Aba: A failed city


Real reasons residents are angry

By HENRY UMAHI ([email protected])

The commercial city of Aba in Abia State used to be famous for the ingenuity of the locals. They copied and produced all manners of products. In fact, any product that was not made abroad was popularly referred to as Made in Aba or Aba made. Those were the days when the city was groovy.

Today, Aba, which used to be the economic capital of the South-East, is a failed city. Or so it seems. All the indices are manifest in the content and character of the city. The moment you step into Aba, you will notice that the city is sick, terribly sick. The vibrancy and zest have been replaced by gloom and frustration because the city has fallen apart. According to Chief Charles Eduzor, Chairman, Nigeria Bar Assoociation (NBA), Aba Branch: “The economy of Aba has collapsed because of the neglect of the town. People are merely living here now by the grace of God.

They live from day to day, praying that God sees them through the next day.” That is how deep Aba has sunken, sliding into oblivion. Aba is paradise lost. The once vibrant, bubbly city is lying prostrate, like a criminal in chains. Aba ia s a shadow of itself. It is like a lady raped and abandoned in the sun, dressed in tattered robe, hair unkempt, no make-up, without shoes. You would not like to be in Aba when it rains.

When the heavens open, the tears, pains and anguish of Aba residents flow like a river. When it rains, Aba becomes a floating city because their drainages are blocked where they exist. Living in Aba is, indeed, a nightmare. To be condemned to reside there is living in bondage, it is living in a state of perpetual suffering.

It presents a pathetic picture that can melt even a stony heart. It is a portrait of a city criminally neglected. You begin to feel the situation of Aba even before you come to town. To start with, it is often difficult to find a cab that will take you from Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, Owerri, Imo State. The reason is not far fetched.

A trip to Aba can take anything from five hours for a distance of far less than 100 kilometres. So, only the brave driver can embark on such a trip and the passenger must be ready to cough out about half of the air fair from Lagos to Owerri. Coming to Aba from Owerri, you will begin to understand why airport taxi drivers avoid Aba like a flea when you get to KM 7 Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway. There, vehicles are easily buried in the gullies on both sides. When a trailer is trapped in there, commuters can be stuck there for several hours. On such occasions, some passengers alight from their vehicles and cross over to the other side and board another vehicle.

But it is not usually as easy as that. The depth of the mud on the road is such that if you step out of the vehicle, it will swallow your shoes. So, before stepping out to trek, you must remove your shoes and fold your trousers to knee length. And after navigating to the other side, you buy water to wash up before wearing your shoes again. Another tragedy could strike while you are trying to clean up. Your money and other valuable things could be snatched by criminals, prowling the area.

Although soldiers mount a checkpoint nearby, investigations revealed that travellers are sometimes attacked there by armed robbers. Inside Enyimba City Aba, popularly known as Enyimba City, is in a shambolic state. Divided into two local government areas, – Aba South and Aba North, it is characterised by infrastructural collapse, particularly dilapidated roads. In fact, the roads can be likened to valleys in the shadow of death. To underscore the harrowing experience of commuters in Aba, lawyers in the city embarked on peaceful demonstration recently.

Carrying placards with inscriptions such as “Weep for Aba,” “This is Aba, the location of hell on earth,” “The worst roads in the world are in Aba,” and “Live in Aba, live in hell,” the lawyers added a touch of drama as they marched on the streets wearing rain boots. The unique combination was to show how the deplorable condition of roads in the city had compelled residents to dress like people living in the jungle.

To booth, they sang songs portraying Gov. T. A Orji as a non-performer. Also, during the lying in state of former Biafran leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, at the Enyimba Stadium in February, Orji was booed and pelted with satchets of water by angry residents. Perhaps, it could be said that Aba has become a jungle of sorts. Virtually all the roads in the city have failed portions. Indeed, looking for a good road in Aba is akin to searching for a virgin in a maternity ward.

The situation in Aba is such that potholes have degenerated into craters and gullies, making parts of the city impassable. In some parts, whenever it rains, flood will take over the roads and sack some homes. One of the worst is Ohanku Road. Part of the road is permanently flooded and residents derogatorily refer to it as River Ohanku. Beside the ‘river’ is a manhole, which sources said had claimed some lives.

Indeed, the condition of the area is so terrible that you wonder how human beings reside and survive there. The adjoining streets are also piteous spectacles. Ironically, Ohanku Road leads to the home of the Minister for Labour and Productivity, Chief Emeka Wogu, at Iheorji. Perhaps, a canoe will come to the rescue anytime the minister visits home. Ngwa Road, an arterial road, is nothing to write home about.

The road is broken and flooded in some areas, making it a Herculean task to get to Ngwa Road market. Worse still, the area is littered with garbage. Just as Ngwa, Omuma Road is in a highly deplorable condition. Perhaps, Omuma is worse. The long stretch is defined by flooded craters that tend to swallow vehicles. Indeed, the portion of Omuma, connecting Ariaria, is just not motorable. It has been overtaken by bush right in the middle. Going to Ariaria Market through Faulks Road is a horrifying experience.

The traffic is horrendous as craters dot the road. In some parts, large stones are used to fill the holes, making movement clumsy as motorists labour to avoid their tyres being torn. Your heart bleeds when you get to Ukwumango at Ariaria.

There, you behold the failure of government. The water-logged crater there is knee deep. Only extraordinarily brave drivers and tricyclists (Keke riders) dare to drive through and most of the time they get trapped in there. Some youths have found the ugly development a source of survival as they stay in the dirty water, pushing out trapped vehicles and Keke for a fee. Eziukwu Road is also in terrible condition just as Osusu Road, which has remained impassable for two years according to sources.

Only big vehicles venture into that axis. Gallery of decay It is the same story all over the city. From the “town part” to Umungasi, Over Rail, Ama Ogbonna, Amamong, Umule and elsewhere, it is the same story of neglect and/or abandonment. Residents of these areas are united in grief and agony as their surroundings are in decrepit state.

For Aba residents, the bubble has burst. Driving or riding in cars is no longer a pleasurable experience. Many of them have packed their cars, preferring to trek because there are no roads to drive on. Mr. Augustine Chekwas, a businessman, told the reporter: “I no longer drive my car around because when you do, it ends up at the mechanic workshop because of the bad roads. So, now, I only drive my car to church on Sundays or special occasions. Living in Aba is a punishment.”

Checks revealed that the area known as the “town part,” which is the heart of the city, has lost its charm. For instance, St. Michael’s Road is potholes-ridden just as Yorke Street is dreadful and serves as rendezvous for drug users. Milverton Avenue, which is the home of transport companies, travelling all over the country, has fallen into disrepair.

One cannot arrive from the beginning of the road to the end because it has been cut into two. Nigeria’s first president, the late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, must be turning in his grave in anger because of the state of the road named after him in Aba. Azikiwe Road is littered with bad spots from one end to the other. As it is in Azikiwe Road, so it is in East Street, Ulasi Street, Eche Road, Ndoki Street, Dike Street, Emelogu Street, Ehere Road, Azuka Extension, Ogbor Hill, Urakpa Road, Owuala Street, Onuoha Street, Broad Street, Uzoigwe Street, Ehime Street and Hospital Road, among many others. Perhaps, Okigwe Road is the only road in Aba without problems but it s a short stretch.

Aba – Owerri Road is also good but the absence of drainage makes it a nightmare when it rains. To travel on the Aba-Ikot Ekpene Road is akin to embarking on a suicide mission. A federal facility, connecting Aba with Akwa Ibom and Cross River States, it is a no-go area because it has remained derelict for long.

As Chief Francis Ene, an Aba businessman, summed up in terms of roads, the city is dead. “I don’t know what we have done to deserve this but we are appealing to government to come to our aid by giving Aba roads facelift. The condition of roads puts the city in precarious economic situation,’ Ene said. Environmental pollution Apart from the ugly state of roads in Aba, other areas suffer corresponding neglect. Take this: Epidemic looms in the city because of overflowing refuse dumpsites everywhere. For example, East Street has been overtaken by refuse. Emelogu Street is home to a mountain of refuse. Heaps of decaying, smelly refuse also constitute eye sore at such places as Ngwa Road, Asa Road, Aba-Owerri Road, Omuma Road and Aba-Ikot Ekpene Road, among many others.

Aba is dirty, very dirty indeed. And it is nobody’s business to evacuate the filth. Pools of stagnant water on the streets, especially residential areas could have dire consequences for Aba residents. Among other places, Ehere Road at Ogbor Hill, Ohanku Road, Ngwa and Omuma are cases in point. In these areas, pools of dirty, smelly water stagnate all year long because of blocked drainages. In some cases, residents wade through the pool daily to access their homes.

The abbatoir at Waterside is another potential source of health hazard to Aba people. When the reporter visited the facility recently, it was in a distasteful state. An acrid odour hung in the air like a fog. Worse still, a decomposing corpse was abandoned on the bridge, close to the slaughter point, with flies feasting on it. Indeed, it was an ugly spectacle. Instructively, soldiers, who had maintained a checkpoint at the spot beside the abandoned Enyima Hotel building since kidnappers held the city by the jugular, moved a few inches away because of the stench emanating from the corpse.

It was also gathered that cows at the abbatoir are sometimes allowed to run riot on the road causing accidents. Mr. Andrew Z. Esiaba, a banker, lamented: “We escaped death by the whiskers the other day when a cow ran onto the road and started destroying everything in sight. It took sometime before the handlers were able to bring it under control. That was not the first time such a thing was happening. In fact, it happens all the time and sometimes people lose their lives. Unfortunately, the authorities are not doing anything to arrest the menace of the cattle and their rearers.”

Trading in tears Ariaria market used to be the pride of Aba. Then buyers and sellers were happy going to the market for the Made in Aba products. Nowadays, those who do business at Ariaria and their customers tell a tale of woes. In fact, traders, who can afford to satisfy their needs elsewhere do so with gladness.

The reason is not far fetched. Ariaria, like the rest of the city, is in dire straits. Whichever way you access the market, you are bound to be confronted with the challenge of traffic snarl caused by the bad roads. And when you get into the market, the sight that greets you makes you weep. “A Line,” which used to be the flagship of the market is worse than shit.

It is squalid, like a piggery. According to one of the leaders in the market, who did not want his name in print, when it rains, many of the shops are flooded because there is no place of escape for the water. He said: “The gutter is filled so when it rains everywhere is flooded, destroying goods in the shops.

People wear rain booth in the market whenever it rains. Yet, we are made to pay all sorts of levies, including infrastructure and sanitation levies. We have paid N6,500 each shop this year as well as two-year-rent in advance. If you fail to comply, your shop will be locked up and no businessman can afford that.”

He presented many receipts to prove his case, regretting that the condition of the market and surrounding is discouraging customers from coming to patronise them. Again, there is no electricity supply from PHCN in the market. Traders provide electricity for themselves in the market through generating sets.

Some people have turned the situation to their advantage by buying generating sets and supply power to interested traders at N150 per day. It was gathered that there are 110 sub unions that make up the market. Each snub union has not less than 300 members or traders.

However, the traders are in chains, so to say. They cannot speak freely or openly about the deplorable state of affairs in the market because if you do, “they will send Bakassi people to deal with you.” In fact, the fear of Bakassi is the beginning of wisdom.

According to a source, Bakassi, a vigilance group, is used to terrorise people in the city. Like Ariaria, like keke Investigations revealed that keke riders are made to pay for four different tickets daily and they are issued with receipts after making such payments. They include ASPIMS Daily Road Safety ticket, Daily Road Income Tax ticket, Daily Infrastructural Development Levy ticket and Amalgamated Tricycle Operators Association ticket. There are also weekly levies. Residents too Residents of Aba also complain of being compelled to pay all manners of levies with nothing to show for it.

According to St. Moses Ogbonna, an activist, “the only thing that thrives in Abia and Aba in particular is levy. There is infrastructural levy, ASEPA levy, gutter levy, keke levy and so on. As I am talking to you, Keke people have been asked to pay N1,000 into the bank. Nobody knows what the levy is all about.

Bus drivers are asked to pay N2,000 each. All they do is to collect levy, no work. That is the situation we found ourselves.” Efforts to speak with the council chairmen proved abortive.

However, the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Ugochukwu Emezue, said in view of the nature of the city, the government could not afford to abandon it. In a telephone chat, he volunteered that as soon as the rains were over, comprehensive rehabilitation work would commence in the city. He added that government had repaired some roads and opened up blocked drainages before the rains interrupted the effort. “The governor has promised to give Aba the attention it deserves,” he asserted.

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  1. Chris Ndedigwe on


  2. Okorie chinedu on

    Yes, I thought that no writer can once write about Aba,or, once an Economic Nerve,has thorn apart,sometimes we have to hide our location so as not to be touted,its horrible.
    I am writing from Aba,this is not politics,come and see for your self,it is called, investigative journalism.

  3. Aba has spiritual problems! It must be looked at from the angle of the by gone things done in that city which today constitute an impediment to development.

    The elders need to constitute a sacred and solemn assembly to address these issues.

    May God help Aba in Jesus name!

  4. I really don’t know how late Sam Mbakwe will be feeling inside the grave after crying to make Abia State a beautiful home for all during his time as Governor of Imo state then.The anti- people governance we are presently witnessing is a curse to Abia people because their motive is to
    acquire wealth without living any legacy behind.God must surely judge them.

  5. I am an indigene of Aba and it grieves me to read of the devastating state the city is in. It serves the people right because they brought this grieve on themselves, by voting in T.A. Orji for a second term. He appears on all the television news and comments on every achievement of others while he has completely failed the people who put him in power. I wonder why Abia is so unlucky with Governors. Cant this empty barrel governor emulate other Governors like Akpabio, Imoke, Fashola,etc.
    T.A. Orji, you are a failure in all aspects. Let your useless tenure be up so you can vanish from site.

  6. is there no representatives of Aba in the state and federal house,? T Oji who always look like a native doctor should be ashame of him self,he put shame in the face of those who voted him in.stupid dirty native doctor.

    • Is there anything like govt there? Please Ugochukwu Emezue and Agbazuere have blown the so called governor with electronic praises over internet,radio,tv,press etc. That Governor has no direction. If you listen to him you will see nothing in his mind.Just a scalar quantity. that office is messed in Abia. Orji Kalu and TA Orji are same because Kalu campaigned and worked him into office fromEFCC detention just to cover himself i think. TA Orji you still have 3 years to save Aba or the state assembly impeaches you if they are not part of the deal. Aba people wake up. Enyimba is sleeping under rain. If you decide to leave him rubbish Aba so be it,only Aba and Abians can force him to work or out.

  7. The only Eastern industrial hub is dying. Gov Orji is responsible for the failure of this great city. Abia peolple and indeed Nigeria should pray for spiritual and physical revival of Aba The (former) Japan of Africa. The Governor don’t know what he is helping the enemy to do in Abia. I can’t help but to pray for my beloved state.

    • Aba is not the only hub, Onitsha,Nnewi,Emene. But the difference is that where Chime and Obi , even Okorocha are doing things Abia is busy on press releases on Awards for no performance.

  8. So all that i am hearing of Abia State is true ! (the enyimba’s) You people should pray that God should give you a better Govnr like heaven sent Godswill Akpabio to rescue u peopl 4rm further decay in d next election. Mercy Beaucoup .

  9. Holyman Togo, nobody voted 4 T.A Orji. He used touts on election day. 2day he is enjoying dia mandates 2 d detriment of d ppl. God wil one day deliver Aba & Ngwa ppl in general.;(

  10. Abia is the worst governed state in today’s Nigeria. The leaders are elders one will think of respecting unfortunately evil beclouded their minds. They have no shame. God may not judge T.A Orji but he will judge the generations after him.

  11. Abia is yet to produce a single spirited politician. I use to be proud of Uche Chukwumereije until he visited Abia with his team and gave kudos to evils works. I then know dat age has affected his senses. Look at states like Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Imo and Anambra, they can not be compared with Abia. I wondered how T.A orji look at their faces shamlessly. For 16yrs now Abia has been in bondage

  12. o God, my brother TA ORJI hv fail the umuahians. The political vision of upcoming youth from ibeku hv finish, who will trust us agian? God pl help us

  13. After my service year in aba i began to appreciate the city for its ingenuity,its so sad to know aba is going down…our local china is going down what a pity.

  14. Stanley from Liberia on

    Abia people will still vote for their useless and good for nothing governor of Abia State. The rogue governor will win another term because Abia people will not remember their suffering during election time.

  15. Going from the Southwest in 2004 to serve (NYSC) in Akwa-Ibom and visit Aba was like going to little London in my technology and invention-driven mind. And I wasn’t disappointed when I got to the popular market and saw all manner of stuffs fabricated by my Naija people. But, I also noticed how highly undeveloped and un-rehabilitated the roads were and wondered why the link roads to one of Nigeria’s most technological-driven city were left in that state. Within a year of staying in eastern Nigeria, however, I understood that the craze-driven quest for wealth at any and all cost as well as the worship of riches will mean that the people can never get an accountable form of government. In summary, the destruction of the people’s cultural values leads to gross under-development.

  16. In as much I will not like to defend Governor T. A Orji, it is important to note that the decay and rot in Abia State and the City of Aba in particular should traced to the Government of Orji Uzor Kalu. Look my brothers and sisters,as a christian I believe that when you invite the devil into your home, you get nothing but darkness and destruction. The bible says”whatever a man sows that shall he reap”. Orji Uzo Kalu morgaged and sacrifised the soul of Abia State at the Okija devilish shrine and nobody wants to do anything about it. The soul of Abia State is dead and for a dead body to produce anything good, it has to be resurrected and purified through the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my prescription for the healing of Abia State is for the good people of Abia to elect a God-fearing person as Governor come 2015. The first order of business for the new governor should be to assemble the elders of the born-again churches for a forty days of fasting and prayer for the deliverance of Abia State from the clutches the devil. Most importantly such a person should never be part of Orji Uzo and T. A. Orji’s devilish and ocultic association. If we fail to this, we the people of Abia will contue to suffer the curse of Orji Uzo Kalu and his Okija worshipers.

    • Emeka, you have made a strong point. This is true. Somebody refered to spitual problem derserve spitual solutions above. Orji Uzo truelly is the originator of the evil in Abia. His occultic power run from Okija down to Agbara Eziafor. Both men know each others occultic path. Na ni Jesus Christ ga azoputa ndi Abia!!

  17. Am crying as am going through this issue, we are helpless, if we talk they will kill us with bakasi boys, i dont knw where to start…………………..only God will deliver Aba

  18. TA Orji, voice of d people is d voice of God,tak a look @ other states and ur critics, u dont need to b told dat d truth is bitter.tak politics out,every comentator here can not accuse u wrongly,yet comparin ur state wit other states.it shows dat u av failed d peopl,stand up and do d job u ar voted for,ur tenure wil son xpire and nemesis will stare u in d face.lik it or not,from d day u sacked many fellow igbos in d name of non indegenes was d peak of ur failure as a governor.ur days are numbered and ur political carrer wil soon end in-to- to. Is a pity

  19. It’s only in Africa that these type of rubbish will be entertain…What is the Democracy all about,at all levels of governance these businessmen called politicans had failed us.Good roads,electricity,pipe borne water,good hospital,housing…are basic things govt should provide without using them as compromise during campiagn.What happened in the Arab world will one day starts in Nigeria

  20. last time I heard that efcc went to imo state,withine me I imagined may be they visited to congratulate gorv. okorocha for his good work wereas others say to prob him. my question now is if an active transformer like okorocha is to be probed,why do efcc allow ta orji to continue parrading himself arround abia with his bakasi boys umolested? ta orjis action to me hv come to mean that he hv vow to save all abia state alocation into his pocket maybe to became richer than his former oga and now enemy orji uzor kalu. in all entire abia state not only in aba nothing is working. may God deliever abia state from evil.

  21. Does who have been given a chance to serve the people but they don’t want Nigeria to develop ba……. chai….God pass them.

  22. while the entire abia state is cursed with an imbecile of a governor,the people are also to be blamed for the terribly dirty environment.they dump refuse indiscriminately and also defecate anywhere that catches their fancy.the deplorable state of the town can not be hanged solely on the wicked governor.the people also share in the blame.their mentality is so backward.the people need a massive reorientation that can only be achieved by themselves and not government.

  23. You are talking about roads, what of our schools? Abia and Aba has been left behind in the Developmental movement of Nigeria, no planning and so no future, God will never forgive T A Orji, Enyi Abaribe, Uzor Azubuike, Mrs Maduako, etc for their continued neglect of Aba.

  24. 1. Sprirual Cleansing….is required.
    2. Credible and literate leaders to be voted in
    3. Introduce debates like edo, ondo, usa.
    4. Thorough screening
    5. Political parties to drop illiterate politicians
    6. Where are the law makers in Aba
    7. There is no vision…
    8. Let Him copy other states if there is nothing upstairs

    Nothing upstairs…so there cant be something to deliver.. Dont blame the man.

  25. Aba Abia state tffffffiaaaaa! Is there anything like govt there? Please Ugochukwu Emezue and Agbazuere have blown the so called governor with electronic praises over internet,radio,tv,press etc. That Governor has no direction. If you listen to him you will see nothing in his mind.Just a scalar quantity. that office is messed in Abia. Orji Kalu and TA Orji are same because Kalu campaigned and worked him into office fromEFCC detention just to cover himself i think. TA Orji you still have 3 years to save Aba or the state assembly impeaches you if they are not part of the deal. Aba people wake up. Enyimba is sleeping under rain. If you decide to leave him rubbish Aba so be it,only Aba and Abians can force him to work or out. BIG PITY!

  26. Which Way Nigeria on

    ABA KWENU! ENYIMBA GUSURONU! Where are the great and action ABA BOYS? Where are these brave boys that shakes land wherever they intend to act? Look at Aba today, a place that you cannot to any business in Nigeria without seeking advices from there, a place full of wisdom and skills. Now any person doing business in Aba fails, which road do one follow to Aba? The best solution to their problems right now is for them to Match in Multitudes and storm at the Government House or his Residence without fear and embarrass this T.A Orji. If T.A.Orji refuses to hear the complains of his people, then possibly they must force him out of the seat. Thus other coming after him will take some precautions.

  27. Solo ikwechegh on

    The problem of abia is T.A.he told the gullible that orji kalu and his mother were the problem of abia.about 2yrs into his 1st term he said abia was liberated.frm the day he claimed liberation abia started going down progressively.i want nigerians 2 know that T.A is not alone in this criminal neglect of aba and abia in general.chukumerije,ike nwachukwu,GEJ,pdp etc are in it.t.a was not voted but bcos of politics,dey aided rigging of d votes.t.a promised 2 hand ova 2 a particular section of abia.their chiefs collected moni and looked the other way.ppl of nigeria let me ask u.y is no national assembly or state legislator talking? for time and space let me stop here.

  28. I grew up in that once vibrant ,well planned beautiful city and was too shocked to see its current state last october after decades away from the country. The recent warning by IMF to put an end to oil money misuse is a direct reference to such neglet. Nigeria has more than what it takes to be one of the best nations on earth but are we not semi animals if we have allowed ourselves to sit in our own dungs?

    • No amount of responses here collectively, could best describe how the decayed nature of Aba has gotten to. The disaster prone areas of the world are still better to Aba. Oh God, where art thou?

  29. Bukason kingsley Uwa. on

    Pls. Mr. Governor try and make some effort pls.. The allocations fed. Govt. gives to all state is the same with yours but I wonder y u are not doing anything at all…. Please don’t try to be a disgrace to people democracy party (P.D.P).. Enugu state is P.D.P etc. pls look at this state. They have the same head with u ok…… From Hon. KIngsley chukwuebuka uwanuakwa.. P.D.P member

  30. Governor Orji should wake up now and do something.before it is too late. This are the kind of people when not in power keep blaming those in power. The latest is that more of his kinsmen will be heading home now since Fashola has banned okada in Lagos state.He should be ready to receive them but not in this shabby conditions o

  31. The members of Abia House of Assembly are shameless people. They are sharing Abia allocation with the devil incarnate called T.A.Orji. That is why they cant talk. i pray for Boko Haram to remember them so that we can be free

  32. “You can fool some of the people,for some of the time.But,you can not fool all of the people at all of the time”.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!.The world should watch-out for a BLOODY REVOLUTION,coming soon in Abia.Libya is not far from Abia.

  33. Frankly speaking u do nt hv much words 2 discrib Aba dat i went 2 last week…everywere in Aba smels like pig house. D only regrets i hv is dat T. A nd his Son ar 4rm d same umuahia wit me. I hate him lik i hate d devil. Sori lord

  34. The polluted garbage and gutter full of sewage city that Aba has become is a clear sign of the reckless and unbridled corrupt leadership that has managed the state since the past 12 years or so. Aba , the Enyimba city has become an eye sore of Nigeria because of the myopic, visionless and corrupt governors and leaders, who turned one of the most industrial, entrepreneurial and innovative city of Nigeria into a garbage dumpster of the SE with stinking and polluted gutter sewage every where. Here is a commercial city with all its ingenious citizens and promise of being the biggest industrial and innovative city in West Africa. But due to corruption and visionless leadership, the Enyimba city has become the eye sore of Nigeria– despite the 56 oil wells credited to the state, a state correctly called “God’s Own State,” and ranked with Anambra, Ekiti and Ogun as the producers of Nigeria’s brightest minds, is now reduced to pile of polluted garbage and gutter city because of unbridled greed and pernicious political climate in the State. Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!

  35. If this goverment continues like this for the ten years.only God will tell our Story.my brother your research is worthy.The fact speaks for itself.

  36. Comments, comments, comments which to me will not even make any impact as this man, T.A.Orji, simply has sold his conscience to the devil and now is incapable of doing good. So, Aba people, let’s come out, demonstrate everywhere in the town continuously, cause revolution and forcefully take him out of that seat. Let’s not be cowardly, enough is enough; God being on our side, we can and will achieve it.

  37. Where is the spirit of ugorji Eke,anyaehiie ,anumudu ,Sam mbakwe, all the dead legends that make Aba what it was. May all your spirit revolt and save the city from the hand of the marauders . The like of orji Uzor, TA orji, etc. God will punish all of you.in Jesus name

  38. U reap what u sow. Aba people are harvesting wat they planted in 2011 when they voted for T. A. Orji for a 2nd term. I dont pity them. If T. A. was qualified for a third term, Aba people will still vote for him!

  39. The worst is that the people in Aba and other parts of Abia have been made to leave in perpetual bondage. You hear all manner of levies imposed on the people. These levies are collected with extra force using the so called bakassi people. No matter how we pretend about it, Abia is the worst state in Nigeria as at today.

  40. All said is true. aba has lost d spirit which guided it frm 1998-2002. The riots, d shoemakers upsurge. I wish we can have such riots so dat a paradigm shift can occur. Even d religious leaders der r not helping matters dey r still exploiting d citizens der. Now T.A orji has appointed his ararume son in-law to be collecting revenues frm aba pple(noble investments). Was suprise wen dy came to my house and ask for fire protection levy in d sum of 25000 sayn that ther r empowered by an edict of 1993 to collect such levy. I pursued them from my ouse. Aba has no voice to speak out for it n T.A has no conscience. Rumour has it that he was recently duped by Orji Uzor kalu wen tryin to buy a ship oil tanker. The trut be told why Aba n Abia state is in its present condition is that there is no opposition to d government. Any body who trys to speak up is bribed wit money, fake contract, appointment so he shut up n joins T.A’s evil agenda eg Ufomba, Emenike, Abaribe, wogu, Chukwumerije etc. I wish the political parties in abia will rise n form a strong opposition if not in 2015 T.A will Appoint a worst devil from PDP to succeed him. Abians wisen up. Let’s remove fear n b ready to sacrifice today for the benefit of tomorrow…… I rest my case.

  41. Timothy chinonso on

    When i visited aba last april 4 my cousins wedding,the memory is not worth soliquilizing,a journey frm milverton ave 2 ohanku axis waz hellish,as my cloth waz almost stained by the mud that waz entering frm the flooded road to the keke i boarded,every waz stinking,to add salt to injury our keke have 2 b pushed at the middle of the mud as water enters the engine which caused the tricycle to lost copulation. Present Aba is a replica of hell on earth. God ve mercy on the residents cos the situation is getting out of hand.kudos to gov chime of enugu state

  42. We are living in hell now with all sorts of levy, store licence,business licence, asepa licence, infrastructural levy, science and technology licence, and many more. All the public school in Aba is bad pls visit ndoki, danfodio, east,ulasi, Clifford, old court primary schools you will see what i mean. Many of us are chaking out of the state so that we will not be submerged, some have resulted taking there goods to the nebouring state like Ph, Akwa Ibom, Owerri, Bayelsa, calabar daily to sale for survival since they no longer come to Aba because of bad roads pls save Aba now.

  43. St. Moses Ogbonna on

    Poser 1. Is it true that Nobel Ventures, an outfit owned by Ararume, the son inlaw of Governor T. A. Orji from Imo State is incharge of collecting all the IGR for Abia State and remits only 1% of the total monthly revenue to the State Government.
    Poser 2. Is it true that the LGA TC Chairmen were bribed with additional 3 months in office just to sign a loan of about 8billion Naira for the State Government.

  44. When I was posted for my NYSC service year in Abia and Aba in particular, I was happy to go to a city that I have heard much about in terms of its ingenuity in technical and commercial advancements. However, on arrival to a place i considered to be a service venue cum tourist exploration opportunity to me, turned to be the most deplorable state in terms of infranstructural decay in the entire federation. To be sincere i wept for the city, when a friend told me how lively the town used to be in the 1980’s, which now is lying like a wrecked Titanic in the belly of the ocean. Infact F.G presence is urgently needed there. Children of God, don’t relent in praying for Aba because by the grace of God, Aba will bounce back to life again.

  45. St. Moses Ogbonna on

    On 22/10/12 the Magistrate Ct 3 Umuahia did not sit for the hearing of 3 count charges of Sedition against St. Moses Ogbonna Esq. Chairman of Save Aba Group by the Abia State Government of Dr. T.A. Orji for daring to weep for Aba bad roads. I was arrested and detained in Afara Prisons Umuahia at the order of T. A orji for asking him to repair Aba roads. That is my own Dividend of Democracy

  46. How did Gov.Theodore Orji win champions newspaper leadership award?Is awards not based on performance?What is the criteria in choosing him?Am not surprised.This type of award can only come from champions newspaper.Ya gachaa na private jet o ga alotu n’ala na mbge eteghi aka.

  47. I’m not from Abia State but lived in Aba as a teenager, a city I fell in love with and became so proud of. I returned to Aba few years ago and couldn’t believe the rot I saw. How can a government be so visionless and wicked to allow this great city to waste away. What’s the priorty of government at all levels in Nigeria? Governor TA Orji and his advisers are heartless and wicked to their own people.

  48. In terms of development,Abia has no government but in terms of revenue collection,dat is when u ll know dat Abia state has govt.u ll see all kinds of people police,bakaasi boys and touts molesting,harassing and beating people as if we are in military regime. Aba alone can generate about one billion naira a month in terms IGR,we ar not talking about d allocation 4 state nd LG.TA orji and his family ve killed dis state

  49. Tank God dat an opporunity lyk this was given 2 us bt am afarid dat t.a orji wunt malteart me lyk a thief wit d nigerian army.it is a vry big insult 2 nigeria dat soilders are being used for stealin in the name of fund raising criminaly.y should we pay infrastructure in our different homes nd the same tym pay it in our working place?. We pay for sanitation nd at thesame tym pay for asepa.i.e(abia state envaromental proctection agency?)wen d all mean thesame tin? May God punish T.A Orji abundantly nd his generation in jesus name AMEN

  50. Yea. Everybody including me agree that the Governor is not doing well but what of the local government chairmen of Aba North and South, the Ezes, members of state and federal houses from Aba area and Federal govt. This blame game must be holistic and all the people must be made to face their responsibilities.

  51. Aba could have been one of Nigeria’s best cities. Abia state useless leaders have ruined that city. High time Igbos thought about the kind of leaders they allow to govern them.

  52. holyman-togo got it,what we have in Abia is a native doctor not a governor,a man from stone age. I was passing through ‘Aba-owerri road’ and saw one recently copleted hargard and substandard small park with the name,’T A Orji’s ultra-modern park’ and understood the word ultra means beyond or extremely,ie,that usless small park is extremely modern and passed through the popular ‘ukwu mango’ that NTA advertised its comissioning few months ago, how impassible it is with all other roads,then I knew that native doctor called T A Orji is having deliruim tremens.

  53. Ochendo has failed abia state, come and Arochukwu/ohafia road, is a shallow of death and he brags around that he has worked d road. Sorry to my state and sorry to my Arochkwu, but that of aro we deserve it. WOO unto Aro-okeigbo. who is T. A. Orji to mess up with our road but u guys left him. we the young generations will never be cowards like u all. 08163199296

  54. if T A Orji is my father but God forbid (please God do not mind this wish am never ever serious but only using it for illustration!) i would have disowned him for long!. T. A. Orji can only govornor in abia state of nigeria for he can not be even local government chiarman in Lybia because if that happen he will be skinned alive! do i even blame the old traditionalist that found favour in the eyes of the evil spirits in okija, he is only receiving his from the evil spirits for being very loyal for instance he has maintain his drinking and falling around habit within and outside the government house, subjecting all sectors of the state including the precious education to untold hardship, what a wonderful worshiper! but wait a minute, are we really sure that the traditionalist (T. A. Orji) is mentally ok? because no one will seat in that dilapidated house called government house at the center of a very noisy market and still retain his senses to normal.

  55. Dont mind old vehicle that they brought to Abia State as a governor through stealing the people’s vote, there is no doubt he will leave one day, let them leave aba alone, God will remember aba one day with a good and working governor

  56. T A Orji physical look do not impress me he resemble me a marabou and may be that is responsible for his short senses. Aba deserve a better deal,if Abia must have future

  57. With a cup of wine ,a glass of broth and merry singing in the wilderness….omarkhyam.aba my hometown!!!!! T.A Orji my greatest enemy but i can still percieve Gods break through in abia.

  58. When Joseph Goebbels said that “the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly-it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over” and his master Adolf Hitler supported by saying “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” though this was said 72years ago in far away Germany. I never knew he was talking about ABIA STATE. This is exactly what ORJI KALU and his agents are doing with social networks. Some victims of this propaganda have believed all these lies repeated over the years that nothing is happening in Abia state. Pictures of Bad federal government roads in Abia state has been circulated over the internet in other to convince some minds that Abia is the capital of under development. I will list some of the achievement of T.A.ORJI administration and let the world judge this rumour mongers. I am not saying there is no bad roads in Aba what of the roads this administration of T.A.ORJI has repaired.
    Be it as it may let us look at trend of events in Abia state. Immediately the T.AORJI dumped his supposedly political Godfather few months later the kidnapping started with a ferocity, shock and awe that ABA was abandoned like a war ravaged territory, this was followed by an attack on the governors convoy (though he was not in the convoy during the attack), there were massive robbery ,raping and sponsored assassinations. This was aimed at making Abia state ungovernable. YOU MIGHT BE SUPRISED TO KNOW THAT 80% OF THE PEOPLE ARRESTED DURING THIS MADNESS WHERE THE THUGS AND BAKASSI BOYS HE EMPLOYED. His Excellency T.A.ORJI through his political sagacity and will was able to restore Abia to ABIANS. When all these failed OUK followed it up with public embarrassment of the governor by hiring touts. Imbeciles and idiots to shout at the governor so that it will appear as if he is unpopular despite all these distraction T.AORJI was able to win the re-election.
    Now having exhausted all their ammunition of sabotage they now embark on propaganda by adopting conspiracy and label theory. Just label him a failure and repeat it million times then people will believe it as Goebbels and Hitler said repeat the lies several times and people will believe it. Now we have people who have never been in Abia state commenting on Abia based on information they had from this propaganda machine, information manufactured in beer parlours.
    The question we need to answer is there any state in Nigeria without bad roads? Why are these propagandists focusing on bad roads in Abia instead of the good roads? The answer is to undermine TAO. Now we have known their aim they have lost integrity and respect. Had it being that TAO allowed the OUK to loot the money as usual he will be the one singing his praises
    Now let us look at the landscape of Abia you will see a lot of projects 1. International conference center, 2. New secretariat, 3. New high court complex, 4. New judicial complex, 5. Amachara General hospital,6. BCA COMPLEX, 7. New ASEPA office, 8. New government house, 9. Abia specialist hospital,10 numerous schools renovated by ASOPADEC, 11. Roads constructed are many the list will soon be published
    I urge these distracters to go around and see instead of feeding people with lies

    • Obi Ikechukwu, I can not help but ‘clap’ for you after reading your version of affairs of Abia state. If you have your head on your neck, you must understand that majority of the commentators are from Abia State, including me – from Ohafia. We are not too far from home. We visit the state often. We see what is on the ground. I don’t know who Obi Ikechukwu is and I have no regrat for not knowing you.

  59. The state goverment operate according to budget and not spending the way you think. what we must be canvassing is for the governor to declare state of emergency in Aba then raise a special fund and special committe to work in Aba, There will be complete mobilisation of the residents and stakeholders. I think we should stop calling names and insulting people

  60. Dr Ukpai Abidjan on

    why are we crying for the deplorable state of Aba which was once the igbo man’s pride commercial city? , when the people allowed orji uzor kalu and his mother destroy abia for eight years , and handed over to another orji who continued from where his master stopped , to steal, loot , and destroy. the present governor Theodore orji has completely finished Abia with his son, i am sure they have not finished buying up houses in Umuahia, which i am sure they will use this last tenor to do, then come 2015 he will hand over to his son who will now take over and continue buying the best houses in aba . that is if the federal Government did not create the newly proposed Aba state, these are the reason the yorubas make mockery of the igbo man. i will not stop praying for the igbos till God gives us good leaders and not good stealers, killers, looters, kidnappers, 419ers as leaders. begining from Orji uzor Kalu to Orji Theodore, and their mothers and sons, to the least thief. Nemesis will certainly catch up with them. Long live Ndi Igbo, and may the soul of M. I. Okpara, SAM ONULAKA MBAKWE the only ones that we can consider as those that tried a little rest in peace. and may the souls of the orjissss and their mother and sonsss who raped and rendered abia and her childen naked burn in the hotest part of hell Amen.

  61. I would not be suprise if come 2015 another person that is worst than T.A Orji is voted in as gov.The people of Abia state dont like voting but they always want the best governor,that cant be possible.If you dont come out,T.a will use ur space to rig in his successor just Orji Kalu did.Orji Kalu was not better,infact T.A is following his footsteps.He used the money that is meant for the development of populated areas like Aba in developing a small community like Ebere because that is his homeland.Now he is sponsoring writeups like this one because he has fallen off with T.A.Abians will never forgive Orji Kalu but i think T.A still have a chance

  62. I really thank God for my governor Sullivan Iheanacho Chime of Enugu state. I wept for Abia state when i passed thru Aba 3weeks ago. Only God can save them!

  63. Obi ikechukwu u said t a orji is workin in abia if its true may God reward u accordingly but if wat d other 80 comentatores r sayin is d truth den let God also judge nd reward u. Fellow abians enough talk nd rest d fear d time to act is now. Whatever u can do to end dis curse called t a orji in abia start doing it now. Our destiny is in our hands. If we wait 4 d his term to expire we would all be dead by den. GOD BLESS ABIA

  64. Obi Ikechukwu, you sound like a primitive baked pot ” koi-koi”. You re proud to speak in-favour of T.A Oji, pls. Go to Akwa Ibom, Imo, Port Harcourt, Enugu or even Anambra state, then come back & make your own analysis. You take like you’ve been heavily bribed by ur Oga. I don’t blame you, ur likes are the likes of those whose conscience has been sealed. May God help Abians especially Aba from the hands of the WICKED! Amen.

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