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Is the devil winning the game?

Ugly things have been repeating themselves in recent times. It is either a man is defiling his teenage daughter or a 70-year-old man is doing so with his neighbour’s daughter. The plea of one of them was that he was misled by the devil. Another man said that he did what he did under the influence of alcohol. Well, the effect is the same, irrespective of their plea. An innocent girl has been exposed to an evil practice. A little girl has been abused and cheated. A man is suffering from what his fellow man has done to his daughter. It is all about the devil, rightly called d-evil [devises of evil].

In one case, Uncle admitted that he defiled his daughter but blamed the native doctor, who told him that it was a quick means of getting rich. And he obeyed! He must have put his daughter and wealth on the scale and then made his choice. Money became more important to him than his daughter. There are many people, who are in pains because they have no children, and yet, they are very wealthy. To them, children are more important than wealth. Not Uncle!

Each time Uncle’s daughter returns from school and sees him, she remembers how he saw her nakedness. In school, if she is told that she has a visitor and it is him, she remembers what he did to her. Sitting in their car behind the driver, to avoid body contact, she moves a little bit away from her Dad, remembering the unholy touching of their bodies that day he was defiling her. During her convocation, as she jumps out joyfully in her academic gown and hood to the embrace of her family members and he tries to embrace her, it reminds her of that forceful embrace in which she lost her virginity. To her, it would have been better if it was a rapist or an armed robber, but not someone, who gave birth to her.

As her Dad holds her hand happily, leading her to the altar, in response to the Minister’s question, ‘Who gives this lady to this man’, during her wedding, she weeps. She remembers what her Dad did to her, when other Dads were rather protecting their children from evil men. When she gives birth to her daughter and he carries the baby gleefully, she is filled with anguish, not too sure if her daughter might ever be safe in his hand, when she grows up, as she was not…

You may think that shame and prudence might compel her to keep to herself the evil thing her Dad did to her. The opposite holds. Her siblings, especially the females, are in the picture. Each of them avoids their Dad more than they do to a leper. They hardly visit home when their mum travels out of town, so that he will not make mistress of them. The more he tries to relate with them as their Dad, the more they suspect his intentions. This makes them partial orphans when their parents are alive, and if his evil deed sneaks out to the ears of the boys, he becomes childless though he has many children.

In his life time, this is the price he pays for listening to a native doctor, a man he knows is poor, and yet, he promised him wealth if he indulged in that abomination. ‘Do native doctors hate wealth, if not, why is he poor?’ Uncle would have asked himself, knowing that the native doctor has many daughters. ‘Why should he not have been sleeping with them to be wealthy?’ he should have imagined. A wise man did so, when a native doctor brought out a loaded rifle, after giving him some charms he would be wearing and no bullet would penetrate into his body. He recited the names of Army officers he had fortified, who had fought in various war sectors and returned safe. Uncle took the gun, appreciated him and requested that he wore the charm so that he could try its potency by pulling the trigger on him. The native doctor would not allow that. Uncle gave him his charm and left.

What is painful is that many people will rather believe the native doctors more than they will believe God and His Word. God is emphatic in condemning fornication and adultery, whether it is with human being or any objects, but a native doctor will encourage them. Who we obey, is a tacit declaration of who is our master. God does not speak in the covens. His Word, the Bible, is sold in bookstores and in the market places, where anybody can buy and read. The members of Gideon’s International give out Bibles free to students and place them in hotels, hospitals, etc, for people to have access to them at will. I have never heard of any native doctor, who documented his beliefs, such as the formulae for wealth by sleeping with one’s daughter and then making them available to the public. Why should someone believe a hidden advice rather than an open and verifiable one?

In 1980, in Texaco Oversees Petroleum Oil Company, I started a Christian Fellowship, where God’s children were meeting twice a week during the lunch break. During the Christmas Party, organized by the company, we would make drama presentations, aimed at reaching out for Christ. One day, a top Management staff told me that some people were also meeting at the same venue, the Board Room, but were not interpreting the Bible the way we were doing. I wondered why he could not mention the name of the society. I reminded him, how we were open, and also of our invitations to all and sundry. Our name, TOPCON Christian Fellowship, and purpose, were common knowledge in the company. I reminded him, how we would, sometimes, minister to the staff and would serve them lunch. I asked him why that other set of people, would not also come out open. He was all eyes, having received more than he had bargained for.

The society may not condemn fornication and adultery but it condemns incest, and that is what a native doctor was bold to tell Uncle to do and he did. Why should he do what is frowned by God and man? Painfully, some people buy their lies. It can be equipping robbers for success in stealing, killing, maiming, raping or doing all sorts of evil things to their fellow men. The native doctors’ relations, children and they, themselves, sometimes, may not be free from the mud.

We may not have known all these if the potency claimed for the charms is true. In that case, nobody would have caught them. In Police custody, some armed robbers and similar people, who were promised Heaven and earth concerning the potency of the charms given to them, have regretted their investment in evil and have vowed to deal with the native doctors, should their lives be spared by the Government. Regretting their conduct at this time is not good enough. It pays great dividends if made before apprehension.

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