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Monarch, group want Nwodo to galvanise Igbo for political, socio-economic greatness

A monarch and a group in South-East have called on Chief John Nwodo, the new President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, to  galvanise and re-position Igbo for political and socioeconomic greatness.

The traditional ruler of Ishiagu Autonomous Community, HRM Moses Ngele made this known when he reacted in a telephone interview with NAN in Abakaliki on Thursday.

Ngele expressed confidence in the ability of Nwodo to lead the apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation.

He urged the new President to use the position to enhance the unity, political and economic progress as well as overall development of the Igbo nation.

The monarch said that Nwodo assumed the leadership of the pan-Igbo group at an auspicious time, and urged him to re-invent the Igbo spirit of brotherhood, unity and peace that was the hallmark of Igbo greatness.

“His election is a clear indication that the entire Igbo speaking people of Nigeria are now ready to make progress and to move forward as one people with a common destiny in the Nigerian project.

“I am particularly happy and overjoyed at the development. The only piece of advise I have for the renowned politician is to use the new position to bring Igbos both at home and in Diaspora together and galvanise them for the development of the region.

“Let him use the office to reach out and ensure that Igboman regained his pride of place in the Nigerian project.

“He must leave above board and ensure that his leadership is all embracing and cutting across different political, social and economic leanings.

“We will ensure that we sustain him with our support and prayers for him to succeed in his new assignment,” Ngele said.

Similarly, Mark Onuh, President of the Ekubaraoha Youth Assembly, an Ebonyi-based socio-political pressure group, told NAN that Nwodo’s victory was a reflection of the will of the Igbos.

Onuh urged Nwodo to shun clannishness and to work toward the promotion of the Igbo identity, culture and socioeconomic interest.

“We as a sociopolitical pressure group is happy with the emergence of Nwodo as the president of the apex Igbo organisation and wish to pledge our  unalloyed support and solidarity.

“We urge him to use his wealth of experience in galvanising the south-east and indeed all Igbo speaking people of Nigeria for economic, social and political greatness.

“We urge him to use his exalted office to explore the reach Igbo culture, customs and traditions to build bridges of unity among Igbo political and economic elite to launch the region back to relevance, ” Onuh said. (NAN)


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  1. Dr. Uche Kalu 12th January 2017 at 12:49 pm

    ‘Ndigbo Kwenu–o–o!’
    This election of an PDP affiliated politician, Mazi John Nwodo,a
    Nigerian-Igbo,to head our Apex-Igbo Organization, Ohanaeze
    Ndigbo,is indeed an act of betrayal.
    APGA is Party of Ndigbo not PDP. All Igbo PDP Politicians are a
    curse to our Biafran aspirations.APGA represents freedom for
    Ndigbo,while the PDP represents perpetual servitude for Nigbo.
    Besides, Mazi John Nwodo is a Wawa Igbo.The Wawas constitute
    a threat to the unity, pride and well-being of Ndigbo.
    For example,during our 2014 National Confab,our Wawa delegates
    took sides with the enemies of Ndigbo.They simply sold out!
    And currently,our two Wawa States,Ebonyi and Enugu States have
    turned our Igboland into a grazing land for the Abokis cattle drivers.
    David Umahi of Ebonyi and his Enugu State counterpart,Mazi
    Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi are both compromised.Both of them are quislings.
    The right man or woman to properly head our Apex-Igbo Organization,Ohaneze Nidigbo, ought to be a Biafran War Hero and a member of our Grand Igbo APGA Party,not a Nigeria-Igbo
    Wawa of PDP or APC.
    Hail Biafra!!

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