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Kayode Alfred launches Aristocrat Clothesline

The invitation comes with a creative buzzword: “Bring family, friends and loved ones…and also your ATM Cards”. No one expects anything less from a popular celebrity journalist and style genius, Kayode Olanshile Alfred, whose fashion game tips off Sunday, December 3 when he will launch his clothing line, Aristocrat.

Alfred’s fashion brand which has been galloping in popularity and acceptance for some time now will be officially unveiled to the crème of Nigeria society at an exclusive late noon event taking place at Vikay House on popular Odusami Street, behind Excellence Hotel in Ogba, Lagos.

Alfred and his team appear to have put together creations that many will find irresistible, as well as something for everyone judging from feelers filtering out. They are so confident of what they have to offer on the day, amidst soft music and canapés that the brand’s creative head, Alfred, posted on his facebook timeline as some of the collections that would be unveiled under such categories as Aristocratman, CEO Casuals, Bossman, Autograph, Aristocratwoman and Signature Collections.

Alfred, who pens high society column for The Nation newspaper every Saturday, has carved a niche for himself among fashion buffs. According to him, being rich shouldn’t be confused with possessing panache, but many a deep-pocket mistake extravagance for elegance. “You do not have to be extravagant to be elegant. This is because in matters of grave importance, style, not extravagance, is the vital factor. It is what distinguishes the men from the boys, the pretenders from the pragmatists; it is what differentiates the commoner from the aristocrat,” he said.

Although his specialty encompasses formal and informal male couture, Ondo State-born Alfred flaunts enviable understanding of clothing, thus his bespoke ensembles feature stylish and daring functional designs cut from premium cotton, silk, wool, damask, lace, and cashmere fashioned with the quality finish. 


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