30 bodies found in Anambra river•Obi cuts short overseas trip



Residents of Amansea in Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State woke up yesterday morning to a horrifying discovery of over 30 dead bodies floating in Ezu River in the community. The river is at the boundary between Enugu and Anambra states and the dead bodies were found at the old Enugu-Onitsha road axis of the river.

The corpses that could not be easily identified, were suspected to have been dumped in the river Friday night by unknown persons. Some fishermen and sand excavators discovered the decomposing bodies at the bank of the river. People from all over the state and neighbouring Enugu state including travellers besieged the river yesterday to catch a glimpse of the dead bodies. Meanwhile, government sources said that Governor Peter Obi has cut short his working trip abroad on hearing of the incident and would return to the state immediately.

When reporters visited the scene, three more bodies were seen floating toward the other bodies in Amansea-Ugbenu- Ebenebe town.  Natives of Amansea who were still in shock over the discovery stated that some of the bodies they saw had been swept away while some were still buried down the river and would float later. Speaking to reporters, the traditional ruler of Amansea community, Igwe Kenneth Okonkwo, described it as a sad development, noting that his community had not witnessed such a gory sight before.

On the number of bodies so far seen, the monarch said he could not say exactly the total number of dead bodies found in the river but that they were too many, adding that his people would take counts as the dead bodies flow. However, addressing newsmen, the Commissioner for Local Government, Mrs Azuka Enemuo who was in the company with her Environment counterpart and the Awka North local government chairman, said the discovery was strange and that government would get to its root. She further said: “We have seen about 14 floating bodies so far and this is a river at the boundary between Enugu and Anambra states.

This river actually runs from somewhere in Agbogu Enugu through Oji River cross Anambra state and empties into River Niger. “It is obvious that these corpses are flowing from somewhere and I can tell you we haven’t seen the last of it. We cannot say for instance, that this is the number because they are still floating. From the account we have, corpses are still floating down into Anambra state.” The Commissioner explained that the security agencies have been informed about the incident, adding that the governor who was outside the country on an official assignment had cut short his trip and was on his way back to the state.

She said that Enugu state government officials had been contacted, “to come and witness with us because it is a river on the boundary of Anambra and Enugu states and it is floating into Anambra state.” Confirming the incident, the State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Emeka Chukwuemeka said that the command was aware of the incident and that it has commenced investments, assuring that it would soon unravel what happened. The state Commissioner of Police, Mr Balla Nasarawa, has also confirmed the incident, adding that investigation had begun to unravel the mystery.

“Our attention was drawn to the incident and we immediately dispatched our men. As you can see, we are at the scene and we saw some corpses flowing on the river. I have contacted my colleague in Enugu since we share the boundary so that we can carry out a high level investigation into the incident. “I don’t know the exact number of bodies, but we have seen about 10 to 15 corpses afloat the river,” he said. Nasarawa, however, denied reports that it was a recurrent incident being carried out by the police, saying this was his first time of getting such a report. “I don’t think that is true but we shall investigate and keep the public informed after we conclude our investigation,” he said.

The Amansea River is a tributary of River Niger deriving its source from Agbuogugu community in Enugu and flows through Orji to Amansea. The river is also a source of drinking water to the people of Amansea and neighbouring communities. The Commissioner for Local Government Affairs, Mrs Azuka Enemuo, described the incident as a gory one and a waste of human lives, adding “it is a crime against humanity.’’ The commissioner also noted that the bodies found were not fresh corpses. “It was a discovery made by the households who normally come down to get water for their domestic chores. It is a horrible site.

“It is obvious that these corpses are from somewhere and I can tell you that we have not seen the last of it or say this is the actual number,” she said. She said that the government would sink additional boreholes in the area to ameliorate the water challenges of the people who drink and carry out other domestic chores from the river. “The demand to take water from an existing borehole would be high now. We shall collaborate with the traditional ruler to sink more boreholes to ameliorate the water challenges of the people,” she said.

Also speaking, the traditional ruler of the community, Igwe Kenneth Okonkwo, who expressed shock at the development, said that finding an alternative source of potable water for the people had become paramount. Okonkwo said he would collaborate with security agents to unravel the mysterious incident and work with the state government in providing water for the people.

In separate remarks, the Transition Chairman of the Council Area, Mrs Joy Enweluzor, and the Vice President-General of the community, Mr Maduka Okoye, said that none of the bodies found afloat had been identified as members of the community. They added that no member of the community had also been reported missing.

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  1. Abormination @ highest order, what a wicked generation, father almighty please protect yr peoples from hands of the wicked.

      • By your name – Asiwaju Ole, it shows the background from where you are operating from. common sense can not tell you that these bodies would have been that of your friends, colleagues, brothers and sisters killed else where and dumped in that river just to divert attention. Grow up man and earn a life, you are just a living corpse and there is no difference between you and those lifeless bodies

      • No doubt, an idiot like you Ashiwaju D-Ole (Ole – thief?) would rush into unfounded conclusion owing to your academic and sensual dwarfness. You ought to be arrested since you witnessed that some Igbos killed them so that you can tell more stories about the victims and who they actually are. What if the act is that of a crowded hospital mortuary; grappling with unclaimed and abandoned corpses? Don’t rule that out, for the fact that it is not easy to kill a crowd of about 10 to 30 at the same time without attracting attention from gunshots or cries for help. The first line of investigation is to arrest Ashiwaju D-Ole who, by his direct indictment, appears to know who killed the floating corpses.

      • @Ashiwaju-D-Ole, here is what you wrote: “IGBOS are coward and wicked. God will have no mercy on them, useless tribe, wasted people”
        The people you refer to as useless….and wasted… were created by God. If you believe in God, you should seek His forgiveness and do penance for your posting. My advice is that you allow the Holy Spirit to reign over you and keep your heart clean of hatred. God bless you.

  2. Strange indeed! No report of missing persons prior to the discovery. Could they be criminals in police custody ? Or unclaimed dead persons in a mortuary? Police should find out quickly and tell us the truth.

  3. May God save other Nigerians from the evil of Igbo race.ameen.This is an apparent case of ritual.Igbos can do anything for money including sacrificing their parent, children,wives and siblings.These are the kind of wicked behaviour that has been driving the Igbos out of their land to settle in other parts of Nigeria.Yet this same useless Igbo tribe is calling for a seperate state call Biafra.I bet you if u allow them to breakaway, they will never do bcos they can’t even go back home where hunger and rituals await them.If what I said is a lie let the Igbos relocate from Kano and Lagos back to their land for a start then we will be convinced that they are serious about Biafra.

    • @Ode, u shld guide ur tongue firmly. Be cautious of wat comes from ur mouth and stop ur unnecesary and tribalistic comments. Be warned!

    • @Ode let me prove how unreasoning you are. Just bring yourself into a solemn silence, devoid of noise to allow you meditate and focus on your life. Ask yourself this question: “In coming into life in this world, what part did I play towards being born in Nigeria, to parents of Yoruba, Housa, Efik, or other tribal lineage – and in turn avoiding an Ibo parentage? Well, if you didn’t play any part, it follows that you could as well have been born Ibo, or even a white from Europe, etc. Why then do you demean people of tribe or race other than yours? You know what? You offend God (I hope you are a believer) who made us all according to his plan for our origin of birth. Thank God that you are part of His creation and don’t ever criticise His other creatures who happen to be of different birth origin! Have a thoughtful meditation and may God bless you!

  4. Look at their comments!!! If it was another region of d country such tin happened now they will be rainin insult and caus on dem.evil is everywhere in dis country but some more heinous. May God expose d wicked in d North, East,west and south.

    • Idris, you are mature. There is wickedness everywhere even though it surpasses in some areas, and in some cases unjustified. In this case, the search light should be beamed at mortuaries and criminals in police custody who might have died of sophistication or inclement whether condition, unexpectedly.

  5. In the Name of Jesus on

    @Ode,i am very shocked for your comment.I can not tell you any thing but let me assure you that the God of Abram,Isaac and Jacobs is very much aware for the humiliation and marginalization of Igbo people and i will tell you that he will not let us down.Biafra is a country like Nigeria but the evil men among you,Britain,USSR don’t allow it to exist but you are not bigger than God.Those men are Igbo’s which i believe that it is the act of Boko Haram and they send it to us just to mock at us.They have killed millions of Igbos now and before and this one they decided to send it down for us to see their bodies and be angry but we have seen more than this many times in the past.There is nothing you people can do to wipe the Igbo race,it is impossible and i will tell you that in future you will beg food from us the Biafrans.

  6. Every evil things always come out frm igbo land, i bet if ibos should av der biafra, no single soul wil b left in dat country witin one year cus they must av use themselves for money rituals. I hate ibos wit passion…Evil tribe

  7. Ha ha ha!!! In the Name Jesus or In d Name of Money abi wetin you call urself? Igbos are always calling God’s name on their lips but their souls are wicked and treacherous.A race that establish Babies Factories using their daughters as sex machines to produce children for sale.A tribe that dis inherit women and compel them to drink the water used to wash d body of corpses. A people who use their parents for rituals. I can go on and on. I wonder how a tribe that does not have landmass can feed itself talkless of feeding other people.Igbos don’t have anything apart from cassava which other regions also grow.The earlier d Igbos humble themselves in this country d better for them.Some of us don’t believe in talking bad about others but we are forced to do so bcos of d way d Igbo people especially on this forum behavee.Anyway, let’s continue and see who will come out of it victorious.


    What is that your name,ABOKI,una get time for Aboki,pple like u are kidnappers in this country. U re d 2nd most foolish human being i hv eva seen in my life. Which tribe do u come from? Fulani,Efik cos i dnt think u hv any place in Nigeria . Ewu na eje uka..

  9. Pls the human right agencies should pls help the government and the police in this investigation to unveil the mystery behind this inhuman act. (to get the unadulterated truth) Pls GOD save your people from the hands of the wicked.

  10. Ode or mumu or what do you call yourself. I think if you have nothing to say you just shut your dirty trap. Evil men exist everywhere and on a daily basis our lives are being endangered. In lgbo land we have men and women who fear God in as much as we have the evil in our midst. You must be a fool to address an entire race for any evil done by any of their kin. We the lgbos will never spare any man who is involved in ritual. We are aware that all your kinsmen are angels. So go and eat shit.

  11. The evils that men do lives after them those behind this wicked acts against their fellow human being will never get free from it…..

  12. Ode u’ve spoken well. Pls i want u to give it to these nigerian jews de way they’ve never had it before, most importantly to Owerri bastard n Hugo swine. Nigerian jews are evil there is no doubt about that. How do u explain this killing that happened in Anambra. One thing that i don’t underdstand about this jews is that they will still try to defend de indefensible. Is this how u’re going to rule Biafra when u finally get. Shameless people.

  13. The authorities must investigate this gory site of human degradation. Our people has been discernctized to all types of killings happening in our land everyday. either from armed robbers, police, kidnappers, land disputes, mob actions, neighbours, politicians, Hired killers, Fulani cattle rearers, friends, waring communities, mass human destructions from Islamist “Boko Haram” from the North.
    South,West every corner of Nigeria no exception.
    The situation in the whole Nigeria is getting worst no where is safe. The entire Eastern Nigeria is as bad as the Northern enclave of Boko Haram.

  14. ode, aboki and all the idiots in your fold, I have not expected anything different from you GOD forsaken people of calabar, osun and hausa. ode, is not your brother that was sentenced to death by hanging last week for raping an old woman to death on her way to the farm ?
    you cannot full everyone because we know what you are and your people are nigerian slaves whose oil money is used to fend for parasites from the north and southwest of useless nigeria yet you remain docile ands that must continue to happen because you are first grade imbeciles.
    I hate hausa, calabar and yoruba where you fools come from. GOD BLESS BIAFRALAND and continue to punish nigeria for their evil minds. it will never grow beyond its present status of undevelopment while other serious nations are making progress. your present status is a curse from the ALMIGHTY GOD WHO biafrans serve. IDIOTS from IDIOT country.

  15. I am most dissappointed in all of U that tribalized the issue of Nigerian lawlessness and lost of human value. It’s a shame that u guys are not worthy to part of any nation tribalized Fool. U are this or that or U do this or that. May God punish U people for trying to seprate His people. I am my bothers keeper.

  16. Hugo swin e u said u hate Yorubas n Nigeria but ur can not do anything for us. We have a say in Yoruba that say, people whose greeting does not make u to happy, if de same people refused to greet u, u will lose nothing. Hugo i bet u live in Yoruba land, where else would live. U can never live in ur region cos there is nothing to live for there. Is this how ur biafra will be governed? Only God can save innocent jews in de hands of killers like hugo swine.

  17. its only fools and people with poor parental background that will jump into conclusion in this case by calling names. lets look at it from different angels. (1) There has not been reported cases of missing persons from either of the communities or the local governments so far to indicated mass murder. (2) The faces of the victims are not known to the community and this river in question flows across two states into the river niger. so it could have come from anywhere outside the two states in question. (3) Lets look at the angel of the police (SARS) which is known for summary execution of hardened or arrested criminal who do not have anyone to bail them. its on record that police have in several occasions executed criminals and dump them in rivers or shallow graves. so its angle to look into. (4) Dont also forget the activities of sea pirates who kill innocent sea travelers and disposed them of their belongings. So when the dust finally settles, dont be surprised that all these people calling the igbos names may have their loved ones as part of the victims who must have gone to the market or kidnapped in their bedrooms. its not yet time to call names pls.

  18. It is inhuman and ungodly that people should use such a gory spectackle to whip up ethnophobia. Ode and Kola lack human conscience and their comments potray them as infrahuman species. A pity that some people that lay claim to humanity should replase to such a barbaric comments that are reminiscent of sub-human cannibals. Pray, where has human decorum gone?

  19. i am disappointed in the kind of comment some people are making here. a poplar Igbo adage says when a child talks we know how sensible he or she is. while we pray that this type of thing will not happen again we equally pray that police will be truthful to report to the public the outcome of their investigation. for those of you who are busy abusing ones tribe i pray that God will give you understanding to know how to talk because God may place your destiny in the tribe you are calling evil today. for once think like a Nigerian not tribalistic.

  20. Ashiwaju-D-Ole , How many Yoruba’s are so better than Igbo’s without Governments?? Who are you to judge on this matter? Upon all the abominations/taboo Yoruba’s are committing everyday here and there…You are coursed

  21. In fact my advise to all Igbo’s all over the world is to start directly or indirectly your preparation towards actualizing this our BIAFRA ….Because if this BIAFRA is actualized successfully, there is no tribe in Nigeria that can stand the IGBO’S in anyway….so that all these abuses,undermining,betrayal,and insults will end.

  22. @ Ode you are a fool, I believe you are not from a cultured home. when there is no evidence or a proof to show that these floating bodies were killed by the Igbos for ritual or as a grid. I put it to you that it is the handwork of your brothers who Joined the Police or military to ensure that they extinct the igbos. And have the impetus to make nasty comments about the igbos. This tribe in question has contributed immensely to the development of this useless country called Nigeria even your homeland. can you then swear that from your clan if have any,that none has ever traveled or resided in Igbo land before and presently.

  23. These bodies should be accessed if there exist bullet wound on them, or on the contrary both Enugu and Anambra state Governments should conduct post Morton test (jointly) to ascertain what happened to them. Lastly all those negative commentators should keep quite pending when the truth or mystery behind their death is unraveled. Note: boat mishap can case this type of death.

  24. The comments 4rm ode n kola hav not only showcased the resentment they hav 4 we igbos but they hav inadvertently proved the warptness of their mindset. It also proved they were mere academic losers. Any right thinkin human wil conclude dat since both neigbouring communities hav no case of missing persons, it shud be a case of surmmary execution by the security forces or perhaps since the river isnt static, it could hav happend 4rm a dstant environtment goin by the decomposing nature of the corpse. I pray God to deliver them 4rm satanic grip and 4rm tribalistic hegemony

  25. Was it not reported of late a ritual killing den along Lagos Ibadan way ogun axis where harmless passengers are waylaid and killed.No one can even categorically say where those bodies are floating from.

  26. These eastern christian terrorists should be stopped before they becme another enigma to Nigerians! over 30 corpse at once,this is a sheer calousness a mindful person can ever commit!There is no difference between these people nd boko haram group.Blooood suckers,ritualists.Anytime one walks on their streets,its better to always look back,who knows!

  27. Ole has stolen Aboki. That is why both of you as the same. I am sure none of you will see war and still stand Whether you are OLE or Aboki, God has taken care of what you said, and you will witness what the bodies floating has witnesses. 2013 is your end.

  28. not 2 sure bt am having a feeling dat a vehicle must hv run into a river 2 hv warranted such a nos of casualties. may God hv mercy. its such a gory sight

  29. I know u jews will look for reason to defend ur image even when it obviuos that de crime is committed by Nigerian jews. Who know perhaps t they are victims of ritualists cos u can never put anything past these jews. They will do anything i say anything for “EGO, MONEY,KUDI,OWO. Nigerian jews n money.

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