt because if he was one,he will understand what it means to starve a family man/woman their salary for upto 4-5 straight months and yet go to the media to falsly praise himself for paying workers salary as at when due. If he is compassionate his conscience should tell him that collecting sanitation ,infastructure ,the numerous keke/bus fees and even water board fees from residents while nothing is on ground to show for it is a satanic action. If T.A Orji has charisma,his good works will speak for it self,people even in remote villages in Sokoto will speak about that action governor in Abia state and he would’nt need to always run to national t.v and big radio stations to pay them to give news of all his activities (even when he congratulates another governor who marries a new wife)….always wanting to be seen as a working govt while nothing is on ground


  26. my good people of Aba , did your state have governor like other states in south. the Theodore Orji did not remember that Aba people vote him and he did forget the heartland of abia. anyway this is he last time ,anyway he say he will not come to Aba. If i may question God why must Theodore Orji to live . he dont surpose to live. T .Orji is an animal in the bush.

  27. Bakasi Boys millitant killed ,mained,destroyed and shed so many innocent blood durin their so called war against criminals and God values blood so much that he warmed not to shed it and now see how the blood of innocent people are purnishing Aba,this is just the begining,if you want to survive run run and run away from Aba if you are innocent.Aba need to pray so hard to God for forgiveness

  28. mr governor, if god hates you, you won,t be on that seat till now, even if ABA people wronged why can,t you tamper just with mercy than suffering the poor masses like this, Mind you God is watching you better change your mind

  29. T A Orji deserves a visit by Boko Haram, that will settle the issue forever. I thereby ask any suicide BH to contact me so that we can negotiate on how his family will be taken care of after his visit to T A Orji BASTARD AS GOVERNOR.



  32. T.A ORJI is a failure.he rigged himself into office.Since man cannot judge him ,let GOD judge him.God help this country.

  33. The condition of Aba is a typical example of the current saying that Nigerian leaders have all gone mad! Only force is needed to dislodge all Nigerian leaders from their seats.

  34. I live in Aba, to say Aba is a hell is an understatement, the way things are there, there is no english word that describes the condition of the city of Aba. Some thieves in the name of politicians can go to newshouse and be calling Gov. Orji the Mandela of Abia. He built pedestral flyover at the cost of 5billion naira, went to NTA Aba to praise himself. The Governor is busy buying all the plots at Umuahia while the son is busy sharing looted money to his kingsmen and people are going thro man made hell. Let’s hope on what President GEJ, he said corrupt Governors will never go unpunished. All sorts of levy everywhere, nothing to show for it. Shame to people of the Abia, politically blind. One nasty Idiot will come in the name of governor and tie everybody with rope and the will remain like that.

    What all of you should know about ABA is that ABA was spoiled by criminals in name of kidnapping, which Leeds to the investors to move out of ABA, we should consider that ABA is a Local Government area which involve ABA North and ABA South L.G.A, so development of ABA will not much involve State Government due to focused in developing UMUAHIA the State Capital ABA can no more develop except by the grace of GOD. WHAT ABA SHOULD DO TO REVIVE IT are ; [1] They should dethrone all the Chiefs which some of them may be kidnappers and have only two autonomous chief in North and south L.G.A. [2] They should ban the system they are using to cheat other IBOs in the name of OHUHU and AMALA which lather brought them into kidnapping.
    Where ever strangers is chase out there must be no development so stop calling Governors name for nothing. What is the works of the chairmen, or are they not receiving money every month?

  36. A deaf and dumb Governor is likened to Thief T.A Orji. He who the God’s wants to destroy, they first make mad. Continue in your madness, good for nothing Governor.
    I must probe you after your tenure, all the wealth you have been amassing is known to us.
    No hiding place for you… Idiot.


    • You an idot. Its people like u who sell thier conscience cos of money. Since u ar d only abian who claims dat d agboro called governor is trying, may u suffer d same fate of abia state in ur family and ur children. Anuohia

    • You do not know what you are saying. You sound like you have be settled with Abia State money by the laziest governor in the World. What Akidi has okija shrine governor made for people in Aba? He will go back to jail, it is a qeustion of time, if he likes, let him continue to swap political offices after 2015. The day of judgement will come in Nigeria. The okija shrine gods are tornmenting him that is why he can see or hear.

  38. May God bless this reporter for being fearless and without being sycophantic in the reportage of the true state of things in this town we live called Aba. In fact, he just said the very little of the goings on in this town. What about schools, pipe borne water, electricity, toutism, disorderliness, harassments etc. I know T.A.Orji, his Ugochukwu Emezues and most Abia traditional rulers especially of Ngwa enclave will come out to tell whoever that cares to listen that they have and are still developing everywhere in the town. Shame on them! As the reporter puts it, Aba is a portrait of a city criminally neglected and one day the criminals will pay. May I then use this medium to call on Aba people to stop being cowards, speak out and rise against this evil either in peace or in pieces. Aluta continua!


  40. it is amazing how a brother will hate his brother. i still cant understand why most of this eastern governors ca. nnot work in a place that is their own homes. they should be ashamed of themselves. look at waht Donald Duke did, look at what Fashola is doing and other good governors toothe case of Imo and Abia Abia has always been story. Ngige did wonderfully well during his time in Anambra despite the fight then with his political opponent. the surprises me most is that an old man like theodre orji is messing himself up . why cant he work and make abia better, no wonder orji kalu accused him of masterminding all his did during his tenure . we can see that kalu isn’t lying.

  41. Aluu, Wisdom Innocent on

    I knw it wil cum 2 dis, i knw Abia wud b abadoned. Wen i was shoutin Let us vote T. A. Out of office nobody heard me, @ d day of election we all sat in our houses $ watch him rigged d election. Dats a prize we all most pay 4 ‘ e no concern me’ attitude. Shey d so called keke riders were d 1 dat champaigned & rigged d election 4 him. Let us all pay 4 our neglegence so dat next tym we will knw whom 2 giv our mandates. As 4 T. A. Orji, i pity him bcus we r waitin 4 him cum 2015 wen d immunity clause wud b unveiled. Let him gather dose monies vry well becus kirikiri maximum prison wit hard labour awiats him.


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    …Do you know that one Bitter kola nut is sold for one euro in Germany as at March 2012.

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    Call for info : 08039454675 or 08058499904

  43. Aluu, Wisdom Innocent on

    I knw it wil cum 2 dis, i knw Abia wud b abadoned. Wen i was shoutin Let us vote T. A. Out of office nobody heard me, on d day of election we all sat in our houses $ watch him rigged d election. Dats a prize we all most pay 4 ‘ e no concern me’ attitude. Shey d so called keke riders were d 1 dat champaigned & rigged d election 4 him. Let us all pay 4 our neglegence so dat next tym we will knw whom 2 giv our mandates. As 4 T. A. Orji, i pity him bcus we r waitin 4 him cum 2015 wen d immunity clause wud b unveiled. Let him gather dose monies vry well becus kirikiri maximum prison wit hard labour awiats him.

  44. The case of Aba is representative of south east states as a whole. These states are ruled by a bunch of treasury looters who see their states as the spoils of war. They obviously believe that having ‘invested’ in getting elected, the states can be looted at will. After all, an average ibo is always quick to say that the abbreviation ibo means – I Before others. I supposed this is a taste of what an ibo presidency would look like.

  45. its a well known fact that Aba as a city has failed many years ago due largely to neglect from past and present leadership. it is on record that Aba holds the world record of the the most dirtiest town in the universe, thanks to her past and present leaders. It is the only town in Nigeria, where touts (Agberos) are the chairmen in every street, every available corner has been turned to a motor park, where the number of refuse dumps out-weighs the number of inhabitants and where lawlessness is the order. Weep not for Aba, for the nemesis of blood baths over the years by ritual killers, kidnappers, Bakasi boys, jungle justice, hit and run drivers, and other forms of organsied crimes have finally caught up with her

  46. I remember those days in the 80s that we have a slogan `Aba Di Uto` when we were pruod anywhere we are in the world to say, `I am Aba Boy` But now each time i come home, i felt like crying for my dear Enyinba City. The works of Dede Sam and partly Ouk (Although Sub standard to some extent) has been turned to a Baby without A Baby Sitter. i came home last time and tried to drive to my almamater Osusu Secondary School, i could not drive through Faulks road to my former school, T.O. Orji is the Worst thing that happend to Abia State and Ugochukwu Emezue should be ready because time is coming very soon, he will go into hidding.

  47. Aba, oh my dear Aba !
    What has thou done to deserve this.
    How has thou fallen from great height to the deepest abyss.
    A city once bubbled with talent is now forsaken.
    A city where whatever you could not get in any other part of Nigeria you would be referred to.
    A city where banks were rushing to open their branches
    A city of my good inlaws,
    What has thou done ?
    My advice to you my inlaws,
    In any subsequent election,
    avoid any politician with the name ORJI
    It shall be well with you my dear city, ABA.

  48. What do you expect from a man who was smuggled out of detention to Abia State government house? What do we expect from a man who told us that his brain was manipulated by one old woman for 4 years? What do we expect from a man who was chosen by his boss to replace him just because he was a better thief? I hope we have learnt our lessons.

  49. The dirty and collapsed state of Aba is indicative of the dirty lifestyle of the residents. If you move all the residents to Abuja and they live their lives the way they live in Aba, Abuja will collapse like Aba in less than one year. Therefore, to revive Aba, the people have to be re-orientated first. If not, no matter the amount of money you spend in rebuilding the city, it will collapse sooner than later. De T.A. Oji, please come to the rescue of Aba, but put stringent policies that will check the dirty live style of the residents, so that the state resources to be committed to the city is not wasted again. “The Thing that makes he-goat to smell is in its body”. Aba residents change your attitude; Abia Governor help to save Aba from further deterioration.

  50. I tink orji shuld be remove frm d seat nd a more capable hand shuld be brough up,somtin ave to be done fast to a city of aba

  51. Ifeanyi Nlemchukwu on

    Theodore Orji is a failure like his state. what a shame…….Aba, avoid any politician with the name ORJI and Ohakim

  52. This is an honest report although lot more were not written, may be for sake of fairness or space: The unfortunate thing is that one of these days this seed of neglect will shade its bitter fruit. Soldiers or no soldiers, you will wake up one day only to hear of revolt beyond the Arab Spring take place in this city. It will be more devastating than superstorm Sandy sparing no elected or appointed reps. The truth is that the current sets of hooligans in leadership – from thugs in uniform to agburus in govt under estimate the spirit of this unique city. Common pain has a way of uniting the dying for survival fight. Of course God will support the commoners.

  53. T.A. Orji whatever makes u think u can escape the wrath of GOD and the people after all these? Do u, ur advisers or family members ever think they can ever escape unhurt after treating Abians with such scorn? Theodore, I see doom and gloom awaiting u. I know u can feel it too but u choose to get lost in temporary pleasures to help u escape the livid pictures of ur impending doom. Tempus fugit (time flies) and before long u’ll face that day. What a lost family u have succeeded in raising, what a wasteful life u have lived cos everything will go up in smoke in the twinkle of an eye. I see Abians rejoicing for the evil that has caught up with u and people clinking glasses and reminiscing ur satanic rule while thanking GOD for the inevitable victory of good over evil. What a happy day that will be in Abia! Imagine the celebration in Aba. Its such a pity u won’t be missed cos u were so uncharismatic. We can’t wait to see u and ur family in pains and i tell u the sight of u and ur loved ones in pains would heal many wounds. Ghaddafi’s body was displayed publicly at a fruit market but urs would be in a gutter so that even kids will have the pleasure of urinating on u. This isnt a mere wish, its ur fate cos its a prophecy. Farewell in advance and and may all others be deterred from doing evil to GOD’s own people after seeing what happened to u. Enjoy the party while it lasts. So long!

  54. Abia state should learn a lesson from what happened to Ikedi Ohakim. The best thing that can happen to Abia people is to ensure that PDP is voted out in 2015. Just take a look at the infrastructural development going on in Imo state by APGA. Abians, tell yourselves the truth.

  55. Kalu J. Okafor on

    Igbos are difficult people to deal with. We are fund of putting blames for our woes on every other person except ourselves. A responsive government is the right of the people. Good governance must be seen as the responsibility of government and not dividends of democracy as T.A. Orji’s government is wont to label it. even as we now know that Orji Uzor Kalu’s government was saintly compared to the sheer ineptitude and criminal negligence of Abians being exhibited by T.A. Orji’s father and son madness on his constituents and home state. Having said that, residents of Aba and other cities in Igboland need to search our conscience to see if we deserve good life. Little things that we should do round our homes, shops and offices to keep them clean and inhabitable. Government does not live with us in our surroundings but we neglect our compounds and streets and always blame government as if there is anything called government without us. If Aba feels neglected, can we march on Umuahia and make our grievances known. Igbos are proud living in Lagos, Abuja and other non Igbo cities. We keep rules issued by governments there, but in Igboland, we are lawless and careless.


    Why are we all complaining?we caused it,how?voter apathy.Governor has made it clear that he will not do anything meaningful in Aba,he said it to Abia people in America during a town hall meeting.whether ship or no ship the money is gone.Abeg,did he buy d ship?


    Reporter,in d chronicle of levies paid in Abia u forgot borehole levy of 3ok,d new fire extinguisher fee for all residents of Aba etc.we are waiting for toilet levy they are working on that.shame unto theo my former friend.


    T.A Orji is busy looking for building to takeover and the ones to demolish if his negotiation fails. Bad Governance is in the blood.


    • You are finally addressing your problems, rather than blaming it on the Yorubas. Tell your people to stay home and develop the area. You can make Aba a Lagos or Abuja. If you unleashed your creativity as you have been doing in other states in Nigeria on your own state, changes will come, and other people would like to come to your state. The last time my cousin visited Aba, he though a god has come to destroy the city!

  60. God will judge the people of Aba and the governors that have been governing them, what has Aba people done to you people, God will surely send a saviour to save you people of Aba, God will surely repair all your roads to be a smoot place, God will heal our land. T.A. Orji, you are a disgrace to all the Governors in the Eastern State, look round you and see you are not the worst Governor. State workers are dying of hunger, they cannot afford to pay their children’s school fees becaues you are owing them five months salary, God is seeing what ever we are doing, and will pay us all according to our did.

  61. My first experience when i visited Aba was terrible. The place where i slept despite of mosquito coli and raid i used i could not sleep, i have to rushed back to Lagos. The gvt should do something to bring the glory of that place back. especially Ariara market.

  62. I hope one of the deputy governors flee yesterday when no man pursues him . The axe is ready under the tree any tree that does not bear fruit must surely be cut down and throw away into the fire .

  63. God, what have Aba done to Theo Orji, sometime I wounder is Theo Orji knows that one days he will leave the seat, Can’t u do something that will make people remember your name. In the entire world you are the worst Governor. One day, if you done suffer it ur children will suffer for what you did in Abia State.

  64. ….and the Governor T.A Orji is busy receiving fake award from fake people. It’s unfortunate that Abia has such clown as Governor. If Abians refused to judge this Governor, providence will certainly do. It’s stated that whatever thing man sowed that he shall reap….he will never go unpunished. My everyday prayer is that God will surely judge him and his family for milking Abia dry…and making the state a laughing stock in Nigeria…..it shall never be well with him.

  65. What a systematic and a wonderful documentation by Henry. Its pitiable, All over Nigeria today, we could be easily referred to as HELPLESS people in a HOPELESS NATION. Thats the name of my book. Call me on 07038490563 to have a copy of the book. Henry UNN

  66. pls pls mr president is it not about time u orderd efcc to arrest ta orji immunity my foot, eric femi nwosu true ur weekly colunms u ppl can remove thief from office i dont why u pple are being paschial this thief has completly ruin abia state. sun is d voice of this nation why are u pple not doing anytin on a serious isue lik dis.

  67. I lived in Aba for 5 years and can connect so well with the picture the newspaper has painted. At the time left 4 years ago, Aba was already wearing this pathetic look. There’s no doubt that TA orji is an inept governor from the outset. He’s a waste of space.

    Having said that, we are not fools and know that the present situation is a product of progressive degeneration over a long period.

    I can see through the attempt to lay everything squarely on the head of the current governor but Orji Uzor should also come out to tell us what he did in 8 years in the saddle. Real leaders build legacies that outlast them. These indeed are not pictures of an enduring legacies. If he actually construct roads and led well, things would not have degenerated so quickly and all the roads in Aba will not be what they are today. The old Ibadan Ife road has been built for decades and still standing.

    In as much as this article open people’s eyes to total failure of governance and I will not take anything away from that. I can’t also help but see the political side to it especially as the 2 Orjis have since fallen out.

    Both of them are non performers and apart from that, Uzor Kalu installed T.A Orji. No one can lay claim to success when the successor he installed is a total failure. They are both birds of a feather.

  68. I am not from Abia but I know Aba very well, Aba is a total disgrace to Mankind,infact it it a sharp contrast to what a human habitat should be,there is no word that can describe or explain the state of Aba Ngwa, come to think of it,the mentality of an average Aba man is below par,Aba Ngwa is full merciless,conscienceless and inconsiderate people with so myopic orientation that money and wealth accumulation is what life is all about,the spirit of GOD and the WORD of GOD is highly ignored and also neglected,Aba I believe rates number one in. Moral decadence among Nigerian youths,formal education is not important everybody want to be rich,Aba have mortgaged their future long ago that is why extra judicial killings,armed robbery,kidnapping,ritual killings are at their peak in Aba Ngwa,shedding of blood is nothing in Aba Ngwa, a lot of innocent souls have been wasted in Aba Ngwa,Ngwa people are themselves are not helping matters because they’ve regarded Aba as their hope,they don’t go to school,just creating all sorts of avenue to milk Aba residents dry and also create confusion infact some of them are everything evil,now every body is blaming past and current administration,in as much as I am not trying to exonerate them but I want to let Ngwa and Abia people know that the Wrath and Jugdement of GOD have come upon Aba Ngwa and Abia people,you people have not seen anything yet and if you people don’t hasten in seeking the face and appease the GOD Almighty,the state of Aba in the nearest future not even United Nation could fix it,Aba I’m afraid soonest might just be in the story or history book because you can’t eat your cake and have it

  69. Deji Olubusoye on

    The past governor and current one does not even think good of commercial nerve center of this country. Quite unfortunate that most of the trader are used to achieve there gubernatorial objectives. Even Abaribe and House of rep member did not add value to improve Aba infrastructural and road decay. By 2013 they will all come out to contest with stinky promises like the 2 -Orji’s that turned enemy but enrich there pockets.

  70. I get upset when ever I hear that EFCC is prosecuting this Governor and that Governor. The first person they should Presecute is the Governor of Abia state. The same man whose state is a nightmare collected an award of excellence in Governance in Enugu state. why didn’t he collect the award in Abia state? To worsen the case more, I saw elderly fools that claimed to be traditional rulers in Abia state in the same occasion congratulating their useless Governor. it makes me marvel how stupid some people can be because of little peanut. You see elders selling their conscience because of one person that I cannot find a good adjective to describe his foolishness. May God forgive all of them for they know not what they are doing.

  71. to the man that arrange this article, thank you for publishing this, i just hope that the useless Governor will find time to read this article and the people response

  72. our leaders are killing our economy, dont they know that if the provide good infrastrutures to commercial city like aba it will boost up income and std of living. blind leaders

  73. Nwosu G.C you are a big shame. How much were you paid to post those rubbish above? You cannot defend the indefensible, your man TA is a big failure. I rate his failure more than that of OUK because he as a retired carrier civil servant should know better.

  74. This Governor TA Orji must surely meet his doom….unless there is no more God in Abia State. A land of opportunity turned to garbage and miserable city. A MONSTER and SADIST GOVERNOR….must surely pay.

  75. Ironically, Aba and Nigeria are thesame. Aba represents a smaller picture of what the entire Nigeria State looks like. The man said, “only Okigwe Road and Aba-Owerri are without problems”. Thesame with Nigeria, only Abuja and Lagos Roads are good maybe Enugu state roads inclusive. Goodluck Jonathan is to Nigeria, what T.A Orji is to Abia state. Sometimes i feel ashame to tell people im from Abia state just as most Nigerians feel ashame to tell people from other countries that they are from Nigeria. So Don’t get so happy because Aba is not in ur state. We r all suffering the crises. I stay in Port Harcourt. the road to my house is worst than any of those mention in Aba… though the man here is trying. (no be wash). I never voted for T. Orji, bcos looking at him u will knw that the man has noting to offer. short man with short brian. All he does is to send congratulations to whoever has done well and condolences to those mourning just to buy cheap popularity on screens of AIT and NTA and Silverbird. Mugu.

  76. Ironically, Aba and Nigeria are thesame. Aba represents a smaller picture of what the entire Nigeria State looks like. The man said, “only Okigwe Road and Aba-Owerri are without problems”. Thesame with Nigeria, only Abuja and Lagos Roads are good maybe Enugu state roads inclusive. Goodluck Jonathan is to Nigeria, what T.A Orji is to Abia state. No wonder they like each. Sometimes i feel ashame to tell people im from Abia state just as most Nigerians feel ashame to tell people from other countries that they are from Nigeria. So Don’t get so happy because Aba is not in ur state. We r all suffering the crises. I stay in Port Harcourt. the road to my house is worst than any of those mention in Aba… though the man here is trying. (no be wash). I never voted for T. Orji, bcos looking at him u will knw that the man has noting to offer. short man with short brian. All he does is to send congratulations to whoever has done well and condolences to those mourning just to buy cheap popularity on screens of AIT and NTA and Silverbird. Mugu.

  77. Goodwill Oleka on

    I refused to agree with anybody who compare Orji Uzor Kalu and this present Governor, TA Orji, I am not an from Abia but I hv lived and worked in Abia state in Aba precisely, During Orji Uzo Kalu regime, some of those roads was given a face-lift, by the time the Aba stadium was reconstructed the former Governor did some repairs on some of those roads, cleaned up some drains, although he should have done better but the present Governor is weakling, only Tv adverts and spending a lot of money to receive unmerited awards, TA talks too much and of course he knew that people hate him for his insincerity when it comes to do with Governance and his support for illegality in Nigeria more over his actions during the fuel subsidy erra cannot be forgotten in a hurry, Abia people has the right to stop him from going to the senate for he cannot attract any development to Abia people since he failed as a Governor.

    • I don’t know where to begin and where to end in the pathetic story of Aba and Abia in general. As the reporter says, Aba is a complete shadow of itself. If it rains, passing through Uratta Portharcourt road junction, Oba street by Ph. Rd., Crystal park junctn, Coca-cola just to mention bt a few from that straight road becomes a nightmare to motorists, pedestrians and even to animals to make a cross. All the roads in Aba are in sorry state. Name any road in Aba that is passable- non! Do you talk of schools, sensitive disciplines like law, medicine and surgery etc in our higher institution costs nothing less than N500k to gain admission in. While others considered non too sensitive ones goes for about N300k and N200k
      However, nothing shows for these huge sums of money been collected from the children of the affluent and poor alike. Health care not working in Abia. Indian hospitals have turned to Abia hospitals for those govt official that can afford them. Security lapses everywhere. Armed robbery and kidnapping cases still abound. Several task forces are been inaugurated weekly targeted at collecting levies and fees forcefully imposed on the people by the govt. The worst is that if you talk, sorry becomes your name. The lawyers that protested over the decayed nature of the roads did not go scot free over their actions. If you are not a praise singer of the failed govt in the state, you become an enemy and you know what that means. Keke Napep which its name implies on alleviating poverty, has become a good source of revenue generator to the govt and police in the state at the expense of the owners. Crime is being encouraged in the state by the govt through provission of conducive environment at Yorke street popularly known as a haven for notorious drug dealers in the state and donation of buses and keke Napep to them thereby facilitating crimes in the state. Businesses are been paralyzed often due to inceasant locking or demolition of shops just to avenge no meaningful anger. Infact Abia pathetic story could make a very voluminuos book by a renowned writer. Oh my God, where art thou? Dear God pls come to the rescue of the state that dedicated itself to YOU.

  78. Abia State has been so unfortunate. It has been governed by the most wicked Igbo Governors in history. A beautiful State yet so unlucky. My umbilical chord was buried at Ngwa Road, Aba, where I was born and I am forever tied to that most liberating of cities. Enyimba shall rebound, as an indomitable, practical and empowering city, that it had always been.

  79. I AM NO LONGER FROM ABIA TILL 2015! How can a normal person come to a local government and say ‘you people said am not working, I think you people said am not working, its only when I will dig a hole and cover it that you will know am working’? Personally, I doubt if T-hief A-fter Orji is still mentally stable. I recommend psychological check. He is carrying the national class on his head. His position is 36/36(Ochendo bu klasi n’isi). HE NEEDS SERIOUS PRAYERS!

  80. what about 7up to Ahiankwo market .Obikabia road which gov T A orji claims to have work was not even work up to 25% and it stoped they started at the jonction and stop some where before Obingwa headquater. keke now from ahiankwo market to Obingwa HQt is $1.00. you will not venture putting you car to the road that leads to Glass force LTD osusu umueme. Infomation from villagers say T A orji in 2008 collected the money which the company want to use in constructing the roads there as couterpart funding since 2008. I mean in Obingwa ward 5 senator Abaribe’s Ahaba community. All that is holding our mandate have fail us from the presidency to ward councillors. Governor said his not a business man so if your one fine your way to places where governors do business he want show Aba that if you don’t belong to Agboro he will not give keke if you not a yoke member no bus for you.

  81. Igbos are a problem to themselves , their greed know no bounds they are unscrupulous and can go anything for money anywhere they predominate they destroy they cannot live amongst themselves and do have to scatter all over the country to make z list of their pervertion of all that is good would make this contribution endless, IMO and abia have been receiving petroleum task force money got ages what have they done with it ? Ibis occupy the smallest land area of all major ethnic groups yet they populate like rabbits, and now push their supply’s ppl to other lands, one person talks of creating Biafra I ask which lands are you going to include certainly not edo, delta ,cross river and Akwa Akwa iBom or rivers, because we have seen how greedy and animalistic your ppl are and would rather remain as minority in Nigeria, where have giants like zip, Achebe, Kenneth onwuka dike, micheal ok para gone to iBo used to have the best ppl all of a sudden I don’t know where this dishonourable animalistic money conscious madness came from is it the effect of the civil war

  82. Aba will continue to be in decay in as much as your citizens continue to go to develop other states or zones in the country. Tell your people to come back home and develop Aba. Otherwise, you ain’t seeing nothing yet!

  83. Aba will continue to be in decay in as much as your citizens continue to go to develop other states or zones in the country. Tell your people to come back home and develop Aba. Otherwise, you ain’t seeing nothing yet! Change your leaders, and everything will be fine!

  84. Henry’s article made good reading. If the government has failed the residents of this once bubbling commercial city, what the people can do to help themselves is to form street “blocks”, a kind of commune. If you take Hospital Road for example, all the residents from No 1 to say No 100 can form a “block”. They assess what they need to keep their roads passable, even if it means digging drainages, collect money among themselves and fix it. This has worked in some communities. It can work in Aba if well managed, although there are difficult areas only government will have the funds to work with. As they say, half a loaf of bread is always better than none.

  85. Pls pple should help me ask dis old monster calld Elechi, d governor of ebonyi state if he is goin 2 need anoda 4yrs to complet d water project wc is d only tin he hav been on 4 d past 5yrs?

  86. I am not happy because the writer did not mention one “important worst” road in Aba – Obohia Road.
    I left Aba 2 years ago.People who live down Obohia Road can not drive home with their cars and Kekes. The pay some amount of money to park their cars and Kekes at one Filling Station very close to Nkwo Ngwa Market along Obohia Road.
    Abians please wake the sleeping Governor from his slumber.When T.A.Orji left his Master-Orji Uzor and Mother,I thought Abians will see the light of the day but the reverse is the case today.
    Abians be wise before 2015.

  87. I am always patient before I criticize people without facts like I said before that we should allow all seating Governors, all Ministers, and even the President to finish their tenures and step aside for us to see there good deeds to commend them or there bad deed to now discredit them, now this article about Abia has exposed Orji Kalu, as I said’ allow all of them to re-appear for re election with there Abarakatabara while we provide this type of article to disgrace them, apart from the writer saying it, all eyes are seeing or have seen what the writer reminded us, so please it is a shame that somebody like Orji a vibrant young Man could be a noise maker above all have the pride without any atom of shame to come out to speak for Igbo people.
    I think I have to warn him today Orji Kalu to stop appearing in front pages of any National News papers as he is a disgrace to Igbo race.
    I was fighting on his behalf during his tenure as Governor when one Barr. Kennedy Chukwuemeka was saying and planning evil against him in his Hotel in Heavens Hotel ojudu Berger lagos, but with the way he left Abia State I lost that respect and join crusade against his evil deeds.

    Gidi Gidi 1

  88. @ solution.Oga solution you don fall my hand.So Ochendo sabi book reach like that? To carry 36/36,Solution this position na A1 now.Please next time use “out of” and avoid “/”.
    Now is position is 36 out of 36.
    Aba why una no use pure water kill T. A. Orji that time they buried Ojukwu.

  89. Abia, do not blem your governors because they are from among you (from Abia). If you have GUTs, cast them out as Imo people did, qed. In Imo at that time, we faced their money, police and military intimidation with our blood and without arms. People’s “Will” and prayer are all it takes to drive them out of office. As my former brother, pls. pray to God to send Godswill Akpabio (after his mission in Akwa Ibom), to your state, for six months to train your next governor on how to develop a state on ground and not on news papers and TVs. Goodluck.

  90. State emergency should be declared in Aba. The writer forgot to mention uratta rd that has been in a state of disrepair for over 12yrs now with stagnant water. And the stupid T.A Orji is busing buying airtime on Ait tv to laudering his image and blowing his trumpet.

  91. D man dat calls him self d governor of abia state is busy buying award to deceive himself. Just of recent he bought an award 4rm champion newspaper as d icon of democracy and anoda 4rm Ghana is d best security concious governor. Imagine when he wanted to receive d award, he went and borrowed enugu state so dat dose dat he invited wont know how terrible d state is. A man dat uses public fund as if it is his, owes workers 4 months, increases skul fee every session and wants to buy d whole umuahia. Orji God will surely visit u very soon, idiot man.


  93. Gov Orji, the cosmos will surely reward you for making Abia State underdeveloped.

    The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.
    Time will tell……………..

  94. Peter Nwankwo (Dallas,TX) on

    Jeez, Aba is dirty! The governor has always been a clown. This city is supposed to be the manufacturing hub of Eastern Nigeria. But look what the whole place has turned to. I pity the residents of the city. They should get a better Local Government Chairman, and a Governor in 2015.

  95. Oloniruha Kabba Mayomi on

    The animal called man must pay back his loan before the Abia people can enjoy the dividend of Democracy because they were one that voted for the wrong man at the right time.

  96. I pity Abia people. If u take at closer look at d Governor, u will see a man who narrowly escaped imbecility. The situation is even made worst now for Abia people because he has been lost to cannabis.

  97. Chukwudi victor Chinedum on

    What is happening in Aba Ngwa and Abia state in general shows what is obtainable in any place where people see darkness and cleave to it instead of light.Anybody praying for the Death of TA Orji is wasting time.His coming as the Gov of Abia state was not hidden,but Abians especially Ngwa people willingly sold the future Of Abia state for meagre amount of money.However,GOD can do all things.The desired change can visit Abia state shortly.But,Enyi Abaribe,ACHO Nwakanma,Emeka Nwogu,Eziuche Ubani etc are big disgrace to NGWA people.

  98. God bless the reporter 4 reporting what he see. T.A. Orji or Thief Orji is a disgrace to Abians and more special to the womb that carried him. Am not surprise that all these things are happening in Aba, becos we sale our right by voting so called Thief Orji for second term in office. Let’s us learn from our mistalk. Pls God deliever us from the hand of bad ruling of Chief Thief Orji. Amen

  99. Late Abiola once said we are suffering amidst plenty. For me I suppose our greatest problem in Nigeria are the masses. We must stand for our right and make our leaders responsible inrespective of who is voted as the Local Government Chairman, Counsellor, Governor, Members of the House’s or President. For Aba case I weep because it is the only town in Nigeria that I don’t pray for my enemies to drive their cars to. But the reality is if the president is actually working state government will be forced to work. What a shameless country.

  100. When Joseph Goebbels said that “the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental
    principle is borne in mind constantly-it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over” and his master Adolf
    Hitler supported by saying “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” though
    this was said 72years ago in far away Germany. I never knew he was talking about ABIA STATE. This is exactly what ORJI KALU
    and his agents are doing with social networks. Some victims of this propaganda have believed all these lies repeated over the
    years that nothing is happening in Abia state. Pictures of Bad federal government roads in Abia state has been circulated over
    the internet in other to convince some minds that Abia is the capital of under development. I will list some of the achievement of
    T.A.ORJI administration and let the world judge this rumour mongers. I am not saying there is no bad roads in Aba what of the
    roads this administration of T.A.ORJI has repaired.
    Be it as it may let us look at trend of events in Abia state. Immediately the T.AORJI dumped his supposedly political Godfather
    few months later the kidnapping started with a ferocity, shock and awe that ABA was abandoned like a war ravaged territory,
    this was followed by an attack on the governors convoy (though he was not in the convoy during the attack), there were
    massive robbery ,raping and sponsored assassinations. This was aimed at making Abia state ungovernable. YOU MIGHT BE
    HE EMPLOYED. His Excellency T.A.ORJI through his political sagacity and will was able to restore Abia to ABIANS. When all
    these failed OUK followed it up with public embarrassment of the governor by hiring touts. Imbeciles and idiots to shout at the
    governor so that it will appear as if he is unpopular despite all these distraction T.AORJI was able to win the re-election.
    Now having exhausted all their ammunition of sabotage they now embark on propaganda by adopting conspiracy and label
    theory. Just label him a failure and repeat it million times then people will believe it as Goebbels and Hitler said repeat the lies
    several times and people will believe it. Now we have people who have never been in Abia state commenting on Abia based on
    information they had from this propaganda machine, information manufactured in beer parlours.
    The question we need to answer is there any state in Nigeria without bad roads? Why are these propagandists focusing on bad
    roads in Abia instead of the good roads? The answer is to undermine TAO. Now we have known their aim they have lost
    integrity and respect. Had it being that TAO allowed the OUK to loot the money as usual he will be the one singing his praises
    Now let us look at the landscape of Abia you will see a lot of projects 1. International conference center, 2. New secretariat, 3.
    New high court complex, 4. New judicial complex, 5. Amachara General hospital,6. BCA COMPLEX, 7. New ASEPA office, 8. New
    government house, 9. Abia specialist hospital,10 numerous schools renovated by ASOPADEC, 11. Roads constructed are many
    the list will soon be published
    I urge these distracters to go around and see instead of feeding people with lies

  101. The mastermind of this propaganda is no other person but OUK. The rhetorical question we should ask ourself is “when did Aba start detororiating”It started with OUK who did abracadabra on d roads in the name of fixing it. At the end the roads became worse than b4 in 6months. TA came and met the place in astate of disrepair and promised to work Aba after the rains. Instead of making the same mistake his predecessor did, he has done a survey on how it will be carried out and the team of professionals engaged adviced that all drainages and right of way must be opened for easy flow of water. Aba river which serves as the major drain is not an exception. Also in doing this, strucyures and buildings must be destroyed but thank God Aba landlords have agreed to loose some of their properties. So Aba does not need rushing to avoid mistakes in otherwords bringing a lasting solution to the problems. Most of us here comment based on hear say may,be bcos they are not opportuned yet to visit. My brodas, Aba is not the way people paint it. This is the hqnd work of political jobbers and detractors sponsored by OUK, to discredit the govt just because he feel ashamed that the short period TA Orji has stayed after liberating himself from OUKs shaclkes have performed.more than him. So he is using everyminstrument to discredit him. U can peruse the following sites to see some of the good works of the governor. http://www.abiaonlinenews.blogspot.com,www.abiayouthassembly.blogspot.com,www.ochendovoice.blogspot.com, http://www.insideabia.blogspot.com. capitalcitytv on facebook.

  102. What do we expect from a State or city that has no respect for human dignity? Aba Ngwa people are carnivorous. How do you expect the indigenes to enjoy good road to have more access to their prey. The poor state of their roads is what they deserve for now until they embrace salvation and turn away from eating of human being. If this is done, God will turn away captivates of their enemy and network of their road will improve.

  103. About 150 comments against a person who called himself a leader, and he did not care to listen to voice of people. If I were T.A Orji I will resign and commit suicide because he is dead on earth already. May his soul rest in pieces.

  104. Advocate for good governance. on

    Nwa Aba and Abiavoice, I put it to you that both of you were cheaply bought over to defend this monster called Thief ‘A’ whatever nonsense. Posterity will not forgive you all. Akwukwo nso bu Bible mere ka odoo anyi anya na ugwo olu mmehie bu onwu. Ozokwa bu na ndi n’eme ha ga adi ka ha. The reward for evil is death. However, 2 more years are left before Abia goes back to the polls in 2015 for him to remove his name from the black book of the people. It didn’t take Gov Akpabio of Akwa ibom state up to 4yrs to plan and transform the state to what it is today. Nobody faults good conducts and hardwork. So pls leave Orji Kalu out of this. Orji
    Kalu was better, though that his own was that he was ruined by mamakarasi. However he is not to be compared with T.A.O in many ways. Sometimes i wonder if the so called gov TAO closes his eyes to behold great achievements of great men, been achieved with even meager resources if compared with what Abia gets, if he travells out of the state. To launder money is now a bit difficult, therefore buying of houses, lands, hotels, ships and every other luxury that money could buy becomes a way to waste money meant for the development of the state. If change happens to elude Abia from this administration after its 8yr rule, then…

  105. Advocate for good governance. on

    But if He performs, we will come back here to recall all that we said on his non performances and credit him high. But not when poor jobs are done. That attracts no commendations and appreciations. If he wants to re-register himself in the minds of the people, and make himself a markatable material in the eyes of Aba residents again, he should embark on awarding contracts of whatever projects but people oriented projects, and do come around to inspect them himself or through a reliable representative. Let him try that and see if the people will not forget of the past misdeeds in a hurry and turn to his praise singers.

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