Update: Abuja explosions: witnesses describe horror



Eye witnesses in Nyanya, FCT, the scene of Monday’s blast that killed many people, have recounted their experiences of the incident.

Mr Romanus Ugwu, an Abuja-based journalist, resident at Nyanya, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that he ran to the scene on hearing the blast.

Ugwu said what he saw could be best described as a “gory sight” because many people were burning in some cars and were calling for help that never came to them while some were on the ground, helpless without limbs.

“You have to be hard hearted to look at these things. I saw a woman lying face down without limbs while one, who was surrounded by her children, struggled for life and gave up in their arms.

“These attackers appear to be more proactive than our rescue organizations and security agencies because so many lives would have been saved if help had come in time.”

Ugwu said he counted many bodies littered on the ground in the park, but could not say if all of them were dead.

He, however, commended the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) personnel for their rescue efforts.

Mr Abdulrazak Haruna of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Response Unit of NSCDC, told NAN that he counted more than 100 bodies, including the injured while evacuating victims.

“It is a sad experience. We counted 20 BRT buses, 14 cars, 24 commuter buses and 13 motorcycles.”

Mr Femi Lawal, a survivor of the blast who could not contain his joy and gratitude to God for sparing him, said he had dropped from one of the green buses from One-man Village and was heading to the park when the blast went off.

Lawal said he fell and was dazed momentarily before realising what had happened.

He said that he heard a loud bang, which nearly blinded him, and saw a thick smoke while people ran in confusion.

The 32-year old man, who was apparently wounded on the wrist and neck, said “it is a day I will live to remember”.



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