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Jonathan’s promised story on PDP’s 2015 poll loss (3)

My original plan was to join the debate on whether it is devolution of power or restructuring that Nigeria needs, and if the latter, what type should it be. Is it replacing the 36 – state structure with six or eight regions and still continue with the executive presidential system. Or should it be retaining the 36 states and changing from the presidential to the parliamentary system. But I have had to drop the idea because of the reaction to last week’s column by the owner of telephone label 080 – 3321 – 2172.

The text message did not have the sender’s name, but when I called the number it was a man who answered me. Since my mission was to ascertain the gender of the person, to know the pronoun to use in this response I just switched – off my line immediately I heard his voice.

His message, full of errors, reads: “Sina you’re suffering from Jonathanphobia (sic, they are two separate words) or self enhancement (sic, because of missing hyphen between the two words). Why don’t you stop all these self – promoting (sic, it is self – promotion) and leave God out of your writings. What exactly do you want to achieve by all these everyday selfpromo” (sic, because there is no selfpromo word in the dictionary).

I believe the petulant critic is new to my column, otherwise he would not have told me to leave God out of my write – up. Because he would have known that I am a servant of the Lord and one He speaks with one – to – one and sends to those He wants to be the country’s president in His plan to make Nigeria great in the comity of nations. And with whom He discusses issues in the Holy Bible.

Thus, he would have realized that all I wrote about the Heavenly Father sending me to national leaders in the last 24 years are true. Ditto that He still punishes people who go against His order that agreements and promises are sacrosanct and must not be violated.

Of course, there is no question that the Ancient of Days truly speaks with me directly as when two human beings talk with one another. This is because I revealed in a column in 2011 that the Supreme Being during a retreat on Saturday, September 24, 1994 told me and Dr. Oreoluwa Falomo, Chief Abiola’s personal physician, that He caused the June 12 presidential poll won by his patient to be annulled. Six years on, Falomo has not come out to refute my story.

Now to the answer to the question on what exactly was my motive in writing the current articles on ex – President Goodluck Jonathan. Six to three months ago (May 17 – July 12) I did a series: “Hereafter advice for Obasanjo and Jonathan, in which I let them know that they committed a sin six years ago and for which they needed to seek God’s forgiveness.

This was in Dr. Jonathan seeking re – election in 2011 with encouragement from former President Olusegun Obasanjo, his godfather. Something which as shown then and in last week’s column was against the zoning policy of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and God’s order that agreements and promises are sacrosanct and must not be violated.

In other words, anybody who has an agreement with another person or made a promise, whether on political, family, social or business issues must not go against it. No matter the number of years a deal may last one must treat the partner or partners fairly and respect the accord. Otherwise there would be serious repercussions for the person.

As a servant of the living Lord I make bold to say that like the descendants of King Saul in the Holy Bible that the deadly misfortunes that befell the persons or families of Chief Moshood Abiola and General Sani Abacha in the 1990s and Chief Obasanjo and Dr. Jonathan in the last twelve years or so were caused by their failure to keep to the agreements they had with other people or as in the case of the latter two, the zoning policy of their political party.

To be continued next week


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