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Since the Lagos State Government banned Okada from some major roads in Lagos, so much heat has been generated that it can aptly be described as Okada War. Oh yes, the Okada army won’t go down without a fight and so far, they have acquitted themselves famously—and some say, notoriously.

Business IT-new

IT experts in the country have voted for the Nigerian Communication Satellite (NigComSat) proposed bill, currently awaiting passage by the Senate ,which will make the satellite company, an entity.

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Addressing a large crowd that filled the 36,000 capacity stadium shortly after he was sworn in by the state Chief Judge, Justice Cromwell Idahosa, Oshiomhole expressed the determination of his administration to shift focus during his second term in office to industrialization of the state and to attract foreign investments to Edo State

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Traders in the state were alleged to have, hitherto, avoided paying taxes while the civil servants in the state had their taxes deducted at source through the Pay As You Earn system

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The gunmen who were armed with sophisticated weapons were said to have dispossessed their victims of N.5 million cash and a 75 horse-power engine, which was provided by the Bayelsa State Government to ease transportation problems of flood victims

Opinion stethoscope

Following the out-of-court settlement agreement entered into by Pfizer Inc, the globally renowned pharmaceutical giant, and the Kano State government in 2009 over the conduct of the Trovan Clinical trials in 1996

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In understudying reactions from the new book “There Was a Country” by_Prof. Chinua Achebe, I am concurring that Nigeria is without a doubt a_country of nations fused in pretence and wearing a veil of all manners_of secrecy and suspicion

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The recent media report that Nigeria is now holding the enviable record of a country with the highest private jet ownership in Africa is unarguably rankling.

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I am used to reading shocking or bewildering headlines in Nigerian newspapers. So, at first glance, I thought little of it when a friend emailed me a scanned copy of a report in last Tuesday’s edition of the Sun newspaper.

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