Fashion industry can reduce unemployment by 20 percent –Adetoun Awofeso, CEO, The Wardrobe

BY AYO ALONGE  [email protected] Mrs. Adetoun Awofeso is a well-trained fashion designer and to her, the fashion business is a…



Buhari: Two months after

Buhari: Two months after

Finally, the House of Representatives yesterday conjured a way to make Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila Majority Leader. I’m happy for him - and for his backers too. Now, I don’t know Gbajabiamila, on a personal level, but a few friends and I toasted and dr[...]
Fixing the President’s inconsistencies

Fixing the President’s inconsistencies

The more President Muhammadu Buhari speaks, the more he exposes his prejudices against certain sections of the country and the more his media officers scramble to twist the president’s words to make him appear. Can anyone, including Buhari’s assistan[...]
No presidential library for Mr. Jonathan

No presidential library for Mr. Jonathan

Have you seen former President Goodluck Jonathan lately? I have. It was an online picture of him taken at a location. Wearing a simple-looking shirt and adorning that trademark smile of his, GEJ was still his calm unassuming self. There was no way yo[...]
Whispers of our president  in Washington

Whispers of our president in Washington

By many, if not most, accounts, President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the United States was a major personal triumph and represented a significant turn in Nigeria-US relations. President Barack Obama, hosting Mr. Buhari at the Oval Office, remarked o[...]

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