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Many people still ignorant of dangers of pile – Atuchukwu

By Gilbert Ekezie

Piles, otherwise known as ano-rectal disorders are swollen blood vessels in the rectal area. They may occur inside the body, in the anal canal, or sometimes be felt outside the anus. The ailment comprises of bleeding piles (haemorrhoids), fissures and rectal swelling.

When it comes to symptoms, piles are distressing conditions, which cause itching and discomfort around the anal area. And if left unattended, the condition can become severe; involving pain, bleeding and pus formation. This leads to great misery.

An Indian herbal medicines dealer and chief executive of Ako Group of Companies, Mr. Obiora Atuchukwu, explained that one might feel an uncomfortable ‘weight’ around the anus, or experience discomfort or pain when passing stool. He also noted that sometimes, a victim might find blood or pus in his stool or underwear, after using to toilet.  He stated that if one has a prolapse of the rectum, he would be able to feel small pieces of flesh coming out of the anus when cleaning or washing the anus after going to the toilet.

Atuchukwu whose company is the sole marketer of Pykure herbal capsules and Pykure ointment for piles in West Africa pointed out that the major factor contributing to the rising incidence of piles is constipation. “While passing stool in the morning, some people apply great pressure to relieve themselves. This results in damage in the anal wall, thereby causing piles of various types. They are more common in women during pregnancy and after child birth, and there is some evidence to suggest that piles run in families.”

Atuchukwu expressed regret that many people are still in dark without having the knowledge of the dangers of piles and the possible prevention and cure.” As a result many people have died due to complications relating to pile and countless number of others left in miserable situations.

To reduce the incidence of piles, he advised that people should avoid constipation, consumption of fast food, aerated drinks and pizzas etc. “Also, people should keep off from red chilies, spicy food, deep fries, non-vegetable foods, especially thick fibre meats like beef.

Other items to avoid include liquor, coffee, tobacco, and mangoes, French fries etc. People should also stay away from antibiotic medicines as far as possible, especially during the period of taking Pykure.”

Atuchukwu also advised that people should increase the amount of fibre in their diets, eat plenty of cereals, fruits, green vegetables, curd, drink 10-12 glasses of water per day etc. “The fibre and liquid will add bulk to your stools which helps the waste move through the intestines and results in soft stools which are easy to pass.”

For quicker result, pile victims should go for Pykure herbal Ccapsules and ointment, the Indian Ayurvedic medicines properly formulated for sufferers of pile and other rectal ailments.


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