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Letters of Vanity Upon Evanity

Dear Mike, I give God the glory for dedicating your column as a lyrical poem to worship and exalt the greatest one, our Father who owns our lives, the owner of the whole universe.  I will say it is a masterpiece.  Well done.  I pray that God will continually open your inner mind to write such in Jesus name.  I know it was an unrepentant criminal that terrorised the whole nation but when God said enough is enough, nemesis caught up with him.  That’s the God we serve.  I’ve never heard of this terror before but surely it must be a big relief for the whole nation.  More of the “balm of Gilead” not only to your elbow but to every part of your body so you will continue to put Him first in all your future write-ups.  Once again, well done, Mike.  –Julie Uzo, London

‘Vanity Upon Evanity’…Good prose, great poetry, fantastic headline.  Oga, it can only be you.  –Steve Nwosu, Lagos

VANITY UPON EVANITY is a masterpiece and a very anointed sermon that most prosperity preachers cannot preach.  I pray that God should give us more anointed pen pushers like Mike Awoyinfa in Jesus name.  –B.C. K. Obiako, 08052721444

Thank you so much Mr. Awoyinfa for this masterpiece.  Yes vanity upon Evanity as you put it.  I am from the same town with this heartless man.  If you are conversant with the prophecies of my father in the Lord, Pastor Adeboye, you will know that he prophesied that many notorious kidnapper kingpins would be arrested this month of June.  The reason I am writing is to say a big AMEN to your praise and worship to the One that wrought this awesome miracle.  God has not finished with this project called Nigeria.  God bless. –Assistant Pastor Mbonu, 08080990331

Your words are true about Evans.  Really, he is worse than Cain.  I love your column, keep it up.  Continue to let Nigerians know the truth.—Rex, 09031308267

Oga Mike, my friend, thank you so much.  So much regret will be upon the world in the last days.  They will kidnap, rob, steal money meant for projects.  Like the days of Noah the flood will come upon them.—Ovuta Sunday, 09061140905

Yes, Brother Mike, when one’s cup is full, he never escapes until he drinks the last dregs of his own concoction.  The dollar and euro crazy devilish Evans’ karma has come.  Goc. Amaukwu, 08037752023

I enjoyed reading your poetic write-up on Evans, the kidnapper.  He is feasting on the bread of self-delusion if he is sincerely expecting any mercy to be shown to him.—Imade, Lagos, 09039941541

My brother Mike, you are wonderful.  I enjoyed your article of June 24 titled ‘Vanity Upon Evanity.’  His story is proof that what goes round comes around.  Everything has an end.  Nothing without end.  The fate of Evans is a lesson to all evildoers in this country and the world at large.  Now he is regretting when it is too late.  Mike, I thank you for your prayers and adoration of the Most High.  And thank you for your creativity and show of professionalism.  I remain your fan. –Okanimee, Benin, 08029760434

I salute you sir for your press clips column on “Evans”.  It is a classic.  Well done.  Keep up the good work. Benjamin Madu, Lagos, 08033033426

The trending issue of the “career billionaire kidnapper” Chukwudubem Onwuamadike Evans and his opulent lifestyle is symbol of a crime-tolerating society, crime-glorifying society and crime-infested society.  It narrows down the need of closing the gap of a world in which values are determined by money alone.  Before Evans, we had popular criminals like Anini, Derico Nwa Mama, Shina Rambo, Otondo, De Jango, Khaki no be leather and many others.  But the problem here is that those on “fast lane” (getting rich at all costs, including committing murder), their road is always short like the Evans’ story and the drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, a legend in Mexico who gained notoriety through his dramatic prison escapes and year of staying just ahead of the law.--Chibu Ndubuisi

My Obasanjo Moment

‘MY Obasanjo Moment’ is a column I haven’t stopped reading.  It’s surely one of the most interesting write-ups I have read in recent times.  Quite inspiring and audacious!  I commend and cherish this work of art by Babajide Awoyinfa.—H.E. Okonkwo, 08037814715

The piece by your boy Babajide in Saturday Sun is a great one.  Congrats to the young man.  I salute you on your masterpieces.  More grace.  –Louis Ibe, FCMB.

Like father, like son.  You are learning the ropes so fast. Bravo!  08033020096

Like father, like son.  Your kid is a great kid, especially with the pen.  But he failed the question.  He should have chosen to be like Chinua Achebe instead of Aliko Dangote.  Don’t you think so? –Victor Ogaga Ogene 

Congrats Jide, Aren’t you lucky to have a great dad and to have connections with a great leader of our time, ex-President Obasanjo?  I am happy for you for this great encounter. –Mrs. Lara Odeyemi 

Nice one, Babajide.  The sky is your starting point.  I like your flow and easy write-up.  You sure kept me spellbound and trust me…I am a critic.  I look forward to read more of such writings from you.—Bola Sokunbi


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