A mum’s Xmas agony: 2-month-old baby stolen in market


 • 2-month-old baby stolen in market


Christmas festivities has turned out a huge misfortune for a young couple, Mr. and Mrs. Ikechukwu Ufondu, after a strange woman stole their two-month-old baby on the eve of Christmas at the Mohammadu Abubakar Rimi Market in the state capital.

The father of the baby told Daily Sun in Kano that the baby boy, who was born through an operation, was stolen from the mother, Mrs. Amarachi Ufondu while she was plaiting the hair of another woman in the evening of December 24. He gave the name of his missing son as Som Tochukwu Favour Ufondu, saying he was just two months and two days old when he was stolen. The theft of the baby, which had thrown the community into grief and confusion, had been reported to the Market Police Station in the state, but it was unclear if the police had commenced investigations as at press time.

The incident had also been reported to authorities of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in the state. The confused father, Mr. Ufondu said: “I was in the market at about 5.35pm when my wife, who was plaiting hair at the Yankura section of the market, called me to inform me that our two-month-old baby had been stolen. “I was surprised and shocked and could not believe it.

Then, I immediately hired a Keke NAPEP (tricycle) to take me home and upon my arrival at home, what I was told turned out to be true. In fact, I initially refused her (mother of the baby) entry into the house, out of anger, insisting that she should go and get our baby, but later, I calmed down.” Explaining the circumstances that led to the disappearance of their baby, he told Daily Sun: “My wife told me that she was plaiting the hair of a customer, while her neighbour was fixing the nails of another woman nearby.

“When the baby started crying, she untied her from her back and breastfed her. After breastfeeding the baby, just as she was about to return the boy to her back, the woman whose nailed was being fixed counseled against that, on the grounds that it was wrong to immediately back a baby that had just been fed.” He added that following this suggestion, “the lady then offered to help carry the baby saying that my wife was busy with the hair she was plaiting, a suggestion my wife bought without suspicion, even though she admitted she did not know the said lady.

“When they finished fixing the lady’s nails, she paid and received her change. My wife then asked her to return the baby, but she replied that she was not done with her nails yet. A few minutes after, she played a trick on my wife by sending her on a false errand. “The lady asked my wife to take a serious look at the hairstyle that was being made for another woman just a stone throw away, promising that she would want the same hairstyle as soon as she returned from the Christmas trip.

“That was all. My wife, unsuspicious of any ill motive, fell for the dummy by stepping across to take an intent look at the hairstyle that was being done by her colleague. By the time she turned, the purported Good Samaritan had disappeared into the crowd in the market,” the father said. Mr Ufondu, who was almost in tears through out the course of the interview appealed to the woman to please return their baby while asking the public to join them in prayers for the safety and quick return of their baby. He also appealed to the commssioner of police to help arrest the woman who stole their baby.

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    • that woman is careless…she must hv been careless several times with the child before someone capitalized on it ,,,so many women do that,leave child carelessly ,especially the illiterates …

  1. Too bad! The said woman will not know peace untill she returns the baby. There will be no hiding place for her. Everywhere she is now will become as hot as hell for her, untill she returns that innocent baby. This is my prayer, and so shall it be IJN, amen.

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  3. The cry of dat innocent baby wil set her mind on fire until she huriedly return d baby to d parent. Signs of d end time. Pls run to Jesus now.

  4. Some unbelievable things happen daily in this country, why should someone be so wicked to steal an innocent baby of that age from his mother?
    God, why are we like this or what is really happening in this country? May be we would have to go back to the ways of our Ancestors in Africa if all these modern and foreign religions fail us.
    Our people have become more ritualistic in the midst of multitude of churches and mosques all over our cities, towns and even remote villages but alas crimes are more alarming than in the 70s and 80s when people were not as religious bigotry as we are now.

  5. Chief Akpaniko on

    This is a ‘test-run’ or mere police action on the evil man will experience in a short time. People will be more evil, self-centred, envious, lacking love for one another. Police will fail. Army will fail. Government will fail. Evil will multiply. The solution is not just believing JESUS or MOHAMMED, we must PRACTICE the EVERLASTING GOSPEL OF GOD AND HIS CHRIST. Right now, i command that the baby be brought out to the mother in CHRIST JESUS, AMEN!

  6. Gods gifts never brings sorrows, by d POWER and AUTHORITY in d NAME of JESUS, I command that baby will b brought back 2 d parents in d least possible time, as d parents wish, IN JESUS NAME, AMEN!

  7. Mr and Mrs Ofundu take heart the Lord is your strength. Mr Ikechukwu forgive your wife and never allow this trail to overtake you. Do not bring it up at every misunderstanding you shall have in the future. She was not careless but I believe she shall henceforth take her time with her other children yet unborn. Please live at peace even in the face of this situation.

  8. Kyriel Alam-Hajim Ezeugoh on

    Guest who attends naming ceremonies of families they knew very well that their celebrant purchased the baby would soon die for one ill health or the other.

  9. Oh God of creation, it is written that the blessings of the LORD maketh rich and add no sorrow, i therefore beseech you to arise in your mightiness and make the life of the woman who stole the baby uncomfortable until she returns the innocent child, father arise, and answer, if she is eating, make her uncomfortable, in her sleep let her be restless, under her aircondition, let her be hot, Fire of God descend and continue to burn her to return the baby IJN, Amen!

  10. Abayomi this is no time to blame the poor woman and leave education or illitracy out of it, it could happen to any body the only thing is for people to learn from the mistake of others, for ufondu family please take heart God is in control

  11. Cally tanx 4 dat coment u spoke well,as of dat develish woman she will neva know peace and she wil neva close her eyes to sleep until she returned dat child, mr and mrs ufondu pls accept my sympathy GOD knows d best so take heart.

  12. By the grace of almighty god you will get your baby back. the cry of your baby will not bring peace in the life of those that stole your baby.

  13. Steve , we are talking about a stolen baby , you are saying we should make more money. MONEy go kill Igbo man , allaH, OLOSHI, WERE

  14. May Almighty God make the evil hearted woman that stole the baby of mr and mrs Ufondu disorganize in all she plan to do with that innocent baby and expose all her wicked acts in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ we all joined together and pray…Amen!


  16. Na waa oo,wonders shal neva end,d woman dat stole dis baby wil neva no peace in ha lyf,d cry of d baby wil nt alow ha rest til she return him 2 his parents,my dear sister just hav faith in God ur baby wil b return bak 2 u,in jesus name (amen

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