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Murder subtly called abortion

The Sun newspaper, in its edition of Saturday, April 29, 2017, reported about Salome V. Wandy from Netherlands, who was raped, when she was in her twenties. She was so young that she did not know that it resulted to pregnancy until her family doctor informed her. He then opted for abortion, a choice she succumbed to after much pain and pressure. Today, she and the members of her society, Family Watch International, are fighting the monster seriously.

To Wandy, what people generally call, ‘flushing out the foetus’, is ‘killing the baby’. And that is what it is. Legalization of abortion by any Government or its approval by all the Priests in the whole world, does not mean that God has legalised it. No man dictates for Him. That many people indulge in it, does not reduce the gravity of the sin committed. Sexual immorality can be described as ‘fun’, and stealing can be seen as ‘tapping’, these cheap terms created by the devil, with the aim of making sin look as if it is nothing, do not change God’s position on them.

Asked by an uncle why he was indulging in marijuana, the response of the man addicted to it was bizarre. “As I smoke it,” he said, “men around me look like hens”.  The uncle asked him whether the men, who were looking like hens before him, had in reality, the strength of hens. His response was in the negative. “Who then,” his uncle asked further, “is being deceived: you or the people you see?” He could not answer that question. We should note that those men did not even know how the youth was feeling about them, nor did their strength diminish. This also applies to God, a sinful act remains one, irrespective of the beautiful colours it is painted.

Abortion has two sides: the one committed outside wedlock by the unmarried and the one committed by married people. The singles may procure an abortion because someone raped them or because of a wanton desire to do what parents do, forgetting that parents have paid their due. Apart from using sex as a cheap way of making money, impatience is what mainly drives singles to sexual relationship. When pregnancy occurs, what is generally good news, turns to sorrow. They then procure abortion, which is murdering the innocent baby to conceal the sin committed. Had their parents done the same, would they have been born to become accountants, doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc?

Sex is not sinful. It is rather a blessing from God but it has to be in marriage, in the same way a gun is good except when it is handled wrongly. Sex is for two adults, male and female, who are ready to live together as husband and wife. Through marriage, they obtain the licence from their parents, Church and the community for sexual relationship, et cetera. Unplanned pregnancy may occur in the same way unplanned wealth can come their way. I have not seen any man, who rejected unplanned wealth and so it should be for unplanned pregnancy. I know a couple whohad unplanned pregnancy and accepted it. The baby is now an adult. She lives in the US with her husband and she is a major support for her parents.

A lady may be raped and it results in pregnancy. Rape is said to be very common today. In Union Secondary School, Ibiaku, now in Akwa Ibom State, a woman tutor, in those days, demonstrated to her all-female students with a bottle, that it is impossible for an unarmed man to rape a mature girl. If this is true, it means that some ‘rape cases’ may not be true. The victims might have compromised somehow. Maybe in confirmation, a lady, who did not receive this teaching, told me how she wrestled to submission, a man, almost twice her size, who wanted to rape her. During my teens, I was attracted by a crowd in a court in Port Harcourt. A girl, who claimed that her classmate raped her, had no answer when the Defence Lawyer asked her why she did not shout so as to attract the attention of other tenants in the house.

Wandy says that she frowns at abortion because it is a crime against humanity, and also because of its health hazard and psychological repercussions. She details two people involved in it. The first is the man, who raped the lady, causing her to be pregnant. The second evil is committed by the victim, who then ‘hires’ someone to murder her baby. This analysis is correct. If everyone sees this cancer in this way, nobody will venture into it. I recall how a married lady reported to me that she was pregnant from someone, and that she had told her husband. Her husband was ready to forgive her if the baby was aborted. Killing her innocent baby was anathema to her! After counseling her, I prayed with her and later called her husband. Appreciating him as a nice man, who would go the whole hog with his wife, I asked him, why he would then choose to be a murderer by killing the baby.

“What will I do,” he asked me, “accepting another man’s baby, how about the public ridicule since three people have been told?” he asked me. “Let hundred people know about it, ridicule is nothing compared with hellfire, which is the punishment for sinners,” I reminded him. The good news is that the child is in the secondary school today!

As beautiful as Wandy’s analysis is, it does not include, unfortunately, the God-factor. The most heinous thing about abortion is that it is a sin against God, the Owner of the foetus, being destroyed. Man has always feared the creature more than he fears the Creator. If the Power Holding Company with its ‘high performance’, tells us not to touch a tiny wire, we comply but when God tells us not to commit murder, we take delight in doing so under various guises.

I want to appreciate the Family Watch International for taking a stand against this monster, called abortion, whereby, innocent babies who do not offend anybody are murdered in cold blood. A pregnant woman, whose husband was angry with her for their poor-child spacing [as if it was her fault alone,] met a doctor to abort her pregnancy. The doctor led her to a hall in his hospital, where many women were seated. ‘These women are looking for babies and you want to kill your own,’ he told her. She left immediately, accepting her pregnancy. The baby was born and is today, a graduate!

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