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Kaduna declaration: What has changed?

We have just been told that the Coalition of Northern Youths, or by whatever name they are called, are considering reviewing the quit order, which they handed down to the Igbo living in their territory. One of them who spoke on national television a few days ago said they were thinking of reviewing their position because South East governors and some Igbo elders have dissociated themselves from the agitation for a separate republic by the Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB). The spokesman for the Arewa youths said the silence of South East governors on the issue all this while was one of the compelling reasons they issued the quit notice.
This sounds fanciful. But I do not think that the Arewa youths are serious about reviewing their quit order to the Igbo. If they were, I would have readily and freely charged them with naivety. I would have done so because the position of South East governors on this subject matter does not change anything. I have reasoned earlier in this column that South East governors, like other public office holders, did what they were supposed to do. It is not in the place of a public office holder to support or be seen to be supporting any suggestion that borders on the dismemberment of the country. To do so will be an open-air disdain for the country that they are serving. Public office constrains people, at least, in Nigeria to the extent that their real views or positions on national issues are hardly known. They are only expected to hold views that favour the establishment. To do otherwise will amount to lack of patriotism. South East governors are certainly wary in this regard. They cannot afford to be so charged.
Northern governors are equally as circumspect. They are also guilty of concealment in this matter. They disowned the Arewa youths and their quit notice. They told the Igbo to ignore the quit order and live normally wherever they may find themselves in any part of the North. That was their public declaration. But we know for sure that some of them did not mean what they said. Some of them may be as rabidly anti-Igbo as the Arewa youths, but the demand of public office forbids them from making their antipathy public. In this matter, therefore, appearance is light years away from reality. For this reason, it will be naive for the Arewa youths to rely on the public posturing of South East governors, as a reason to review their position. Some of the governors may not be truly persuaded by the public declaration jointly made by all of them.
But I can say with a reasonable level of confidence that the Arewa youths are not about to review their quit order because, truly, nothing has changed. When they made their June declaration in Kaduna, the most compelling reason they cited was the no-movement order, which IPOB declared across the South East and South South. I can say with certainty that IPOB will still issue the same order on 30th of May, 2018 and the people will obey. South East governors will not be able to stop it. What then will the Arewa youths do? Will they issue a fresh ultimatum if it ends up withdrawing the subsisting one? The Arewa youths will be making a mockery of themselves if they do so. It will amount to returning to one’s own vomit. This being the case, the northern youths should not review their position. Nothing, contrary to what they may be imagining, has changed. They should not be taken in by the politics of correctness being played by public office holders.
However, beyond the tough posturing and grandstanding, it can safely be argued that the Arewa youths are merely using the South East governors to cover up their inadequacies. The youths who made the June declaration overreached themselves and are now looking for ways and means of diverting attention from their empty boasts. Let us recall that the Arewa boys said that they would, beginning from 1st of October, 2017, initiate a process of disengagement from the Nigerian federation. Given this declaration, the onus is on the northern youths to initiate that process of disengagement from Nigeria. By talking about a review, the Arewa youths may have failed to carry out their threat. They may have failed to begin the process of disassociation from the Nigeria where the Igbo are a part.
They may have their reasons for failing to begin the process of disengagement from Nigeria, as they said they would, but it will amount to self-deceit to claim that certain moves made by certain Igbo are responsible for their inability to carry out their threat. Such moves are purely personal and self-serving and do not represent the position of the Igbo in the unfolding drama of wills.
If the Arewa youths are truly serious about what they have boasted about, they should focus their attention on the activities of IPOB. The group has not backed down on its agitation. If anything, it has upped the ante since after the Kaduna declaration. This should be the focus of the Arewa youths, not the nocturnal moves of a few merchants who are purely motivated by profit and loss instinct. Those who think, as the Arewa youths are trying to do, that the agitators do not represent the collective interest of the Igbo are making a mistake. You can never have a consensus for a disruption to take place. It takes a handful of radical elements for a revolution to take place. Anybody can dismiss the agitators as non-starters. But if they succeed in foisting an uncommon change on the Nigerian landscape, even those who never reckoned with them will have no choice but to fall in line. Arewa youths and the Igbo merchants of the North cannot claim not to know this.
Regardless of what Arewa youths do or fail to do, I am still constrained to ask why the Igbo agitation for a separate country should worry the North. A few weeks ago, I raised this issue in this column. It bears repeating here. Why is the North incensed? Is the Igbo agitation directed at the North? I raise these questions because the Igbo agitation, if there is anything untoward about it, should worry every segment of Nigeria. But we can see that the Yoruba, a major ethnic bloc in Nigeria, are not worried about it. They are not calling the Igbo names for agitating for a country of their own. They have not asked the Igbo to vacate the West on account of Biafra. So, why is the case of the North different? Given this set-up, it will not be out of place to say that the outburst from the Arewa youths is not justified. It is uncalled for and purely provocative.
However, as we move closer to the scheduled date of 1st of October, it should be noted that nothing has changed, concerning the quit order. Arewa youths may be toying with the idea of a review. But I am saying here that there is no reason for that. Those who choose to be taken in by their antics will be doing so at their own risk.


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  1. Ezekiel Okeke 27th July 2017 at 7:06 am

    Nothing on earth will reverse Kaduna Declaration as far as Republic Of Biafra of the five south east states majority Igbos in a referendum by sit-at-home decided for is concerned. Kaduna Declaration is not for the said governors and the so-called leaders, it is for Igbos of Biafra who are majority Igbos and only majority Igbos decides as civilized and democratic society. If you are a leader in a civilized and democratic society like of Igbos, you will only lead by majority decision of the natives, if you think otherwise, you will lost your leadership assignment. Those who opposed majority decision of Igbos- which is Republic Of Biafra, have lost their leadership assignments in Biafraland. Republic Of Biafra deadline with Nigeria is October 1st 2017 with Biafran bloody engagement of BIAFRAN REVOLUTION WAR. God Is With Us!!!

  2. mazi offor joseph okereke 27th July 2017 at 1:05 pm

    whether they are recanting the declaration or not, that’s their business because the bible made us to know that out of the abundance of the heart , the mouth speaketh. the reason they are given is childish and spurious. why are they saying that the took the decision because the governors of the south east geopolitical zone did not speak out and as such looked as having underneath support for the biafran agitation. if i should ask them, upon all the killings and raping of our daughters and mothers in their farms by the wicked herdsmen from fulani extraction, have any of the governors from the core north said anything in terms of condemnation? Even sultan of sokoto the head of muslem faith in nigeria where all these herdsmen belong, has he said anything ? even our christian brothers in the southern kaduna which they butcher like goats, any word from them. why must it be that the governors of the east did not say something that will warrant their unpatriotic declaration? please, they should not push the ibos to the walls again.

  3. Agbogashi 27th July 2017 at 4:30 pm

    No Igboman worthy of his tribe should be taken in or deceived by the so-called review of the quit notice given to the Igbos in the north by the recalcitrant arewa youths. Any Igboman who takes the purported review serious will have himself to blame and it might have been too late then. Therefore, my candid advice to those in the north is to be at alert and prepared to leave the area, even if in the meantime, as the deadline approaches.

  4. Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh 28th July 2017 at 9:25 am

    The public dance of the birds (Arewa Youths Coalition Declaration on Tuesday 6th of June 2017) was a clear reflection of the drummers in the nearby bush (from their elders hidden agenda), which Prof. Ango, two days later, on Friday 8th of June 2017, clearly publicly justified by throwing their full Arewa Elders Forum weight of support, to the Arewa Youths Coalition Kaduna Declaration, as the main said “spokesman of the Arewa Elders Forum”.

    Whatever they claimed was their reasons for the Arewa Youths Coalition Declaration on Tuesday 6th of June 2017, was clearly not the main reason, it obviously goes beyond that claims!

    Their main reason, among other hidden agenda, was that things are falling apart at the Federal Presidency, in connection with the Buhari’s health challenge, and their obvious unreadiness to loose the presidential power to the Acting President Osibanjo!

    They simply don’t want any such repeat of political drama that happened in 2010, to reoccur again for whatever reasons best known for their political self-centeredness and selfishness, at the detriment of other people in NIGERIA!

    Hence, the move for the impeachment of the Acting President Osibanjo at the National House of Assembly, in line with the Northern political cabals obvious intentions, to violently retain the presidential power at all cost NIGERIA, with their core Northerner decent!

    They have subtly triggered the Arewa Youths Coalition Declaration at Arewa House Kaduna, with major target of the Igbos, as the scapegoats, especially for their present unexpected and unimaginable political frustrations from the Buhari’s health challenge!

    They seriously want to cause subtle political unrest, in order to use the military, under the Northern political cabals’ (99.99%) percent control, especially as they have perfected their plans from the 2015, after the general election, to date, by ensuring that all the key-headings of the branches of the Military and other Security Agencies in NIGERIA, are under the full control of the Northern political cabals’ command!

    They have also felt that the only tribe in today’s NIGERIA, that seems to fearlessly and consistently confronted their erroneous believe of “born to rule” mentality, whereby they erroneously believe that they (the Northern political cabals) are the real born to rule other “conquered” NIGERIANS of all other tribes and cultures in NIGERIA!

    They are really not ready to face the waves of the political reality in today’s NIGERIA!

    Hence, they are at all cost, still want things to remain as it has been in their self-centeredness and selfishness political benefits, as they have subtly succeeded in the past, to subject NIGERIA with, at the detriment of other NIGERIAN tribes and cultures!

    This obviously, is the main issue that they (the Northern political cabals in NIGERIA) cherished to remain as a “no go area”, especially in any talk of the NIGERIA National issues, which the IPOB seems to be hitting them seriously hard with, to the point that, they (the Northern political cabals) are at the verge of running serious political madness, especially with all their unexpected happenings, that they seem to have no political influence and control, currently on, through their “useful political-slaves in the Southern NIGERIA, especially in the South-East!

    They are really frustrated from every indication, as it is clearly obvious in the vedio and written statement of the said “Arewa Youths Coalition Kaduna Declaration” on the 6th of June 2017!

    They are even more frustrated when they have further discovered that their terrorists Declaration, claimed as “Arewa Youths Coalition Kaduna Declaration” was gaining serious rejection here and there, from the other NIGERIANS tribes and cultures, that they felt would politically sympathize with them, by throwing their full weight of political support against the Igbos, as they have intended!

    In their further high-frustrations, they obviously felt being sabotaged by the backoff/non-support of the other NIGERIANS from other tribes and cultures, across the South-South, South-East, South-West, Middle-Beltans and the Nothern Christians across the nintheen (19) Northern States!

    This is totally different from what they (the Nothern political cabals) have been enjoying across NIGERIA from other NIGERIANS, especially from happened in 1966-1970!

    They are being advised by all Well-meaning Nigerians citizenry across the country NIGERIA, to obviously wake up from their fantasy-dreams, and sequely face the current unavoidable reality about NIGERIA, by ensuring that today’s NIGERIA is all-inclusively restructured, whereby no any single tribe or minority, will be politically marginalized in any part of NIGERIA, on tribal and religious reasons, among other things!

  5. Onyewuchi Nze 28th July 2017 at 11:38 am

    All Igbos should take the declaration serious. If and when this slaughter starts, who will protect them? Is it those who after declaring the Arewa youths wanted, refused to arrest them. Is it those who shielded those responsible for the massacre at an Enugu village from investigation and justice? Or is it those who massacre our Biafra agitators? If and when these Areas youths begin, those who fall victims, will only have themselves to blame.

    Agha eyiri eyi, anagh eri onyengworo! Ma onye oriziri, marazia na onyengworo kazi ya mma.

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