2014: Anambra’s battle of the titans



In 2014, Anambrians of voting age will go to the polls to choose Governor Peter Obi’s successor. Though the guber contest is two years away, Anambra politicians interested in the state number one seat are already behaving as if the exercise is in two months time. The state’s political atmosphere is steadily becoming charged.

Political gladiators girding their loins for the battle for the state’s topmost position are employing all manner of missiles in the fight. For now, the situation appears fluid as there is no indication any of the combatants are having an upper hand. There are three major political parties in the state: Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). APGA, the ruling party in the state however appears to be where a plethora of the gladiators angling to take over Obi’s job are gravitating towards. Keen observers of Anambra politics are emphatic that the crisis in APGA is as a result of in-fighting in the party over who flies its flag in 2014.

For example, the travails of oil magnate and owner of Capital Oil and Gas, Ifeanyi Ubah has its locale in his interest in taking over from Obi. Last month, Ubah spent days in police custody over issues bordering on oil subsidy fraud. It is believed in some quarters that Governor Obi’s feud with the National Chairman of APGA, Victor Umeh as regards future of the party and who becomes its governorship candidate in 2014 revolves round Umeh’s preference for a particular candidate as against Obi’s own choice. Many political stakeholders in the state, especially within APGA swear the candidate Umeh is rooting for is Ubah.

The anti-Ubah elements in APGA are working on the theory that while the Nnewi-born multi-billionaire businessman is funding Umeh’s war with Obi, Umeh on his part is projecting him as the next governor of the state. Umeh’s recent confirmation that Ubah is now a card carrying member of APGA and that the party would line up behind him anytime he declares his intention to fly APGA’s flag for the state’s 2014 governorship contest tends to give fillip to the above theory. But there is also the argument that the notion that one single individual would literarily hand Anambra’s governorship to his preferred candidate is too simplistic.

For one, Ubah is not the only Anambra politician nursing governorship ambition. Veterans of past governorship battles in the state such as former governor (and now serving Senator) Chris Ngige of the ACN, Senator Andy Ubah (not related to Ifeanyi Ubah) of the PDP who served briefly as governor in 2007 before the Supreme Court booted him out and billionaire businessman, Nicolas Ukachukwu also of the PDP. Former Central Bank Governor Chukwuma Soludo who contested against Peter Obi in 2010 on the platform of the PDP is also rumoured to be gearing up to test his popularity once more, this time around, on the platform of ACN or Labour Party.

Even in APGA, Chuma Nzeribe who flew the party’s Senatorial flag for Anambra South against Andy Ubah is equally interested. So also is Dubem Obaze from the Ogbaru axis whose Senatorial Zone, Anambra North is favoured by Governor Obi to produce his successor. Obaze is the immediate past Anambra State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs. His Zone, Anambra North has not produced governor of the state since its creation.

Senator Annie Okonkwo who contested against Obi in 2010 on another party’s platform is now in APGA and also reportedly eyeing the state’s Government House, Awka as the next governor. Considering the volatile nature of Anambra politics, observers are worried that unless the current brick bat between prominent political and business elites from the state is checked prior to the election, Anambra will once again plunge into blood-chilling mayhem, the type witnessed during the Chris Ubah – Ngige supremacy tiff. A pressure group, Anambra Generation Next (AGN), a group of young professionals of Anambra State origin shares this sentiment.

AGN in a statement called on politicians in the state to eschew politics of bitterness acrimony and vendetta but rather pursue noble causes that will engender peace unity and the needed development in the state. AGN’s statement which was signed by its Secretary-General, Obiajulu Nwosu said the group was appalled by the on-going war of words between two sons of the state, Ifeanyi Ubah and Chairman of Coscharis group, Cosmas Maduka who are incidentally from the same town, Nnewi over an alleged business partnership gone awry.

According to AGN, “while we believe and also advocate that every business deal and agreements must be transparent and fair, we also know that disagreement do exist in some business transactions, in such cases the judiciary comes to play as an arbiter …. this is the civil thing to do rather than resort to convicting a business partner in the media.” AGN also buys the argument that Capital Oil boss’ travails is rooted in his alliance with the APGA National Chairman, Umeh.

“Followers of Anambra politics believe that the current challenges against Chief Ubah is not unconnected with his touted political ambition in the state… in the main the obvious close relationship between Chief Umeh and Ubah is the root of the current onslaught against him (Ubah) because of the erroneous belief in some quarters that he is the one funding Umeh in the battle of supremacy with the other faction of the party.”

Meanwhile, apparently eager to endear themselves to Anambra electorates, some of the gubernatorial hopefuls in the state, including Ifeanyi Ubah have been embarking on philanthropic gestures. Ubah for example has taken his “Kero-Direct” initiative to major towns in the state where residents were availed the opportunity of purchasing kerosene at N50 per litre. Besides that, through his Ifeanyi Ubah Foundation (IUF), he has distributed various items and food stuffs to the less privileged in the state, including orphanage homes. This is in addition to his educational scholarship scheme.

While Ubah and other politicians in the state may not be totally blameless, a broad spectrum of indigenes of Anambra are of the opinion that each of them should be allowed to test his popularity so that the people will decide. “The fact that the police detained Ubah does not mean he is already guilty of the allegations against him. Let him test his popularity at the poll and if Ndi Anambra eventually prefer a criminal or 419 as their governor, it is up to them”, Amaechi Eloka, a businessman and Awka indigene said.

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    • Chinonso.U may God forgive you for that stupid comment you make and by calling our Govnr Peter Obi names.Who is Ngige that you used to compare to Mr Peter Obi.We all knows that Ngige was selfish and sentiment during his tenure wen his rule only favoured his home town Alor and Idemmiri his L.G.A but Mr Peter carries every Anambrarians along and he didnt even develop his home town Agulu and Anaochi his L.G.A.Maybe Chinonso your from Alor or Idemmiri L.G.A thats why your siding Ngige

      • I am not an Ibo-man but have been to state several times & the whole place is out of order. The government of Peter Obi is not performing. If you truly believe that Obi is doing well; Then, GEJ is a superman. Your APGA is a failure both in Anambra & Imo states. Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anambra, hmmm , what are these men fighting for? lets open our eyes. its high time they deceived us. I cant sell my vote, what of you? will you? how much do they even pay? Is it worth your future? the answer is ‘NO’

  3. Ukachukwu or Ngige is acceptable to me. I may be wrong but these two have independent minds and have passion for the state. It takes more than wealth to rule a people; character, integrity and vision is what is needed. However my prayer is that God will make way for the man He has chosen for us and endear the man to the heart of the people. This is my opinion, I may be wrong. God bless my state Anambra


  5. we need a breed of poliitician in anambra, let theNgiges,Ubas,Ukachukwus and those known names step aside and allow peace and transparent election to take place in anambra

    • Poor Anambrians! This goes to show what we will pass thru come 2014, we are waiting for them. Nobdy even asked God for direction everybdy is pointing @ a candidate of his or her choice. God will surely rescue us this time around. God bless Anabra state.

  6. Well,we are waiting for 2014.
    I believe Soludo is the best because he is one of the best from Anambra.
    God bless Anambra State.amen

  7. Please I advise Anambara people to forget and ignore any politician that bears a name that related to Ubah… both Andy Ubah and Ifeanyi Ubah are all Criminals and Anambara people should open their eyes………………….. I’m from Imo State, but i support Chris Ngige and i believed that he will come out victorious if he wish to contest the election

  8. Anambra state is not for the highest bidder.There should be a level playing ground,but i can go with a Chris Ngige or a Chukwuma Soludo.

  9. For Anambara 2014 gov. ship election i am 4 one name so dearly to me ,The name of the person is Madam DORA AKUNYELU for no 1 seat in Anambara.she will deliever no douth . up APUGA

  10. Ndi Anambra should not forget where they were and who brought them out of political god fatherism and irresponsible government and reward him by electing him to succeed Obi because it was his refusal to unaccountability and evil to humanity that opened their eyes because one good turn deserves another. I’m talking of Dr Chris Ngige. Ndi Anambra should remember his sacrifice to save them from irresponsible government and elect him to continue where he stoped. God bless Anambra God bless Nigeria



    • @ uyome.. who made anambra to be free from political quagmir.. woreva, killing and arson as u just said???? is it not Chris Ngige? and pls tell me the crieteria and things dat made anambra rank in the funny socio economic bla bla bla…? u ply all the road from all states with a smooth movement but on getin to anambra u will developp. cough and cattagrh, dust every wer, gallops dirtiness in onitsha! yet u say a government is the best socio economic rubishh!.. .. hmmm maybe u wer born yesterday.. if not u would ave said somtin better about that state about those that sacrificed thier life for redemption that peter Obi is even a beneficiary of. if Ngige had continue with them. he will still continue while perter Obi rots in court! He would ave been like the late ADEDIDU and yet notin will happen.. anambra pple tink well and tink Good.. a word is enuf for the wise. forget not the days of ur adversities and sacrifices made towards redemption..

  12. If we will go back to history and see the record of those who has been in the government house of Anambra state, I bet my all that without any shadow of the doubt Dr, Chris Ngige will be the man to give the state the best, however due to sentiments concerning our attachment to the so called Igbos Party which has been the bane of our under development many of us would rather throw the opportunity away once it avails itself through the window.

    Am appalled with our peoples attitude towards parties rather than individuals who are the flag bearers of such parties, these are the people that need to be scrutinised and to find out whom they are and what they represent and also those who are good in distributing bags of rice and garri and other food stuffs when they want to vie for an office these kind of people has no good track record in them hence applying such tactics, i implore them to look at the track record of Anayo Rochas in the past ten years and his service to his people before he became the Imo state governor, am not implying that he is the best but such people if they’re in our mist should rather be taken serious.

    Okwy Okeke
    writes from London, UK

  13. Anambarians are very sophisticated and independent minded; when the time comes the boys will surely be separated from the men. They have done it before and it will still be done again. Check out history,it is only the technocrats and visionary people have ever ruled the state except Andy Uba who forced himself into the melee but was butted out because he does not fit in.

  14. If we think back 2 where we wer b4 ngige,u wil knw d man realy tried 4 us.He came in nd solvd d most immediate prblm we hav den which was roads.Lets giv him d chance again..he wil do more


  16. Charles chukwuma soludo is d right choice. Whoever that is close to him should tell him that anambrarians are looting for him. Let him avail himself as an independent candidate on any party other than pdp and acn and he would count on us

  17. The write up just like some others in recent timesis so dry and vague, leaving the impression that Anambra must be in the news always. Why not wait for thorough analysis before writing! Residents of the state know so well that you cannot interpret Anambra without living in Anambra, so let non residents and journalists do their home work well.

  18. Ndigbo need good leaders and not people like Ngige who accepted to be Gov. when he knew he did not win. We heard he went to a shrine & swore to hand over Anambra State to his Godfathers bcoz of greed for power. In truth no honest person does that. Based on this premix my take is that he not fit or worthy to lead Anambra. People say he worked and I ask based on what? He knowingly, willingly subverted the people’s will & wishes at the polls. The people are the ultimate sovereign & as such ultimate sovereignty resides in the people. Not just the few God fathers that gave him power illegally? Ngige ought to be in prison/jail for electoral fraud if Nigeria were to be a decent society. He and his ilks are implicitly complicit in the problem of Ndigbo. Plz I ask the following: 1, Why did he accept to be Gov?. 2, Did he know PDP/ he did not win? 3, Why did he swear to the oath? 4, Was he tied and bundled to Okija? 5, Did he willingly go to the shrine? 6, Is Ngige a baby? Plz lets do our home work well b4 voting for anybody in Igbo land. We must not allow enemies(within & without) of Ndigbo fool us again. Never. Most of these people are not what/ who they seem or sell to us. Umunna m bu Ndigbo ka anyi lezie nu anya ofuma tupu anyi atunyere onye obula. Ka Chukwu gozie Ndigbo.

    • @obiigbooo.. u tink like a kid bro.. let me give u some answers.
      1. if Nige did not accept to b gov. anither person WILL AND MUST be chosen. while anambra would ave met their polical doom. becos i am sure the person will not ave the will be will the ills ngige fought.
      2. Ngige has a motives dat was why he kept dumb and took a bold step to fight the menace the would ave kept anambra in debt for years. if he said PDP or him did not win.. know for sure that he will be replaced by a willing tool from PDP. not even Mr peter obi.
      3,4 & 5 . ask the wise, cuninnig, great and ambitious men, dey’l tell u. to get somthing.. u’d go tru the gud, the bad and ugly okay? if he’s afraid of okija. he wouldnt ave broken their agreenment cause he would have feared he might be struck dead by that powerless god!
      6. He is not a baby that why he could stand against the likes of Chris Uba and even Obasanjo. yet they could not tame him. Even with their “BullDog” EFCC. they could not accuse him of stealing money! wake up plzzzzz! u pple shld tink and talk with facts! it is only Gov Chris Ngige dat goes and confirm projects in person and on site!. wen he was gov, not even in papers or reports given to him!

  19. If not Dr. Chris Ngige. Who else. To hell with all of them that want to context against Ngige. ONWAAAAA Di ndi Anambra mma. Hapu nu ya ka ochiba anyi ooo. We are waiting for him

  20. Dr kris ngige is the man for 2014,any body that speak’s against him is an enemy of progress,pls somebody should tell that lazy man called peter obi to quit now or face boko-haram attack.One love anambrarian’s!!!!!!!

  21. Obasanjo’s extremely desperate plan is to make Andy Ubah the governor of Anambra state, after which he will be the President of Nigeria, occupying Igbo slot.
    That’s the evil plan of that bastard called OBJ!!!

  22. We are still waiting for apga to anoint a candidate and hopefully a good one, chris ngige have no knowledge of good governance he is only a show man and a controversial politician who Anambrarians should avoid. Three years was not enough for ngige to construct even a street road in the state capital Awka, but that same three years was enough to construct nearly all the roads in alor and idemili L.G.A. Abandoning parts of the state, thank God for Obi’s timely intervention.

    • @amamchukwu. u are u very young kid! do u tink Ngige is the only Highly placed man from Alor? go and ask about Engr. Emeka EZE. the man who stopped Peter Obi’s State allocation wen he swore that idemili south will no longer receive any state fund????Even the road to peter Obi’s Home was done by Ngige! Engr Eze is even the one behind 65% most development there plus other well meaning pple fro the place.. so shut ur trap to what u dont know and say only the tins u know. grow up meeen!

  23. People of Anambra State, u know what is good for. Remember where u r from n where r going. Don’t sell ur right cos of ur stomch. This is time to be objective. Am 4rm Abia State.

  24. Ngige worked hard for Anambra,considering all the mess he had to deal with,within a short time.He began the massive road rehab that Obi then took to another level.May God continue to bless Anambra and Nigeria.

  25. Ndi Anambra need to fix their cities. Onitsha, nnewi and awka are a disgrace. They should choose a Governor with a legal background who can clean up those cities and clear out all those touts. See what lawyers have done for Enugu,Lagos, Akwa Ibom and Cross River.

  26. I am from Enugu but I envy Anambra state,a state that is richer than many countries not just in Africa but in the world both in material and human resources,produced world beaters in every aspect of human endeavour,U don’t expect the election of the number one indigene to be a walk over or tea party, I believe Ngige will take the mantle if party is not considered if not Soludo or Ukachukwu

  27. Profesor Chukwuma Soludo is the man,Chris Ngige is only interested in making Alor his home town heaven on earth.Chris Ngige is a mafia who through window came in as a govanor and did magic in his hometown and LGA to confiuse Anambra ppl, If we allow him to come back he will show us his real colour and that colour is mafian colour,he is a manes man to Chri Uba the money bag man,Let’s vote prof CHARLS CHUKWUMA SOLUDO(CCS) for govanor.

  28. Ur writing, very ok but ur last line speaks as if ur’re paid. We are watching peter n his antics. Who is afraid of ifeanyi ubah (ebubechukwu-uzo nnewi)’ glowing popularity. Power belongs to God.

  29. Mr Peter Obi (con)really tried his best in politics of Anambra state, But Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige (oon) is still remained the BEST. NDI Anambrarians should bear in mind that He ( ngige ) is the one who liberate them from Gangsterism, kidnapping & Godfatherism. Meanwhile,He also exposed all dirty deals in Government & Politics. i wish that after OKWUTE , ONWA will take the mantle of leadership in Anambra State. EZENWA .writes from Malaysia.

  30. With type of human resources we hv and intelligentsias Anambra is more than playing recirling politics so Ngige,Andy Uba etc should go and rest lets test fresh people

  31. I believe chris nwabueze will serve Anambra state with our allocation,resources with favour.he is upright in his way with good accountability,vision ,wise.i trust him more than money bag mens.let try him one more time.i wish anambra well.
    From Germany

  32. With type of human resources we hv and intelligentsias Anambra is more than playing recycling politicians so Ngige,Andy Uba etc should go and rest lets test fresh people

  33. Anambra is a state of rich,intelligent men,creative but we allow our self to be fools in the hand of money making men,Peter Obi is not doing Anambra good.you have fail us.i remember an interview you said Ngige is using ur strategy to work that you give him some credit .today the ball is in your court what have you done.Only Anambra Capital Awka is a Place nothing to Show is Capital of anambra State.Oba airport was commission before Asaba airport but now Oba airport is abbandon and Asaba airport is working.who is fooling who.our Leaders are blind And God will Never forgive them.we should give Dr Chris Ngige Chance .he is a man you can trust.you can never clean his hand writing on the Wall.Anambra have to move forward.
    Chike from Canada

  34. Ngige with his Godfathers stole the people’s mandate. He willingly/ knowingly accepted & illegally took Peter Obi’s mandate in the first instance. As such Ngige has no moral justification to be Gov, or hold any elective post(ion) in the country. Why don’t people see it that way. You can’t get something from nothing. Ngige was thrown out because of electoral fraud which he was fully aware of and involved in. The man was never a governor so why ascribe that to him. Anambra can do better than this bunch of people. Now is the time for a new order and young brains of Anambra to take full charge. Forging or stealing a university certificate does not make the possessor a university graduate. Ndigbo we don’t need morally bankrupt people in leadership position(s) again. Never. The choice we make today will affect us one way or the other. People should be objective & incisive without emotion to make the right decision. The destiny of Ndigbo is in our hands.

  35. kc obuekwe(odima ndi igbo) on

    please ndi anambra, I want to ask a question, what are these old names still looking for? Why is it that people are very greedy? What is andy uba,chris ngige,ifeanyi uba and others still looking for in life that they won’t go and rest. Is it andy ubah that declared its asset as 3.3trillion or multi billionaire ifeanyi ubah or ngige that enjoys the senate money. What are they looking for again with anambra government seat? Please we need new men that will develop our state. Peter obi tried very much but failed in areas of road contruction. Let’s all trust and pray to God to give us good leader that will clean up anambra.

  36. Mbadiniju is from Uli the only thing he did during his four year tenure was the citing of the state university at Uli his home town.Ngige is from Idemmili Local Government, the only thing he did during his illegal three years tenure was the construction of the roads and streets in Idemmili, his local government .Peter Obi is from Anambra State that is why he spread development in all the sectors of the economy (inluding roads and education) to every part of Anambra State. The next technocrat in the ofine is Soludo, with his “soludo slution” he will move Anambra State to the next level.

  37. Anambra is my fatherland and i have no other state to call my own. If i must say the truth, i must say that peter obi is a complete failure and disappointment to anambrarians. peter obi cant show any meaningfull thing he has done for anambrarians. i can cross my chest to tell u that out of the 36 states in nigeria, anambra has the worst state capital, if u doubt this, come and see awka. I also want to tell us that if u come to anambra state university igbariam campus, u cant believe that it is a university. Over six years of his office till now he cannot boldly present upto 3 structures he started from foundation and completed yet he tells the world that education is among his priority for the state, what a wasted years! Anything peter obi want to do for the state, he always go for the cheapest and any little thing he does in the state, he will like to tell the world that he is the first governor to do such thing in the history of west africa. Obi only wants to achieve his dream of being the richest man in anambra state that is why he has been using the states money for his private multi billion investments. Oh! God pls hear our cry by bringing ngige back to be our governor!

  38. Anambraians need somebody with good vision and put it into pratice for people to see not this guys that already started buying votes by sharing bags of rices,gari,money this things are not our future we somebody that will build industry create jobs, roads,security, change Anambra face for good.so pliz voters be worry about future generation not bags of rice,beans

  39. @ Edwin.. u are d man! am happy ure sayin a true fact! he Only increased school fees and said students use costlier phone than his own! Igbariam campus= rubbish. the pry and sec skool he builds=mushrooms @ very exaggerated costs! yet ppe open dier mouth and say “Hail Peter Okwute” oburo so Okwute(Stone). O ga’azakwa Ntu (dust). not only stone. he will soon answer dust! i am xoxo ashamed of that womanlike man! what did he do will all the money OBJ released to him which he had refused to give Ngige while he was Govenor??!
    3 yrs accrued allocation? what happened to the money??? plus the ones in his tenure? all of the =Socio Economic rubbish! u ave pples mandate yet u cannot perform. someone with a “stolen mandate”(as d myopic ones may say) did all u are yet to achieve in just three years??? yet u kip talkin about mandate..
    soludo is good as Governor in the financial Sector. not in State or political realm. you are a good financial analyst and veteran does not mean u can thrive very well in politics. everyone has his own specialty. pls tell him to relax, esle he will spend the remaining salary the he earned while he was CBN Gov.

  40. Anambra people use your brains! Ngige should not come up at all unless you want to serve the Yorubas (Tinubu). Ngige is a traitor! Dish the rest – Andy Ubah (for same reason as Ngige, being OBJ’s boyservant), Ifeanyi Ubah (419!). You have transparency and integrity in Prof. Akunyili – all should go for her!

  41. Ngige would have been the best but tinubu will not dictate to ndigbo. Soludo is the next if he is not flying tinubu flag. I wish obi continues at least to solidify the oil sector. Andy defiled a woman of God and ifeanyi has many criminal cases to answer. Time will tell but never tinubu party

  42. @milena it all bothers on law & morality. I’ve got nothing personal against Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige. However, Ndigbo don’t need him & his ilks. Legally he committed electoral fraud(crime) when he knowingly & willingly received the people’s stolen mandate from his Godfathers. Therefore he was/is implicitly complicit. Morally, my take is that no decent & morally upright person would have accepted a stolen crown no matter what happens. Sure, It happens all the time but most of them are hardly caught. @milena ur post/comment shows ur dept or lack it. Always read in between the lines. Leave emotion, to enable u think with ur head & not ur heart. My advice is that u take a course on Logic, Critical Thinking & Argument. This will help to stop exposing how dumb & what numb skull u truly are. In accordance with the law Ngige was never(has never been a governor. So saying that he worked when he stole a crown is logically illogical. Dundee United, I am only saying that there must be a paradigm shift & completely new order . Ndigbo need the best at this time in our history. Ka Chukwu gozie Ndigbo.


    @Uyome, quite agreed wit u and dont mind tht guy that is busy abusing OKUWTE, he nos Governance 4rm a difffrent perspertive and doent no what really governamce means, ngigie is good ooo, better off all those uBAS by 100% ad sumtin plus, But wht we are saying now is tht d POWER this time around shld be given to d ANAMBRA NORTH as since the creation of tht state, they hve not occupy that numero 1 seat, so all other zone shld rally round them 4 justice & Equity, no more no less.

  44. i wl always know one of de qualities of a GUD LEADER to be SELFLESSNESS.we dont need charity begins at home stuff.we dont need NGIGE,lest he turn alor 2 london wit our money.soludo wil be gud

  45. Ozobugha B.Udoka on

    who ever becomes the governor come 2014 doesnt really matter to me,all i want is good road and other amenities for my home town LILU in Ihiala L.G.A of Anambra State.

  46. It is better to resurrect derico nwamama to be the next gov instead of chris ngige, till I die I will continue to stand against bandits frustrating the simultaneous development going on in Anambra state right now, ngige will have to wait till idemili state is created. Nwamkpi

  47. Chris Ngige should go and bury his head in shame. Ngige was the chief architect of not conducting local government election in Anambra State. And one person can not be the crown king all the time. The next governor must come from Anambra North axis. May God help Anambra State.

  48. Mr. Peter Obi the Governor of Anambra is a very unique man. He does not make noise for whatever he is doing. The governor is a perfect genthle man and I believe by the time he complete his tenor in Anambra. The state will wear a new look. Dr. Chris Ngige popularity is based on the circumstance he found himself when he was the governor of the state. I cant really give him pass mark. he was been pitied by the people because of the batching, intimidation and harassment from the F.G and the God fathers in the state.

  49. There is no two ways who becomes Governor come 2014,we came, we saw and we conquer. Chris Ngige did it b4 and all of us saw it even when MR president was tellin him u must compromise ur stand with dis guyz, incase u don’t no what MR president meant den was share the money with dis Guyz.I am here to tell all dat cares to no dat the present government in power has done noftin to better the life of Anamberians rather do the opposite.Chris eze ngige is the man and so if den the choosing of chris ngige was a mistake den Anamberians need such mistake again

  50. lets equity nd justice apply in anambra:::it z d turn of anambra north senatorial zone 2 produce d nxt gov.::::anambra north candidates all d way::

  51. Dr Chris Ngige is the best among all, man of the people, voice of the voiceless, champion of peoples rights, true democrat, the great achiever and indeed a legend hero. He will rule anambra state again and better. We are waiting for our action governor, Dr NGIGE. Ndewoo!!!

  52. If i may i love Peter Obi and if the people of Anambra did not zone this very coming up election,i will be very happy if Peter Obi will re-contest and i know that he will win and all my house hold will vote for him,and some people were calling him many names but no one can have 100% on everything,some must complain and some will not and those whom were complaining one is doing good works were those that were not favored.Listen some of you that were talking against this man.i am not his brother nor relate to him,but i like his government,, seeing hope and seeing future or using broom according to some logos during election were nothing,but seeing is believing.I am from anambra East in anambra north,and if this this will not be zoned to us,please let us all support Peter obi because he is trying and i can still count him as the best governor of anambra state,i know that some people may like to quarrel with me or ask questions here is my number call and i will explain to you all……SUPPORT PETER OBI IN HIS TENURE HE IS THE MOSES OF OUR TIME AND THE BEST EVER GOVERNOR OF ANAMBRA STATE.

  53. If i may i love Peter Obi and if the people of Anambra did not zone this very coming up election,i will be very happy if Peter Obi will re-contest and i know that he will win and all my house hold will vote for him,and some people were calling him many names but no one can have 100% on everything,some must complain and some will not and those whom were complaining one is doing good works were those that were not favored.Listen some of you that were talking against this man.i am not his brother nor relate to him,but i like his government,, seeing hope and seeing future or using broom according to some logos during election were nothing,but seeing is believing.I am from anambra East in anambra north,and if this this will not be zoned to us,please let us all support Peter obi because he is trying and i can still count him as the best governor of anambra state,i know that some people may like to quarrel with me or ask questions here is my number call and i will explain to you all……SUPPORT PETER OBI IN HIS TENURE HE IS THE MOSES OF OUR TIME AND THE BEST EVER GOVERNOR OF ANAMBRA STATE. CALL ME 07045776933

  54. willie obiano from agulere,he is the man we re waiting for go and check his record in fidelity bank,anambra north is the place come 2014

  55. Thanks GOD for disgrasing IFEANYI UBAH.
    I believe God is in his throne.
    Let God give us the wisdom to choose our next governor.
    Another UBAH will soon be disgraced>
    God is at work.
    We have to take our right position in the south east.
    God is on the throne.

  56. Soludo is extremely equal to the task,full of competence,humility and fidelity with a reputable character as the best cbn governor.

  57. I’m a bonafide a.c.n member and a keen supporter of Ngige but as for 2014,I’ll go for Soludo.He’ll tak Anambra to the apex of development.

  58. 4get about Ngige d desperate selfish bt favouritist juggernaut cus he wl fail dis time. Wat has he done as a senator for d state? Dn’t be decieved!

  59. I have nothing against any one but A C N to rule anambra ma state is forbidden, the murderers cannot come close to Anambra state. I advice soludo to leave that yoruba party and contest in APGA he will surely win. Ka chineke gozie ndi anambra

  60. Some people that been talking trash against Peter Obi have forgeting so fast wat he has brought in Anambra State.Peter Obi attracted many investors in Anambra and as a result of that there is job opportunity everywhere,he make sure that Orient Petroleum commence drilling Oil in Anambra,he fought and chase away Kidnappers and Arm Rubbers out of Anambra State and confiscate their houses and as a result of that there is peace in Anambra,he is building road everywhere,upgrading Hospital to world class and wat about the Education?he upgrade,equiped,refublished schools and hand them over to the Mission the original owner.If you people ask my openion concerning who will be the next Governor of great Anambra State then i will give it to Andy Uba becouse during wen he special advice to Obasanjo his In-law he was the one that introduced so many of our Igbo abled elites to Obasanjo such as Soludo,Dora Akunyiri,Chidi Chekere,Ngozi Okonjo Iweala,Oby Ezekwesiri etc but becouse the political tussle between his junior brother Chris Uba with Chris Ngige some people now include Andy Uba as a bad person which he is not and will never be.Am talking saying this as a person that being privilaged to chat and be with Andy Uba so many times and i can vauge to him that he is more better than all this Wolves in Sheep cloth politicians that want to contest for Governorship in Anambra

  61. Simon Tor Gideon on

    Anambrians pls shine your eyes.The person giving you kero at N50 /L today may not even remember you when he finally reaches govt house.Rather he will concentrate on rcouping the cost of his seemingly` benevolent `actions from your revenue allocation.Collect whatever they give you but shine your eyes as they say when the time comes.

  62. Amb.GT.C Samuel on

    I want to remind every ibo man dat we dnt hav to remain foolish forever, d yorubas hav liberated as dey hav griped ACN, the hausas and south southerners are driving in PDP, the only surviving igbo party is APGA. We shuldnt let it die. Am calling on every anambrarian to join hands togeda and produce a suitable servant as governor of Anambra state come 2014 under the APGA platform….also, all youth in anambra shuld endavour to join the south east youth parliament seminar coming up in febrary@ Awka. Its high time d youths decides who leads dem..we cant remain a tool in d hands of greedy politicians who forgets our yearnings as soon as we vote dem into power. Enough is enough! One minute silence for our departed heroes….long live ikemba ojukwu, chuba okadigbo, General Nzeogwu,Dr.Nnamdi Azikwe, General Aguiyi Ironsi, osita osadebe, Oliver d coque, Chief Micheal Okpara, Chief onunaka Sam Mbakwe, etc

  63. My fellow anambrarians we need new faces in 2014. Sen ngige is now enjoying his billions of naira giving to him by the upper house for keeping quet forgeting his promises against Dorah. Eat their money and wait for the right person. God is in c

  64. My fellow anambrarians we need new faces in 2014. Sen ngige is now enjoying his billions of naira giving to him by the upper house for keeping quiet forgeting his promises against Dorah. Eat their money and wait for the right person. God is in control but consider Ifeanyi Ubah

  65. No bank lends money to most anambrarians becos we cannot produce any certificate of occupancy.if we try to get one,Peter obi will insist on your paying over a million naira as tax.so our biz men now go to neighboring states to buy properties and acquire necessary documents for their credit transaction.street trading is still on.Peter is quietly killing our state.let’s go for a tested and trusted hand,NGIGE

  66. Ik Nwawelugo Anonye on

    I beg to disagree that ifeanyi ubah is a criminal or 419 like you indirectly said.his kind gesture of rubbing peter to pay paul (kero direct) is yet to reach me and am expectant of that gesture before 2014

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