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My mum fought rebels during the Liberian civil war – Juliet Ibrahim

By Bolatito Adebayo

there is no doubt that Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has a Nigerian side. The actress who has featured in many blockbuster movies both in Nigeria and Ghana, shared with us her strong ties with her mum and the many sacrifices she made for her family.

What are you working on at present?

Currently, I am promoting and working on distribution of my eyelash and lipstick brand called Shadesbyjulietibrahim and Moda cosmetics. I have also been anchoring/hosting events across Nigeria which have kept me very busy. I have been on some film sets as well in Nigeria and Ghana. I’m working on my new movie project. I directed and produced a TV series, “Every Woman Has A Story.” It has started airing on ONMAX TV and it will be online very soon. I am also working on my Reality TV show “The Perfect Assistant.” I am simply open to more and more opportunities and always ready to hop on the next train. I’m a brand influencer and I literally do not slow down.

What is the name of your mum?

Her name is SE, most people call her Auntie Lizzy.

What does she do for a living?

My mum runs a catering business. She’s also into decor services. 

What is your relationship with her? Are you like friends or sisters?

We are like sisters. My family is a closely-knit family. We have always been each other’s keeper. I have three siblings and our mother is like a fourth sibling. When we go out, people think she’s our elder sibling until we mention she’s our mother.

When last did you see her?

My mother and I were just on a vacation in Dubai with my son and my niece this July until the first week of August. She’s currently on holiday in Houston, Texas.

What is her favorite food?

She loves grilled fish and vegetables. Anything that is fish and she’s ready to eat. She’s a healthy eater.

What food does she cook that you enjoy more?

Every single meal of hers is delicious. She’s the best cook in the world. I’m yet to meet up with her cooking and she bakes very well.

What was your relationship with her like when you were a teenager?

During my entire childhood, I was scared of her because she was so strict on me. However, by the time I was about 15 years old, my mum and I grew closer and ever since then we have been inseparable.

Can you please share any childhood experience that got you into a major trouble with your mum?

One time I went out with friends and stayed past my curfew and it was before the age of cellphones; so she had no idea where I was; this made her furious.

As a teenager, what did she tell you about boys?

I had a very strict upbringing. She wanted me to focus on my studies and grow up to become someone great and not end up being misled by a boyfriend.

What kind of teenager were you, quiet, nerd or popular?

I was on the shy side, so I was among the quiet and reserved ones as a teenager. However, my love for singing and being an entertainer had me in the choir and performing at talent shows, so I was also popular. I didn’t joke with my grades in school; I came out second overall best student in high school. I guess I’ll also say I was a nerd.

What makes her happy?

She’s happiest when her kids are all happy and doing well in their various fields. She’s a happy person naturally, so she’s always wearing a smile.

What is her relationship like with her grandchildren now that she is older?

My mom and her grandchildren are like best friends. You can’t tell she’s even a grandmother, to be honest. She spoils her grandchildren, that’s for sure and they adore her.

What attributes do you share with her?

I’ll say kindhearted, generous, intuitive, easy to forgive, determined, family-oriented and hardworking.

Has she always supported your acting or she wasn’t comfortable with it when you first started?

My mother has supported my love for entertainment ever since I was young. She used to dress me up to sing along to Bollywood films and I grew up singing in the church choir and modeling. She used to drive me to modelling auditions. She took me to and from modeling rehearsals and took me to my first movie audition in Accra. She really knew it was my childhood dream, so she supported me as long as I did very well in school and came out in flying colors.

What are her fears about you?

I’ll say she fears that I might not always receive the accolades deserving for my hard work being in a male-dominated industry.

What is the greatest advice she has ever given you?

To believe in myself and to always remember that God has a plan for me and He will never ever let me down no matter the circumstance or delay.

Can you share an experience of a sacrifice your mum made for you that still green in your mind?

My mother is a superwoman; a warrior and my hero. As the first born, I watched her go through civil wars and fight with rebels to make sure no harm came to her family members or kids. I recall vividly in Liberia during 1994 war, at the border with Cote D’Ivoire, while my family and I were trying to crossover to Ivory Coast, the rebels stopped us and wanted to shoot my dad because he is a Lebanese; my mother while holding one of my siblings stood shielding my dad and said “You have to kill me first before you can touch any of my family members” and the rebel started shooting between my mum’s legs as she jumped up and down dodging bullets. They used to call that “digging potatoes.” Luckily for us, a jet bomber flew by causing the rebels to disperse and we ran into the river and went across the border. That was how we survived a near tragic experience. I was just a little girl but the first born, so I remember every moment and I cherish her so much for all the fights she put up to keep her family alive and together.

Is your mum very fashionable?

Oh yes, my mom is a fashionista. Sometimes she is even the person that would introduce me to new fashion. (Laughs).


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