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Making Learning A Fun

  • A company emerges with an educational programme called ‘edutainment’ to help kids discover their creative talents in artificial intelligence, sports, music, arts, reading, science, engineering, technology and mathematics

    By Perpetua Egesimba

    EducationISTS have warned parents about the danger of ‘overloading’ their children’s brains with only book knowledge as such kids may end up being dullards. If a kid is overloaded with information, they will become retrogressive in knowledge. This is because they  are receiving information at a rate that is beyond the capacity of their brains to process.

    It is in order to prevent this from happening that one of Nigeria’s leading educational group, Meadow Hall Group, through one of her subsidiaries, Spring Meadow Edutainment, has launched its Meadow Hall Edutainment Centre for developing children’s talents in various subject areas especially science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

    Deputy Governor’s commendation and recommendation

    Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Idiat Oluranti Adebule, while speaking  through Mrs. Yetunde Adefolahan Odejayi, Permanent Secretary, Deputy Governor’s Office and her representative during the launch of the centre in Lekki, Lagos, noted that the things provided for the education of the children were not only for the cognitive aspect of their education but all-encompassing of what it takes to educate a child.

    “Apart from the reading room, there are entertainment activities that will help the child to activate his intellect and his curiosity,” she said. She commended the story telling outfits of the children, and the village-like setting of the classroom. “Some of the kids in this school have won awards through the innovations,” she noted. “Their robots were able to perform in 10 seconds. This organisation is very deep in their thought towards enhancing and nourishing the child so that development will be total in a child.”

    She said that with what she saw at the centre, some of the kids will end up in academics while some will take up other concerns that nobody have known for now, adding that kids should not be exposed to only books and academics.

    According to her, the Serena Williams of today are making money and fame and inspiring other people, not in academics but in sports. She expressed optimism that the edutainment centre will bring out fantastic skills in the children given the opportunities that abound at the centre to make a child total in his educative activities. She encouraged the management of Meadow Hall Group to replicate the Meadow Hall Edutainment Centre in other parts of the state to cater for more children.

    A fun centre to help children develop talents and skills

    The Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director of Meadow Hall Group, Mrs. Kehinde Nwani, said Meadow Edutainment Centre is a fun centre where children can develop myriad of skills while having fun, as the name implies, adding that it is a fusion of education and entertainment. She stated that the centre will indeed help children become well-rounded individuals as their innate talents are identified and developed.

    “What makes MEC unique is the fact that it is a one-stop shop where children, not only children from Meadow Hall, can register and develop their skills in their talent areas,” she said. “MEC is the first of its kind in Lagos and in Nigeria at large. However, we hope to franchise these centres as soon as possible in order to spread best practices all over Nigeria, as we take the centres closer to the children and their parents.”

    She explained that the centre has dedicated and well-trained staff and assured parents of care and positive engagement of their children in the area of artificial intelligence, creativity, sports, music, arts, reading habit, sciences, engineering, technology, mathematics and so on.  Adegu Ademayowa, the centre manager explained that it is open after school, at weekends and during holidays.

    “Children ages 3 to 12, are welcomed to STEM, Bookarama, Afternoon Adventure, Music Academy and Learning Hub which opens Monday to Friday from 12:00noon to 7:00pm while children ages 3 months to 2 years are welcome to Babies’ Room (crèche) which opens Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm,” she said. “Parents do not need to be worried about how to engage their children while they are at work. We work with parents round clock to let them know how their child is doing and faring with us. As they come to pick them up, we give them feedback.”

    Parent and pupil’s observations

    Mrs. Yinka Aderoju, a parent who has one kid in the centre said the place is good for children because she believes that education for children should not based on academics alone.

    “They need to be well-rounded and this centre provides other activities that will give room for them to develop not just academically but through plays and creativities like arts and crafts that will build their whole person rather than just one plus one that they learn in the classrooms,” she explained. “I can categorically tell you that my kid has improved academically. They still teach, help with their homework and help them prepare for exams when exams are coming, so they still teach them academics.” She expressed confidence that the centre will be an added value to the kids.

    On learning with fun, I4-year-old Ogaga John-Owoifera who has perfected the art of playing saxophone after treating the audience to a melodious song said he learnt it from his music teacher, noting that with the kind of serene atmosphere he is exposed to now, he believes he will improve academically.

    Also speaking with enthusiasm after coming out from the story telling session, Bookarama, seven-year-old Adenisola Olarinre who is in year two said: “I have listened to stories that taught me good lessons. I love listening to stories because they teach us good lessons.”

    The centre offers programmes like STEM, a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programme designed to ignite the children’s passion in modern science and technology through hands-on thrilling activities that will challenge them to innovate.There is Bookarama, a book club programme inspiring children to read, exposing them to different genres of books with authors visiting and reading to them, have book reviews, spelling bees, creative writing session and storytelling sessions. There is also Afternoon Adventure where children get to participate in various exciting activities. The centre also boasts of learning hub, music lessons and babies room (crèche).


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