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Mike Okiro: The officer who saw it all

Legacy is a leader’s selfless gift to an institution or to a nation. It is a vision, realised for the betterment of ones immediate constituency. Legacy is the baby of a visionary leader. Or how else can one describe ideas that metamorphosed as a blessing and served as a catalyst of change.

The name Sir Mike Mbama Okiro is synonymous with innovations and he’s know for his mastery in conflict resolution. Okiro’s name has gone into the annals of history as the first Inspector General of Police to be appointed as the Chairman of Police Service Commission. His bravery as a police officer helped to reduce vicious crime in Lagos and the entire country as Commissioner of Police in Lagos State and as the Deputy lnspector General of Police in charge of operations. These are reasons an officer can receive accolade for introducing to the Nigeria police the A-K 47; which is the modern day weapon used globally by all security personnels across the globe Okiro can be described as one of the best lGP the Nigeria police Force has ever had. He introduced the idea of the shoulder badge identification presently being used by our police officers and men. Okiro was an IGP who can be ranked as one of the most resourceful IGP based on his visionary style of leadership. The present day security arrangements in all the banks where bullet proof entrance doors and bullet proof vans are used for the movement of currency by banks in the country were his ideas to find a lasting solution and reduce the incessant robbery attacks on banks. His caring nature saw him raising the salary structure of police officers from peanuts to what it is today even though, the police is yearning for more increase in their renumeration.

Okiro also showed his mastery in crime management when he introduced and extended the Police public relations to all police divisions including the establishment of human rights offices and juvenile/women affairs offices and these earned him commendations from amnesty international and Nigerian Women Society. The story of Niger Delta presidential amnesty programme can not be complete without the mentioning of Okiro’s name as the pioneer executor of the programme. Okiro it was who introduced the National health insurance scheme (NHIS) to the Nigeria Police Force. After his instrumental role as the lnspector General of police , it became very obvious that the cap for the vacant position of the Chairman of the Police Service Commission(PSC) would roundly fit into his head. According to him, “Each time l am to occupy a position, l cry before my creator for wisdom and plan for the institution and the people”. This simple principle has continuously helped him to succeed in life. No wonder his openness and love for humanity have greatly endeared him to the high and the low in the society.

Okiro, after completing his tenure as the Chairman of the police service commission, gloriously packed his bag and baggages with wonderful nostalgia of a man who saw it all.

Here is a man, who sneaked to join the police force without his father’s initial consent on August 1977, but after his enlistment, he went back tail in between his legs and remoursefully apologised to his forgiving father, who later blessed and wished him well. Here is an officer of the rank of an assistant superintendent of police (ASP) received his commissioners commendation for arresting a man who bribed him. Here is a man who made it possible for many police officers to own their personal houses. The list of his achievements tower like the man himself. Such men need to be engaged by he country in crisis situation bearing in mind his antecedent in vicious crime prevention. Such a man can be engaged to find solution to the recurring herdsmen murderous clashes with native farmers and communities. As his friends and well-wishers bid him farewell, an institution of higher learning, the University of Jos Plateau state remembered his service to the institution, the police and the nation at large when it recently conveyed a honorary doctorate degree of Law on this proud and illustrious son of Obiakpor in Oh- aji Egbema Local Government Area, in Imo State.

Security summersault in Ekiti

When the news broke that the lnspector General of Police, Mr ldris lbrahim, deployed 30,000 armed mobile police men to handle the security of the state during the gubernatorial election coming up in Ekiti State. The first question on every lips is if there is an anticipated mini ear either during or after the election. The way security is deployed to the venue speak volume of what is expected. The deployment could also aggravate tension and raise eyebrows. Feelers from the state does not speak well. One hopes the security are not deployed to carry out any special bidding. Also, one hopes that all the 30,000 personnel would have their duty allowances paid to them promptly without any delay as it’s been the manner of this police administration.


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