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i’m relaxed the most where my mum is – Peace Hyde, Forbes West Africa correspondent


peace Hyde is the West Africa Correspondent of Forbes Africa and head of digital media and partnerships for Forbes Media, West Africa. In her current role, she is responsible for e-work across the company’s digital platform on revenue and audience growth initiatives as well as being the editorial head for West Africa region. She’s a Ghanaian but born in the United Kingdom where she lived all her life before coming to Nigeria. In this interview, she talks about her favourites.

What is your favourite food?

I love Nigerian foods, especially amala eaten with okro soup and seafood. I lose my mind every time I have it. It’s delicious.

Favourite colour?

I love green because it’s a very natural colour. I feel like it’s very peaceful and beautiful.

What about your favourite weather?

Coming from London and having lived most of my life there, I used to like cold weather but in Africa I like the sunshine. I can’t get enough of it.  Here, you wear anything you like, it’s always bright, and the weather is uplifting.

Where is your favourite holiday spot?

Wherever my mum is. My mum is in London at the moment. I won’t say I have favourite holiday spot, wherever my mum is, I feel I’m relaxed the most. Being where my mum is, I would say, is the most favourite location for me. I am happy whenever I’m beside my mum, nothing can trouble me.

What of favourite sports?

I love walking. It just gives me time to think, plan, and clear my head.

Favourite car?

I like the black Mercedes G-wagon. I like the car because it’s very strong, it’s very military and I like things that have a huge frame and strong looking.

Favourite fashion accessory?

It has to be earrings. No matter what you are wearing, your earring always helps complete the look. Any earring is always a winner for me.

Favourite music?

Gospel music in general because I feel these days there is so much happening, so many things to distract you and turn away your focus.  Gospel music has always had the ability to get you into focus and makes you relax and have peace. And also to make me remember what is most important, which is my relationship with God. Without God I wouldn’t be where I am today, I wouldn’t even exist. I love the fact that gospel music always gets me in my right frame of mind and I always feel like I can achieve anything.

Favourite book?

I love any recipe book because I love cooking. I like experimenting with different styles and different types of food. I’m always starring at recipe books. For instance, I can make egusi and eba, I can make seafood okro but I cannot make efo riro. It’s really difficult. 


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