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It isn’t easy going through life as orphan –Cindy Blessing, actress

Rita Okoye

Actress and beautician, Chikezie Blessing Chiedozie, popularly known as Cindy in Nollywood, has vowed to take the industry by storm this year.

The fast rising thespian has asked fans to watch out for her movie production, which, she says, would be “very big”.

In this chat, Cindy shares her triumphs and challenges, as well as plans for 2018.

Can you recall your growing up days?

Growing up has not been easy, but God has been merciful. I am the last of five children. I am an orphan. I lost my dad at a very tender age and my mom in 2000.

What were the challenges you faced as an orphan and how did you cope?

Being an orphan is nothing to be ashamed of. I only became sad when people and friends talked about their mums, most especially, on Mother’s Day. Sometimes, I wished my mum or dad was there for me, to pour my heart to. It’s not easy going through emotional stress of life all by yourself, with no parents to run to.

What kind of movies do you do?

I do all movies, from romantic to action and comedy.

Do you have plans to produce your own films?

Yes, although I’m not such a popular face in Nollywood (laughs), I am making plans to do a big movie this year. It is going to be a very big one! All my fans should expect the other side of me.

Who are those you admire in Nollywood?

I admire a whole lot of actors, but the few I can mention are Rita Dominic, Uche Jombo, RMD, Ruth Eze, and Funke Akindele.

Have you ever had a crush on any actor?

No, not because they are not handsome enough. Of course, there are some cute ones among them, but I don’t look at them that way.

How long have you been a beautician?

I have always wanted to be a beautician even right from my secondary school, but professionally I started four years ago. We all like looking good, especially when you live around big aunties with flawless skins, beautiful faces and all. I really wanted to have their kind of skin tone and look flawless and beautiful like them. One thing about me is that, I ask questions a lot. I always wanted to know what they were using and how they achieved such flawless skins. My quest for beautification also made me register for make-up classes, which I did for four months and was given a certificate.

Can you share your success story?

My success story actually started through Instagram. Anytime I posted pictures, I got comments like ‘your skin is so flawless, you’re beautiful, what cream are you using’ and all that. With all these questions, I decided to go into skin care training to perfect my craft so as to reach out to people. I’ve been making my own cream since three or four years now. And to God be the glory, it’s been awesome.

How supportive is your boyfriend in all you do?

Please, let’s leave boyfriend out of this.

Okay, how do you relax?

I hardly relax because aside the skin care business, I work full time as well. So, I hardly have time for relaxation.


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