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MKO Abiola family apologises to Buhari over past ‘wrongs’

Abiola was already rehearsing his inauguration speech when the election was annulled – Daughter

Segun Adio

It was a day of apologies, on Tuesday, June 12, at the Presidential VIlla, Abuja, as president Muhammadu Buhari first apologised to the Abiola family for the injustice done to late business mogul and winner of June 12, 1993 presidential election.

Giving their appreciation remarks after the conferment of the award of the GCFR on the Abiola family, Hafsat Abiola, one of the daughters of the late icon, also apologised to President Muhammadu Buhari, on behalf of her family, for whatever wrong their patriarch, MKO Abiola could have inflicted on President Buhari at any time in history.

Hafsat  also told the audience that Abiola was already rehearsing how to deliver his inauguration speech as the President before the election was annulled.

In an emotion-laden voice, she said her late mother told her how Abiola was standing before a mirror to rehearse his inauguration speech.

“Because MKO Abiola was a stammerer, I was told he never went beyond ‘Fellow Nigerians’ in the speech,” she said.

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  1. Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh 12th June 2018 at 1:38 pm

    I still remain of the opinion for the “Necessity of All-inclusive Restructuring and True Democractic Transparency and Honesty in Today’s NIGERIA’S Political Structure”, in Reflection of the 1993 Democractic Mandate by majority of NIGERIANS!

    In all situations, we daily give thanks to God Almighty, for all His faithfulness in every respect, despite our humans’ frailties!

    Today June 12th 2018, reminds all NIGERIANS of the great political injustice done to NIGERIANS’ Democractic mandate by the political “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, commonly known as the political cabals, which was championed by late Abacha, as compelled by the Northern Political cabals!

    President Buhari has today, decided to politically honor MKO Abiola, after twenty-five (25) years of grievious political injustices done to all Well-meaning NIGERIANS citizenry of all tribes and cultures!

    Wether President Buhari is geniunely honest from his heart or not, as some have accused him, about today’s recognition of MKO Abiola’s Democractic mandate, or just as a means to subtly buy the consciences of the people, in preparation for the 2019 presidential election, we still thank God Almighty all the same!

    Moreso, President Buhari should further be reminded that if he truly meant well for the NIGERIA and all NIGERIANS of all tribes and cultures, he should urgently initiate the all-inclusive Democractic-transparent restructuring of the present day NIGERIA’s political structure, which is highly corrupt with all sorts of political marginalization, nepotism, socio-political injustices, (mindless, senseless and heartless killings by the Fulani’s herdsmen deadliest terrorists activities, being politically masterminded and sponsored by the Northern Political cabals against other NIGERIANS), including militeralization, brutality, oppressions and suppressions!

    All-inclusive restructuring of NIGERIA political structure, in TRUE Democractic Transparency and Honesty, is the only Democractic-reasonable way forward for better NIGERIA and all NIGERIANS of all tribes and cultures!

    The Democractic mandate of the June 12th 1993, which is being politically celebrated today, should rather reflect the true Democractic transparency and honesty, and not being politicized, for any Political Campaign, in preparation for the 2019 Presidential election!

    Long live NIGERIA!
    Long live NIGERIANS!
    Long live all the Well-meaning Nigerians citizenry of all tribes and cultures!!!
    May God Almighty bless us all!!!!!!!

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