2015: Jonathan, OBJ go to war over BoT chair


•Anenih, Ali, others face election tonight

The PDP’s Bot election which will hold tonight at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, is expected to be a stormy session, as President Jonathan and Chief Obasanjo are expected to engage in a political duel to install a candidate to administer one of the sensitive organs of the party.

Former President Obasanjo had resigned his appointment as the BoT chairman, thus creating the vacuum that party leaders are expected to fill tonight. Whoever emerges, according to the party constitution, will serve a single term of five years. Main contenders for the office are former national chairman of the party, Dr Ahmadu Ali; former Works Minister, Chief Tony Anenih; former Senate President, Dr. Ken Nnamani and Chairman, Champion Newspapers, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu. Findings revealed that the Anenih’s candidature enjoys the support of President Jonathan and his foot soldiers had been impressing it on members of the BoT to support the former minister.

Anenih’s supporters flaunt his experience as former Chairman of the board and his ability to galvanise support for party position at critical moments. But party chieftains and members of the board from the North are opposed to Anenih. They frowned at an arrangement in the party which could throw up a stalwart from the South-South as the BoT chairman, against the backdrop of the body language of President Jonathan to contest the 2015 election. “It is the apprehension over 2015 that has made those who know what (Mr. Fix It as Anenih is called) can swing that has informed their vow that it could be anybody, but not Anenih.

A source revealed that it was not clear, if Chief Obasanjo has shifted his support for Dr Ali. “His proposal that the National Secretary of the board, Senator Walid Jubril should step down for Dr Ali, since both are from the North-Central would be resisted. Such a pleasant man who had been doing the job since Obasanjo left the office, would not be traded off like that, a source further submitted. “It is, however, not clear, if the former president would abandon Dr. Ali, for the candidature of Chief Iwuanyanwu, as it is being speculated. Recall that Anenih served as BoT chairman from 2003 to 2007 after Dr. Alex Ekwueme’s five years’ tenure as pioneer boss of the board.

Ekwueme, a former vice president in the Second Republic, and the founding protem National Chairman of the party, served as the BoT boss between 1998 and 2003. However, Anenih was displaced by Obasanjo in 2007 in what was akin to a palace coup, barely a month after the end of his second term as president. During his days as BoT boss, Anenih is known to have wielded great-influence in the affairs of the party especially in prosecuting its electoral wars nation-wide. On his part, Ali, a former minister of education, was national chairman of the party during the twilight of Obasanjo’s second term. Incidentally, he was the party boss at the same time Anenih was the BoT boss.

A key ally of the ex-president Obasanjo dating back to his regime as miliatry Head of State in the ‘70s, it is doubtful whether if the PDP former national chairman still enjoys the former leader’s confidence. According to the party’s constitution, about 120 members are qualified to vote for the BoT chairman. They include former presidents, vice presidents, former speakers, House of Representatives, ex-Senate presidents, former national chairmen and secretaries as well as serving ones.

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  1. The babies oBJ gave birth to and nutured have grown up to be Lions and tigers What powers does Party BoT have oveer mational issues well i would not say much OBJ will definitely have a way to kill these Lions and Tigers before they eat himup. NIGERIA NEEDS PRAYERS

  2. What is Bot for ? Is it more supreme than the party chairman? They re creating idle offices to cart away public founds, demonic people. IWUANYAWU why re u being short listed among these demons varying for powerless positions like BOT of your party? Anyway birds of same feathers fluck together.

  3. IWUANYAWU , why cann,t u tell GEJ to use his veto powers on 2nd Niger bridge? Is Bot a vital position to a person of ur calibre? Better relinquish this offer before they will demonised you with this powerless office. A bonafied Owerri man like u, a High Chief in Owerri land opting for a powerless position is unthinkable, when have u descended so low like this?

  4. What is the difference between the party’s National chairman and BOT.Why does BOT appear to be more superior to the party’s National chairman????

  5. The only thing we need from GEJ is good governance, let him work in areas like road, electricity, education and hospitals. If he can exhibit transparency in his government we ibos are behind him come 2015. Even if pastor OBJ will turn to a Moslem after building his mosque, he and his group will fail. We ready to defend you with all we have both physical and spiritual.

  6. This does not call for any celebration because PDP remains the problem Nigerians should unite to throw out of power come 2015. BOT remains unrelevant in the scheme of real party politics and politicking, the Chairman of a party should be seen as a rallying point where all activities and party discipline are formulated and enforced and not a kangaroo position for jobless and dying old and corrupt grand and great grand fathers who only think of amazing material wealths at very old ages. Shame on all of them!

  7. Sen.Ken Nnamani,is d most eligible,credible & sincere person for d post,Tony Anine has been there before therefore PDP party needs a new face,all this lobby & deliberations are revolve on platform of 2015 presidential election instituting by Jonathan gudluk for his ambitions.

  8. Which one be my own sef, abeg make una kill unaself there. But Obj i think ur own time of imposition of candidate has gone. After all if a snake giv birth to a long animal with tail, it is nt a crime. Your sons ve grown to adult so let them display wat you taught dem hw to do. But apart from joke dnt dare Gej pls. Just go and mind ur Ota farm ok. Pls as many of you many dt are looting pls loot according to the degree of ur expected impending God’s wrath & vegeance on you. Tanx.

  9. Igbos are doing themselve, two ibo man are on their quest for this position while their counterparts are one one each. How can ibo man clamour this post

  10. who cares for that dubios position of a perty, our consern is good road,steady power supply,second niger bridge,good economy etc, let them kill them slves, they are all the same poeple, GOD will judge all of them

  11. Honestly this topic suppose not attract any attention.only bcos PDP is evil.evil shall the wicked.honest man like Ken
    Namani shouldn’t have involve himself in it.look at all other names and consider how our economy fared on them and OBJ during their own time.b4 they came on saddle non was a millionaire today all are billionaires.apart 4rm ken who did not support OBJ’s life president ambition.tell any of the others that opposed it.

  12. amongs all this demons that dont have pity for the masses ken is little better, ali have bad mouth and is currupt also his son is fuel subsidy robbery, pdp and currubtion is d nation problem, if you vote for pdp you vote for blood suckers n demons, they make nigeria one party,

  13. Attention please Attention Attention!
    What are we looking for? What do we want from our leaders ? everybody claims to be holy angels and our leaders are Devils and more than devil. This is not the right thing to do, if anybody knows what is good for our country and what you expect our country to be , forget about the behavior of any leader my fellow country men tell it to the leader who is greater than every president or leader , through prayers and remember don’t forget to pray for every one of our leaders what you want them to be is what they will become. This is my own opinion.

  14. PDP at it again……I dey laugh too o….hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Anyway, GEJ has never lost any political battle….OBJ watch and see hw GEJ will handle d matter….hahahahahahaha!!!!! FOOLSSSSSS!!!!!! Stupid ‘leaders’!!!!!

  15. GEJ will never end well he want to play smart than who make him president i know you are betrayer this alamesie that push you againt obj today never 4gt you are the same person that bite him then its now your best friend you will end in nothing and last president from south south

  16. I beg make una help me ask OBJ what’s his problem with GEJ?must he control nigeria forever ?GEJ don’t mind the old brain nigerian youths are behind and you’ll succeed in Jesus name.
    He want you to kill old men,women and children as he did in ODI in the name of fighting terrorism God forbid

  17. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    Had it been that PDP is doing well since 1999 they rigged themselves into power, the only reasonable among the mentioned names is Chief Ken, considering the role he played during the” Alfa Thief Obasanjo’s” 3nd term struggle which he ken nailed to death, others are as devilish as Obasanjo if not more, likes of Tony Anenih who is on the list of those to be probed by EFCC for the billions of Naira unaccounted for contract not executed. Imagine Jonathan supporting Tony Anenih to come back as pdp BOT Chairman as if there are no other fresh brain that is capable such as Sen. ken, but because he Jonathan is confused and afraid of OBJ now seeking for help when it is already late. Let me address one Henry who claimed to be Igbo that GEJ should govern well, come 2015 that ibos will support him. In the first place, you are not an Igboman, why hiding your identity? is the bastards that hide their tribes etc. Which ibos do you mean that will support Jonathan in 2015?. I want to tell you that Jonathan and PDP should forget about drreaming for 2015 Election. East, West,North and South, Nigerians have been decieved enough and can not continue to be fooling all the time by these greed cliques called politicians. Jonathan and PDP is a forgotten issue come 2015, unless Nigerians are fools as the politicians termed us to be. Pray that God will disappoint all these old names and give us a saint that will not have any inclination with these old known betrayers no matter where he may come from, provided he is GOD’S sent to deliver this nation from wickadness, tribalism, bribery & corruption, divide and rule, lack of love to one another that is the root of disunity. not given the rightful person what is due to him.

  18. PDP is not a political party,it is a secret cult,the members only want to elect their grand master for effective evil and demonic operations,to also fill their newly and bigger acquired vessels for storage of human blood.


    oga reporter, you are only flying a kite. who does not know that obasanjo is the kingmaker. Anenih has been selected by both.

  20. Who is who? Anineh or Ali? The issue at stake is not only the election but a bone of contention. It is the story of a child asking for freedom and the master’s insistence that the child is not ripe enough to take his freedom. And when two elephants fight it is the grass that will suffer. Who will deliver Nigeria and Nigerians from the Awks? Only God.

  21. BOT = BAND OF THIEVES. Their primary function is to ensure that their party members chop and clean their mouth very well. Why must PDP continue to recycle these men who have clearly run out of good ideas?


  23. @ 9thmile, if actually u read govt or political science in school, u will know that a party chairman is more powerful than the so called BOt of a party. Who thought u that there is anything called BOt in the first place if not out of the making by Nig politicians and it,s only PDP that created such in Nigeria. U must go back to school empty brain like u. Others has spoken meaningfully concerning this BOt of a thing but what was ur contribution towards this PDP madness? d answer remains nothing. U wants to join a forum ie above ur knowledge idiot like u.

  24. @ 9thmile, i can vividly understand that ur knowledge is still limited as a peasant farmer u were at ur 9thmile, Enugu.

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