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Opinion oil-new

THE recent figures released by the Minister of State for Finance, Dr. Yerima Ngama, shortly after the statutory Federation Accounts Allocation Committee(FAAC)meeting in Abuja, were grim enough. It was an admission of the devastating effect of oil theft on the industry and revenue accruing to the Federal Government.

Opinion suntai-taraba

The circumstances surrounding the health of Governor Danbaba Suntai, Governor of Taraba State, Nigeria, has been deliberately shrouded in secrecy in the last ten months after an air crash that left him hospitalized in the United States. I thank God Governor Suntai is still alive. It could have been worse.

Opinion Mandela N wife

South African legend and Nobel peace laureate, Nelson Mandela turned 95 last month and expectedly the whole world was agog for this global icon. As he continues his recuperation from a recurring liver ailment, it is equally not surprising that the whole world is praying for his speedy recovery.

Editorial PHCN

The nation recorded a major milestone in its power sector reform roadmap with the recent successful sale of power assets that yielded an estimated N304.82 billion ($1.975 billion) to the coffers of the Federal Government.

Education Review SONY DSC

If you happen to come across an elderly man weeping, take another look at him very well. He is likely to be Prof. Tam David-West, renowned professor of Virology, one-time Commissioner of Education in old Rivers

Education Review pupils-in-school

This month (September 2013), Nigeria’s Child’s Rights Act, 2003 will clock 10 years of existence. That will be just seven years shy of the country’s Vision 2020 target to be an industrial powerhouse with the stature of membership in the G-20 Club by the year 2020.

Education Review ogunlewe-sen

The Federal Government recently approved N30 billion to assist various Governing Councils of Federal Universities to defray the arrears of N92 billion, said to be owed all categories of staff in the university system.

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The above quote from Herbert Scope seems to fit into what can be described as leadership 101. Unfortunately, it is the simple test, which the leader of the free world holding the world’s most powerful job, President Barrack Obama, has terribly flunked.

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