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National Justice Danladi Umar

The tribunal recently approved the participation of four senior staff, with recourse to gender equality, to attend the upcoming International Bar Association Conference coming up in October 2013 in Boston, United States of America, while lawyers of the agency will attend the Nigerian Bar Association Conference, coming up on August 25, 2013, in Tinapa, Cross River State

Business President Goodluck Jonathan copy

Noting that the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation has become a useful framework for engagement between Africa and China, President Jonathan said that the African Union may consider the establishment of a representative office in Beijing to facilitate closer ties between the Asia economic giant and African nations

COVER boko haven

In the first landmark judgment under the Terrorism Act, a Federal High Court in Abuja yesterday jailed four Boko Haram bombers for life while another got a 10-year imprisonment. The convicted Islamist sect members were arraigned for their involvement in the bombing of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office in Suleja, Niger State in 2011.

COVER oshiomhole1

Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has said he will apply fully the Nigerian Constitution that he subscribed to and not the laws of a European country or the whims of some activists.
The governor who said the international community could not dictate to Nigeria on which values it should adhere to, said there was so much hypocrisy by the international community on the issue of human rights.
Speaking at a day seminar on the Role of the Public Complaints Commission in a Democratic Government in Nigeria, Oshiomhole said Nigeria as a sovereign nation had a right to define its own national values.
“Nigeria is a sovereign nation and we have a right to define what we regard as our own national values. No national interest is defined by others. As we speak, nations and humans are involved in the battle of ideas on the basis of different value system and it will be abuse of my own value system if someone chooses to assume that his values are superior to my values.
“I am part of the international community and my views should carry as much weight as the views of any other person in the same international community and where we have not counted the votes, we cannot assume that the views from London are shared by Abuja,” Oshiomhole said.
The governor further declared: “As a Catholic, I am more fanatical about the sanctity of life. The foundation for human rights is the rule of law, not rule of resolution, not rule of communiqué; not rules of recommendations.
“When I was sworn in I subscribed to the oath that I shall subscribe to the oath; that I shall obey the constitution of Nigeria. There is no suggestion that I shall obey the United Nations or resolution of the European Union that has not been domesticated by the Nigerian government. I do understand that there is no such thing as universal values.”
Oshiomhole argued that Nigerian values were not less elegant, less human and therefore not less acceptable.
“In trying to understand how best to protect the sanctity of human life, if you carry out an act and you confess to it, you shall go. You have no right to tell me that your values are superior to mine,” he said.
The governor decried the activities of some Nigerians who parrot some of those values that are offensive to the culture and tradition of the African people.
Citing the same sex marriage as one of the offensive laws of the European Union Oshiomhole said, “now they are canvassing the same sex marriage. If they think it is right to marry a man in the West and we think it is a crime to marry a man in Africa, African values is superior to European values and we have to push for them to interrogate their own values.”

Abuja Metro

The problem of cultism in schools used to be the headache of tertiary institutions but that was in the distant past. Today, even junior secondary schools pupils are deep in cultism. The busting of a cult initiation and arrest of teenagers in Gwagwalada, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), was an opener.

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