2015: Battle for Aso rock hots up


Ahead of the 2015 presidential election, three interest groups in the country are clamouring to produce the next president. LAWRENCE ENYOGHASU writes. The race for the 2015 presidential poll is gathering momentum by the day. Already the South East, South South and the north are strategizing and making strong cases for the next president to come from their respective areas.

While the South East, which has not produced an elected president for the country since 1960 when the country gained independence from Britain believes that for the sake of equity and fair play somebody from the zone should be allowed to occupy the seat of president in 2015, the northerners want the presidency to return to it in 2015. On the other hand, the South South which is the zone of the incumbent president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan believes that the President and by extension the zone deserves another tenure of four years.

Former governor of Abia State, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu says the best thing that can happen to Nigeria in 2015 is for an Igbo man to become president. Speaking recently during a political programme on Radio Nigeria, the former governor said as long as the country continues to shut the South East out of the presidency, it will never know real progress.

As part of measures to realize the Igbo presidential project in 2015, Kalu has put together a political group, Njiko Igbo to mobilize South easterners for the 2015 elections. Acting National Publicity Secretary of Njiko Igbo, Mr Brady Chijioke Nwosu, says there is no stopping the South east in 2015. Nwosu says in as much as Ndigbo believes in the unity and corporate existence of Nigeria, they also believe there should be equity in the country. While urging other geo-political zones to support an Igbo man to become president in 2015, he argued that “since the inception of the present democratic dispensation, with the South-east contributing substantially to the emergence of presidents from other geopolitical zones, it is imperative for the other zones to reciprocate by supporting an Igbo man to be Nigeria’s president in 2015”. Similarly, the north is also plotting on how to regain the presidency.

Recently, former Sokoto State Governor, Attahiru Bafarawa reportedly met with former Head of State, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) behind closed door at the latter’s Kaduna residence, apparently to strategize on the 2015 presidential contest. Buhari, who was the presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change CPC in 2011 general election is known to be warming up to contest has the next presidential election. However, Bafarawa said his meeting with the former (CPC) presidential candidate   has no political undertone.

He said the meeting was on how to unite the north., “I didn’t come as a member of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) to visit Gen. Buhari and I did not come to see him for political reasons;  I came to him to discuss  on how we can unite ourselves in the North because it  is in disarray. Therefore, we need to unite since we are masters of all trades when you talk of political activities in the North.

That is why I have come to see my brother, Gen. Buhari, on how we can unite ourselves before we even talk of political parties. I came to see him as a senior brother and partner in progress in order to move the northern region forward. “Our strategy is that we will take our time, plan things and see how we can come out with something on the way forward.

And like I said, I have come to see him, so I will not tell you the further strategy we will take, but this visits a step forward towards moving the north forward. What we are looking out for now is unity; we are not talking about  the CPC, the  ANPP or any other political party. All we are after is to see that the North is united.”

The north is convinced that since the dump of zoning after the demise of former President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua the region is left with no choice other than use its mass voting power in the next election. But Ijaw leader and first Republic Minister of Information, Chief Edwin Clark wants other zones wanting to occupy the presidency to be patient until Jonathan has had a second term. “Nigeria belongs to all of us.

There is no second-class citizen in this country and that is why I sometimes find it very difficult to believe that our northern brothers are still carrying on as if they are more Nigerian than other tribes. I think the best thing for anybody to do is to remain patient and honourable if after 40 years of being in the saddle in this country, power leaves you and goes to another section of the country.

Does it not look worrisome that someone will one day wake up and threaten fire simply because power has shifted away from his region? Even though I do not want to talk about 2015 now because the time is still far, the North should know that only Nigerians have the power to stop anyone from becoming president. If Jonathan wants to run today, the North cannot stop him because apart from the fact that he has the right to run, the North should equally know that they are not born to rule over others in the country for ever,” he stated. President Goodluck Jonathan interestingly has the power of incumbency on his side. The north has the seemingly unity and population as the biggest zone.

For the South east, their strength lies in the fact that unlike any of the other major ethnic groups in the country, none of their own has been president in spite of their contributions to the socio-economic development of the country. Therefore, fair play and equity demands that they produce the president. But it depends on how much they are able to unite and increase the political consciousness and participation of their people.

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  1. i dont know why all this igbo leaders are not talking about biafra , since 40years now , what have igbo don to this so call Nigeria, it is the time igbo need biafra , or dose it mean biafra will not stand ??? Biafra Must stand , just one day , nobody is interested in one Nigeria again , everybody is tired . i from Hausa Kaduna state , but i want Igbos to get there freedom , this is there time to get BIAFRA , some people declare Biafra last week , instead of Igbo Leaders to join there hands and make sure that Biafra stand .

  2. I hope Buhari will not contest in 2015, he should have seen a simple example from Romney, who after loosing election congratulates his running mate and pledge support for the progress of the country, but Buhari always breaths fire and brimstone, though he promises us that 2015 will be more bloody. Another lesson from America, the fellow that contested with Obama in 2008 gave chance for another fellow in 2012, but Buhari believes he is the best. Lets pray for fruitful 2015.


    I was expecting to hear or read tht they are discussing on how to put a stop on the B-H menance in d north but a diffrent issue, make i tell UNA whether una dey discuss abt politics or d way forward 4 d north, thts ur own but make una 4gt abt 2015 ok, pls help tell them, they have been there 4 so long let them leave other zones to manage d entity too. they are not d only WISE ONE in dis entity, if they think so which they are not.

    we support dese words ( FAIR PLAY & EQUITYy ) let it leads us. especially d IGBOS tht has not seen d 4 coners of these ur ASO OKE ( CLOTH ) ROCK or ASO ROCK.

    • President Jonathan deserves another term unless he says otherwise. Do you expect Igbo President to do only one term and go when an Igbo becomes President. If Igbos want their man to be President in two terms, then allow President Jonathan to do two terms. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. He is doing well. The only problem is that we are always in a hurry and Military mentality is still there in us. He has come to practice democracy and we think he is slow, brainless. Time will tell.


  5. am most suprised dat ‘our’ country is in such a mess and politicians r strategisin 4 2015. Who knows how many of them will be left out of d ragin bombins in d norrt. Shame to our youth who have folded their arms and watch oldmen dat have led our nation astray plan 4 2015. Ds nation needs a revolution. Imagine d level of deaths of our youths

  6. Buhari can never be de next Nigerian president, becos the blood of the innocent citizens he terminated is still alive spiritually speaking against him. De seed which he sow, he will still reap it alive. God is watching!

  7. Buhari can never be de next Nigerian president, becos the blood of the innocent citizens he terminated is still alive spiritually speaking against him. De seed which he sow, he will still reap it alive. God is watching and always alert.

  8. Without Igbo’s uniting and gives thousands of Igbo citizens that devoted their life and died for the unity and course of Igbo’s by mapping out a day for the ceremony and annual remembrances like every other countries that experienced mass death in war, there must be epitaph and monument where the names must be display as heroes of Biafra war and heroes of Igbo unity and the epitaph must be sighted at an accepted city by the Igbo stake holders. It was igbo unity and love that made those youths to die and now they have been forgetting and we are stupidly and ignorantly forgetting them thinking that unity must come- by….we are jokers until we appease those spirits.

  9. The problem is wether jonathan will contest or not. if he chooses to contest, there is going to be war then.The igbos will not agree ,the north will not agree.the result will be the ss and north joins to win the election and consequently Nigeria will disintegrate.

  10. This country need revolution , The youth of this country should take there destiny into there own hands so that this country will be free from all this politicians that will never take us to the promise land . They will continue to still our money with there cabals . I am talking like a Nigerian not as Hausa ,Ibo or Yoluba .

  11. Ibos are not going to hv peace until those killed during are appeased. What a cursed race>>I agree with u allusi, these spirits must appeased before we’ll talk about presidency in this country. For northerners, they need to be ashamed of themselves cos they ruled this country for many centuries both elected and by force, but still there’s nothin to show for it. Now they want to come back after just four yrs of southern leadership. Has it occurred to them that Nigeria of today is not Nigeria of 60’s and 70’s. People are wiser now and exposed than bf. southerners are more united now than ever. No body want a mumu to rule him. Hausas incompetence is evidenced in their forty yrs rule without anything to show for it. Pls give me a brake. Who are they coming to rule again? I blame those ibos and Yorubas that goes to leave in that desert land called Hausa land. Let them get ready for another war if they so wish. The westerners have known now where the resources are located in Nigeria and are ready to work with the southerners to stabilize.

  12. Biafra we stand..Guys forget,whats our politicians re doing is Correct,they are Part of the Establishment and should stick there but others freedom Free Fighters should wake up and Seize the opportunity offered by the islamist terrorist menace to make case for seession..i believe Every Other right thinking igbo man Want Biafra but we all can not denounce Nigeria at once..

  13. Ndigbo should not antagonize the other ethnic groups in Nigeria, just present a qualified honorable candidate and as long as Azikwe Jonathan is not running you may win. If Jonathan is on the ballot, a core Igbo man also on the ballot versus a northerner, then forget it. The northerner will win because of split votes. And to all you Igbos out there who hate Yoruba, remember that President is by numbers. No Igbo President in 2015 without the Yorubas voting for Igbo candidate. Stop antagonizing the other ethnic groups. A word is enough for the wise.

  14. @Peter Okechukwu: You must be the most stupid person on this forum. Don’t publicly make statements you can’t back up with facts. Also, don’t mention God when you say something stupid. God and stupidity don’t go together.

    Now, Igbo presidency is a pipe dream. I am a proud igbo. However, I know the people that claim to speak for us are selfish and only care about there pocket. After the demise of Yaraduah, Ohaneze and many prominent Igbo sons, in supporting Johnathan, publicly said there was no zoning and that the position was open to any Nigerian. I wonder what has changed now that the same people are now saying it is the turn of Ndigbo. How’s that so? We had the best opportunity to let the North have their reminaing 4 yrs and then we can make a strong case for our 4 or 8 yrs but some people probably collected money and started shouting there was no zoning. Now, same people are crying it is the turn of Ndigbo. Goodluck with convincing other ethnic groups that we now have zoning. Na una sabi. Stupid people

  15. Ekene, It is very sad that some of us are being deceived even at this 21st century.
    The masses love Jonathan and he is performing very well. Jonathan must given a second term to prove to people his achievements, politics should not be a do or die affair, I want to ask you this question, Jonathan is a God sent and he has done what past leaders have not done. For instance, he has established Almajiri schools in the north to help educate our northern brothers that we are all one. He is trying hard to ensure that Nigeria is united by bring every body along. His re-election in 2015 will be unopposed if he wishes to contest and i know that the masses who love good Governance will vote massively for him. This is the best Government we ever had.
    As for my Igbo brothers and sisters, I agree with Duruoha and Alusi,
    The old Eastern Region who lost their loved ones should emulate other countries like Japan, the Jews, even the South Africans where i reside, there must be a day that will be used annually to mourn the death of those who were killed during the Biafra war.

    Finally, the Igbos should not be distracted by corrupt politicians who intends to divide and rule, we should all support Jonathan if he intends to contest for second term come 2015, the Igbos should not be an obstacle to our listening President whom God has given us to clean our tears. Together, we will move the mountain. Jonathan is our president and we must support him so that he can not be distracted, 2015 is too far for us to distract him. We all should pray for him so that Boko Haram will stop.

    • You never mention anything Jonathan has done in Igbo land that will warrant us to vote for him. Niger bridge is there untouchable, International airport is not functioning, Igbos are mainly importers we are still paying to the Lagos state government & all kinds of intimidation we face on road from Lagos when transporting our goods, no federal roads is in a good condition in the East

      Boko Haram has destroying our business gunned many Igbos down, none of their sponsors has been sentence to death rather Jonathan is ready to dialog with them. How does almajiri school help Igbo man?
      Igbos must vote for Igbo candidate come 2015 or will must put a serious problem in the country, Nigeria presidency is not for compromise. Jonathan should contest too, South west should also bring out their candidate.

      So Iheawuike you are free to vote for Jonathan as you are benefiting from his government, any other person can vote for any person he or she thought something will get to him or her through his emergency as the president.

  16. JO: nobody is antagonizing or hating the Yoruba not even the igbos. But most times there is friction between igbos and Yorubas is only when some people not all in the yoruba enclave tries to twist the truth to there satisfaction just like the case of “There was a Country”
    Let us learn to say the truth no matter who it indict sometimes am amazed the way some yorubas that have never left Lagos or western region all there life speak about the igbos it’s funny because they have not been to the east to witness the corporation between igbos and yorubas

  17. I just don’t know when this mighty baby called Edwin Clark will ever outgrow premodial sentiments against the north. It is always a pity when u c an old man with gray hair but has not out grown playing with sand, Quite a pity indeed.

  18. Comr Sam Nd Anyanwu on

    Kudos to Former Gov Attahiru Bafarawa of Sokoto State for speaking like a patriotic Nigerian. you have shown that you are indeed a democrat who has contributed in advancing the course of creating a better society irrespective of your ethnic & religious tribe by believing in fairness, equity & parity. YES Nigeria belongs to all of us & the conduct of its policy and affairs should reflect on Section 14 sub-section 3 of the 1999 constitution which provides that “the composition of the government of the federation or any of its agencies and the conduct of its affairs shall be carried out in such a manner as to reflect the federal character of Nigeria and need to promote national unity. we must endeavor to build a country in which the gentle wind of patriotism and unity will always tame the storm of disunity, a country in which all men and women are brothers and sisters, a country where no man or woman is brutalized and a country where justice, equity, & unity remains the other of the day in other not to make the memories of the HEROES of our independence turn in their graves.
    Comr Sam Nd Anyanwu is an activist & writes from Owerri – 08030611815

  19. Let all zone continue to lobby each other ahead of 2015 but all i know is that the end shall justify the mean. the the zone that score the highest vote win.

  20. General Buhari rtd, is the only hope for justice, competency ,good governance and democracy devidence. Let’s stop tribal sentimates most of our southerners are not sincere, they are self esteemed, formulate cruel policies and with out natural affection.

  21. Babakura zannah on

    I love naija my country. Somethings only happen in naija. Going tru comments here shows me truly how diverst naija is. bt d question is, how it managed 2 exist dis long ? God must ve created dis country in a special way. Anyway, naija is like d pot containin food stuff dat only d fire dat ll mend them together. It’s only poverty & hunger from bad governance dat ll cure dis naija tribal sickness.

  22. For equity and fair play, GEJ deserve a second term in office. While the easterner’s should unite them selves and be political ready to choose who will via the post of the presidency come 2019, which after the middle belt will take their own turn too. I rest my case

  23. Some of these so called PDP chieftains in Ogun state are morally corrupt and they should not be respected because there is nothing to refer to as achievements of PDP eight years in power from 2003 to 2011 in Ogun state. Gbenga Daniel destroyed Ogun state during his tenure, please you should travel from Sango Ota through Ijoko to Agbado/Oke Aro/ to Ojodu Abiodun/Berger boundary with Lagos state and see what the road has become since the time of Gbenga Daniel till present time. The road has just been awarded at 35billion naira by the present Government of Ibikunle Amosun, work will commence on it soon, whereas the road would not have cost so much if Gbenga Daniel had continually repaired it during his tenure, the road in question has become impassable long before he completed his second term. Take a trip also through toll gate at Sango to Ota and Atan to Agbara estate, it is the same story of deplorable condition of road which was left unattended to by Gbenga Daniel the same thing applies to Lisa to Ijoko road which was constructed as access road to the Memorial Arcade built in honour of the victims of crashed bell view airline in October 2005 at Lisa village, the road has collapsed completely and become impassable as of now. It is the same sad stories to tell in other areas like Secondary Schools and Hospital non functional infrastructures across the state.
    Obasanjo from Abeokuta was president for eight years and the only physical thing he brought is Lagos/Abeokuta express road which he awarded since 2000 but not completed up till this time, so of what good is PDP to Ogun state that gave them audacity to think they would win elections in Ogun state in 2015? Kashumu is a failed businessman likewise Alhaji Alausa and others in PDP Ogun state chapter.
    I am not a partisan politician but a community Leader that works with my community for better life to the rural dwellers and we would only vote for party that has human face not bunch of criminals like we all know are majority members of PDP in Ogun state.

  24. It is absolutely arrogant for Orji Uzor Kalu to say that unless an Igbo becomes president, Nigeria will not develop. This is the kind of arrogance they carry with them. It was a similar self delusion that led them into the civil war. They need Nigeria more than Nigeria needs them. They have become a nuisance to Nigeria and Nigerians.They felt that because they had many senior military officers, they could overrun the Federal troops. They massacred senior military officers and politicians from the north in the coup they staged. When the northerners revenged, they called it pogrom. They wanted a war, when the FGN gave them a war, they said they were murdered. They dont want to remember that they forced minority tribes in the Niger Delta into the war just to slaughter them like cow.
    I think other Nigerians have been very kind and accommodating to the Igbo. Other Nigerians have given them land and water to thrive. Until they acknowledge this, the presidency will keep eluding them.

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