Why we’re partnering NIMC on e-ID card –Wigwe, Access Bank GMD


Group Managing Director of Access Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Herbert Wigwe, at the weekend said the involvement of his organisation in the National e-ID Card was to facilitate cross-border business dealings between Nigerians and other countries.

Speaking at the launch of the National Identity Management Card Scheme in Abuja, Wigwe explained that the National e-ID Card was a first-rate initiative that would facilitate socio-economic development of the country.

Besides, Nigerians, with the launch of the card, will find an easier means of proving their nationality and removing the initial trust barriers that characterise business dealings between Nigerians and other citizens.  Commending President Goodluck Jonathan on the launch of the scheme, the Access Bank GMD said the war against security challenge would witness a significant boost because the National e-ID Card Project will provide the basis for future security-based planning.

“I am proud to affirm that Access Bank is a supporter and promoter of innovative ideas that would improve the quality of life for Nigerians.

Our partnership with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) provides yet another opportunity to highlight our commitment to national development and nation building. As the pilot bank of the NIMC project, Access Bank leads other financial institutions into the new era of service efficiency that comes with the introduction of the National e-ID Card.

“Nigerians will begin to enjoy first class payment solutions hinged on electronic transactions as a result of improved identity management in the country. We are excited by the challenge of maintaining our leadership status as the most innovative bank in Nigeria and are encouraged to champion initiatives that support financial inclusion as well as propel our great nation to greater heights,” he said.

President Jonathan who performed a transaction using Access Bank’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) recalled that during the 2011 elections, there were crises in some states where properties were burnt. But it was difficult to address the payment problem because of identity issue.

“We set up a committee to take inventories of things, take data of people but by the time you want to do payment the duplications will be so much.  Those who were affected will not get the money. I remember when I was in OMPADEC as the Head of Environmental Protection Unit; if there is no oil spillage in Niger Delta, you can trek across one kilometer and you will hardly see gods.

But when there is spillage, every square meter you go you will see baby gods everywhere. So the spillage that is supposed to drive everyone away reproduces gods everywhere because every baby god is entitled to some compensation. So, these are the problems we have. So I’m quiet pleased with the packaging of NIMC.

“As we progress, you will pay very low on public bus because government will be able to subsidise it directly because of the e-card,” he said.



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