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IPOB threat: No going back on Anambra guber polls -F G

From: Magnus Eze, Abuja

The Federal Government has called on the people of Anambra State to disregard threats by the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to boycott the November 18 gubernatorial election in the state.

The Federal Government is thereby urging the people of the state to turn out en masse to exercise their franchise at Saturday’s governorship poll.

Director General of National Orientation Agency (NOA), Dr. Garba Abari, made the call in the wake of the so called “vote and die” threat by IPOB and reassured Anambrarians that security agencies are fully prepared and on ground to ensure the safety of voters before, during and after the election.

Abari described the renewed threat as an attempt by miscreants to stampede the will of the people using baseless intimidation in pursuit of their untoward ends, but was emphatic that the election will not only hold as scheduled but will be without security failures.

In his words, “The renewed threat is not taking the authorities by surprise. All adequate measures to checkmate the excesses of IPOB and other unlawful groups with regard to the Anambra election are already fully in place. The security agencies are prepared to forestall any breakdown of law and order and to protect voters, other election actors and the general public toward a hitch-free election.

“Also, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is very prepared to conduct the election. Let no one be afraid or in doubt; the Anambra Governorship Election will hold on November 18, 2017 and will be free, fair, credible and devoid of incidences. The electorate is therefore implored to turn out en masse, without fear of intimidation, and freely cast their votes”.

IPOB had at the weekend renewed its call on voters to boycott the election in a campaign it tagged “vote and die”.

But notable Anambrarians including Senator Stella Oduah (Anambra North) and popular Nollywood actress, Ifemelu Dike had urged the electorate to ignore the boycott order.


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  1. Eclat De Bullet 14th November 2017 at 12:20 am

    WHY MUST WE VOTE, that Senator Stella Odoah and femelu Dike, Who are they? !

    I have Re-think once again between the Nigerian Government and Our agitation.

    Then i have come in conclusion of several meanings from the IPOB and will like to make it open to any body that is against IPOB group, No matter how Rich, Influencial, World Popularity and the rest the person might be, He/She is For Sure what Namdi Kanu called them is exactly what these people are :MENTAL SLAVES.

    If i may ask, are some people ANIMALS ? ! !, I mean those that are glamouring for vote, are they really Human Being ?

    In fact some Yoruba’s where many of them are chameleons should re-think because every foolish attitude has repaircutions and these time will be the time of pay back to every idiot.

    Some of the Middle Belt people and South South including the Igbo’s that are calling for vote are very very fantastically MAD! !

    As long as i know the Supreme Highest Order for truth Justice always prevail in time of TRUTH, IPOB agitation and Biafran Restoration , I Stand.

    I will never ever believe in hypocritical Government of Nigeria to go and VOTE, never.

    Nigeria has expired according to the agreement and if Zoo Nigerian refuse to follow the law and constitution they made, let me say it now, Nigeria will be scatter, subjected to Zero Economy, people has not even commit suicide because the case of suicide will be on regular bases, those that think they are untouchable will not have security soon. When all these will start happening, YOU! ! Nigeria will plead Biafra To Go.

    Provide Namdi KANU NOW, Nigerian Government and Ohaneze, Eastern Governors. You can not go away from it, Come Rain~Come Sun.

    For that reason, i still stand where i stand to say that, i do not see any reason we should continue voting in that Nigeria because our politicians only use the masses to gain power and join in the sharing of our Annual Budget every year!

    Our Yearly budget is being shared among themselves, with each senators, Representatives, ministers, Governors and commissioners and the rest.

    Still collect hundreds of millions as their salaries and allowances every month After looting Millions and Billions of Dollars.


    They still force the poor masses that hustles to make a living under the sun to pay heavy taxes which they still add to their sharing table!

    The transporters, the Taxi, keke and Okada drivers suffered to pay tax on the road the Government is still owning them for not constructed, and they still paid these every day.

    Market women paid,Vehicle license Paid, Electricity bill paid but Water= Not Running
    School fees= Very High
    Hospital bills = Unaffordable

    In all these paying from marginalize citizens the country boasted for Giant of Africa and one of the Richest Oil Producing Nations.

    WHY MUST WE VOTE, Are we ANIMALS to continue voting.

    It is Government duty to pay the Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Electricity and water Board workers good salaries and they will provide free services to the masses. While masses do not have to pay all those things.

    Nigeria use their money to sponsor other Muslim countries to be defending evil when issue of killing and marginalization are being mentioned in the World Biafran debate.

    It is only during elections the politicians remember the market people, just like this nonsense all these politicians, Obiano, his Wife and others are doing now. Will they do it again after election? Will they come to the market again?

    In fact, No body will stand under the Sun again just to vote these greedy politicians that contributes nothing positive to your life.

    Biafrans and some Nigerian Ethnic that love the truth with wisdom and personalities that do not succumb to intimidation because of fear, I Eclat De Bullet is respecting YOU ALL !!

    Hon.Prof. Fani Kayode, my Respect to you! !

    All IPOB Families, My Respect to you all ! !
    Ezi~Okwu Bu Ndu Media Group, I respect you All.
    All Biafra ! ! !
    Eclat De Bullet.

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