2015: North in disarray…Why Jonathan may return



Come 2015, President Goodluck Jonathan will run, Sunday Sun can authoritatively reveal, but the north will also field a candidate. Interestingly, indications that the north was ready and willing to stop Jonathan in 2015 first emerged in Kaduna, the political headquarters of the north, in May this year.

It came from no other than the chairman of the Northern States Governors Forum, NSGF and Niger State governor, Muazu Babangida Aliyu. He had while making his opening remarks at one of the governors’ forum meetings stated among other things that “we must also know that by 2015, we are going as united constituent group.

There were times when we went as constitutionalists and federalists, and some as regionalists, this time around, we must do everything possible within the time period to unite ourselves and to go that time as a united group.?“The interest of the people is paramount, we must understand that, and we must also understand that political parties are platforms and it is the interest of our own people that should guide our actions, our interests and our activities.”

However, the cacophony of voices among different groups within the region in recent times, Sunday Sun investigations reveal is not suggestive of the fact that the north was ready to present a “united and formidable” force against Jonathan’s 2015 ambition.

Yet, Sunday Sun further gathered that the plot to stop Jonathan from running was real, and that the various meetings going on in the north and Abuja, were indicative of the resolve by the north to stop Jonathan, at all cost, another source added. Last week alone, two gatherings went on simultaneously in Kaduna and Bauchi. Although, none had 2015 as part of its objectives, as the two gatherings put the quest to develop the north as the major agenda, Sunday Sun can authoritatively reveal that the two gatherings have the trappings of 2015.

For instance, while that of Kaduna was spearheaded by a coalition of northern groups, under the auspices of Arewa Research and Development Project, led by Dr. Usman Bugaje, a former Political Adviser to Vice President Atiku Abubakar, that of Bauchi was held on the platform of the North-East Alliance for Transformation, NEAT, spear-headed by Jonathan’s Senior Special Assistant on Energy Partnership, Mallam Ibrahim Shehu Njidda. Interestingly, when a similar gathering was held in Bauchi earlier this year by elders from the zone, under the auspices of North-East Forum for Unity and Development, NEFUD, which attracted the likes of General TY Danjuma,

Mallam Adamu Ciroma, Professor Jubril Aminu, Alhaji Mohammadu Bello Kirfi and Atiku’s representative among a host of other prominent personalities from the zone, almost all those who attended NEAT’s summit in Bauchi, last Thursday, including the governors, shunned it. Sunday Sun’s investigations however revealed that prominent northern leaders including General Abdulsalami Abubakar, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, former Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Justice Dahiru Musdapher, Senator George Akume and Kaduna State governor, Patrick Yakowa, attended the Kaduna gathering.

Historically speaking, while incumbent governors lost nomination of their parties, and even lost during gubernatorial election where such incumbents decided to change party, no sitting President has either lost nomination of his party or the general election, since the country’s independence in 1960. Will Jonathan’s own therefore be different? “You may be right that history does not in any way support what we are planning to do. But I am one who believes that events and not personalities should shape history.

To that extent, we are of the firm belief that events would ultimately throw up the situation that will force Jonathan to bow to voice of reason, instead of allowing himself to be embarrassed and disgraced out of office, because we are resolved to do this. “Just take a look at the men around the President, tell me who among them can win election. The Vice President cannot deliver his base, Gulak (President’s Political Adviser) cannot win election in Adamawa, Anenih has been confined to the dustbin of political history and his Chief of Staff too, cannot win election.

So tell me who will do the job for him? “Come to the north, again I agree with you that no single politician has the type of mass appeal that Buhari has. But you and I know that Nigeria’s presidential election goes beyond mass appeal in the north. At any rate, the votes in the north alone cannot make him President. It might be impossible, but I also believe that if the likes of Buhari and Atiku can bury their ambitions in the interest of the north and join in the search for a credible and acceptable person from among us, I think Jonathan may even chicken out of the race,”.

One of those involved in the surreptitious moves to unseat Jonathan, but who is currently part of the present administration, volunteered. However, another prominent politician who was neither part of the two gatherings held last week, but who is also a prominent member of the PDP from the North-East geopolitical zone told Sunday Sun that except the north changes strategy, the presidency may still elude it in 2015.

“First of all I am also surprised about both meetings. I agree with you that the way the two meetings went on, all supposedly in the interest of the north did not show any unity of purpose on our part. For me, I see the Bauchi meeting as more of a government thing. Because when a similar meeting took place in the same Bauchi State in the past, none of the governors attended. “Now for a meeting of that nature that attracted the likes of TY Danjuma, Jubril Aminu, I think the governors made a big mistake by not attending, that is, if truly they are interested in developing the region.

Again, those who attended last Thursday’s summit did not reflect that it was peopled by persons who matter in the region. Don’t get me wrong, I know the governors are so powerful that they decide what goes on, but they need other stakeholders too. I think the Kaduna meeting had a better attendance in terms of prominent persons in the north”, the high ranking PDP member added. As part of the strategies to stop Jonathan, Sunday Sun further learnt that members of the opposition, especially from the South-West are also toying with the idea of presenting Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal,  as an alternative.

The belief in this group is that, it could repeat what it did on the floor of the House, where the Speaker and his deputy were elected to the chagrin of the PDP, through the support of the opposition parties. Sources close to the Speaker’s office however told Sunday Sun that the Speaker was not favorably disposed to such an idea.

He was quoted to have said he would not want to end up like two of his predecessors who were “used and dumped “and became irrelevant in the scheme of things. Those close to the Speaker were also said to have warned him to be wary of “ an unworthy project that will not fly”. “You know, they deceived Na’Abba, that he is the true leader of the representatives of the people, same goes to Bankole. But how many of these people in the House can win election without the support of their governors?

So this is why we are cautioning the Speaker. And thank God, he is the type that not only listens, but one who knows what is right and appropriate,” another source added.

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  1. It is a pity that the north‘s quest for development & progress is always pivoted on the presidency threshold, neglecting other potentials that providence bequeatted it but for how long ll they hope on milking the resources that comes from another man‘s backyard to attain success? Sorry to the north.

      • Ashiwaju-D-Ole on

        They shall gather but scahtter in so many ways.

        GEJ own the money he is spending from the oil on his land.

        useless mallams

    • O di mma! Ndigbo gini bu uche unu ebe a? Kedu ebe anyi kwu ugbua? Onye isi ala Naijiria e kwuola uche ya maka afo puku abuo na iri na ise. Biko gini ka unu na-ekwu? A choro m ka Ndigbo zaa m ajuju ndi a.

      Ndi a n’achi anyi n’ala Igbo, ndi chigoro achi na mbu, ndi nnochi-anya na ndi ozo nke ka choro ichi, Kedu ubochi unu g’agbakota onu nwee ezigbo nzuko gbasara o ganiru Ndigbo? O nwere ndi aka oru ha bu icho ebe (ma ndi) ha ga akojo na-ebea. Anyi bu ndi igbo amaghi ihe, gini mere Ndigbo achoghi igbakota onu nke ha? Ndi a bu ndi iro anyi ka anyi mara otu anyi di. Ihe Maazi T.Orji no na-eme bu ibuso Maazi OUK agha, OUK bu so onye Igbo mu onwe m huru bu onye n’agba nbo otu a ga-esi jikoo Ndigbo onu. Ndi Govano nile n’achi Anyi, biko unu mepe anya unu, onwere ihe onye Igbo ibe gi mere gi, biko gbahara ya, k’anyi gbakoo onu nwere otu obi, otu atumatu ma hukwa onwe anyi n’anya. Ohaneze Ndigbo, kedu ebe unu gara? Ndi Massob, ike ogwuru unu?
      T.Orji Biko Gbahara OUK. OUK biko gbahakwara nwanne gi bu T.Orji.
      Maazi Okorocha, Nwoke ojii di ocha! Biko gbahara Maazi Ohakim. Maazi Ohakim, e jim Chineke yoo gi, biko Gbahakwara Nwanne gi bu Okorocha.
      Maazi Peter Obi, Nwoke Oma n’achi Anambra, Biko unu hapu nkpari a unu na-enye Ndigbo site na nsogbu unu nwere na APGA, unu yoo onwe unu ngbahara ka-obi unu (na nke Ndigbo nile) buru otu.
      Maazi Chime, kedu ka Enugu di? Chukwu gozie gi o. Biko nye aka chikota ndi nke gi maka Ndigbo nwere ka ha ji noro ugbua.
      Maazi Elechi, okongwu! kedu ebe i gara, okenye na-emebi Ebonyi Steeti. Biko e jim Chukwu a yo gi ka-ichegharia bido mewa ihe ka onye Okenye. O dighi mma mmadu ibu okenye aruruala. Nyere onwe gi aka nyere ndi ozo. Kwee ka okenye gi bara Ndigbo uru. Ndigbo choro otu a ga-esi nwe ngbanwe n’ala Igbo.
      Biko onye m kwujoro na-ebe a ya nwee ngbahara ma chetakwa na obi adighi anyi bu Umu Ikoroabia mma ugbua. Umu ikorobia Igbo ndi bi na-ulo, ndi bi na Naijiria, na ndi bi na mba ofesi na-ewezi iwe. Nwuta di ha na-obi, obi adighi ha mma ma oli. Ha siri na-oge erugo mgbe ha g’ebido ma-oburu na unu achighi i jikota onwe unu onu mewara Ndigbo ihe ha choro. Ori uka ka m na-ezunyere unu. Nti n’anu ihe a ha gi ka nkata ezi! Ka Chukwu nonyere Ndigbo nile n’aha Jisos Amen.

      I ga-enweta m na: okirikiri asato okirikiri ato itolu ano okirikiri asato otu itolu abuo.

  2. Leadership in Nigeria have turned to tribal war, the north and their dream of do or die for leadership is not important 2015 till they agree study 1Nigeria or form a nation with their own leaders.

    Nigeria our mother’s land remains till they depart to chad or wherever they came from.

  3. Leadership in Nigeria have turned to tribal war, the north and their dream of do or die for leadership is not important 2015 till they agree to study 1Nigeria or form a nation with their own leaders.

    Nigeria our mother’s land remains till they depart to chad or wherever they came from.

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  6. “……it is the interest of OUR OWN PPLE that shld guide our actions, interests and activities……
    “You may
    be right that history does not in any way
    support what we are planning to do. But
    I am one who believes that events and
    not personalities should shape history.
    To that extent, we are of the firm belief
    that events would ultimately throw up
    the situation that will force Jonathan to
    bow to voice of reason, instead of
    allowing himself to be embarrassed and
    disgraced. Because we are resolved to do this.”

    Those were the voices of Abokis and Mallams calld d “voice of reason.”
    Long b4 nw d body languages of these politically intoxicated Northern RUINERS hav alwz spoken volume bt I neva knew they could be foolishly supressed by dia mental derangement 2 desperatly yield 2dia selfdeluding, illusive & shameles coscience.
    The battle line has just been drawn. We shal see who d hell that wl b comin frm d North 2 loot oil money again.
    We can nw see dt North has mistaken our SIMPLICITY 4 FOOLISHNESS, LOYALTY 4 WEAKNESS & our PEACE-MAKING 4 FEARFULNES.
    I herby call on the Leadership of d entire Southern Nigeria to be wise, esp the SS and the SE and know dt they ve large bulk of home assiynment 2do. I also call on our yoruba brothers to bware of easily accepting a peanut in d name of VP offerd by d surrepticious, crafty cameleons creeping in2 dia tent.
    NB: There is more(evil lies ahead) that meets your eyes than just having a Northerner bcom Nigerian President. Pls Gej back 2 ur intelligent drawing board wt utmost skillfulness, soberliness and wisdom.

    Biko eji m ohere a agwa umu igbo nile, ndi ji okwa di iche iche na gvmenti etiti ma nke steeti, na ndi isi(Gov) steeti nile no na ala igbo, Unu ahula nu ihe ekwe na aku na mgbago ugwu ala anyi. Tinyere ndi ozo biaranu, ndi govano nile nocha na ime party di iche iche biakotara onu ugbua n’acho oke haa.
    Gini mere unu ndi nke anyi agaghi abiakotali onu jiri otu obi, chota ihe ga abara anyi bu ihe di anyi mkpa, n, agbanyeghi otu ndorondoro onye obuna no? Onye isi ala funahu ndi igbo ma obu Jonathan na afo 2015, ofunahula ndi igbo rue mgbebighebi, nakwa ihe ndi ozo di. Rue ole mgbe k’anyi ga n’ebi ebi ndu di otu a. Bikonu marakwanu ihe dika agwo. Ugboro ole ka ihe ga eme anyi tupu anyi amuta ihe? 08037244945

  7. I will kill again. on

    We must start a campaign to unite the SS and the SE into a formidable force that will either win the next presidential elections in this country or will be courted,with mouth watering and just incentives,by other zones in order for them to win.The only problem with this hope is that dredead syndrome known as IBO MAN SENSE.(IMS).
    IMS is an intellectual and emotional cancerous affliction that troubles most members of the Ibo tribe in Nigeria and in the diaspora.It is borne of a disease known as fake-superiority complex mixed with low self esteem.This fake-superiority complex makes the average Ibo man SHOUT to whoever is willing to hear,that he is a genius at making money and acquiring material things whereas,deep in his heart of heart,most times,he knows and everyone else around him knows that he is just a spare parts dealer,a shallow man and most times,a criminal minded individual.
    The low esteem makes the Ibo man want to be recognized and associated with anything and anyone that seems to be MATERIALLY doing well.They will line up behind criminals like Orji Kalu and swallow every shit infested word the criminals spews out.This is the same man who plundered,raped and stole every kobo belonging to the same people who are now worshiping him.This is ALWAYS the problem with most Ibo people.They do not give a damn about how one makes his fortune,they are only interested in the end result.
    The average Ibo man will do ANYTHING for cash.
    Should any right thinking group of people,including the SS go into alliance with these kind of people with this kind of self-destructive mindset? I say NO.
    I have read a lot of posts here by IBO sounding names urging the two regions,i.e the SS and SE to merge and work together and I have also noticed that NOBODY from the SS has ever brought up this merger issue or commented about it.
    How come it is ALWAYS the Ibos who want to merge with the SS? There is no smoke without fire.Are SOME Ibo people now wising up to the fact that accumulation of material things BY ALL AND ANY MEANS not a solution to political problems? The Ibo man,in his fake and stupid sense of superiority used to look down on the people from the SS as lazy and timid.Today,the story is different.The Ibo tribe,a supposedly major tribe in Nigeria ends up with crumbs falling from Aboki table,with all their bravado and boasting while the small SSoutherners are the king makers living in well organized,clean,life enhancing societies.
    The Way Forward.
    The only way the SS will cooperate with the Ibos is when the Ibos have proven to the SS that they have had a change of heart and are sincerely and honestly willing to work as EQUAL partners,with RESPECT for the SS.The SE must bear in mind that this kind of cooperation is solely based on the spirit of brotherliness and sympathy as the SS does not really need anything from the SE.Nobody in his right mind will want to associate or take risks with a person who has NOTHING to offer.

    • U ar very very stupid by degrading SE to that extent. If nt SE GEJ wouldnt ve win d election. Now due to opportunity has come to SS is why u ar boosting. We SE and SS ar brother and sister, if not we SE will chase u all out of that zone. Mind how u talk, one tree cannot make a forest. Can only SS deliver GEJ this coming 2015 election.

    • Just ask mama Akpos to give you more dry gin and fresh fish. I am so sorry for your neighbors because they are living with something or individual worst than HIV virus. You are making the same mistake made by our aged parents. Igbos are our brothers and not our enemies. Our leaders sold their conscience to hausa/fulani oligarchy and that is why they are enjoying our oil money and we are begging for 50% of the money that comes from oil in our back yard. Can any south south man own an oil well in Sokoto? Do we have any city in south south that is like abuja? The earlier you wake up from your sleep and confused state of mind the better for you. Igbos made their money by hard work and being industrious. Every tribe has armed robbers, kidnappers and so on.

    • Vita in Diaspora on

      And what did you dazed and fazzled drunkard hope to achieve with what you have vomitted here?
      – Vita in Diaspora

    • I don’t care what u say about d SE pple,but i want u 2 know 1 tin,if d SE witdrawn 4rm Gej,not only wil he b disgrace out of office com 2015,but also b probe and d money he stole wil be collected 4rm him,why am i wasting my time talkin u,i’m sure u ar not 4rm SS,u ar just one who is afraid of SS,SE coalition,but if truly u ar 4rm SS,u shld 1st ask d SS elders oppinion,pple lik Edwin clark,Gej,Asari Dokubor,Gov Chibuike b4 makin any provocative stament,bcus dez pple knows what it means 2 looz surport 4rm SE.

    • I don’t care what u say about d SE but i want u 2 know dat if not 4 SE Gej wil never hav smell aso rock,& if d SE witdraw dir suport com 2015,not only wil he b disgrace out of office,he wil b put in gel & all his stolen money confiscated.
      Am sure u ar not 4rm SS,u ar sum1 who is afriad of d outcom of SE,SS coalition,but if truly u ar 4rm SS,b4 u mak provocativ stament,ask ur elders,pple lik Edwin clark,Gej,Gov Chibuike,Asari Dokubor etc.bcus dis pple knows what it means 2 looz surport 4rm SE.

    • Jonathan has given igbos month to talk and abuse everybody that say the truth about them. please ss shine your eye very well the igbo have an angenda to dominate you again like they did before they will never change. fake superior complex

  8. I see a northerner becoming a PRESIDENT in 2015. Ofcourse,president of gworo sellers union,dua-dua association,kwiri-kwiri marketers union. So this born to misrule cannot discuss security or economy of their blood sucking region,instead they are planning how to steal more so they will use it to continue their terrorism or islamize their father. Umu-alamajiri,ndi ara.

  9. @’I will kill(ur moda)again. I think u’re either mentally imbalanced or u have complex problem. I would have told u maggot 1 or 2tins,but it’s needless joining issue wit an unidentifiable cow.

  10. @ I will, am strongly believe u are not a man. Because you bears no name. Rather, ur unsanitized word will put u into trouble. Having said so, i want to tell u, that Igbos, nt Ibos! They’re the pillar of country. Any sector of the country’s department, u do don’t found an Igboman, you should know that the so-called Dept, is not worth for it. Come to think of it, Igbo people are more educated to ur so-called region. So what are boasting of! If not Oil. The oil, u guys can’t harvest proper. Shame on you, to must utter ur dirty word on Ndi-Igbo. Igbos, are more than any other tribes, in this country. So, keep ur callous mouth! Ok?

  11. I will kill again your are most foolish man i ever see in my life , you call great IGBO ppl nonsense you ss will never wake up , remember what ojokwu told you fool the the day of execution of kin sarowiwa just GOOD MORNING and today you ppl are still CAN SEE THE THE SUN RISING

  12. The north thinks this country belongs to them, despite their muggy years of ruling Nigeria. What about the Igbos? If I were Goodluck, I would have completed my second term by fire by force and at the end hands over to an Igbo man. Else what happens in sudan will happen in Nigeria or we resort to a confederation. Hausa’s enough of ur orchestrated onslaught.

  13. We are only fighting ourselves as commoners on this forum while those top government officials, politicians, and big businessmen and women of all ethnic and tribal backgrounds in Nigeria, like Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa/Fulani, Ijaw, Tiv, Berome, Beriberi, Ibibio, Ogoni, Urhobo, Edo, Itsekiri, Igala, Ebira, etc, etc, etc,,, are fraternizing among themselves by continuing with their unrepentant stealing and embezzlement of our resources.
    No ethnic group in Nigeria is free from the corrupt tendencies that have taken over the soul of the country, so i see no reason why those of us who have opportunity to contribute on this forum should not rise up together in one voice to condemn this system and the practitioners that have enslaved us and children/children with it. The elites are those who benefit from this rotten system, hence, they want to maintain statuquo as long as we remain divided on ethnic basis. We must stand up and fight for our rights, Heaven helps those who help themselves.

  14. I believe it is imperative that the SS and SE work as a political power bloc. They have no other option but to. This is neccessary for a greater unity of the country. I don’t believe the SS and Se have anything to fear among themselves. The SS understand the SE like the SE understand the SS. The alliance is quietly in top gear and has long been manifested in the recent past. GEJ is the first president to appoint a SE man as chief of army staff. He also appointed Pius Anyim to run govt as SGF. He also gave Ojukwu a natioanl burial against the wishes of certain sections of the country. Again the SE has done well for GEJ. Just check out the massive votes the president had from the SE. Some states in SE gave him 98%. Yes, they even voted more than their SS brothers. I think we need a united country and it should and has started from the SE/SS eternal alliance. Enough of backward talk. Every tribe and nationality has its peculiar problems, but the best way to move forward is to move forward.

    • If we talking about politics in this Ibo people should keep their dirty mouth shut because they what is call politics and they should not join other people in political arena.we can only give them the office of vice president, deputy senate president and deputy speaker of house of representative that is all about it.

    • Hello Haruna Sako, i find your command of the English language very amusing, no offence, but next time you want to post a comment, i suggest you write it down then let someone who finished secondary school help you proofread it before posting it! Your comment about the Igbo people is to say the least very typical of an empty headed tribalist who would not waste any time to commit murder in the name of ethnic loyalty like we all witnessed in the last presidential election

  15. @you will kill again, you must be suffering from advanced amnesia and delusion to imply that your people can make any political headway without the support of the south east. I’m not suprised at the rubbish spewing from your deranged mind because that has been your peoples stock-in-trade. There was no way jonathan could’ve won that election without the support of the southeast. The south-south can reciprocate that gesture or not. But don’t come crying to us when the north starts dealing with you again. If you must know, the igbos are the only people who can move this country to the next level. You can ignore this fact to your own peril!

    • it really amazes me how igbos speak about themselves they insult everybody insult the sw, ss, the north and see themseives as a saint the only superior people in the country. words like SE is the only one that can move the country forward, They forget the SW made it even possible for a ss president, thanks to Obasojo the north hate him with a passion now but the igbos are ciaiming that without them the country cannot move forward. The bigest mistake jonathan is making is listening to igbos, that will be the his down fall because i know for a fact that the ibos cannot deliver him or even protect him they are loud mouth with nothing to show. SS don,t need the SS for nothing, SW don,t need them either so i really don,t know how they think they are important in the skim of things in nigeria. They have to learn to respect others or they will loose again. They are born to loose anyway

  16. Hahahaha,wonders they said shall never seize ooh,imagine I Will Kill Again who is a SS comparing SE with SS in politics.God we Igbos have really suffered in this country called Nigeria.Its not enough that Housa-fulani and Yoruba have been talking to Igbos any how in a disrespectfull manner and now its the turn of SS to talk to Igbos anyhow.I Will Kill Again i know that as far as the SS are concern your just one the prodigal and bastard son a bitch and so as a result of that let me not take my angry on entire SS as a result of an individual imbecile and fool at 40 like you open ur dirty lousy mouth to uttered.I Will Kill Again if you have lost your sense of reasoning then you shouldnt have forgoting so fast that if not for the overwhelming vote SE gave Mr GEJ he couldnt have become the president of Nigeria and 99% Igbos gave him to Mr GEJ he wouldnt have smell the president of Nigeria sit and youldnt open your dirty mouth

  17. @ u will kill ur parents again, is like the events in Nigeria has never thought people like u in the s.s any lesson at all. In ur life can u ever dare an Igbo man? Not to talk of insulting d generality of Ndi Igbo in Nigeria. Good morning to u again, because our sage Ojukwu, had earlier on greeted one of ur berand elder in such manner before. U re no match to Igbos in all ramifications, u can go back to history lane in Nigeria, if i,m being mistaking.

  18. Hypocrites and the simple minded ppl, UP ONE NIGERIA and to you all Igbos supporting buhari, what do you say to all these? Why is it that no single housa person supports and Igbo person becoming president of nig? I am more disapointed with fellow Igbos than the housa and foolani ppl, we claim to be the most inteligent ppl but the evidence on the ground is showing the opposite. Let us prove we are inteligent, action speaks louder than words we are talking too much and doing nothing

  19. @chairman and dele, u guys av said it all instead of exchanging words on dis forum we shld just do wat is wrigth. I once mentioned dat we shld stop insulting region or ppl. To my igbo brothers so it hurts when u insult d yorubas and d hausa. Let our contributions be constructive not insulting ppl or religion, after all, those guys in gov’t never ask where are u frm when sharing their loots.

  20. Hypocrites and the simple minded ppl, UP ONE NIGERIA and to you all Igbos supporting buhari, what do you say to all these? Why is it that no single housa person supports and Igbo person becoming president of nig? I am more disapointed with fellow Igbos than the housa and foolani ppl, we claim to be the most inteligent ppl but the evidence on the ground is showing the opposite. Let us prove we are inteligent, action speaks louder than words we are talking too much and doing nothing.

  21. Its quite unfortunate that nigeria’s presidency has become tribalised and sectionised. First these educated illiterates and village crusaders must be reminded that Gen. Gowon dissolved the regions into states during his era and as such the so-called one north is a pipe dream. Secondly, nigeria operates a multi-party democracy and as such each political party can field any capable hand from any part of nigeria to vie for them. But if the selfishness continues, it is a clear indication that the marriage of the tribes should be dissolved as the no side must impose themselves over others. Americans did not elect Obama because blacks have not ruled America or that blacks were maginalised but because of the qualities they have seen in him. So the issue should be what party and which person can redeem nigeria rather than from which region the next president should come from.

  22. @ u will kill ur parents, kindred,villagers and ur entire community again, i thank u so much for cornering this very discussion. We shall meet again in a well articulated forum there u will be very much schooled for daring Ndi Igbo, better watch out.

  23. The only reason why housa want this Power back is for them to islamise this country and make none moslem the second clas citizen, make sure SE states remains five, tell the SS we are their problems, make sure No igbo man raises his or her head to defend any of his ppl for them to have enogh oportunity to slouter us anytime they want without anybody making noise, keep us in darknes til forever,They want to achieve all this thing at all cost, that is their agreement, to make sure they push GEJ aside, Evil housa / fulani wil all run mad when they wil see an igboman as a president, the colour of their skin wil change to red. FOOLS.

  24. Ndigbo cannever trust the hausa/fulani again. Our brother GEJ is going for presidency in 2015 and after Him a credible son of Ndigbo will will go for presidency in 2019.

  25. Pipe dream the president is just one man all the year these greedy northern leaders spent controlling our resources ,what did they do for the north,let’s not talk of of other regions .They only made money for themselves .The truth is that the culture in the north promotes poverty,mediocrity and lack of achievement motivation.They should stop winning over power,the deliberate turmoil created for this government and the attendant avoidable waste of life will not make a core northerner president..None of the critics can do better than president Jonathan in this present circumstance.

  26. After ss,it will be se and then sw and then ss again,se again and sw again and so shall it go unless the sw shows betraying character,lest the north can go to hell.

  27. Northern politicains alite are busy embezzle our money, and planing against ibo in 2015 let see how it will work. Am just tired of one nigeria . Old hopeless ppl.

  28. No focus and intelligence directed comments. A commet made by one I will kill again has taken d article written by Ismail Omipidan. Tank u Dele 4 ur contribution. No institution in Nigeria, all we c is corruption. Dis pple are spending our money any how dey like and we are here talking about SS and SE, who is wise and foolish. I totally agree wit James Allen in his book ‘As a Man Thinketh’, dat dia can’t b an opressor without d pple’s colaboration, though, ignorantly. Let us dump dis zonal, ethnic, tribal, religional and cultural mentality. Rather, we shld preach good governance and all dat it entails.

  29. We have seen what the north (Hausa-Fulani) can offer, they were there for 38yrs, they offered 1. corruption, 2.Hatred, 3. Decadence, 4. Brain drain, 5. divide and rule tactics, 6. destruction, 7. killing and finally, 8. BOKO HARAM. So the reason north introduced boko haram is to make a southern president GEJ incompetent? if you like have seventy (70) governors waiting to take over from GEJ, you cant get it, Wake up to reality, your second colonialism of born to rule mentality has long expired in the mind of middle-beltans and the southern part of Nigeria. Its only when you work towards election you remember to coin “one big north” and make northern Christians head of Arewa, head of northern conventions, head of all the committees on northern power take over etc. but when elections are won (Hausa-Fulani) will suddenly remember that they are not one north anymore, all these reflects in power-sharing and appointments. you cannot use southern oil to finance your madness anymore in this country! since you used boko-haram to disrupt GEJ, any day a northerner becomes Nigerian president or Arewa president, Egbesu, Massob, OPC etc. are waiting for a pay back. You will soon discover by experience that your boko haram does not have the monopoly of violence and making of bombs. I rest my case.

  30. The North is never tired of scheming for presidency. That shows how greedy and selfish they are. I blame those of us from the South who always queue behind them because no northerner can be president without votes from the South. Instead of addressing the problem of insecurity from their place they are busy scheming for presidency. That shows that they created Boko Haram to distablise Jonathan’s government. But fail they must. I have asked our people in the North to leave there and when they don’t see them again to kill they will start killing themselves.

  31. All these top nothern politician are very dillusional! they are probably mistaking the northern part of Nigeria for the Federal Republic of Nigeria!! the southern part of the country does not seem to feature in their political calculation at all. For the life of me, i simply can’t understand how they could be talking about occuping Aso Rock come 2015 without the consent of the south, as if the southern part of the country is not going to take part in the election. This is the very reason why Jonathan is going to give Buhari or whoever they presentw a sound trashing a second time, because unlike these pompous, arrogant, self-centred, power -hungary nothern political elite, he doesn’t underrate any part of the country. I don’t think Nigeria will ever be a united country as long as politician pledge there loyalty to the region they come from instead of the country as a whole and i must say this is very common among notherners

  32. WHEN WILL THE NORTH EVER BE HUMBLE ENOUGH TO LEARN? When they plotted to make Satan Abacha and by extension the north a life president, did it ever cross their crooked minds that ,we will be where we are today? The north never made Goodluck Jonathan the president. The north has since lost the plot. Boko Haram has lost. The north will continue to lose until they learn to truly be fair to others. The Almighty God will always scatter their evil plans. The north will never gain until they learn to give justice to others.

  33. From one region out of four in 1960 to 19/20 out of thirty six after northern military junters left the political seen, late 1999. We heaped blames from the British government to the northern mafia. We even blamed their cows being counted as humanbeings in the north, in 1963 census (to transfer political power to the north) to the military “boys” who can not be “challenged” with their decrees and guns in each hand.
    What excuse do we have today?
    If the north mis-rulled/ruled this nation for a straight 39/43 years “on any formula” what “formula” now withholds GEJ from keeping the batton in the south for fifty years (50 yrs) and to go about correcting the injustices matted out to the south over those years of blantant mis-rule? “Oh! judgement, thou art fled to Brithish beasts, and men have lost their reasons. I must pause till it comes back to me”.

    Politics is not religion and one should be ready to do politics when he/she is ready to do politics. it is not a good place for “Priests” and “pastors”, because politics is business. This is why the north is better than the south in Nigeran politics despite our so called BIG/PAPER education. Take it or leave it.

  34. Jonathan may not be the messiah that would take us to the promise land but it is 100% better to vote for GEJ come 2015 than casting ur vote to an Hausa/fulani candidate. Let us be wise!Hausa/fulanis ruled this country for 35 yrs and take a look at where we are today. A country with the best quality crude oil in the whole world.Imagine! If u cannot control ur home, how can u control another persons home.When u cannot stop ur Pre-planned BOKO HARAM in ur region, how can u control or rule entire Nigeria.Ur ideas of using BOKO HARAM to make government ungovernable to GEJ by killing millions of innocent Christians has proved that Nigeria would turn into a grave yard or rather a sharia state or rather Islamic country if an Hausa/fulanis suceed as a president.God forbid! The devil we know in Jonathan is better that the messiah we don’t know in Hausa/fulanis.Their tribalsitic,ethinistic and regionalistic comments in the newspaper and media has shown that they only wanted to become president for the interest of their Hausa/fulanis, not for other zones. Then, listen very attentively.The nature has proved it that until Nigeria becomes good or divide no hausa/fulanis would ever rule this country.Don’t be deceived by ur born to rule mentality. Period!

  35. Prof i lov ur argument/ presentation cuz u realy understood the nature of ur nation. Prof wht do u think is the problem of dis nation? an how cn we solv dis problms u mentioned?

  36. I may consider a Christian Middle belterner to rule Nigeria after Igbos have taken their turn but never hausa fulani vandals again,they should declare their own country bordering their fellow terrorists niger and chad, GOD Forbid!

  37. @Henro, Smk, Charles, Stine Chykee and others, pls that stupid Goat “I will kill Again” is not frm SS for ur info. We know him pls. He is a Yoruba(Ndi ofe mmanu). He is just an impostor pls. He enters and spoils every column and posting hia and daz his work. Y? Bcos he is a wayward wonderer. A vagabond, scalewag and an ostracised Outcast(Osu). He killd his Mum & Dad and his kingsmen cursed, Ostracised & banned him from d family, remaining to kill himself. He has no respect for his Yoruba elders talk more of other tribe. If u must talk to him address for who he is. Dnt mistake him for a S/southerner.Ofcourse SS and SE know dt they are cousins and hav neva, and wl neva talk to each oda in that manner and we respect each oda also. Am sure of wat am saying and i repeat, he is a yoruba, cursed a shameless Vagabond and a miserable wayward ostracised outcast. Tanx.

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